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  2. I love the AAF

    I love watching this league. The QB play is hit and miss, but it's just a bunch of fellas out there knocking heads hoping to get to the next level. It beats the hell out of watching nascar in the spring. It's a great concept, and I hope the NFL keeps it going. Just sayin.
  3. Gronk retiring

    I agree. I have a feeling he's coming back.
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  5. Gronk retiring

    I would still hold on to him in dynasty leagues at least until the season begins. This could be a ploy for more money. He did use a threat of retirement last year to get a bigger contract. I'll also be using my 18th round pick to draft him in redraft leagues. I'll drop him on Sept. 8th if he hasn't signed. There are also rumors that he doesn't want to play an entire season but will come back mid-season. But I don't think I'll be using a roster spot for him once the season begins based solely on that possibility.
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  7. March Madness Pool...

    It's unbelievable really
  8. March Madness Pool...

    Mike Krzyzewski and Bill Belichick must have sold their souls to keep coming up big like this.
  9. Gronk retiring

    No surprise here. Good for him. This also removes the torture of him being available in the 3rd/4th rounds of drafts and losing my mind on taking the risk.
  10. Gronk retiring

    It's all that growth he's been doing. Looks like a modern day Caveman.
  11. Gronk retiring

    The dude's jaw is wider than his temples. Adios Gronkchacho.
  12. Gronk retiring

    Next stop, bad action movies. Good luck Gronk.
  13. Gronk retiring

    End of an era. There have always been good TEs but maybe never as good as Gronk in his prime.
  14. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    But there could always be deals on the backside. Wait till Tommy is paid 20 million for a Gillette commercial when he retires or is on the Board of Directors. Happens all the time.
  15. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    If it is that easy I'd suspect many teams are doing it. Most teams have little morality if it helps them win.
  16. Drafting today at 2:00pm CST Free ESPN HTH Points league We need 2 more to join, link below
  17. Tyreek Hill again...

    It's not about that. If 30-40 year old men still need role models they need to grow up. And if you raise your kids to believe athletes are role models, shame on you. It's bad parenting.
  18. One song

    O, My Perfection - Chrome Sparks
  19. One song

    Feel So Fine - Johnny Preston
  20. Tyreek Hill again...

    I am no expert but I believe that since they are role models (even heroes) to some it is a let down when we see them behave badly. Particularly stuff like wife beatings, shootings, etc. manure that doesn't play well with the kids. Should we? Probably not. Also with the high pay I think people expect more. For better or worse they are ambassadors for their fan bases. The hero worship gets a little out of hand, no argument there.
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  22. DAF needs 3 owners

    16 team Bond league needs 3 owners asap. $50
  23. Last week
  24. Huddle Search Engine

    Roger that. Thanks for the update DMD.
  25. Huddle Search Engine

    I'm pretty sure it has to do with the system rewrite and transition to a new server. Where the search directs is to the new server with newer articles while the older have not been transitioned over yet waiting on the full install and change over. So, as soon as that all gets done, the sooner all things are in the same place. That may take another month or so.
  26. Huddle Search Engine

    Let me ask again. They are working on a lot of different things in the background. Sorry for the lack of apparent response.
  27. Huddle Search Engine

    So...are they going to ever fix it or are things going to stay broken?
  28. One song

    The Way That You Love Me - Smashing Orange
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