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  2. Yes...having a RB on the field for upwards of 50% of the 'overall offensive snaps' is usually a pretty effective 'strategy'. One that many of the other NFL teams should try to emulate...
  3. Yards per carry is one stat. The bigger impact he had is that the whole Packers offense flourished when he was on the field which was 50% of the time. That is something teams will try to copy.
  4. What does 'overall offensive snaps' have to do with YPC? You were trying to say that Montgomery had the highest YPC of any RB in the NFL last season, and the low number of carries didn't seem to matter and I was 'cherry picking' for mentioning that. It's fairly pointless arguing with you I can see so I'm going to stop...I just started laughing out loud when I read your title 'Ty Montgomery Strategy' and spit out some of my coffee this morning. I guess what some see as a strategy others see as complete and utter desperation since they totally ran out of viable RBs a few weeks into the season. Even GB isn't trying to 'copy' that again this year if the draft was any indication...
  5. PPR...thanks though, can't throw out names like Odell to a Giants fan. I agree, I'm focused on getting an RB
  6. Dorsey was a moron. Good talent evaluator, but terrible as a GM. Dorsey was responsible for the following: 1. The tampering charge when they signed Maclin, which cost them 2 draft picks. 2. Misjudged the market on both Justin Houston and Eric Berry by waiting and signing them to long term deals, thus costing them a ton of money against the cap when they could have signed them a year early. 3. Totally botched the Justin Houston knee injury situation at the end of 2015. 4. Pretty much screwed up the roster signing of Tamba Hali a couple of years ago, thus killing their cap situation once again. 5. Because of the above issues, had to cut Maclin just so they could have the money to sign their freaking draft picks. 6. There are grumbles now around town that Mahomes can't play and that was more of a Dorsey pick than Reid. These are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.
  7. Montgomery played in 50% of overall offensive snaps in the 11 games he played at running back. 374 snaps is not a small sample size.
  8. You don't really need Odell, as you already have Brown, Hilton, and some other WR3s on your roster...if you really want to trade your picks for an already established RB see what the Howard, Gordon or Ajayi owners will give you, but definitely don't trade away all of your 1st round picks for any of them. It also goes by what your league scoring system is...standard, PPR, etc. You are probably just a player or two away from being a real contender in that league, but one or two more solid RBs would definitely go a longer way in establishing that then another good-to-great WR.
  9. Actually, that would have been Danny Woodhead...since we aren't cherry picking and the sample size has absolutely no value.
  10. No, Ty Montgomery had the highest yards per carry for any running back in the NFL in 2016.
  11. Pro Football Focus rated the Bills offensive line as 11th best last year. Taylor gets sacked so much because he dances around so much. He had the slowest release time in the NFL in 2016. He was between the 13th and 19th highest scoring fantasy quarterback in 2016 depending on scoring. It's hard to project him doing better since he'll be in a new system. It is nice knowing there are a bunch of serviceable quarterbacks available in rounds 12-16 in case you wait too long and miss out on a good one. One stat that really impresses me about Tyrod is that he has the second lowest interception rate in NFL history. Only Aaron Rodgers has a lower rate. In fact, if Tyrod had 1 less interception, he would be the all-time leader.
  12. lol...cherry picking, that's funny coming from this thread. So, basically you are saying of all the converted WRs to RBs last year, which I think there was only 1 (Ty Montgomery), he had the highest YPC of all of them. Okay, I guess I see your logic...
  13. Boy. How breaking NFL news has changed because of Twitter. There was a time I floated the idea here and got railroaded, laughed at and even ridiculed. Almost 7m followers and hands down the fastest breaking news source on the interwebs. We coulda been a contenda DD!!! :sigh:
  14. Thanks again. This is a pretty active Dynasty league. As soon as the trade got approved, someone reached out to me and said 3 first round picks and a young receiver for Odell. now I have some thinking to do. Either first and second round this year for 1.05 or shoot for odell/brown WR combo giving maybe 1.08, 2018 first, 2019 first, and sterling shepard.
