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    Engine, Engine #9 - Roger Miller
  3. Trade D. Williams

    Alright alright alright Sounds good to me, I'll see how I go. Cheers turbs
  4. Trade D. Williams

    I think you're right that it would be hard to get an RB from that first team. I like Damien for Kerryon but keep in mind that it is pretty much an even trade - flip a coin and go with you gut. I also like the trade for Aaron Jones. I don't like the last trade for you.
  5. Trade D. Williams

    First preference would be to get an extra RB so Williams/Jeffery for Montgomery/Singletary That team has Jacobs, singletary and Monty at RB So getting 2 RBs off him might be tough Otherwise Johnson for Williams? Or Aaron Jones, he has Melvin Gordon too so Williams and Jeffery for Jones and Gordon. Or Williams, Jeffery and Mattison to the cook owner for P. Lindsay and C. Thompson/ Westbrook Or all of them at the same time and see what happens??
  6. Trade D. Williams

    You should check out the McCoy video on reddit fantasy football - super interesting and only like a minute long....this is an offense made for him. That's more of knock on DWill's fantasy value than it is a praise on McCoy' I think this becomes a full blown time share. I like getting Kerryon for Williams and I also like the second trade. If you could break down some specific trades you are thinking of and separate them line by line with "give this" and "receive this" I could help you a bit better.
  7. Trade D. Williams

    Well? Could try the McCoy owner dor K. Johnson or package him up with Sanders/Jeffery for Motgomery and Diggs/crowder/Singletary This is my current line up Jackson Williams, DJ, Coleman, Penny, Mattison JuJu, Gordon, Kupp, Jeffery, Moore, Sanders Waller Start 3wr and I'm definitely thin at RB so definitely getting 2 back in a trade would be helpful Any ideas? Cheers
  8. Help! Should I Drop fuller for McLaurin?

    Fuller is magic. He averages almost 1 TD per game with Watson and is truly a special talent. He played something like 66 of 68 snaps last week which is a GREAT sign. I wouldn't drop Fuller for any of the "big week 1 surprise WRs" at all.
  9. Fantasy Trade need some honest help ASAP

    Jets defense is very good, but you are trading away 2 meh bench players for an RB1. That's a steal for you! I'm big on Metcalf but he's not going to be in any starting fantasy lineups anytime soon, if at all this year.
  10. FA: Chris Thompson

    Sold to Tyreek.
  11. FA: Browns Defense

    Sold to Tyreek.
  12. Fantasy Trade need some honest help ASAP

    Yep, and might wanna move quick before chubb has himself a week against the jets.. lol
  13. Fantasy Trade need some honest help ASAP

    Yes and absolutely yes. The Chubb owner must be panicking over a 10 point week 1 from Chubb? Oof, take advantage of that for sure.
  14. FA: Bills Defense

    Sold to Tyreek
  15. Fantasy Trade need some honest help ASAP

    Yeah as long as youre sure the second trade will happen I think thats perfect All aboard the hock train with me
  16. FA: Matt Bryant

    Sold to Tyreek.
  17. FA: Vernon Davis

    Sold to Tyreek.
  18. FA: Malcolm Brown

    Sold to Tyreek.
  19. Fantasy Trade need some honest help ASAP

    Ok so pretty much I’m gonna make the trade of kelce, Hyde, and Mike Williams for Greg Olsen, Hockensen, James White and Diggs to then turn Metcalf and Olsen over for Chubb sound good?
  20. FA- Jamison Crowder

    Sold to CARBoys
  21. Hardman or metcalf

    12 team PPR
  22. Fantasy Trade need some honest help ASAP

    Yes in a heartbeat. You would be fleecing him.
  23. Fantasy Trade need some honest help ASAP

    I'd do that all day long Try and get him to take metcalf (not sure what others think) ah yeah i see what youre doing, 3 way trade sorta deal , i like it
  24. Fantasy Trade need some honest help ASAP

    Bro I tried he won’t budge but my thinking is I got someone willing to give me chubb for A combination of Olsen and either metcalf, James white or latavius murray and I’d keep hockensen obviously I think he has more upside what you think?
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