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  2. Putting all your focus into FireFan or Superfan, or whatever the next big awesome sports app is, huh? I too am cutting back this year and only committing to two leagues this year. Regardless, good luck moving forward.
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  4. Thx goose, I appreciate the kind words and have enjoyed playing this game for many, many years. This will be the first time since 1989 that I will not take part in FF. I will miss it dearly but my family, especially with 4 kids, really need all that I can give them. I will be back some day. In the meantime, enjoy all!
  5. Manchester United will be up against Manchester City, Real Madrid and Barcelona in the United States this summer as part of the International Champions Cup(ICC) reports by blamefootball. Finger crossed, Barcelona going to win this summer.
  6. Yes Glazer buys Manchester United, The final purchase price of the club totalled almost £800 million. Reports confirmed by Blamefootball reports.
  7. Cesc Fabregas is really worth for Manchester United and Liverpool, both clubs are set to fight for him according to blamefootball news.
  8. This Premier League will be fun as Manchester City just signed midfielder Bernardo Silva from the French Ligue champions, Monaco. Official reports confirmed by BlameFootball.
  9. Thierry Henry has decided to leave Arsenal following a disagreement with club manager Arsene Wenger, according to BlameFootball news.
  10. I was worried about Beckham after his rookie year. He seemed more concerned about living the celebrity life than he was about football. Now after 3 straight elite years, I'm not worried much.
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  12. I'm starting up a dynasty league with 16 starting roster spots and 30 total players and multiple IR slots. This will increase to 40 in year 2. We also have 5 Taxi Players(which are the equivalent of practice squad players), but they can only be rookies and once promoted cannot be demoted. There's a $28 dollar entry fee with 8 dollars covering the cost for the league and 20 going into to the $250 grand prize pot. It's half point PPR, but I have balanced it out slightly by adding a bonus point for any run/catch over 40 yards. No salary cap so at the end of each year you can keep anywhere from 10 to 24 players and we will have a 6 round rookie draft each season. We will have the option to trade draft picks and all of that fun stuff. 5 team playoff where the 4th and 5th place play Week 14 and then Week 15 is the semifinals and Week 16 is the championship and third place game. Last, but most importantly, I want ACTIVE and involved members. We have a chat room on Telegram where we will discuss matters, trades, etc. We are doing a slow auction draft starting next Tuesday at 8 PM ET and will last until July and then we will start our rookie draft which will be a slow snake. Here is the link to look at everything: if you're interested.
  13. so you're saying it's irrelevant?
  14. Off season tabloid stories.
  15. DaD final pick.  I'll be out of town but if my pick comes up I'd like to get Tim White (UDFA Baltimore) if at all possible.

  16. it's the hanging out with Johnny Manziel part that has me worried. Couldn't care less who he's banging
  17. It's been a few months since Trump started his presidency and yet there are times that I am still in disbelief that he actually won. God bless America!
  18. Sour Milk Sea - Jackie Lomax
  19. Tonight My Love, Tonight - Paul Anka
  20. In my time of dying - Led Zeppelin
  21. This one is a podcast and I listened for free a couple summers ago. It's called "We're Alive", they have done a sequel which you may have to pay for but "We're Alive" can be found as episodes of a podcast on whatever podcast app you use, I assume. It's a bit more than a podcast, it's more of a radio serial with a cast and sound effects and the whole nine yards. There are some soldiers but mostly normal everyday people trying to survive. You maybe guessed, it's a zombie type end of the world story, but the creatures are quite a bit more than that. It's really worth checking out if you like to listen to stuff other than music while doing yard work or whatever. I'll say, some of the voice acting is rough a times and some character choices get tiresome. But overall it is a compelling listen and fairly well written story. If you like the "people hold up in a building trying to survive and stuff just keeps going wrong" story I'd recommend it highly. It's a great deal of content and again I really enjoyed it all summer long. A little hidden gem I was lucky to come across and I'm really curious if anyone else has even heard of it and if you listened what dd you think.
  22. Alright, here's another I really enjoyed. "The Mountain Man" omnibus, three books for the price of one. This is a zombie apocalypse story as well. Where the "Arisen" series is hugh with special forces verses zombies and full throttle "get some", Mountain Man is about a guy who used to paint houses. Again, I'm not here to post some great synopsis, you can get that from any website. I'm here to say I really liked this story a lot. In a sentence, a loner named Gus is trying to drink himself to hell while making his way in the Z.A. in a cool house on a mountainside in Canada. Smart, funny, gory, and if you like drinking or at least listening to someone drinking and drinking and drinking. This is for you. RC Bray is the narrator again and he is tremendous again. If you like your "heros" to be smart for the most part this will be a welcome change to the norm. The story does expand of course and there is one character that we haven't seen before who was really fun. But overall the scope of the series remains focused on a few people. There is a free prequel to the omnibus but I would listen to it last. It's only 45 minutes long and it was decent. I'd save it for the end. I didn't love one part of the story, when I think about this plot point in a movie I imagine it looking cheesy. It was good just not great. The overall story is still fantastic given the part I was iffy about. Check out "The Mountain Man" omnibus, it's very very good. There is also a 4th book which I forgot about because you just listen as one big story. It's all great as they say. I'm going to listen again.
  23. I say get it while you can. What's the point of exerting yourself to become one of the tops in your field if you don't get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, especially when the window of opportunity is so small. Remember when Tony Romo used to tap Jessica Simpson? I think he banged Carrie Underwood also? And that chick from One Tree Hill? Next thing you know, guy settles down and gets married and his backbone turns to dust. Coincidence? I think not. Live like a gladiator, play like a gladiator. Put that ring on and put a load on your back, you end up broken and Dak'd. Oh yeah and sitting in a booth making millions talking about football, but hey....
  24. He is shacking up with Iggy Azalea, too. Dat ass doe.
  25. plus, odb got a large shoe contract, so I'd downgrade him y'all.
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  27. Denver's issue was Oline and Dline last year. QB was ok. Oline should be better this year and there is still a ton of talent in Denver this year. I'd be shocked if they weren't at the top or fighting for the top of the division this year.
  28. yes, 10 days, five for each trevor and five for paxton. chad kelly is rehabbing and will be ready in a few weeks. kelly is an early round talent with off-field issues.
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