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  2. NFC Championship Thread

    I don't think the lawsuit will do much personally. But I think the NFL realizes there's too much at stake to have bajillion of dollars on the line, entire cities' attention and interest, and then have a game decided on some aging ref's shaky interpretation of what happened in a bang bang play. It's crazy. However, there is no negligence or breach of contract on the part of the NFL, they are not liable for anything that I can see. They followed their own rules. This is human error.
  3. NFC Championship Thread

    The NFL isn't going to agree to a settlement with that lawyer.
  4. NFC Championship Thread

    actually, this is a brilliant move by the lawyer. He starts out with an extreme request, then they negotiate down to a settlement. The lawyer doesn't really want to stop the superbowl, but is starting there as the leverage. He and his client's might get paid. However, the NFL is pooping their pants over this because if this publicity stunt isn't settle and a judge allows the lawsuit with a jury, then a significant precedent could be set... this could force the league to make changes to reviewing penalties and OT rules. So while some think this is silly, goes no where, and that the rules won't be changed, you're probably wrong, again. this lawsuit could force all that to happen before next season. in fact, to prove to the court system that the lawsuit should not be allowed, the NFL may make changes very quickly to show they're taking it seriously. this lawsuit is a good thing and has more layers than some of you can wrap your brain around. granted, I usually detest lawyers and the legal system.
  5. NFC Championship Thread

    NOT GOING TO HAPPEN As others said it is a publicity stunt, nothing more. NFL is not going to replay the game or hand the win to the Saints. As for possible changes in the future, sure it could happen, change to overtime format, changes to address the horrible calls, but the NFL doesn't make snap decisions on these things. Somebody referenced a Yahoo story that the league is "discussing it..." sure they discuss many things that don't even get put to a vote, some more that don't pass and a few mostly small things.
  6. NFC Championship Thread

    This is a smart move, even if it's a publicity stunt. They're forcing the league to respond and hopefully make changes.
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  8. Chiefs fire DC Bob Sutton

    He should have been fired in OT.
  9. Is Kareem Hunt That Good Or Did He Play In A Good System?

    Agree with this. I think it's a little of both. The Walrus does run a very RB friendly system. Hunt is very talented, only time will tell.
  10. NFC Championship Thread

    So what now. He gets a temporary injunction to halt the Superbowl? This is dumb.
  11. NFC Championship Thread

    Maybe the Saints fans should sue Payton for not calling a run play... Can any Seattle fans comment on this?
  12. Wow, a rare good thread from Lone Star. I don't think we'll really know until we see him in another system.
  13. Chiefs fire DC Bob Sutton

    They should have canned him mid-season. They actually have some decent pass-rushers and are OK on the back end. No reason they should have been so lousy defensively.
  14. SPIT STANDINGS - Week 3

    Brady Anderson White Patterson Dorsett Natson Slater Gronk Zuerlein Pats Not much at WR but looks OK everywhere else. I'm sure others have more at WR so not expecting a weekly win here. Wah-wahhhhhhhh...
  15. NFC Championship Thread

    Agreed. But he has to try and... It might motivate the league further to improve things. Ignoring it won't help
  16. NFC Championship Thread

    if the saints had won, i would likely be beating the same drum. i think all 4 teams could have had legit gripes against the refs had they lost last weekend.
  17. NFC Championship Thread

    and i saw several facemasks not called against the saints. i get frustrated when blatant calls/no-calls work against my team. i think it occurs more frequently now and has me less invested in the nfl. one would think that training and multiple camera angles would make things better but haven't seen that happen. it is a fast game. i accept that some errors are going to occur..... i would like to see more examples of when the smaller market teams benefit and wins from these mistakes $$$
  18. NFC Championship Thread

    I saw a couple of plays for the Rams go that way as well including a phantom time out called after a delay of game flag.
  19. Brady is the difference, I went with Luck. Will be very pleased with 2nd.
  20. NFC Championship Thread

    There isn't a chance on earth Goodell would do this. Beyond slippery slope. Every game you could show bad calls . This one is magnified because of when it happened and how blatant it was but the Saints and their fans just have to lump it. It sucks but there is no other choice
  21. Well, poop. It was fun while it lasted thinking I had a shot.
  22. SPIT STANDINGS - Week 3

    I was saving Thomas, Kamara and Ingram. I won't be able to field 4 starting WR. Here is to hoping Josh Gordon gets reinstated before game time.
  23. Chiefs fire DC Bob Sutton

    Tony Romo for DC!
  24. Chiefs fire DC Bob Sutton
  25. NFC Championship Thread

  26. NFC Championship Thread

    I believe 2 saints tds came on plays where the play clock was at zero..... snapped after it expired. They should replay those also
  27. NFC Championship Thread

    I can only assume it's a publicity stunt. Do we want to review all calls? Like missed facemasks? Where do you stop reviewing?
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