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  2. RFA Bid: Cooper Kupp

    Bidding is now locked. Necessary Roughness has until Monday, August 10th at 11:19 PM to match and retain or decline. If no post is made, a decline will be assumed.
  3. RFA Bid: Austin Hooper

    Bidding is now locked. CARBoys has until Monday, August 10th at 10:25 PM to match and retain or decline. If no post is made, a decline will be assumed.
  4. RFA Bid: Tom Brady

    Bidding is now locked. Tyreke's Weak Punch has until Monday, August 10th at 9:16 PM to match and retain or decline. If no post is made, a decline will be assumed.
  5. RFA Bid: DeVante Parker

    Bidding is now locked. Come-A-Runnin boys now has until Monday, August 10th at 9:11 PM to match and retain or decline. If no post is made, a decline will be assumed.
  6. RFA BID Mark Andrews

    Bidding is now locked. Necessary Roughness has until Monday, August 10th at 12:00 PM to match and retain or decline. If no post is made, a decline will be assumed.
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  8. Hello Again

    Absolutely not until 7/8
  9. Rate my draft picks!!

    PPR pick 9/12 rate 1-10 and why thank you in advance fellas! pick 1- Deandre Hopkins 2-miles sanders 3- Courtland Sutton 4- Robert woods 5- Jonathan Taylor 6- mark Ingram 7-Julian Edelman 8- Philip Lindsay 9-tj Hockenson 10-Matthew Stafford 11- Ceedee lamb 12- Daniel Jones (auto pick on accident) 13- bills d/st 14- Cole Beasley 15- chase Edmonds 16- matt gay buccs kicker
  10. I got 5 teams available. check out league ... fdynastiesteams availablego blueicacapoopoothe blaydon racersuk raiderswindleythepoohcan keep up to 6 players from any and all positions
  11. Fantasy this year

    I like this idea. Like, the NFL loves courting the international market. Why not take the NFL to Canada and a handful of other countries that have their outbreaks under control for one season? If they aren’t playing in front of fans anyways, then why not.
  12. Fantasy this year

    The Saints are trying a sequester - not a complete bubble but not a free-for-all either. The more teams operate like this, with large parts of their organization in buildings and living arrangements with restricted access, points of entry/egress, etc the more likely they'll pull this off. I can assure you, the NFL didn't think hard enough about this. In their defense however, the task they are facing is almost undoable.
  13. RFA Bid - Chris Godwin

    17 credits Boffa Deeznutz
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  15. I like Washington "Sentinels". Just like The Replacements movie.
  16. Fantasy this year

    As a new season ticket holder I was sad to receive an official email from LV Raiders. I was really hyped watching all the video clips of the new stadium. Hopefully next year things will be good to go. I did not know other team opted for no fans. ********************************** Dear Anthony, There is nothing more important to the Raider Organization than the health and safety of our players, coaches, staff, stadium workers, and fans. After intensive consultation with healthcare officials and state and community leaders, We Have Made The Difficult Decision To Play The Las Vegas Raiders 2020 Inaugural Season At Allegiant Stadium Without Fans In Attendance. This decision is based on our commitment to protect the health of our fans and the entire community in response to the coronavirus pandemic affecting us all. This decision also ensures fairness to you, our PSL holders, given the challenges and potential inequities associated with determining who can and cannot attend specific games if the stadium were to operate at a reduced capacity. While the current situation is not how any of us envisioned celebrating the opening of Allegiant Stadium, when circumstances permit we look forward to sharing an unparalleled GameDay Experience in the Magnificent Stadium you helped to build. Despite not being able to attend the games in person, you will still receive your collectible 2020 Las Vegas Raiders Inaugural Season Ticket Package as well as other exclusive items throughout the season. If you wish to receive a Full Refund of your 2020 Season Ticket Payments, or if you have any questions, please contact our Premium Service Team by emailing Alternatively, if you wish to apply your 2020 Season Ticket Payments to the 2021 season, no further action is required. The Greatness Of The Raiders Is In Our Future. Thank you for your loyal support. Mark Davis
  17. If you are looking for a live draft tonight, masters has a Bronze ($126) live draft at 9:00 pm ET and a Copper ($68 at 9:45 - We have been running live drafts since April and daily since June 1st. We also have email drafts if you prefer the slow draft format. They are available in the following price tiers: Tin, Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium If you like Dynasty Fantasy Football, we believe we have the best leagues on the internet. We have well run, public dynasty leagues that are sure to give you many years of fun. Please give us a look. Our site is located at We have been in business since 2008 and have been running dynasty leagues** since 2011 with 5 dynasty price points between $82 and $1,104. In fact, since 2011 we have opened 593 dynasty leagues and we still have 593 dynasty leagues running. We have already filled 28 fresh dynasty leagues this year and will fill many more as the season progresses. If you are looking to start from scratch, we have fresh dynasty** leagues forming in all divisions. We are filling Tin #15, Copper #7, Bronze #7, Silver #3, and Gold#1. All these leagues have email drafts which start after the league fills. Redraft League Email Draft Prices - Tin $41, Copper $68, Bronze $122, Silver $285, Gold $561, Platinum $1112 and Titanium $2,729 Redraft League Live Draft Prices - Tin $46, Copper $72, Bronze $127, Silver $290, Gold $565, Platinum $1117 and Titanium $2,734 Fresh Dynasty** League Prices - Tin $82, Copper $136, Bronze $244, Silver $570, Gold $1122, Platinum $2,244 Orphan Prices - Tin $41, Copper $68, Bronze $122, Silver $285 and Gold $561 Now filling Tin Dynasty** Email #11, Copper #5 Bronze #6, Silver #3, Gold #1, Platinum #1 Upcoming Live Draft Schedule all times ET Monday - Bronze 8:30 Tuesday - Bronze 8:30 Wednesday - Bronze 8:30 Thursday - Bronze 8:30 Friday - No Drafts Scheduled Saturday - Bronze 8:30 , Copper 9:45 Sunday - Silver 9:00, Bronze 5:00 , 8:30 All Master’s Leagues are 12 team, H2H, PPR with blind bidding for waivers. ** All Masters Standard Dynasty Leagues require a 2-year commitment upfront and are always paid 1 year in advance. Please do not join if you are not 100% committed. We only want 100% committed owners in our Dynasty leagues and that is exactly what we have. Last year our renewal rate was over 92%. Live Draft Rules and Schedule Dynasty League's Rules and Schedule complete details on the 11th annual "Great Orphaning" Available Orphans Homepage FaceBook Twitter Questions? Please email us at We will do all we can to exceed your expectations!!
  18. RFA- Ronald Jones

