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  2. Hey GGL I was wondering what you thought about gurley ros? I understand that last night's game was a bit of an anomaly, but can I roll with him ros? I have him in 2 leagues so i don't know if i should hold on to him or try and sell him high.
  3. Todd Gurley for Kareem Hunt

    I would keep Hunt
  4. Den or Balt D?

    Do I go with the Balt D against turnover prone Bortles in London (where they've actually played half way decent in the past for some reason.), or Denver's in Buffalo against a Bills team that looked awful against CAR and not overly impressive vs the Jets? Or do I just flip a coin?
  5. Keep Gurley ros?

    Hey I was wondering what you guys thought about gurley ros? I understand that last night's game was a bit of an anomaly, but can I roll with him ros? I have him in 2 leagues so i don't know if i should hold on to him or try and sell him high.
  6. Full PPR. Should I sell high on Crabtree? Julio is very tempting to take. Current RBs: M. Gordon M. Lynch J. Rodgers C. Thompson Current WRs: J. Nelson M. Crabtree S. Watkins JJ Nelson C. Davis R. Higgins
  7. D. Freeman and Doyle for Gronk and AJ Green WHIR

    Thanks very much guys! Any other input?
  8. London Games

    I think all we need to know for this Sunday's game is that the Ravens D is going to put the hurt on the Jags
  9. Bell for Adams and Ajayi

    Solid trade. Henry should begin to take carries away from Murray
  10. Brandon Cooks,Amari Cooper, Martvis or G Tate

    Yea Tate matchup with ATL is intriguing. As a Texan Fan, it's hard to know if Brandon Cooks will either torch us or if he gets locked down
  11. I just had this trade offered to me: I'd be getting Dak Prescott and Brandin Cooks for Derek Carr and Emmanuel Sanders. While I'm high on Carr and still give him the edge over Prescott, his upcoming schedule is brutal (Denver, Chargers and KC twice, Baltimore, NYG, NE, etc) so I don't think I'm losing a ton at QB. The question mark with Cooks is what's killing me here. Amendola and Gronk are always hurt so it's hard to believe that Cooks won't become the Pat's number 1 receiver at some point this year, but he just hasn't developed a rapport with Brady yet.
  12. Which one would you start if you could only start one ?
  13. B Watson, fleener, Jesse james

    I like Ben Watson. Think Panthers will shut Fleener down.
  14. Today
  15. Lost Olsen. Need a starting te. Which is the best for this week.. and which is the best ros
  16. 2 guys, same mold, can't keep both...

    I'd drop Duke. Hard to drop a talented back in PPR but he's the weakest Id imagine.
  17. A trigger happy owner dropped Prescott, and as an owner of one low-end QB1 already (Winston), I'd like to pick him up. i need to drop a RB to make room, and while these two are probably both expendable, my owner's bias is screaming 'whoever you drop is going to break out big'. In a PPR, do I drop Riddick or Duke Johnson? (I imagine the answer is Johnson, but I really think he's going to break out in a major way) 10-team PPR QB: Winston WR: Baldwin, Hopkins, Garçon (Cobb, TyWilliams) RB: McCoy, Allen (Stewart, Riddick, DuJohnson) TE: Reed (Ebron)
  18. Todd Gurley for Kareem Hunt

    No. Guy is selling Gurley high. I think we just saw his best game of the season
  19. Is Jalen Richard a Dynasty target?

    Well I know Lynch is from Oakland but they could've just given him a platinum throne in the end zone somewhere and let Washington / Richards handle the running game.. both ran well behind that o-line in limited fashion last year, Richards looks pretty good again this year in a limited role.. I know he's boom/bust, but the bust is lack of opportunities or maybe I'm way off?
  20. One song

    Insane in the Brain - Cypress Hill
  21. Bell for Adams and Ajayi

    congrats, I didn't get to chime (not that it matters), but I like that trade. At some point you probably want a WR1 other than MB/Benji who are sort of volatile. I think should Henry get the lion share again he might be good trade bait but he has to at least do decent vs SEA.
  22. RIP Bernie Casey

    I think he did some movies as well.
  23. Flex help

    Jordy practiced fully, I don't know if you can bench him. It's hard to sit AJ over Crowell, and as bad as IND is they've only allowed no more than 44 yards to any one RB, of course probably because people are passing at will vs them. I don't think it makes Crowell a 'bad' play but it helps promote why you should start AJ over him. I think a safe but modest play is AJ, perhaps he gets into the end zone who knows. Crowell could potentially break out vs a bad IND team so I guess I give him risk/upside dude. I think AJ has some upside too especially if CIN finds themselves down early I can imagine this is all or nothing for the Bengals even before the game starts, so when A.Rodgers and GB go up 14-0 early you have to think AJ if anyone could have a good potential for a big game.
  24. Devante Parker projection

    Enjoyed that explanation as well. (i would've given the thumbs up emoticon but can't find it..)
  25. Bell for Adams and Ajayi

    I took the deal: I received Leveon Bell, Sam Bradford and Derrick Henry Had to give : Jay Ajayi, Davante Adams, and Carson Wentz Who won, and do you like deal? Start 1-Qb, 3 Wr's ,2 Rb's 1 Te, 1 Flex(te, Wr, Rb) and 1 OP Superflex( qb, wr rb, te) , 1 def, 1 Kicker I Start Most weeks QB Philip Rivers, LAC QB RB LeSean McCoy, Buf RB RB Jay Ajayi, Mia RB WR Kelvin Benjamin, Car WR WR Davante Adams, GB WR WR Martavis Bryant, Pit WR TE Travis Kelce, KC TE FLEX Sammy Watkins, LAR WR OP Carson Wentz, Phi QB D/ST Texans D/ST D/ST K Stephen Gostkowski, NE K BENCH WK 1 2016 SEASON WEEK 1 SLOT PLAYER, TEAM POS Bench M Sanu Bench Jamison Crowder, Wsh WR Bench Eric Decker Bench Broncos D/ST D/ST Bench Rishard Matthews wr Bench Chris Carson RB Bench David Johnson RB ir
  26. And they say Gurley wouldn't do anything

    You're right haha
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