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  2. Washington ????????

    i think they should keep the name and change the logo:
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    Join Together - The Who
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    Time To Fly - Syntax
  6. Washington ????????

  7. Happy 4th of July Everyone!

    Happy late 4th all, just now getting my legs back under me after a night of absolute dabauchery!! 'Merica!
  8. Happy 4th of July Everyone!

    I had a few PBRs yesterday.
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  10. CLE TEs

    If his problem is discipline or work ethics then no way NE takes him - plus they drafted two TEs and have all kinds of salary cap problems. If it's the Cleveland scheme...what about a move to NYG to back up the brittle Evan Engram? Or the Bears so they get 15 TEs on the roster going in to training camp?
  11. Washington ????????

    Sounds great to me - and would teach some American history in the process. Would be a great way to bring people together. Only problem, as always: Chainsaw Dan Snyder.
  12. Washington ????????

    You'd like to think. I'm sure someone will find a reason though.
  13. Washington ????????

    Agree, it would be the perfect, seamless name change. I couldn't imagine anyone not supporting it.
  14. Washington ????????

    The Tuskegee Airmen are absolutely worthy of being honored as such. Sadly most if not all are surely passed, but that would absolutely be more than just a nice gesture, it would be something fitting and deserved.
  15. Washington ????????

    One of the proposed name/logo changes. Many people who floated the nickname Red Tails have said the team should use it to honor the Tuskegee Airmen. The Tuskegee Airmen were a group of African-American and Caribbean-born fighter pilots who were a part of the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II. The Tuskegee Airmen were the first African-American military pilots in the U.S. Armed Forces. Their nicknames were the Red Tails.
  16. Washington ????????

    You sir, are correct and I am happy to admit that.
  17. Washington ????????

    It's a shame those uppity players don't understand their place and just provide you entertainment. If a kneel during the anthem gets folks all butthurt, I don't understand why people don't just tune out until kickoff. The games are 3 hours long. I don't really remember social issues mentioned during the game and it certainly isn't a 'focal point.'
  18. Cam Newton to the Patriots

    He's a strange dude but dam, he's jacked!
  19. Washington ????????

    I agree. And no, they should not be judged equally.
  20. Washington ????????

    My point was all these nicknames are not created equal. "Redskins" is pretty indefensible, it is basically a slur. I am not a fan of the generic "Indians" much either, but that's me. Fighting Sioux was more contentious. Of the 2 Sioux tribes in ND, one actually sued to force them to keep the name. Clearly that's not quite the same. Some see it as a point of pride, a positive connotation, others as a negative. But when there is that much controversy, it is best to just get rid of the name. On the other side you have Seminoles. And the Seminole tribe gave their assent to the usage of the name. So I am not sure if all these should be judged equally.
  21. Washington ????????

    They have no choice but to change the name at this point and rightfully so. Re-branding might not be the worst thing for Snyder anyway.
  22. Washington ????????

    I was just commenting on when you said you don't know if it has to be derogatory. My point was it usually is derogatory if they want it removed, if not no one will have a problem. That's all.
  23. Washington ????????

    I wasn't including "Redskins" with that. If you read what I wrote again, I specifically said Redskin was a different category to me. I am talking about some of the other team names.
  24. CLE TEs

    I would think they'll be a lot of interest in Njoku. I feel like Cleveland didn't know how to utilize the TE position. The Patriots maybe?
  25. CLE TEs

    Yeah.that's why i posted. If he does not get traded, i think none of them have ff value. If he does, i think Bryant's dynasty value soars. Where might njoku be traded to?
  26. Washington ????????

    This. Exactly.
  27. Washington ????????

    People need an escape from life's troubles and tribulations. When social issues start to become more and more a focal point, it's no longer an escape and just another source of consternation.
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