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  2. TE ROS ?

    Would prefer not to carry two te. With Engram injured and Olsen playing better, should I roll with Olsen rest of year and consider dropping Engram or trade for nothing?
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  4. Should I trade Adam Thielen for Matt Ryan? I have Julio, Chark, Fitzgerald, and Tate at WR and my QBs are Wentz and Carr.
  5. Lindsay or David montgomery?

    Lindsay is my vote
  6. Who would you choose as a week 12 streamer? Baker Mayfield vs. MIA or Sam Darnold vs. OAK
  7. Which WR Rest of Season?

    Agreed, and it's not even very close
  8. Waiver WR

    Ok, so is it more important to try and win this game or to keep extra defenses on the bench? Why not just stream them as you go? I say pick up JWashington, Cobb. Start RB Fournette, DMont and WR Evans, Moore, Cobb, JW
  9. So I've got my top four all going head to head in games on Sunday... Kamara v. CMC in one game (both starting in my lineup), and then Bell v. Jacobs in the other game. It'll make my Sunday Ticket viewing a little easier! Jacobs has been pretty reliable, would you keep rolling.him out? Even though Bells matchup is quite a bit better?
  10. Week 12 SUPER BOWL IN SIGHT!!!!!

    Personally I wouldn't. Looks like Wilkins could maybe be back, and Hines will play too.
  11. Trade ethics?

    I was actually the one trading away Freeman; I would've won the trade even if Freeman stayed healthy, but after he got injured during the trade window I just felt bad for the other person. The other person didn't say anything when I offered to possibly work something else out, so we just left everything be. I think the lesson is to remove the trade window from the league next season. It's only use is to review/veto possible collusion, but the commish could easily just call for a vote among the league if a collusion trade is made.
  12. hey Irish, I have two questions: 1. Who's the better RB for the remaining weeks: Lindsay or david montgomery? 2. Trade Amari Cooper for Lindsay, should I do it? Lindsay's schedule ahead is better and I need an RB thanks to injuries to Conner and team is as follows:
  13. Phillip Lindsay or David Montgomery? Non-PPR
  14. Hollister or Goedert?

    Got it, thanks!
  15. Drop NE DST?

    I'm in the same boat, mostly playing Jets or Falcons D until week 15 when the Pats play Cincy, then Buffalo in the championship game. Definitely hang onto them!
  16. Hollister or Goedert?

    Hollister. I have both (thanks Hooper), but while the matchup isn't ideal, Hollister produced two weeks ago without ideal conditions there as well. Also, he's the only TE they have running routes, while Ertz is the TE 1 for the Eagles.
  17. Hollister, mainly because 1) the Seahawks have shown a propensity to throw to their TEs when they produce, and 2) Russell Wilson is a much better QB than Sam Darnold. And Hollister is the only healthy producing TE they have.
  18. Waiver WR

    Lol. Mistake, not Smith, Ryan. Hollister is my back up to Henry. Gesicki has stud potential. Reed, well, I've had that bastard for 3+ years. He's on IR so it's not taking up a bench spot. The defenses are for now and playoffs. Cle may suck now that Garrett is out.
  19. Have Kelce so need TE replacement for the week. Both Ryan Griffin and Jacob Hollister available and undecided. Which one would you prioritize?
  20. Waiver WR

    I'm 9-2, two guys are 8-3, 4th place is 7-4. I'm guaranteed to make playoffs. My ROS is rough, I'm trying to prevent entering the playoffs in 4th. Second place has Lamar, CMC, etc and hits 180 points/week and he'll be in first. I don't want to face him first (week 15).
  21. Metcalf on WW, drop?

    Drop Mclaurin
  22. I wouldn't be going with the Browns the rest of the way, but I would use them for the next couple of weeks given their schedule. For weeks 14-16, I would probably stream. Philly and GB look to have good playoff schedules and they are available at this point. Both are probably better than Chicago in my mind.
  23. Mahomes replacement week 12

    Mayfield, Foles if unsure about Baker
  24. Which WR would you rather have rest of season? I "should" have a 1st round bye with playoffs weeks 14, 15, 16 Full PPR (PLAYOFF WEEKS) Brandon Cooks BAL AZ SEA DAL SF Tyrell Williams NYJ KC TEN JAX LAC
  25. Mahomes replacement week 12

    Which QB to play this week while Mahomes is on a bye? 1. Wentz vs Sea 2. Mayfield vs Mia 3. Foles @ Tenn 4. Darnold vs Oak
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