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  2. How many carries will Christian McCaffrey get?

    200 total touches. Cj will have more.
  3. There were good times with the Raiders?
  4. Priest Holmes comes to mind. I will be taking a chance on him, but not early for sure. Round 5 sounds about right.
  5. Interesting Mayfield observation

    You nailed it. 23 is not that old, and sometimes when your young, you need someone to "let you have it" to get you going. Unfortunate but true.
  6. Today
  7. David Johnson or Antonio Brown

    I guess I should be taking him into consideration a little more. Just going of current rankings right now. .5 pt PPR, standard roster league 2 RBS 2 WRS and a flex
  8. New League - UCFFL

    4 spot left
  9. Geronimo Allison #3 receiver for Green Bay

    so it's not that Allison's noticeably sharper than last season, the competition isn't noticeably better than him. Staying away...
  10. DJ or Zeek

    While I understand DJ's injury was not lower body (which is good); Zeke's youth, line, and consistent offense role/scheme wins out for me.
  11. Setup pretty much ensures majority of TE will never be drafted/picked up. Rest is all matter of league setup preference for you and your league mates.
  12. Because I think the drop from Kelce where you are looking to take him to a guy like any of the TEs I mentioned and including Walker, whose ADPs are in the 5th-7th round (based on the ADP tool here at thehuddle) is not as steep as the drop from having an Evans/Hilton/Baldwin type as your WR2 compared to having a guy like Watkins/Jones/Hogan/Crabtree who are the WRs at the same ADP as those TEs. You can roll out a lineup with Bell/Beckham/Hilton/4th round guy (RB perhaps)/5th round guy(WR3 perhaps)/one of those TEs whose ADP is all later than the 60th pick(or best TE available) or You go Bell/Beckham/Kelce/4th round guy (RB2)/5th round guy (WR2)/6th round guy (WR3) I personally see those TEs that you can get in the 6th being a more consistent option as a starter than relying on a Marvin Jones/Sammy Watkins type every week.
  13. Original Huddle League - 32 Homers needs 1

    Three teams currently available - Jets, Chargers, 49ers. A long-standing "born of the Huddle" league, with knowledgeable players.
  14. Geronimo Allison #3 receiver for Green Bay

    Problem is that none of the rookie receivers have supplanted him.
  15. Just trying to figure out why you think the drop off at wr is much greater. Kelce outscored all those WRs mentioned above. So essentially Kelce would be my wr2 and my wr3 would be taking on the other opponents TE. Would you agree most wr3’s are going to outscore the other opponents TE? Jimmy Graham is all TD dependent. Only other TE I like is Delanie Walker
  16. DJ or Zeek

    Ok fellas. great to be back! Drafting 4th....Assuming like the rest of you Gurley and Bell to 1 and 2. We are 12 teams, half point PPR. Do I take DJ or Zeek at 4? Most likely I will have to take whomever is left but if something weird happens (AB goes 3) and both fall to me which direction?
  17. My league has both a TE and a WR/TE spot. I would definitely keep the TE spot. There are plenty of TEs worth starting/having in a 10 or 12 person league.
  18. Some guys in my league mentioned about moving away from the te spot since there are only a handful of worth while te's to choose from. Any other leagues out there turning their team spot to a flex we/te?
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  20. 2015 Bye Week Filler Tool

    Hello Friends, A tradition unlike any other.....
  21. Already covered - you can get TEs like Graham, Olsen, Engram 3 rounds later (based on current ADP) with a much less likely loss in PPG than the drop you are looking at from the other positions. Again, not sure how much more clear I can be - Kelce is a safe and understandable pick, and you seem pretty set on wanting to take him and looking for validation of that mindset - take him. No one would fault you. All I (and a few others) are saying is that it is not the route we would take with the pick.
  22. David Johnson or Antonio Brown

    I'm with him^^^ Zeke is the best option behind Bell and Gurley. DJ is going to be good either way and so will AB but your not even considering a workhorse like Zeke???
  23. How many carries will Christian McCaffrey get?

    200ish. But he will see a poo-ton of targets in the passing game. I think ol' Norv is going to get a lot out of him. I think he might be a steal at the 1st/2nd turn in PPR leagues.
  24. David Johnson or Antonio Brown

    What are the starter reqs and general format (standard or ppr)? Also no Zeke thoughts?
  25. Deeper Sleepers

    I like Moncrief but 1,200+ yards is a crazy number. The Jags have a ton of WRs that will command playing time and targets. Plus they are a run-first team. I'd be shocked if he tops 850 yards. But even then, 850 yards and 5-6 TDs makes for a decent bye week plug.
  26. Geronimo Allison #3 receiver for Green Bay

    Weird, what I was hearing was that Allison was looking plodding and I know he fell out of Aaron Rodgers' favor last year. I don't trust this guy at all.
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