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  2. Brees

    Bad trade
  3. Jaylen samuels

    Dont want anything happen to connors. He went through alot in his life
  4. Uninspiring flex option?

    BUMP for those night owls
  5. Footlongs roster moves - 2018 in-season

    Promote Ricky Seals-Jones ARI TE - 4 years
  6. Who to flex

  7. Burton or Hooper?

    When at a receiving position both players face a D ranked about the same against the position, I lean towards the player who's QB has a more favorable match up, Hooper. Bears fan who plays Trubisky in a 2 QB league saying that.
  8. Boyd fitz or Kenny G

    I’d start Fitz, Golladay, and Boyd, and bench Watkins. Not sure he’ll play and since it’s Monday night you most likely won’t have an alternative if he’s a game time decision.
  9. Burton or Hooper?

    Hey y'all, Should I start Hooper or Burton as my TE this week? 12 team PPR league. Thanks!
  10. Golladay or Diggs?

    PPR Flex spot - I've got Kerryon Johnson in as my RB2 this week due to byes and can't decide between Diggs vs. Chicago or Golladay vs. Carolina. Woods and Davante Adams are my other WRs.
  11. Jaylen samuels

    Yeah no hope for him unless Conner gets hurt most likely.
  12. Who to flex

    Dynasty 12 team PPR 2 division IDP Flex is RB/WR/TE TD -6 every every catch is full point, every 10 yards rush/rec -1.0 My choices RB - Marlon Mack, Alex Collins, WR - JuJu Smith-Schuster, Allen Robinson, Christian Kirk, TE - Jack Doyle Mack, JuJu, Robinson & Doyle all have match ups that absolutely suck. Considering that JuJu in this league has failed to reach double digits only once I was set to go with. Till I realized the almost dead last against the RB match up Collins has. In game where BAL is likely to rely on the run heavily with Flacco by all accounts out this week. Who would you play? I suffered my first loss of the season last week because I made one mistake. Don't want a repeat of that again this week.
  13. Cooper or Sanders?

    4-5 weeks ago we would have never said Cooper....but....Cooper.
  14. Boyd fitz or Kenny G

    Agree, I think Fitz has a good game and Golladay should see a ton of targets.
  15. Rly want to grab Bernard, help!

    Yeah I have not been able to bring myself to drop Njoku. Mixon is good to go now anyway so forget about Bernard lol. My biggest concern currently is figuring out how to add either Pat's or Bills Def to go along with Redskins I already have. Not gonna drop Zuerlein to do it though.
  16. Ingram or Mixon?

    Mixon is the RB1 and the main man on his team. Ingram splits with Kamara but is on a way better team playing Philly who's been beat up by the run. They're both boom or bust this week but I like Ingrams odds a little more.
  17. Funchess, Sutton, Robinson, D Thomas: Pick 2

    I agree with the others
  18. Uninspiring flex option?

    Standard mate. Wish we were PPR but not this year
  19. Thank you. I had the other two out in but I think I’m going to switch. Even though A Rob and Funchess are technically the WR1 on their team I could see that Sutton and Thomas might get more looks.
  20. Which WR SITS?

    Fitz sits
  21. pick 2 PPR

    A. Humphries @ NYG Josh Reynolds vs. KCC S. Shepard vs. TBB Tre'Quan Smith vs. PHI PPR Pick 2
  22. Which WR SITS?

    Desperately need a win in this non-ppr league. Which WR sits out of: JuJu at JAX Sanders at LAC Shepard vs TB Fitz vs OAK ?
  23. RB pick ‘em. 2 leagues

    Started Jones on team1...solid. Started Davis on team2...oh well. So back to team1...Ingram or Dalvin??
  24. Lindsay or Fitz, thanks for your time
  25. Uninspiring flex option?

    What's your scoring?
  26. Not every down Zach Brown

    Playing like that, he should be an every down guy.
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