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  2. AFC Championship Game

    I’d like to add that, after an historically bad start to this NFL season, the NE Patriots are #1 in scoring defense weeks 5-17. I know everyone want to talk about how great Jax, Min and Philly are on defense, and they are, but I think people underrate the Pats D because they are not flashy. They also rank sixt in sacks during that period, BTW. The Patriots are not a slouch on D, and I think that is why the QB comparisons are very important....because I don’t think any of these teams gives away much to the others on defense. 4 very good defensive teams.
  3. Scottish Eggs, of course! Something like this: I used crushed cornflakes instead of bread crumbs, cuz...yum. Making the egg so the yolks come out right is tricky, but I came close for a first try. Baked, not fried. Serve with some spicy brown mustard. Mmmmmm.
  4. Audible/Audio Books

    Way of kings is IMO much better.
  5. Kudos to the Eagles

    Screw the eagles
  6. interesting piece on pats offense/jags d matchup

    excellent article. I don't read many that are very good, so huge props for that. also, destroys the fantasy that JAX might win tomorrow. Oh well, I'll still watch
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  8. HC Mike Mularkey out in TEN

    I'm still not used to him being retired. Every time I see his name, I keep wondering if I still have him on my IDP Dynasty.
  9. HC Mike Mularkey out in TEN

    Titans hired DC Mike Vrabel as their new HC
  10. AFC Championship Game

    I think a lot of folks have a hard time getting past the name Jacksonville Jaguars because for years they have been synonymous for failure and an overall poorly managed franchise. I mean really how many fans in NE have actually watched Jacksonville play this year other than the last 2 weeks?
  11. AFC Championship Game

    I don't know. 3 dominant defenses have made it to the last 6 SBs in Denver, Seattle, and N.Y. Giants. They all won.
  12. AFC Championship Game

    i agree for the most part....thats why i laugh when people act as if the patriots have a cake walk here.....the patriots are possibly down to their 3rd string RT on sunday depending on if waddle plays or not(questionable)....the first team like jax is LOADED up front....for years the patriots have gotten by without great "talent" on the offensive line......yes their offensive lines have played well but they have coached very well and coached up...the overall level of talent isnt very high....thats why you saw a team like the giants able to beat them up twice pretty good even a team like philly has a certified beast in cox...then you look around him and theres a 14th overall pick in barnett....a former ravens 2nd round in jernigan...their own former 1st and 2nd rounders in graham and curry....alot of talent up front these arent playoff of 5 or one game a couple of plays can swing it all and it can be over just like that.
  13. One song

    Beatnik Beach - The Go Go's
  14. One song

    Every Breath You Take - The Police
  15. AFC Championship Game

    I think the Patriots have a tough road to win another Super Bowl. Their offense is not as dominant as in previous years. Their offensive line is not as good as in previous years. Jacksonville, Philadelphia, and Minnesota probably have the 3 best defenses in the NFL. Any of these defenses can beat the Patriots at the line of scrimmage. I won't be at all surprised if the Patriots only score 17 or 21 points this week or in the Super Bowl. Although the Patriots defense has also been playing extremely well over the last three-quarters of the season. So maybe the Patriots can pull out a win even if their offense falters. The truism has always been that defense wins championships. But that really hasn't been true for a long while. Over the last 20 years, having a dominant offense has been far more important than defense with only a couple of exceptions. But the NFL goes in cycles. It has been a long time since the final 4 teams have been as dominant on defense as these teams. Maybe this is the start of a new era where defense shines.
  16. Mfl Salary/years cap commish...

    As did I. So disappointing.
  17. Mfl Salary/years cap commish...

    I thought the title said milf... Carry on.
  18. Mfl Salary/years cap commish...

    So i commish several salary or years cap leagues in MFL, and i hate the fact that in order to enter the contract info for waiver run players you have to go to each teams page. (Commish Setup -> enter players salaries/contract then drop down menu is a team by team) They also have an option to see free agents with a salary or contract, but there is no option to select rostered players without salary or contract. I've got a ticket in asking that they add "Rostered players without a contact/salary" or "players added in the last waiver run" to the drop down options. Personally i run waivers twice a week, have 44 teams between the 3 leagues and i'm tired of going to all these pages when they should be able to set this up fairly easily to save the league commish a ton of time. So, for those of you with salary or contract leagues, can you also request the same...Thanks
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    Twitter: @SteveGalloNFL
  21. interesting piece on pats offense/jags d matchup

    For those of you that remember steeltowndre, that's Warren.
  22. interesting piece on pats offense/jags d matchup

    Danny Amendola is gonna be a PPR monster
  23. HC Mike Mularkey out in TEN

    The line didn't seem that improved even before Thomas went down, considering the FAs signed were supposed to be huge upgrades over what we had. Maybe it was just hard for me to see so the offense was so bad in general. Crowell is an unrestriced free agent
  24. interesting piece on pats offense/jags d matchup

    do with it what you may....
  25. AFC Championship Game

    That it will Help Tom do “The Minivan”. 2 in the front, 6 in the back.
  26. The list of demands are well known, any team/city would know what they are (at least at the current time) when deciding to do this. But more ot the point nobody is building a new stadium just to get a Super Bowl. And everybody knows if you have an outdoor stadium in winter climate and are not named NYC you have very little chance of hosting one. And so far I believe that every new stadium built who has bid for a SB got one (LA, MIA, ATL, MIN, SF, AZ, HOU, DAL, IND, DET). Keep in mind, only NFL home stadium are eligible these days, you cannot build a new stadium in SD and bid on a SB. Same goes for OAK after the Raiders leave or any other city that doesn't have an NFL team (including London). (Yes I know many stadiums are not in the city the team is named after, but they are home to an NFL team.) I agree the demands are outragegous, but you're making it sound like some city build a new stadium hoping to get a SB and didn't know any of this and are somehow screwed.
  27. AFC Championship Game

  28. The funny part is that the league tells a city that they have a great chance to get a Super Bowl if they build a stadium. They build a stadium. Then the NFL provides a list of demands to the city if they want a Super Bowl.
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