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  2. Meh, looks fine to me, but I like simple. Really don't care what color it is.
  3. plus he wanted mckinney LB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Probably nothing you need to worry about. (slow pitch over the plate...)
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  6. A few spots available. PM me if you're interested. Thanks. Draft type: Live/Online Snake (Fantrax) Draft date: Sat Apr 1st @ 3pm CST (day before season opener) Buy-in: $75 Teams: 30 (mimicking the real MLB teams) Divisions: 6 (NL - East/Central/West, AL East/Central/West) Team size: 40 (25 majors, 15 minors/rookies) Positions: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF(3), UT, SP(4), RP(4), P, BN(4), IR(3) Scoring Categories: Hitters: H(1), 2B(2), 3B(3), HR(4), RBI(1), R(1), BB(1), SB(2), CS(-1), HBP(1), SF(1), SO(-0.5), E(-1), CYC(5) Pitchers: IP(1), K(1), BB(-0.25), ER(-0.5), H(-0.25), HB(-0.25), W(4), L(-1), QS(4), CG(5), SHO(5), PG(10), SV(5), BS(-1), HLD(2) Scoring period: Semi-weekly (play 2 teams per week / mon-thu & fri-sun) Minor-league/rookie eligibility: <=500 AB (hitters), <=150 IP (pitchers) Salary-cap: $150 mil Free-agent/waiver budget (FAAB): $50 mil Minimum player salary: $500k Contracts: 3yrs w/ one optional 1-3yr extension (2nd year option) [$2.5 mil salary added on for each year extended] Playoffs: 10 teams (6 division winners and 4 wildcards) Prizes (managed via Fantrax): World Series winner: $600 World Series loser: $300 NL/AL Championship loser: $100 (2 total) Division winner: $150 + top playoff seed (6 total) Wildcard game winner: $75 (2 total) Home-Run Dearby: $20 (most points during the week before the all-star break) Potential winnings: $770 Notes: The first year there will be a draft for MLB team franchises via e-mail (starts when the league fills up / randomized order), a minor league/rookie selection draft (simulated / all owners will submit a ranked list of any rookie-eligible players before the deadline date), and the live player draft on the 1st. Each owner will be allowed to keep 5 major leaguers from their MLB team franchise before the live player draft (2 hitters, 1 SP, 1 RP, and closer). The remaining players will be available to all teams during the live draft. The order of the draft is determined by the reverse rankings (win/loss ratio) of the actual MLB teams from 2016 [Twins 1st / Cubs 30th].
  7. I didn't even make you an offer and you called out my players!!! Recent article on dlf talked about allen robinson being worth the 1.01 and the 1.01 being worth the 1.04 AND 1.06. Not saying I agree with all their valuations but I don't think who ever came up with robinson for the 1.10 and 1.13 trade idea was grossly off base in their valuation
  8. what's this: "reputation" number
  9. I read a report where his attorney said "He was on the street at 2:43AM to look at some property he is considering for development, and didn't want to be mobbed by people on the streets". Sure...
  10. Similar to the Philadelphia trade, and just a note for commissioners, this trade can be processed AFTER the new NYJ owner pays his 2017/2018 league dues.
  11. Don't care for it much either, will wait to see the end result. I know change is inevitable but it is not always a positive change. Can no longer see who liked posts, that's a negative. Not sure what to make of the "reputation" number. Doing it in Feb when activity is low may be good for avoiding lots of headaches (constant complaining), but it also means you won't get much feedback and by the time the masses see it in June-August it will be too late to adapt to anything they say.
  12. they're back.
  13. yeah, relish is working with leaguesafe to find a solution.
  14. yeah, I don't like this new forum design/layout, at all.
  15. Just a FYI. I only received ursas roll and tbone. I didn't get anyone else
  16. Confirmed
  17. Dues sent.
  18. Both confirmed
  19. Received
  20. sent
  21. My bad
  22. I tried to post a picture. How do you do it without using the pic as an attachment?
  23. On February 20, 2017 BringBackPat!!! rolled 5D1000 BringBackPat!!! chose to roll using these parameters once. The result of roll 1 is: [827, 622, 206, 273, 168] 2096 This roll is for HOTD
  24. New York Jets (lawilt) gives Lee, Marqise JAC WR GREEN BAY PACKERS (DOLPHIN_AKIE) gives Year 2017 Round 2 Draft Pick from Kansas City Chiefs (Bud29) Year 2017 Round 3 Draft Pick from Green Bay Packers (Dolphin_Akie) Year 2017 Round 4 Draft Pick from Green Bay Packers (Dolphin_Akie) Year 2017 Round 5 Draft Pick from Green Bay Packers (Dolphin_Akie) Green Bay accepts
  25. Skyscraper - Julian Plenti
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