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    No Matter Where We Go - Whitney
  3. Would you change anything?
  4. Trade for David Johnson?? PPR league

    Exactly! My point is if your a David Johnson owner you may want to keep him because his value is almost nothing right now. "It's cheaper to keep her".
  5. #1 Waiver Pick-up

  6. #1 Waiver Pick-up

    Hi All! Sitting with the #1 priority this week. Currently 3 guys I have my eye on. We are a full point PPR league and my current roster is below. Let me know your thoughts, Thanks in advance. Looking at: Aaron Jones, Calvin Ridley, Tyler Boyd RBs: Kamara, Coleman, Lewis, Clement WRs: K. Allen, Enunwa, Funchess, Fitz
  7. Today
  8. It's so hard to say, not knowing what the future holds, however with green hurting and boyd playing well, I would.
  9. Who to pick up at TE

    Hey guys . Standard scoring league. I got 3 to 4 options at TE. My TE E.Engram is out for couple weeks. These r the guys that are out there.. Dallas Geodert , V.Mcdonald , O J Howard ,D.Njoku. what player would help me the most?. Please help. And thanks in advance
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    Massachusetts - The Bee Gees
  11. We targets this week!

    Do u have to drop enunwa?
  12. Mark Ingram for Diggs?

    Ah yes the endowment effect on full display! Sorry, getting science-y
  13. Have WR talent, need a RB

    12 team standard. Qb: Mahomes, Watson Rb: Gurley, A. Jones, L. Murray, C.Clement, Burkhead Wr: Hopkins, Tyreek, R. Woods, Ridley, J. Gordon Te: Engram Thoughts: Hopkins--->McCaffrey (doubtful) Hopkins----> Howard, Hunt, or DJ Watson--->Ingram (Jimmy G owner) Thoughts?
  14. Alright guys (and gals) last two years I went zero RB and lost both years in the championship, so I said what the hell and went for it again (3rd times the charm right?) Need advice on what to do with my team (who to use as trade bait/sell high-low, who to be patient with) I’m currently sitting 1-2 and 3rd in total points. I honestly should be 0-3 as I won by .5 points week 2. I have good WRs and several middle of the road RB’s, and no TEs QB Pat Mahomes RB: L. Miller, T. Coleman, M. Breida, S. Michel, G. Bernard WR: J. Jones, D. Adams, B. Cooks, S. Watkins, A. Cooper TE: Doyle/E.Ebron
  15. Another Jimmy G Owner

    Another owner who doesn't know what to do for QB's. Keenum is my backup QB but I don't like having to rely on him. I'm trying to trade Bernard and Breida for Stafford to someone that needs RB's really bad. I've been thinking of buying into the Mayfield hype train, but I am still shaky on that. People on the wire that I would be somewhat interested in are Bortles, Dalton, and Flacco. All opinions are welcome since I am stuck haha.
  16. Josh Allen

    Josh Allen looked good, great passing, rushing, stiff arms and had a nice hurdle. Benjamin looked bad.. dropped two VERY easy balls. Even if Allen stays consistent, I don't think Benjamin can keep up. Benjamin is very overrated.
  17. Will Fuller for Bell

    Fuller is putting up WR1 numbers. Bell takes up a roster spot on the bench. I know who Id rather have.
  18. Trade for David Johnson?? PPR league

    Yes.. Alimony, Child Support, etc. Keep her.
  19. Mark Ingram for Diggs?

    Lol I have Ingram and I wouldnt trade him for Diggs straight up.
  20. One song

    Tom Petty - I won't back down
  21. Week 3 Waiver Wire

  22. Week 3 Waiver Wire

    In one league, I need a TE in a bad way, and am trying to decide between V. McDonald and Goedert. In a 2 QB league, which REQUIRES 4 QB on roster, I'm still alright with (Rodgers, Fitz, and Rivers), but Tyrod's sucky azz going down pretty much necessitates a move for a few reasons. One, I don't think Tyrod starts anywhere again...unless Baker goes down this season...but, my opponent this week has : Cam (on a bye), Peterman, Bradford, and Luck playing. Therefore, he needs a QB and I'd like to block him with a waiver pick up. Hell, there isn't much left out there, but Gabbert and that 3rd guy from TEN are still out there, and I have no clue who Jimmy G's backup truly is! He also needs a RB, but he'll probably gets Collins, who I had to drop last week. I need WR help on all my teams except one. I'm a mess!
  23. What do you need to happen on MNF

    I was down 32 in a 2 QB league, TD = 6, but Int's = (-3). He had: A. Brown I had: Fitz, Conner, and JuJu Fitz's 3 Int's pretty much sunk me, and Conner wasn't doing much. (Btw, I was really disappointed by that Godley TD nullification). So I basically started paying attention to my Fantasy Baseball Championship Games. Checked back late into the 4th Quarter. Squeaked out a 115-111 win. Thank goodness! I was 0-2 going against top scorers each week. Now I'll be 1-2, with still 2nd highest points in the league...and still #1 in points against. Ha
  24. What do you need to happen on MNF

    2 QB league I was down over 100 going into Sunday night. Starting tonight it was 150 to 54, needed Fitzmagic, Big Ben and Antonio Brown to have big games. Ended up winning 154 to 150. Whooped pretty loud at Fitzpatrick TD to a falling receiver to seal the win
  25. Week 3 Waiver Wire

    Debating on Botd or Carson. Dunno if I'd get either but I might drop barber if I can secure both.
  26. Who to drop?

    Dump Anderson
  27. Anybody trading for Bell???

    Should I offer Drake or Hyde for Bell?
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