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  2. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    1.07- Draft Pick
  3. Leveon Bell Trade

    Topic should be edited. No trade yet. Need a question mark there or something. Sorry to nitpick but.......
  4. Post your rookie drafts

    14 team dynasty league rookie draft...veterans can be picked up if FA. 1.01 Jacobs, Josh OAK RB Mon May 6 5:00:03 p.m. CT 2019 1.02 Harry, N'Keal NEP WR Mon May 6 7:01:17 p.m. CT 2019 1.03 Metcalf, DK SEA WR Mon May 6 10:51:52 p.m. CT 2019 1.04 Brown, Marquise BAL WR Tue May 7 8:53:31 a.m. CT 2019 1.05 Murray, Kyler ARI QB Tue May 7 9:53:25 a.m. CT 2019 1.06 Fant, Noah DEN TE Tue May 7 12:17:44 p.m. CT 2019 1.07 Hockenson, T.J. DET TE Tue May 7 12:17:44 p.m. CT 2019 1.08 Sanders, Miles PHI RB Tue May 7 12:25:45 p.m. CT 2019 1.09 Butler, Hakeem ARI WR Tue May 7 3:28:39 p.m. CT 2019 1.10 Hardman, Mecole KCC WR Tue May 7 3:29:37 p.m. CT 2019 1.11 Montgomery, David CHI RB Tue May 7 3:53:05 p.m. CT 2019 1.12 Henderson, Darrell LAR RB Tue May 7 5:28:39 p.m. CT 2019 1.13 Campbell, Parris IND WR Tue May 7 5:28:39 p.m. CT 2019 1.14 Brown, A.J. TEN WR Tue May 7 9:33:06 p.m. CT 2019 2.01 Samuel, Deebo SFO WR Tue May 7 9:33:06 p.m. CT 2019 2.02 Singletary, Devin BUF RB Tue May 7 10:54:50 p.m. CT 2019 2.03 Harris, Damien NEP RB Wed May 8 12:20:07 a.m. CT 2019 2.04 Witten, Jason DAL TE Wed May 8 7:11:56 a.m. CT 2019 2.05 Hill, Justice BAL RB Wed May 8 1:12:04 p.m. CT 2019 2.06 Johnson, Diontae PIT WR Wed May 8 3:45:22 p.m. CT 2019 2.07 Haskins, Dwayne WAS QB Wed May 8 3:49:47 p.m. CT 2019 2.08 Isabella, Andy ARI WR Wed May 8 4:26:39 p.m. CT 2019 2.09 Arcega-Whiteside, JJ PHI WR Wed May 8 4:34:37 p.m. CT 2019 2.10 Smith Jr., Irv MIN TE Wed May 8 4:44:44 p.m. CT 2019 2.11 Lock, Drew DEN QB Wed May 8 4:44:44 p.m. CT 2019 2.12 Sternberger, Jace GBP TE Wed May 8 4:46:15 p.m. CT 2019 2.13 Jones, Daniel NYG QB Wed May 8 5:10:40 p.m. CT 2019 2.14 Gaskin, Myles MIA RB Wed May 8 5:11:02 p.m. CT 2019 3.01 Boykin, Miles BAL WR Wed May 8 6:17:24 p.m. CT 2019 3.02 Harmon, Kelvin WAS WR Wed May 8 6:51:25 p.m. CT 2019 3.03 Mattison, Alexander MIN RB Wed May 8 6:52:54 p.m. CT 2019 3.04 Thompson, Darwin KCC RB Wed May 8 7:16:45 p.m. CT 2019 3.05 Seferian-Jenkins, Austin NEP TE Wed May 8 7:16:45 p.m. CT 2019 3.06 Love, Bryce WAS RB Wed May 8 8:33:36 p.m. CT 2019 3.07 Hurd, Jalen SFO WR Wed May 8 9:45:16 p.m. CT 2019 3.08 Armstead, Ryquell JAC RB Wed May 8 9:49:27 p.m. CT 2019 3.09 Moore, Chris BAL WR Wed May 8 9:49:27 p.m. CT 2019 3.10 Snell, Benny PIT RB Wed May 8 11:28:23 p.m. CT 2019 3.11 Anderson, Rodney CIN RB Wed May 8 11:34:40 p.m. CT 2019 3.12 Williams, Trayveon CIN RB Thu May 9 6:12:15 a.m. CT 2019 3.13 Ridley, Riley CHI WR Thu May 9 6:12:15 a.m. CT 2019 3.14 Ozigbo, Devine NOS RB Thu May 9 6:43:58 a.m. CT 2019 4.01 Flacco, Joe DEN QB Thu May 9 6:43:58 a.m. CT 2019 4.02 Finley, Ryan CIN QB Thu May 9 1:34:06 p.m. CT 2019 4.03 McLaurin, Terry WAS WR Thu May 9 2:48:27 p.m. CT 2019 4.04 Anderson, C.J. DET RB Thu May 9 3:32:44 p.m. CT 2019 4.05 Robinson, Demarcus KCC WR Thu May 9 5:38:24 p.m. CT 2019 4.06 Richardson, Paul WAS WR Thu May 9 5:50:59 p.m. CT 2019 4.07 Weber, Mike DAL RB Thu May 9 5:50:59 p.m. CT 2019 4.08 Kroft, Tyler BUF TE Thu May 9 7:07:26 p.m. CT 2019 4.09 Williams, Dexter GBP RB Thu May 9 10:13:38 p.m. CT 2019 4.10 Anderson, Bruce TBB RB Thu May 9 10:55:47 p.m. CT 2019 4.11 Oliver, Josh JAC TE Fri May 10 10:33:14 a.m. CT 2019 4.12 Grier, Will CAR QB Fri May 10 10:33:14 a.m. CT 2019 4.13 Warring, Kahale HOU TE Fri May 10 10:38:04 a.m. CT 2019 4.14 Johnson, KeeSean ARI WR Fri May 10 11:06:21 a.m. CT 2019 4.15 Renfrow, Hunter OAK WR Fri May 10 11:06:21 a.m. CT 2019
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  6. Reuben Foster claimed by Washington

