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  2. clement, breida, or lamar miller???

    standard scoring I need 2 of the three on my lineup this week and i cant decide who to play!?
  3. Need 3 of 4

    Hi all. I have what I think is a pleasant problem. I'm in a 12 team standard type league. Non-PPR. I have the following players and need to start 3 of them this week. TY Hilton Brandon Cooks Lamar Miller Golladay Pretty sure Hilton is starting for me. After that it's close.
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  5. Greatest story ever told

    Lol. You must be related to iTwit as you got a lot of idiot running through your blood. Its cool tho - you will be ran out of here sooner than later. You're probably better served to go hang out with the other 12 year olds on Yahoo forums. Bye Felicia! 👶
  6. Need help with Flex.

    Standard. 1/10. All TD = 6 I need a flex this week (WR/RB/TE) Pick one...It's all I've got to choose Lyndsay @ BAL E. Sanders @ BAL J. Gordon @ DET Waivers are bare, and this with a Questionable M. Jones already in lineup as WR2.
  7. Taiwan Jones. Helmet to helmet hit last week...but he wasn't wearing a helmet.
  8. FA: Phillip Lindsay

    5 credits
  9. What is Mccoy's value

    So I've sent one for Sanders. Waiting. Also thought of sending McCoy and J Gordon for Gollady and R Freeman. Is that ridiculous?
  10. Breida

    I remember last year I kept shouting this game's name out against all the Joe Williams hypemen on the forum Where's that dude now?
  11. WR2 help

    that's tough 1 , Cole
  12. flex non ppr

    A.Robinson , Michel or Lindsay , thanks for any advice
  13. LeSean McCoy unlikely to play

    Rotoworld has nothing written about Marcus Murphy since July of 2017. Does Murphy have a realistic chance of getting the majority of snaps or will it be the Chris Ivory show?
  14. LeSean McCoy unlikely to play

    That sounds like it could have also been the Vikings' thinking with Dalvin Cook but for the opposite reasons. The coaches might have even made a deal where they'd both sit their "hurting but able to play" running backs.
  15. LeSean McCoy unlikely to play

    If he had to miss a game, and he usually does, skipping out on the VIkings matchup not the worst move he's ever made.
  16. LeSean McCoy unlikely to play

    LeSean McCoy (ribs) unlikely to play Sunday LeSean McCoy (questionable, ribs) is unlikely to play in Week 3 against the Vikings. McCoy traveled with the team to Minnesota but remains unlikely to play. He'll reportedly test his ribs out pregame before making a final decision. With Taiwan Jones (head) additionally questionable, the Bills could take the field against the Vikings with only Chris Ivory and third-down back Marcus Murphy available. It's best avoiding this one altogether. Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter Sep 23 - 12:05 AM
  17. WR2 help

    I need one .5 ppr watkins jones jr Hogan Gordon Cole
  18. Greatest story ever told

  19. Greatest story ever told

    I sought “fantasy football advice” in the “advice” forum just a knowing participant of the forum should be regarding: Sending WRs: J Gordon, A cooper, TE: E Engram. Receiving WR D Hopkins My infinite logic in constructing the deal may have been optimistic. One comment I made stated that J Gordon “may very well turn out to be stud in NE.” The potential there of created trade value, & if still 4 QTRS did not equal the dollar, I would then add the other 2 solid, but not great options. This created a monsoon of backlash amongst fantasy team owners around the globe. One hearty team owner presented his case. Below, the dialogue! Disclosed commented: “May” being the key word. He may be cut in a week or 2 as well. If I were the Hopkins owner I would turn it down & not even counter.” I then reached my arm out toward the goal line & made my claim! TrevorThinksHeKnowsFantasy Commented: “He countered. Dan Bailey for Hopkins. I sought advice but it is obvious you all are misled on the basics of trade value. I willfully added the best WR in the game to my roster & he received a hyped up kickers return who is projected at a solid 3 extra points a game. Sparking interest, was the story line. To date, maybe the greatest story ever told. Undoubtedly, the most accurate kicker in the history of kickerdom is released by the greatest team to have ever managed the turf, Dan (he made it) Bailey. In recent news, we see ex Vikings kicker, Carlson, making waves at the local bar scenes. He can be seen here after church mid Sunday wearing the infamous cheesehead, unusually in a drunken stupor yelling at random people who he suspects were born in Minnesota. Many say he’s really “kicking” himself nowadays. Deservingly, & again I confirm, It was the story line which lit a fire in the hearts of fantasy lovers everywhere. To Dan, or not to Dan. Needless to say Bailey has been placed in the starting line up. It even seems the new proud owner is so confident in his newfound talent, he is going without a back up kicker for the rest of the year. Trade value, who can really understand it? && to think I was going to give up my studs. Thanks for your encouraging rebuttals, but really, no thanks!”
  20. Who do I flex ppr

  21. Trade advice please

    I would do that trade
  22. 2 Part Question - Who to Start - 1 Pt. PPR League

    Agree with this
  23. Who should I flex this week

  24. Coleman over DJ this week?

    Yes, coleman
  25. Who should I flex this week

  26. 2 Part Question - Who to Start - 1 Pt. PPR League

    Brees and kittle
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