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  2. Have #3 Waiver, should I pick up Swift? Other waiver rb options Scott, Gio. Who to drop or just hold on my current rb? Can start in non-PPR 2 rb and 1 flex. Current Rb's are: Cmc(IR) Ekler(IR) Davis David Johnson Gibson D'ernest Johnson
  3. Today
  4. Arizona vs Dallas (MNF)

    Man, that was a beat down. How is Dallas that bad with all that talent? I got destroyed everywhere this week.
  5. Week 6 Chat

    😵What a sh!t show this week was💩💩💩
  6. DHOP trade

    Assuming you're solid at RB and don't need Swift then Hopkins over Golladay makes it easy for me
  7. DHOP trade

    Trade Golladay and Swift for DHOP?
  8. Zeke for CEH and ?

  9. Kelce trade??

    What are your TE options if you give Kelce?
  10. Arizona vs Dallas (MNF)

    So unpleasant to watch.
  11. Arizona vs Dallas (MNF)

    Somebody was wrong on this one...
  12. Arizona vs Dallas (MNF)

    5-0 going into this week....Zeke blew it for me 🤦‍♀️
  13. Arizona vs Dallas (MNF)

    Pure slop in the first half.
  14. Arizona vs Dallas (MNF)

    Hey Dalton, throwing to Amari Cooper is allowed under the rules. Carry on. Edit: Thank you Mr. Dalton.
  15. Zeke for CEH and ?

    Obviously a big night for CEH although still no pay dirt. Throwing it around with the Zeke owner who has lost 3 straight. Possible partner for CEH is Darrell Henderson or maybe Marquis Brown. Should I take it either way if Zeke owner goes for it or ride out CEH (my first draft pick) even with Bell comin into the fold - even though he sucked enough previously for the J-E-T-S to release him for not even a bag of balls.
  16. Dropped to 1-5, Week 7 Lineup Questions

    He won't trade Kittle. I was wondering if Bell for Jonnu or Bell for Henry is worth it, or do you keep Bell and get a waiver guy over Engram
  17. Take This Trade?

    Lockett wins you that trade
  18. Take This Trade?

    Thanks. Just accepted it. Hope Gordon still keeps the lion share of touches.
  19. Kelce trade??

    No Chance. Not getting nearly enough
  20. Dropped to 1-5, Week 7 Lineup Questions

    Trade bell for kittle and his 3rd rb
  21. Take This Trade?

    Id take that
  22. Drop Gibson for Swift, Jackson, McKinnon, or Wilson

    Maybe swift....I had high hopes for gibson but they're fading
  23. Need 2 of these 4 RBs!!!

    I thought he would be motivated but not that motivated
  24. I need a WR, badly

    Williams and Shepard
  25. What are my odds tonight?

    Nothing you can do, happens to us all
  26. Week 7 Waivers? (Running Backs)

    None of the above
  27. Kelce trade??

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