  15. There should be a name for the fallacy of cherry picking weeks. If you take away the best 7 weeks out 13 for most running backs, they are going to average 2.22 yards per carry or less. Two of the weeks you are counting were where he wasn't even playing running back, yet. So really you are looking at his worst 4 weeks. And then to cherry pick to the point where you are looking at the games of his worst 18 carries of the year is ridiculous. If 77 carries is such a small sample size, why would you look at the 18 carries in his worst games? All running backs are going to get bigger stats against weak competition. The Bears run defense gave up 4.4 yards per carry which was 20th in the league. Montgomery also had 9 carries for 41 yards against Seattle who had the number one run defense. On the whole, he had the highest yards per carry in the league. Your cherry picking can't change that. The bigger issue is the effect he had on the Packers as a whole. The offense looked so much better when he was in the game. Any Packers fan who watched the games can tell you the impact he made.
  16. And the Bills have had one of the worst OL's in the time as well. It's hard to be an effective QB when you are getting sacked more than anyone else. A much improved OL this year and a healthy Watkins. We'll see what he can do with that. From a fantasy perspective, he puts up #'s comparable to that guy from Seattle everyone is drafting as a top #5 QB. Just say'n
  17. The highest yards per carry in the NFL? He only carried the ball 77 times over 13 games for the entire season, and in 6 of those games (almost half) he had a total of 18 carries for 40 yards. That equates to about 2.22 yards per carry. So in the other 7 games yes, he did have a few big games and a few long runs in some others. The entire season he had only one game where GB gave him more than 9 carries and that was against the Bears in week 15, his biggest game of the season. My basset hounds could easily run over the Bears defense...
  18. The Chiefs tried it last year with Tyreek Hill in weeks 16, 17 and the first week of the playoffs. He had 12 carries for 128 yards from the running back position. Maybe you are referring to Dexter McCluster or Dante Hall? There have always been athletic, but unskilled gadget players who have been used in different spots. What makes Ty Montgomery different is that he has legitimate receiver skills. Also, putting Montgomery in motion to create a 5 receiver set throws defenses for a loop. Most teams used to normally use 2 running backs. Now, in this passing era, teams usually use 1 running back. The natural evolution might be to go to a half of a running back.
  19. Last year he averaged 200 pass yards per game and averaged only 215 per game the year before. He's had 1 300+ yard game in his career. His fantasy side has been bolstered by moderate rushing totals. Running QBs get killed and with a new regime and no history of being an effective passer, I personally have no problems letting someone else deal with him.
  20. I think the Chiefs tried this at one point. What's his name again? Gimmick players have a place on some teams but we all know there is no way a player who is converting to RB, especially from the WR position, will be able to withstand the punishment legit RBs have done their entire career. It's a great story, nothing more.
  21. It's mysterious to me. His current draft position is #19 at QB. The past 2 seasons, only 2 QB's have scored 15+ points more times than TT. Rodgers and Brees. TT has averaged 18.71pts per game in that same time span. That is the 7th highest average. Yet he is going #19!! Some times not drafted at all. If Watkins can stay healthy and Shady continues to be a ppr monster, his draft value is insanely good. Almost to the point you can sit on a QB much later than normal this year.
  22. Ty Montgomery had the highest yards per carry in the NFL in 2016. The whole offense looked way better when he was on the field. But because I think his touches will be limited because of his sickle cell trait, you think I am doubting his abilities? I think you have some reading comprehension issues.
  23. So you are saying even you don't have that much faith in his abilities and yet you are wondering why other actual NFL team don't try to copy this 'strategy'? Okay...I'll just move along now.
  24. He has sickle cell trait. It's not an injury that heals over the off-season. Montgomery probably won't be getting more than 10 carries most games. Someone else needs to carry the rock the other 10 or 20 times a game. I won't touching Montgomery in any fantasy drafts at his current adp.
  25. If he was so effective, why did GB go out and essentially grab 5 rookie RBs in the draft? Gimmicky running games generally generate a few good twitches here and there, but over the long haul of a season will mostly just sink the ship...JMHO.
  26. Montgomery was frustrating from a fantasy perspective because his touches were severly limited because of his sickle cell trait. His kidney was bleeding after his relatively high use in weeks 7 and 8. Teams don't take sickle cell trait lightly. But Montgomery never stopped being effective when he was in there. Over the last 5 weeks of the season he ran the ball 48 times for 310 yards for an average of 6.45 yards per carry. And his impact went beyond just his high yards per carry. The whole offense played better when he was on the field. That doesn't necessarily translate to fantasy stats but it won't go unnoticed by other NFL teams.
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