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  2. Wr help!

    I'm in a 10 man league as well, I just so happened to drop Abdullah before his one big game, because he wasn't doing anything. Of course Abdullah goes off against Minnessotta, but its just 1 game. The next week someone grabs Abdullah. Of course Abdullah lays another egg and that owner decided to drop him. Then another person in the league decided to grab him against NO, and he layed another egg. See where I'm going with this? I didn't trust Abdullah enough to consider him a worthy starter on my team. 1 good game out of 6 is very poor and would rather focus my energy elsewhere. I think ditching Abdullah for any of the WW WR you mentioned would be a good move. If i had to pick I would grab Tedd Ginn over Jones. And Kupp is on a bye next week.
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  4. Wentz or Wilson ROS

    Russel wouldn't be that bad of a play for the ROS, but Wentz has been looking sharp. I slightly favor Wentz over Wilson. And as far as there schedules go, I think they both are pretty even in 'toughness' for the rest of the season.
  5. Trade McKinnon for Ajayi?

    I've personally have never trusted McKinnon. I was surprised he even had 2 great games back to back this season. When he got to start, last season for a couple games, he looked god awful. And Ajayi just seems so inconsistent. He does get a lot of carries, but hasn't really done anything with them. I slightly favor Ajayi, just because he owns the Miami backfield.
  6. Wentz or Wilson ROS

    Wentz. That whole team has found it's rhythm and it's through him.
  7. What do you need? Phi vs Was Monday night

    Another Agholor score. Wish I could have gotten him through waivers in a couple of my leagues.
  8. What do you need? Phi vs Was Monday night

    Thank you J.Reed!!! ya the off chance you're reading this
  9. To trade? Or not to trade? Ohhhhh Zeke...

    Wait I mis-read. Yeah doesn't look like You have much depth at QB, it might be in your best interest. Also depends on your record, because if zeke gets suspended, he will be back in time for FF playoffs. Goff and McCown would not be bad WW pick-ups.
  10. Would it be worth it to try and trade Zeke and DMC (and include someone like Reed) to a RB/TE needy team for a stud QB? Or would you roll the dice and see if Zekes value raises with a favorable court hearing? Where are You all at with Zeke's status? Note: I also have Bell, but not much RB depth otherwise (Monty, Abdullah and Henry) and realllllly need a QB (Only have Palmer and only "startable" waiver QB's are Goff and McCown)
  11. What do you need? Phi vs Was Monday night

    The last two plays with Thompson put me up by .8 in Redraft Wars, provided there's no stat corrections.
  12. Pissed I'm 2-5!!

    I like leagues that do this. Total points is the best indicator of the best teams.
  13. Last week, no way I'd trade McKinnon for Ajayi. Ajayi is banged up and yet to score a td. But after Latavius Murray's performance, it looks like a 50-50 timeshare between him and McKinnon. Ajayi is still getting his 20 carries a week but is that enough to be more productive than McKinnon?
  14. What do you need? Phi vs Was Monday night

    The last 15 yards by Thompson got me a .5 win in my work league. Crazy.
  15. What do you need? Phi vs Was Monday night

    I already won my matchup for week 7. But I had Thompson and Agholor playing. They did about as well as I somewhat expected. I thought my starters were going to do a little better, though. I guess I should give them another look next time.
  16. Willie Snead

    Snead isn't a star, but he is very good. He's smart, reliable, Brees trusts him and he's an excellent route runner. I think it's more the situation of his suspension and then the injury. Kamara isn't helping either with the amount of touches he's getting.
  17. Imagine you drafted this team

    I had Cooper last year on a few teams and he was 100% on my "do not draft" list. I saw this year coming, he had been slumping long into last year. I don't know what happened to him considering his insane talent but I had enough of the frustration after one year on my teams.
  18. Pissed I'm 2-5!!

    You're not alone. Everyone gets unlucky sometimes, due to injury or significant under-performance or very tough opponents. I was in the playoffs for a while in the beginning and then I was in the dumps for several seasons. This year, I'm at the top (both W-L and total points). Also, the season is still relatively young yet. Your team could all of a sudden turn it around and you could end up in the top 3 or 5.
  19. The Waiver Wire Game

    Kupp than Tolbert for safety....Tolbert will be there after waivers clear
  20. What do you need? Phi vs Was Monday night

    Needed 60+ points from Wentz and Elliot after Zeke's monster day... I got 72.
  21. Pissed I'm 2-5!!

    this has happened to me before... I had the highest total points off all 16 teams, but didn't make the playoffs because of points-against. so during the off-season, I petitioned the leagues I'm in to change things. In one league, the top 4 get into the playoffs via H2H win-loss record, but the 5th and 6th spots are the total points scored of the remaining teams. The other two leagues i'm in are determined by victory points... 4 possible points each week... two for a win, one for tie, zero for loss. two more for the top 5 scoring teams, one point for the middle six scoring teams, zero points for the bottom scoring teams. it's a lot more fair than straight up h2h
  22. What do you need? Phi vs Was Monday night

    Survived thanks to Elliott. Won by three points and change.
  23. Trade Winston or Taylor

    You need a RB much more than you need a WR. Unless you have a top 3-5 QB, then you should consider them matchup plays and are interchangeable. Trade Winston if he will bite for Martin, Anderson, or Tevin.
  24. TE for week 8 1 pt ppr

    Reed is a top 5 TE when healthy. This shouldn't even be a question.
  25. Trade Newton?

    Would you trade Newton for the likes of D.Murray, Jordy Nelson, D.Adams or equivalent. Knowing that your not going to get a QB better than McCown Bortles or Manning on waivers?
  26. Best fantasy player so far

    Hunt His floor in a ppr league so far is around 16 which is great no matter when you got him.
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