    4 credits Icarus
  19. I need a new manager, we are going into our 6th year. Yahoo league is redraft, half point PPR. We play 14 weeks, last two weeks are playoffs. QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, K, DEF, DT, LB, DB, and 5 player bench. Having a short bench really makes the league super competitive. Great thing is we do a group Skype about once a month during NFL season, we also have an active Discord chat, you really need to be passionate about fantasy to join. Also have the time and want to win. This is a long standing, competitive, fun, free league where the only cost is sweat and tears. Please check out our league website and apply to join
  20. I've been running this for the last bunch of years. Quest For Survival - despite the ominous name in this crazy year! C'mon in and sign up - Pool Rules Picks Number of games per week required to pick: 1 Game Style Suicide/Survivor Style - One loss (or tie) and you're knocked out! You CANNOT pick the same team twice. This game lasts until the end of the regular season - or until there is a sole survivor. If a sole survivor is determined early enough (per discussion) in the NFL season, pool entrants will be asked if they want to start fresh with another entrance fee and start up the pool again. Spreads Point spreads are NOT used scoring picks. All picks should just be the game winners by the final score Weights No weights/confidence values are used in this pool. Monday Night Football Tie-Break This pool does not use a Monday Night Football Tie-Break Scoring WIN = 2 points, TIE = 1 point, LOSS = 0 points However, scoring has no bearing on winning/losing the pool. Standings The final standings will be calculated using the total points from ALL weeks. Pick Deadline NEW RULE CHANGE!!! The weekly pick deadline is now Monday at 8pm (Eastern). For selecting games earlier in the week, you must select that game prior to the scheduled kickoff of that game. This now allows those who forgot to get their pick in earlier to at least possibly make a pick in the pool for that week. Administration Entry fee for the pool is 25 "units". The owner who has successfully achieved the Quest for Survival (hence, the last one standing), will receive the total of all entry "units" less 20 "units" to be delivered to the website provider. If everyone is knocked out early enough, we will pole everyone to see if we will re-start up again during the season. Deadline for entry fee is 5pm (Eastern) 9/9/20 (1st Kickoff is 9/10/20). My address is 534 Sperry Blvd. New Hyde Park, NY 11040 for snail mail. For Paypal, use (replacing "_at_" with "@"). Send as a gift and don't mention Pool, etc. in the payment. You can also VENMO me. Use @Howard-Leeds. Let me know your Pool Host nickname for the pool w/ the payment. INVITE You are being invited to join 'QUEST FOR SURVIVAL 2020'. In order to join, you must: Click on this link and login or create an account: OR 1. Login or create an account at 2. Go to the 'Pool Tools' menu and choose 'Join a Private Pool'. 3. Choose 'Pro Football Pick'em'. 4. To Join the pool you need to enter the Pool ID and Pool Password. For the Pool ID # type: 20514 For the Pool Password type: sinkorswim That's it! The next time you login in to, you can get back to your pool(s) by going to 'My Pools' where you'll see all the pools you've joined. Clicking on a pool name will take you to that pool. You can switch to a different pool by going to 'My Pools' again at any time.
  21. 2020 Offensive Line Rankings

    Yes, I was planning on that. Within the week.
  22. 2020 Privateer Crew List - please check in

    Aye received! I thank ye Howard.
  23. 2020 Privateer Crew List - please check in

    DH - Sent me Venmo! Marauders of Isle Long
  24. Hello Again

    No way, I don't even think QB till after the 7th round.
  25. Hello Again

  26. 2020 Offensive Line Rankings

    Will there be a updated version of the rankings now that the opt out deadline has passed? For what its worth?
  27. RFA- Ronald Jones

    3 credits Gameday Demons
  28. RFA Bid: Kenyon Drake

    Bidding is now locked. Gameday Demons has until Monday, August 10th at 2:25 AM to match and retain or decline. If no post is made, a decline will be assumed.
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