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    Ween - Voodoo Lady
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  4. Where will Mariota Go??

    Heard rumors of my Bears but honestly, he's not much of an upgrade - if at all - over ol' Mitch. Maybe Carolina if they decide to move on from Cam?
  5. 2020 Dues

    Payment sent via PayPal
  6. Greg Robinson Arrested

    Plus it would drag this site to almost zero posts per day.
  7. Greg Robinson Arrested

    Haha, that wouldn't be fun.
  8. 2020 Dues

    Me. I'll pm you
  9. Greg Robinson Arrested

    JFC, could you both just put each other on ignore already.
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  11. 2020 Dues

    Who are we sending fees to again?
  12. Where will Mariota Go??

    I think he would frustrate the hell out of BB.
  13. One song

    It Isn't Right - The Platters
  14. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    Hockey players occasionally have been charged with assault. I personally don't think Garrett should have been charged but once you use a weapon it starts getting dicey. That all depends too on what you consider a weapon, how dangerous the weapon, how defenseless the guy was, other extenuating circumstances, etc.
  15. Where will Mariota Go??

    Would New England makes sense? Learn for a year or two under Brady and then take over?
  16. Greg Robinson Arrested

    Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? Why are you such a miserable, grumpy old man? Maybe you need to get on Zanax or something.
  17. Where will Mariota Go??

    I totally agree. He's a good #2 at best now. I wouldn't trust him for any extended period of time as a starter
  18. Rumor: the Eagles will move on from Alshon Jeffery

    What are you talking about? Players in the locker room came out and said he's the mole. It's well known that he and Wentz have been at odds. Stick to following the Browns, you know Dog Piss on this topic.
  19. Where will Mariota Go??

    I honestly think his time as a starter is over. He'll latch on as a #2 somewhere. but hard to say.
  20. League Vote #5 - Expand Rosters?

    In a one QB league the typical roster size is 16, most carry one back up QB is these types of leagues, in a 2 QB Flex league it stands to reason extra roster size is a requirement to carry an extra QB or Two, I would hate to go up in roster size as the waiver wire finds can be tricky, then again that's a challenge I love. I will say I wasn't a fan of the waiver wire QB bone yard, how to fix that I'm not certain. Could we drop from 20 to say 18 on the roster possibly but an injury year to QB's like this year things could get ugly! Maybe more ideas and feed back are needed. I am also basing this on keeping the IR.
  21. League Vote #4 - Get rid of IR in 2020?

    Would hate to not have IR however one of the problems I experienced was I would drop players to be within the bench parameters and they would be placed back on my team if they hit an IR designation, would like it to also be cleaned up but wouldn't want to lose it.
  22. League Vote #1 - MFL or Fantrax for 2020

    Fantrax, despite some learning curves it is a really great hosting site, they really need to clean up the ability to find free agents a little easier as well as other free agency activity.
  23. 2019 Black Sails payouts

    Great job on the trophies, they are absolutely perfect! Congrats to both Jordan and Howard, that is some serious booty!
  24. Where will Mariota Go??

    What teams would be a fit for Mariota?
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  26. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    So they're simply based on you being a homer then. Noted.
  27. Andrews, Mark BAL TE

    I was wondering how he was so old as a 3rd year player. Looks like he played in Pirates organization for a few years before going to college Hurst attended The Bolles School in Jacksonville, Florida. He played football and baseball for the Bulldogs athletic teams. He graduated in 2012.[1] Hurst was chosen by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 17th round of the 2012 MLB Draft[2] and signed with the Pirates for a $400,000 signing bonus, turning down a baseball scholarship from Florida State.[3]Hurst played two seasons in the Pirates organization before walking onto South Carolina's football team.[4] Hurst giving up baseball is attributed to being affected by "the yips".[5] College careerEdit In 2015, as a true freshman, Hurst played in all 12 of South Carolina's games, catching eight passes for 106 yards.[6]
  28. Greg Robinson Arrested

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