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  2. PI replay

    I agree. This is making the game unwatchable. The last 5 minutes is like an NBA game now.
  3. Titans D or 49ers D this week?

    Titans but I do like the Niners as well. It's close.
  4. PI replay

    Here was the no call that Seattle challenged and was ultimatley called PI: Below is actually from the same play, where a clear penalty was missed: The Zapruder film overturn of the first and inability to review the egregiousness head to head foul highlights additional drawbacks to the new replay rule; completley different from the Minnesota game. The quick fix kneejerk replay rule may very well expose more reffing ridiculousness almost every given week. Fix the system instead instituting poorly planned replay rule changes.
  5. Titans at Jax or 49ers vs Pit
  6. PI replay

    Well, for starters, don’t review for PI unless there was a challenge for PI to begin with. Teams throw challenge flags all the time in situations where it’s a “let’s throw it and see if it sticks” set of circumstances. In other words, if the challenge flag wasn’t thrown, whatever pass interference there was on the play probably wasn’t very egregious. If nobody has it on their radar that there might have been pass interference, I don’t see the benefit it asking the refs to look for it after every scoring play. Because, realistically, it’s sort of like holding.... If you look hard enough, you can find it on any play.
  7. Is this a good offer?

    Whoa!!! You don't trade away CMC, for almost anything!
  8. Should I trade Kerryon/Andrews for Dak/Edelman?

    He also offered me Thielen/Singletary for Kerryon/Andrews (I do have Waller and Hockenson)...
  9. Hunter Henry suffers an injury to his tibia plateau

    You're right, I overstated my case a bit. That isn't disappearing, especially for a TE.
  10. Drop alert

    I would. Is there anything on the wire?
  11. Drop alert

    I’ve had has Justice hill stashed for 2 weeks now is it time to drop him and pick up someone else from waivers?
  12. I had him and dropped him already. Too inconsistent and couldn’t imagine a scenario where I’d start him over another WR. Im 10 team 0.5 ppr btw
  13. Is this a good offer?

    Not even worth considering. CMC is the best player in the trade and you’re giving him up. Drop off from him to Connor is huge and likely doesn’t make up for what you gain in Watson. Also, the TEs are worthless in this trade.
  14. Malcom Brown and Darrel Henderson

    No, not at all. Drop Henderson at least. I have Gurley and I don’t even care to roster either of the handcuffs. People seems to be blowing the knee thing out of proportion.
  15. Which QB to trade?

    How many teams and who’s available on the ww? QBs are hard to move cuz there’s so much depth at the position. Honestly I’d probably try to move Lamar sooner rather than later. imo, Godwin would easily become your WR2 over Hilton and Jeffrey which would be more beneficial than any RBs you could realistically get from him. I’d try Lamar for Godwin if he turns down Ryan
  16. Honest opinion on this trade PLS!!!

    Please don't do that trade.
  17. Honest opinion on this trade PLS!!!

    It's a close trade and I'd honestly be happy with Waller. If you can get Kittle after this without giving up too much then that's good.
  18. Pick one of each to trade

    While your running backs are good they are almost all the same guy. You'll just have to play the matchups. You have a ton of depth, I'd stick with what you got. It will cost too much to get one of the 1st tier backs.
  19. Pick one of each to trade

    Maybe that’s the issue I’m having. I’d like a standout RB. I came into the draft high on Fournette (especially given my draft position) but I think the Foles injury could be holding him back. Also, thoughts on Gurley? I keep reading posts all over about people freaking out and trying to move him “before it’s too late” but I don’t really feel that sense of urgency.
  20. Honest opinion on this trade PLS!!!

    Kelce should get Fournette and either TE straight up. I happen to have both Waller, Walker and Fournette. Lol
  21. Cowboys or Titans??

    Cowboys. Did you see what NE did to Miami? Stream whoever is playing Miami every week and you'll be very pleased.
  22. Pick one of each to trade

    I like your RB's and WR's. You are very deep at RB, no real clear standout but good enough. Fournette may still have some trade value left in him.
  23. Which TE for rest of season

    Hooper is really the only one there that has consistency right now. Drop Herndon and maybe hold Vance for a week to see how Mason Rudolph and him jive
  24. Thoughts on this trade?? Half ppr

    The Mahomes side comes out so far ahead it ain’t even funny
  25. Pick one of each to trade

    I’m legitimately confused about how I should be ranking my WR and RB at this point. If this were your team, who would you consider the most expendable in each category from a trade standpoint? (0.5 ppr 10 team) WR: Nuk, Golladay, Ridley, Moore, Sutton (claim in for D. Robinson) RB: Fournette, Gurley, Mixon, Michel
  26. Grade my team

    You need a WR and QB. You can win with Rivers but could do better. Trade Conner now while he still has any value.
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