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  2. Garrett done

  3. Would Brady play for Las Vegas?

    I would welcome him with open arms to the Cowboys
  4. Garrett done

    Which question were you answering Used to go thru this with my elderly mother,I'd ask "peas or corn with dinner tonight?" and she'd say YES.
  5. Garrett done

  6. Today
  7. Would Brady play for Las Vegas?

    I can see that as well but i wouldn't be shocked one bit if he ended up playing somewhere else.
  8. Packers vs Niners

    Wentz and Ertz in seats 3 & 4?
  9. Jason Garrett to NY

    How about we let them play some games before we declare them complete failures.
  10. Would Brady play for Las Vegas?

    He'll be back with the Pats, but this gives the talking heads something else to discuss for a few months.
  11. Garrett done

    Since you're using the "another state is another state" thing. Should true homer fans in NYC root for the Bills then, since they are the only NFL team that is from NY? Or is there some kind of exemption that allows them to root for the teams that play in NJ?
  12. Packers vs Niners

    And somebody in another thread said they didn't think Brees or Rodgers were capable of "getting over the hump" anymore. Just shows how ridiculous a statement like that is.
  13. Packers vs Niners

    Haha. That's great!
  14. Packers vs Niners

    True. It’s definitely going to come down to which defense pushes the opposing offense out of their comfort zone, IMO. For SF, that means having to pass more than they’d like to (rely more on Jimmy). For KC, the question is whether SF can make Mahomes uncomfortable. I’ll be pulling for KC, but my gut says SF is the more balanced team. Both teams can win in many ways. I’m just not sure how good the KC defense really is. It’s a stretch to say they stopped TEN or Henry. TEN was on pace for 30+ when they realized they needed to change their offensive game plan in an effort to keep up. That says more about KC’s offense than their defense. Just my two cents.
  15. Packers vs Niners

  16. Packers vs Niners

    Lets hope Jimmy Dilfer is up to the task
  17. Packers vs Niners

    Bolded the thought about defense; because I originally thought San Fran would have the edge. If San Fran were going against a pure pocket passer in the SB; I'd think they might dominate. Now I'm not so sure. KC shut down Derrick Henry; if they do the same thing to San Fran, then Jimmy Garoppolo has to make some plays. He has done that throughout the season, but it's clear Shanahan prefers to have Jimmy G to do as little as possible.
  18. Would Brady play for Las Vegas?

    True, if Jameis didn't throw so many picks the Bucs would have been a strong contender. It's amazing they weren't 4-12 the way he played.
  19. Would Brady play for Las Vegas?

    He would be fun to watch in TB with those receivers and that defense.
  20. Garrett done

    You just don't get it. Example: The nerd Cowboy fan who was born and raised in Philly. This guy is a bandwagoning traitor who has no soul or loyalty to his own. You would never trust this guy, he's a weasel. Not all Cowboy fans are like this but a lot are. And that same Cowboy fan is probably a SF or KC fan this week. He's the one in line at Dick's today buying KC & SF Jerseys. You know the guy I'm talking about.
  21. Packers vs Niners

    I see you Bier!!
  22. Packers vs Niners

    Couldn’t have said it better
  23. Garrett done

    Another state is another state . It doesn't pertain to you as you were born in Philly , but the Philly fans that live in Jersey aren't true homers
  24. Would Brady play for Las Vegas?

    That would make sense as well. Mainly from a marketing perspective.
  25. Chiefs vs Titans

    I agree.
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