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  2. Huddle Search Engine

    Roger that. Thanks for the update DMD.
  3. Huddle Search Engine

    I'm pretty sure it has to do with the system rewrite and transition to a new server. Where the search directs is to the new server with newer articles while the older have not been transitioned over yet waiting on the full install and change over. So, as soon as that all gets done, the sooner all things are in the same place. That may take another month or so.
  4. Huddle Search Engine

    Let me ask again. They are working on a lot of different things in the background. Sorry for the lack of apparent response.
  5. Huddle Search Engine

    So...are they going to ever fix it or are things going to stay broken?
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    The Way That You Love Me - Smashing Orange
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    Numbers - Bobby Bare
  8. Nice reminder!! Good that you're on it!!

  9. Last week
  10. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    He's gonna draw the number one CB and double teams at times. He never had to deal with that before. I can't blame anyone for taking him in the second but I'm still in RB mode then. I've typical been able to win by streaming my WR'S. I'm not as high on that position as some. But I certainly understand, he's a stud.
  11. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    Wuh? JuJu had 111 catches, 1,426 yards, and 7 touchdowns last year. He won't make it past the second round in any fantasy drafts this year. I'll be giddy if I can land him at the end of the second round.
  12. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    It wouldn't surprise me if Kraft has been paying Brady under the table. It would be super easy to do. And I don't think they would have any moral qualms about it.
  13. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    I love Juju but not as much as you. That's pretty bullish. Maybe 4th round for me, maybe.
  14. Tyreek Hill again...

    You never know. But you will know when a 3rd string TE gets a speeding ticket because it's the lead story on Sports Center. Athletes are held to a higher standard, why is that?
  15. Tyreek Hill again...

    Can i at least prefer that the guy serving my burger isn't a wife beating crackhead lol
  16. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    I'll take him late 1st or early 2nd. But I'm biased. They still have Conner in the backfield, Vance McDonald at TE (with no real competition now that James has been traded). Steelers are great at developing WR's. Who knows, with Donte Moncrief now in the ranks, he could re-emerge.
  17. March Madness Pool...

    That's the only one I got right......shhheeessshhh! Not good so far.
  18. BOTH leagues - taxi

    MFL added a new feature allowing commissioners to determine who is eligible for taxi. In typical MFL fashion they left it defaulting to no selection and broke the ability to demote anyone to taxi. Commish just needs to into Setup -> Taxi Squad Setting and select an option.
  19. League Info: Team Availability:
  20. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    Tawwmy is the ultimate team guy. He was taking team discounts even before he and Giselle were married and were just side banging while the GF was prego with his first kid ( sorry had to throw that in there, wouldn't be a true hater without saying something negative about Tawmy ) James Harrison said that when he went over to NE he wanted so badly to hate him but it was impossible. I don't think you can compare anyone to Tom. He's unique in every facet of the game on and off the field. As I've mentioned before Ben is far from perfect but as a HOF QB like you said, you get a much longer leash than others. He's taken his share of team friendly deals/ restructures etc. And again the guys coming out of the woodwork saying this stuff, let's pause for a second and say who the hell are these guys? I've taken poops that were longer than Josh Harris' career with Pittsburgh. AB , we've seen his true colors I think we all agree at this point that he's loonie ( not the Canadian 1$ loonie). And to be honest , what is told Haley doing calling a run play with the lead when it can be kneeled out? Was Ben right ? Not in how he did it , should have audible and kneeled it out then after the game said to Haley, listen Todd, I'm a 2 time SB champ, you're not, we aren't running the ball in this spot we are ending the game. I think a HOF QB with two rings has that discretion. On another note, you guys are my only source or venting on this stuff LOL I know im the only Steeler fan on this forum ( haven’t seen Menudo in a long time) and most wont care but its really driving me nuts all this talk in the football world about "oh the steelers a once storied franchise is in shambles, how could 2 stars just want to leave, something is wrong" Ive already posted a while back about AB and his delusions, his 45 minute ESPN interview and what a farce that was and his many contradictions. Well now Bell gave a nice hot take story to ESPN about how bad the culture is in Pittsburgh for players and how bad his situation was there. Here's a nice rebuttal from the Pittsburgh Gazette calling out Bell on his BS. one thing not mentioned is how he talked about not having an opportunity and spreading the ball around. This is a guy that held out leaving 14.5 mil on the table because he wanted to be paid like a RB and WR2 because he felt he was being run into the ground, he didn't want to play on the tag because he didn't want to get another 400 touches without a long term deal.. like GTF outta here.. this whole steelers disfunction BS is about 2 players "getting mines" over wanting to play ball and caring about their legacy as all time greats for an all time great franchise. Some great comments at the end of the article Steelers organization "doesn't treat you like a human being." Why don't you run that one past Ryan Shazier. my rant for the day. Is it September yet ?
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    California Nights - Best Coast
  22. One song

    Love Minus Zero/No Limit - Bob Dylan
  23. Tyreek Hill again...

    There are bad people in all walks of life. Why do we single out athletes? Do you care if the guy behind the counter at McDonald's is a woman beating crackhead? No, you just want your burger. So why do we care that some athletes are bad people? It has zero effect on our lives whatsoever.
  24. March Madness Pool...

    Damn you Florida !
  25. Vampire Nation

    If there is still room I am interested in taking a team
  26. Tyreek Hill again...

    It's not going to be comparable in the least. People making 500k from a non athletic related job have a totally different life than athletes, particularly those in a violent sport.
  27. Advice Website

    Hi my names Ryan and I'm the creator of I just created my website in early March and post daily articles from player outlooks to rankings and opinion articles. I'm looking to bring fantasy players together and want to write a out what they want to read. If you want to take a look or even suggest to me anything you want to see please feel free. Thanks!
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