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  2. Clash of Clans...

    He's a really fun kid. Hate that he's grown up so fast but he really works hard. Keep an eye on him as he's in prep school for hockey and he's really good. Lives in Toronto. He just might make something of hockey if he keeps up the hard work. He's got a long way to go but the effort and skills seem to be there. We will see. Thanks for chatting with him.
  3. Martavis Bryant rest of season

    eh...good luck lol ill prob hold him in case something happens to juju......Bryant could break out one of these weeks but it will be too late.....cant find anyone willing to trust him at this juncture I woudnt put julio and Bryant in the same class at all....and ive watched julio a lot and hes getting a ton of attention....seattle last night was sometimes jamming him with two guys inside the 5 yard zone.....Bryant isn't getting that kind of attention......but ryan and julio look happens between talented qbs/receivers sometimes.....I think ben and Bryant have been that way this year...and Bryant is obviously getting less opportunities....but I look at ryan and julio and see another example of two quality talents that just cant get things right
  4. Martavis Bryant rest of season

    Martavis has a nice matchup this Sunday night against the Packers. Martavis is a receiver that needs the offensive line to block well so that he has time to get deep. The Packers' already anemic pass rush will be worse than normal with Clay Matthews being either out or limited because of a groin injury. Opposing receivers in general have done well against the Packers but fast deep threats have done especially well. The top three receiver performances against the Packers this season have been Marvin Jones (29.70 fantasy points), AJ Green (27.10 fantasy points), and Ted Ginn Jr. (21.10 fantasy points). All three of those receivers are very fast and excellent deep threats. The top two performances, Marvin Jones and AJ Green, are also tall like Martavis. Hopefully the game stays close enough that Ben doesn't hesitate to take deep chances.
  5. Thoughts on limiting Rb/Wr

    Those are all thoughts I agree with completely . People were just upset that they couldn't get good players later in the year when they failed to draft or acquire them before they blew up. What I want it to start handcuffing my lead backs (bell and gurely) but I'm not dropping other starting rbs (Doug Martin or Joe mixon) for a back up that won't play. Though with the way they are playing I am about to.
  6. RIP Terry Glenn

    Then re-articulate it so it comes across that way instead of implying "he asked for it." This is a "RIP" thread, not a "stupid decision for not wearing your seat-belt." I'll leave it alone, it's your opinion and many others share it. Just one of my few irritations when something sad happens and people look for ways to say "they asked for it." Back to fantasy football....
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  8. QB- Kirk Cousins RB- Jordan Howard, Jay Ajayi WR- Adam Thielan, Golden Tate TE- Cameron Brate Flex- Keenan Allen D- Saints D K- Matt Bryant Bench- Phillip Rivers, Jerick McKinnon, Chris Thompson, Alex Collins, Josh Doctson, Corey Davis, and Tarik Cohen
  9. RIP Terry Glenn

    Maybe people make these comments because we want people to increase their chances of living, so they live a long time. It is what it is when people make stupid decisions, whether it's not wearing a seat-belt or driving drunk or participating in road rage over something completely ridiculous or something else.
  10. RIP Terry Glenn

    I never understood why people make comments like this. It's like saying he asked for it. Anyways, may his soul rest in peace.
  11. One song

    Super Disco Breakin' - The Beastie Boys
  12. Martavis Bryant rest of season

    by saying I haven't watched much of Bryant...I meant this year....and by much I haven't watched a ton of steelers games this year...I usually get to see more of them than I have this year....but ive done some intel here and on other boards(you do realize this isn't the only fantasy board right?) seem to have an axe to grind with the will say you don't....but you me..i am right more than I'm wrong.... I guess you weren't here when I told everyone gurley was going to bounce back ...had to make my point and listen to about 10 guys tell me "no way I don't see it"....or the year before when I predicted a breakout for Winston and evans.......its not some bandwagon pats fan who just started watching football in 2001...... the clean record comment was in regards to how coveted he would be/would have been by other teams....not in relation to numbers or how well he has performed....the comment was relevant to some of you seemingly acting as if he is not talented at all anyways here in RI...if you ever are in the area let me know...would love to meet up and talk football over some drinks
  13. One song

    Georgia Swing - Jelly Roll Morton
  14. RIP Terry Glenn

    sucks...RIP I remember being 16 at old Foxboro in sec 112 watching him catch a bomb on the first play of the fog bowl against the steelers...I was so hyped when they drafted him I plunked down a lot of money on his authentic jersey
  15. Hopes and Prayers Weekly

    Needed wilson to score 4.2 points less than he did lol. Seasons over for me, hoping to play spoiler for the teams i still face.
  16. Hopes and Prayers Weekly

    I'm praying that Tyron Smith (Dallas Cowboys OL) returns next week against the Chargers, so that Prescott can start performing better. His performances the last 2 weeks have cost me my win streak as well as the possibility of a 1st round bye. I play the 2nd and 3rd seeded teams in the 2 upcoming final weeks. Just because I'm in the playoffs, doesn't mean I ain't still playing for anything. I'd like to keep the top seed as well as getting a 1st round bye. That way, I'm 50/50 of getting into the championship instead of 25/75 or 33/67 or whatever my odds are, being in the quarterfinals round. If I would've won this week, then I would've clinched a 1st round bye because both 2nd and 3rd seeded teams lost this week. Yeah, the top 3 teams (mine included) in my league lost this week. I'm still holding a 1 win lead, but it doesn't make me feel better that I play the very teams fighting me for the top spot in the last 2 weeks.
  17. Hopes and Prayers Weekly

    Thankfully came through.
  18. Milk Carton Week 11

    Where the hell is Prescott? He scored -1 point and I lost by 22. He did the exact opposite of what I needed. Goddamn it!!! I needed you for one more week yet, Prescott. This is no time to be laying around just yet. Get your buddy Smith back, and get back to work. Clinch that first round bye first. THEN, you can go on (a week of) vacation (along with everyone else). But only until THEN.
  19. NBC Skycam/view fail

    the chick (I believe her name is Kay Adams) is kinda cute...
  20. Bestest Fantasy Team of all time??

    I like beejays
  21. 0.5 PPR Keeper League. I've been trying to get a top flight WR1 for the past few weeks and nobody has been biting. I've been offered Mike Evans for Lamar Miller and a 6th round pick. To keep Lamar Miller or Mike Evans would cost my 2nd round pick. What do you guys think? My RB1 is Gordon, and my other RBs are Martin, Gore, Morris, L. Murray, and Perine. My WRs are Cooks, Hilton, Sanders, and Woods (who is feared out a few weeks). I'd basically have to rotate between Martin/Gore/Morris/L.Murray/Perine ROS or try to swing another trade in the next day before the deadline. Is it worth RB2 uncertainty to have Cooks and Evans as my WRs? I'm also trying to get Landry for Hilton and one of my lower RBs. This is much lower risk because I can keep Miller, but obviously Evans > Landy. Thoughts?
  22. Bestest Fantasy Team of all time??

    i believe it was around 01.... culpepper's first year culpepper faulk holmes for wr i was a systems guy...typically drafted bruce, horn, carter, either rod smith or ed mccarffery, either jimmy smith or mccardell, harrison or wayne i remember a strong keeper team where i drafted ahman green, moss, owens, hearst, FT
  23. Milk Carton Week 11

  24. Bestest Fantasy Team of all time??

    I like ice cream. Any team with Marshal Faulk was the best fantasy team for me.
  25. Milk Carton Week 11

    Please stop throwing to Julio (or Hooper). Only up by 10 points.
  26. Milk Carton Week 11

    Seen that , thanks BJ
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