    Washington is not thinking at all - so I agree with you. They are one of several zombie franchises in the NFL. Snyder is death.
  7. Jets fire GM Mike Maccagnan

    By the way. the real reason Chris Johnson got rid of Mac? It's not Gase. It's the many years of TERRIBLE UFA management and, of course, Maccagnan's comical chronology of bad drafting. Most of the commentary is not mine. My commentary in [brackets]: 12 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said: 2015 1.6: Leonard Williams -- Likely to be let go as UFA after 2019 [has not lived up to expectations. Let's see what Greg Williams can get out of him before kicking him to the curb] 2.37: Devin Smith -- Out of NFL after 2016 [horrible when covered even modestly, very bad hands and injury prone] 3.82: Lorenzo Mauldin -- Out of NFL after 2016 [great kid but way too slow] 4.103: Bryce Petty -- Out of NFL after 2017 [S-S-S-ucked! with a capital "S"] 5.152: G Jarvis Harrison -- Out of NFL after 2015 7.223: NT Deon Simon -- Out of NFL after 2016 2016 1.20: Darron Lee -- Traded for 6th round pick in 2019 offseason [A mental case for starters. One that is too small and too soft to be an NFL starting LB. Was called "plush" on the air by Bart Scott.] 2.51: Christian Hackenberg -- Worst draft pick in Jets history; Out of NFL after 2016 ['nuff said] 3.83: Jordan Jenkins [decent but slow - would be better OLB in a 4-3] 4.118: CB Juston Burris -- Cut by Jets in 2017, cut by Bucs in '18; currently buried deep on Browns depth chart 5.158: OT Brandon Shell -- # 56 OT in 2018 per PFF [not only does he suck, but Mac gave away a future 4th to move up to get him - aaargh!] 7.235: P Lac Edwards 7.241: WR/ST Charone Peake 2017 1.6: Jamal Adams -- Box Safety taken ahead of Watson/Mahomes [LOL at comment] 2.39: Marcus Maye -- Why? [completely unnecessary pick. 2 safeties back-to-back when the team has a rag-tag Oline? You kiddin' me? This is the moment Mac should have been fired. Right there.] 3.79: ArDarius Stewart -- Out of NFL after 2017 [horrible at everything. Mac has zero talent evaluation skills. ZERO] 4.141: Chad Hansen -- Out of NFL after 2017 5.150: Jordan Leggett -- Fat, lazy; Cut by Jets in 2019 [his Clemson nickname was "Lazy" and he lived up to it] 5.181: Dylan Donahue -- Drove wrong way thru Lincoln Tunnel [blood alcohol level of .15, struck a minibus and injured 4 occupants - holy sh!t]; Out of NFL after 2017 6.188: Elijah McGuire 6.197: DB Jeremy Clark -- Currently # 9 Safety on depth chart 6.204: CB Derrick Jones 2018 1.3: Sam Darnold -- Savior; Credit for selection to Heimerdinger [orchestrated the trade terms with Indi], Dave Gettleman [for gifting Darnold to the Jets by choosing Barkley] 3.72: Nathan Shepherd -- 32 year old project DT at crowded position [he's 26 or 27. Kind of an old draft pick from a tiny tiny program. Just a DUMB PICK] 4.107: Chris Herndon -- Macc's best draft pick [ An EXCELLENT pick. Very talented and should be an NFL star. Was arrested for DWI with a .0.14 blood alcohol after an accident just before dawn on Rte I-80. Final adjudication and NFL suspension is pending.] 6.178: Parry Nickerson [I like this kid!!!!] 6.180: Folorunso Fatukaski -- 5th DT drafted by Macc in 4-year period [useless and redundant. fat and slow] 6.204: Trenton Cannon [ just terrible. A special teams turnover machine as well. he should be cut pronto] 2019 1.3: Quinnen Williams -- 6th DT drafted by Macc in 5-year period 3.68: Jachai Polite [risky pick with huge upside. The one time Mac grew a pair of balls and used them. I am happy with this pick] 3.92: Chuma Edoga -- Only OL taken in first 4 rounds in Macc era; only OL who will be on roster by 2021. 4.121: Trevon Wesco 5.157: Blake Cashman -- Darron Lee replacement [probably way better than Pinky Lee, but almost anyone would, but comes with a bad injury history] 6.196: Blessuan Austin -- Multiple bad knees [another wasted pick. Mac loves the injury prone for some reason.]
  8. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    was definitely on the short list for me
  9. One song

