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  2. Suh hasn't left LA yet...

    I hate IE with a passion
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    New Order - Temptation
  4. One song

    La Catedral - John Williams
  5. Suh hasn't left LA yet...

    I kind of expected you to be on Internet Explorer
  6. Gore to Miami

    His price tag will be end of 2nd/3rd in PPR. Look where Miller and Crowell were going last year. I could absolutely see him going in the 4th/5th in standard though. Down the stretch there weren't many backs better than Drake. He'll have the reigns to start the season, but we'll see if he has the gas like..
  7. Gore to Miami

    In flex leagues, he'll go in the 3rd or 4th round because running back whores will be willing to take him as their 3rd running back. In non-flex leagues, he'll sometimes drop to the 5th round unless he gets a lot of fanfare in the preseason.
  8. Darnold killing it at pro day

    So, it wasn’t overwhelming...but they would give up 2 1sts, 2 2nds, and a 3rd?
  9. Gore to Miami

    5th round? You're dreaming if you think he'll go in the 5th come draft day..
  10. lol @ the 12 who voted 2d round for Barkley. If only they were in my league. He won't last past about mid first round in leagues with owners who have a clue. IMO
  11. Gore to Miami

    Love the Drake. He looked great last year. Damien Williams is gone. Frank Gore is an old man who Drake will outplay on the field. Drake is a 5th round fantasy pick with tier 1 potential. The one reason Gore might get significant playing time is that Miami might have a rookie quarterback playing and they'll want Gore pass protecting for the kid. Drake has had pass protection issues.
  12. Suh hasn't left LA yet...

    Taznib changed his profile fandom to being a fan of the Chargers to being a fan of the Rams. Not every fan will do that. I applaud his ability to adapt.
  13. Gore to Miami

    Didn't know the 8th round was chasing And for his 50/ yds/game ish, he still finished at #19 in PPR at RB, ahead of other RB's like.. CJ Anderson, DeMarco Murray, Tevin Coleman, Marshawn Lynch, Theo Riddick, Tarik Cohen, etc. I'd be happy taking a shot at any of the above names in the 8th+ round.
  14. Gore to Miami

    Speak for yourself. Great guy, great talent, but his 50 yds/game ish is something I never will chase in a draft, or free agency for that matter. Course knowing Ballard he'll wait till the 5th round to draft a RB
  15. This is a casual league (very few trades, weekly lineups), but we want managers who monitor their team and make moves when appropriate so that it remains competitive. * Weekly lineup * Rotisserie * AL and NL * 10 teams * established team with ability to select keepers before draft. * draft this sunday. * * the teams available are Oklahoma, Frisco, and Fort Wayne. Take your your email or send a message for an invitation with the team you want.
  16. Zay Jones got Taz'ed ;)

    his blood all over the broken window? Too bad they don't DNA testing there. or did he simply buy his way out of it. BLM? society is less about racism and more about money.
  17. Suh hasn't left LA yet...

    great photos. You looked soooo young back then.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Suh hasn't left LA yet...

    Yeah - stop being such a fanboy, Taz!
  20. Zay Jones got Taz'ed ;)

    Charges dropped for "insufficient evidence"
  21. Suh hasn't left LA yet...

    nevermind it's all good have and will always be good with
  22. Suh hasn't left LA yet...

    Even though you're saying it now...not what you posted...right?
  23. Suh hasn't left LA yet...

    Never doubted you BJ .... BUT ...I have video of you driving through a red light in the late 90's.. I never had the urge to divulge this information to the authorities or our Huddle brethren..Until NOW! LOL
  24. Suh hasn't left LA yet...

    Nice dig BJ
  25. Suh hasn't left LA yet...

    I was. The way they treated the fans of San Diego was incomprehensible. Then the Rams landed back in LA and since I live here now, it was like Santa moving in next door. Then the Chargers came. I laughed. I still have a soft spot in my heart for the Chargers but until Dean Spanos is gone, I will never root for them. I only wish Rivers the best. Everyone else can go f*ck themselves. But the Rams will ALWAYS garner my affection, unless of course, Georgia is resurrected from the dead.
  26. Suh hasn't left LA yet...

    From 2011:
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