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  2. Here is the NFL hostage, (hosting) demands.
  3. What is going on with the Browns?

    Starts at the top. Their owner is a retard.
  4. AFC Championship Game

    Wr's coach retired, Hines Ward the lead candidate to fill that roll, QB coach to fill OC position which means Ben will have a lot more freedom, I see a lot of hurry up O next season.
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  6. HC Mike Mularkey out in TEN

    Cousins or Smith are the hot topic at the moment, and the line was pretty good, especially given they lost Thomas
  7. HC Mike Mularkey out in TEN

    Grab Barkley at #4! Drop Crowell. Bolster the line. Shop for a QB (McCarron?)
  8. AFC Championship Game

    one cannot argue...every patriots superbowl in the brady/belichick area has been close....and 6 of the 7 have been pretty damn entertaining also...if anyone is looking for a future sean mcvay....or mcvay part might not be too much longer
  9. AFC Championship Game

    Purely from a storyline aspect, I'm more looking forward to the Vikings - Eagles game this weekend. I would like to see the Pats in the SB more than the neutered passing attack of the Jags.
  10. What is going on with the Browns?

    Same idiot who keeps saying "I gave up on the run too early, that was wrong" then does the same thing week after week. If he isn't required to give up play calling duty the OC hire is meaningless. Hue won't make it to November.
  11. They'll do what it takes to keep Keenum, one of the tags if necessary. I wonder if Bradford or Bridgewateris a possible bridge QB for a team like the Browns, who are also looking at Alex Smith and Cousins (but will lose that battle to better teams, even if they offer less). I feel the Browns need to do that, otherwise they'll waste another high first round pick, try to use Kizer, then use the rookie drafted and both flame out.
  12. AFC Championship Game

    I know everyone is ‘dying’ to see a Peyton Manning / Rex Grossman rematch, but the other choices are like Rex Grossman vs Jake Plummer. 😝
  13. HC Mike Mularkey out in TEN

    Wouldn't McAdoo be the same thing as Mularkey, another OC with prior HC experience (and some success) ready to step in once he's canned. That could be part of any OC they hire. Now that Haley is out in PIT (no contract past March) maybe the Browns interview him. Of course with his dump sweep call on 4th-n-1 not sure I'd want him here. Hue has to hire an OC, I continue to wonder if it is purely his call, or if others (Dorsey, Haslam) have input or veto power. Also heard that Mularkey is more a power running offense, vs. Hue's big play chunk yardage approach (which has worked so well). So which one would win out, and what roster changes are needed to have success.
  14. AFC Championship Game

  15. AFC Championship Game

    But those owners really have no say in how the team is run. What is their record when Rooney tells them to pound sand? Sell their stake in the team? They're not going to take control with some hostile takeover, NFL team ownerships don't work like other companies. Even if they had 51% of the owner stake behind them, Rooney is controlling onwer, only one with minimum 30% required by NFL, not sure how they'd get control of the team (which requires NFL approval) without some major ownership changes (pool all of their shares, plus get some of the Rooney or McGinley [search for it if not familiar] owners to defect to their group. The whole "Pats (or any other team) have the refs in their pocket) talk is garbage, if said in sarcasm I usually just let it pass. When people try to argue its true I tell them "so stop watching if its all rigged". Actually yes the NFL for the good of the whole league and $$$ wants the most popular teams in the biggest games. He might not be thrilled handing the trophy to Kraft, but the $$$ in his and the other owner's pockets will take thes sting out of that.
  16. AFC Championship Game

    AFC Championship QB Comparison There’s a very clear edge in the matchup
  17. AFC Championship Game

    Wow maybe Tomlin should be fired, telling your SB winning very good QB he cannot audilble out of a horrible play call is just idiotic. What are they going to do to Ben if he disobeys that order? Fire him, trade him? Looks like Haley is the scapegoat while the guy hiring these assistants and telling his players they cannot think for themselves remains.
  18. AFC Championship Game