    Malibu Love Nest - Luna
  10. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    Understand the risks, but can’t pass on the talent: Leonard Fournette JAC RB - 4 years.
  11. One song

    Turn Out The Lights - The Spaniels
  12. Reuben Foster claimed by Washington

    Karma sucks
  13. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    Derrius Guice
  14. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    He just quoted my post and edited it. You are up.
  15. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    Is that your pick ? Winston? The quote was confusing me .
  16. LLD 2019 Franchise Tag Thread

    Thunderballs tags Hilton Ind WR per Electric Relish
  17. Reuben Foster claimed by Washington

    And he tore his ACL today.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Our apologies. There was an update for the new rookies that failed and was preventing them from displaying properly in the news feed. That has been corrected.
  20. Keeper Opinions

    Certainly Conner. I've never been a big fan of keeping QBs, but I'd actually lean towards Luck given the 6 pt TD.
  21. Keeper Advice

    I would definitely keep Thielen. Most bang for your buck there. As for 2nd keeper, I'd lean towards Julio. You get a solid RB with your 1st round pick on a better team than the Cardinals, so I would pass on DJ. I'm not sure that Kittle can reproduce last seasons numbers again either. As for Evans, I've just never been a fan overall - he's too inconsistent in my mind.
  22. Leveon Bell Trade

    Some will be Kings, others paupers. This is one of the seasons defining moments. Who will be right? My guess is less than RB10. GL to you all.
  23. This seems to be happening a lot more lately, maybe its an off season thing. I see info in the PLAYER NEWS area on the main page, then I click that particular entry to find out the details and there is no news item about them. Today's first entry is for John Ross he has info, the next 4 entries mention Darren Henderson, Noah Fant, Kirk Cousins and Noah Font again, only Cousins has content. Darwin Thompson and other entries (Daniel Jones, Deebo Samuel, Drew Lock) are all missing. Why post a teaser if there is no supporting info? Just seems really sloppy to me.
  24. Leveon Bell Trade

    Could be his Achilles Last Stand. Pun intended.
  25. Leveon Bell Trade

    The Bell saga continues, of course it could just be all BS rumors. None of these guys are above spreading something they believe, because they believe their source. Far from the first rumor that may be all smoke. Judging Bell's value this year will be very tough.
  26. We are at 9 of 12 spots full so we’re about full and will get leaguesafe sent out right away. Ok so anyone start mock drafting and sick of 3/4 of the draft auto drafted? These leagues went off really well last year as many of you know. I’ll be doing a bunch of these drafts up till pre season starts. They are just cheap $5 leagues that everyone makes playoffs since they are done so early in season as basically mock drafts but worth playing for something with competitive owners to see how drafts are really playing out. These are to have fun and get a feel for how players are being drafted. Everyone read the settings please I want no complaints last year had all leagues with no complaints and it was enjoyable. Thanks and good luck. This will be our first draft of season. If want in please let me know as these will fill up really fast. Draft Date: May 23rd Time: 8:30PM EASTERN 90 second picks Buy in $5 PPR ESPN 12 teams Money kept: Leaguesafe(payed once draft is full) Best Regular Season Record: $30 Playoffs 1st: $30 1 QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1 TE, 2 FLEX(wr,rb,te), D/ST, K
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    Tease My Ears - The Go
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