    Or people could be tired of seeing the Pats in the SB and decide not to watch if they''re in it, while Jags would be new blood that has their interest. I'm sure the NFL and NBC want NE, and PHI is the bigger draw and market, but the Vikings playing SB at home, and with their history would also provide plenty of compelling story lines. Either way the SB is a huge ratings draw, and the least of all NFL games as far as impact of the teams playing on ratings. PS Kind of funny seeing a Steeler fan say they might not be able to stomach watching the Pats, that's how I felt about a PIT-NE AFCCG (same as I felt with PIT-BAL years ago) now I can watch both games with a team to root for, and if the Pats reach the SB I'll be watching rooting for their opponent. Any of these 4 teams can win the SB, this "Pats are going to roll team X" is just sports talk. Few thought the Jags had any chance, the Falcons were favorties IN PHILLY.
  19. Anyone hearing that Tomlin resigned? Haley won’t return
  20. AFC Championship Game

    Yes my apologies I was aluding to some around here not all
  21. Anyone hearing that Tomlin resigned?

    Just got a sleeperbot that Haley is not being offered a new contract, his expires in March.
  22. Anyone hearing that Tomlin resigned?

    Nope. Hes there, announced today that defensive coaching jobs are safe fml Other big headline today is he's already calling out the NFC for rematch in 2019 probowl...
  23. Shurmur to Giants/McDaniels to Colts

    Nothing is a done deal until it is, kind of surprised to see basically saying "these guys have been hired but it cannot be announced, we all know teams break these rules regularly and nobody at the NFL cares". Somebody being the likely person to take the job is just that, a likely hire. The rumors about Matt Patricia to Lions seem just as storng and have been around just as long, but shows that job in the "open" category, but Shurmur and McDaniles are listed in 'hired coaches". coaching tracker Time for the NFL to get rid of this charade, it was laughable watching Jon Gruden try to avoid talking about being the Raiders coach, not sure who was excerting the pressure (ESPN, NFL, possibly with KC influence) but he clearly didn't want to talk about it, and it was not going to be announced until Tuesday. Then suddenly it got announced early (Sunday I think), after we were all told about it during the TEN-KC game.
  24. Except for NY/NJ, where the NFL is HQ and the giant media market. Not sure we'll ever see another outdoor SB in cold weather city. First you have the issue that the local team needs to present a bid, and have a group within the city backing that. To make that bid you need certain things like hotel rooms (lots of good ones, not fleabags out by the airport next to the strip clubs), places to hold all the related events, etc. Some places fall far short of that first requirement, like GB, even Foxboro (Boston etc. is too far away to count rooms), I recall for the SB in Jacksonville they parked a couple cruise ships there to provide the needed rooms. Then there's the crazy demands by the NFL, read an article about it a couple years ago, its like highway robbery what cities have to provide as far as security and other things which all cost $$$. Of all the cold weather NFL cities with outdoor stadiums I'd say the most likely to bid and get one would be Chicago. But until we see another one outdoor cold weather (outside NY) I'll believe that NY only got it because they are NY. Then they should not allow any game in an open air stadium, bad weather isn't just snow, it could be high winds and rain, which can happen in MIA, TB, LA, etc. Remember that horrible weather in Dallas when they hosted, had that not been a dome the field could have been bad too (forget if weather fully cleared before the game). I personally think they should go back to the championship game played in the stadium of the team with better record, or some rotation, not a neutral site. But much like the extra week off before SB that ship saled long ago, $$$ rule those decisions.
  25. Anyone hearing that Tomlin resigned?

    I heard some of the Steelers ownership group (outside the Rooney family) are rallying for a coaching change, but they don't have the power to make it happen. Seems like a public way of trying to put pressure on the Rooney's, and get the fans to say "see look some of our owners agree that Tomlin should be fired". Rooney runs the team, and is the owner of record with the NFL. They cannot just have a meeting and vote him out if they have 51% of ownernship to agree. They'd need to get NFL to agree, and in order to even go there they'd need another owner with minimum 30% stake in team to take over as primary owner, that is an NFL requirement. For the record I think getting rid of him would be stupid, he may not be elite but who you going to hire that is better.
  26. Anyone hearing that Tomlin resigned?

    Same here.
  27. Anyone hearing that Tomlin resigned?

    I read an article that state a Fire Chief that called Tomlin a racial slur has resigned. That's all I can find tho.
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