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  3. Slow or live auction?
  4. bumping for the late night crowd
  5. Bookmark this. We'll come back after he pulls a Michael Turner. Palmer isn't hard nosed like he used to be. Fitzgerald will be good for five games. John Brown isn't making the cut. Box will be stacked and they will rely too much on the run. DJ will take a beating. His ass won't be able to cash last years checks. Book it.
  6. My bad, the sorting of values got off. Fixing tonight with an update.
  7. Glennon really sucks. Not touching him.
  8. It's a great problem to have. You can make a lot of arguments about Julio's age, and Sanu/Gabriel taking away his targets. But I'd probably keep Julio. I like Ryan more than Winston, and TB added DeSean Jackson... who may underwhelm yet again but will likely take away from Evan's '16 numbers. I just couldn't bet against Julio.
  9. Graham
  10. Huh?
  11. Hello all, Looking for 3 owners for an ESPN standard league drafting tomorrow night (Friday 8/18) Settings are located here Info: FREE Non-PPR 10 teams | 6 teams make the playoffs Decimal scoring Friendly competitive redraft league Free Agent Auction Budget (FAAB) $100 limit 9 starters | 7 bench players guarantees competitive FAAB Interested? Leave your email address here for an invite, or email me.
  12. 44 have pledged to join!
  13. Did you see the dude jump out of a pool?!
  14. %s in some tiers don't make sense based on position. RB 7% Danny Woodhead BAL 10 7% Bilal Powell NYJ 11 8% Joe Mixon CIN 6 7% Carlos Hyde SFO 11 5% Adrian Peterson NOS 5 6% Duke Johnson CLE 9 1% Rob Kelley WAS 5 7% Marshawn Lynch OAK 10 WR 3% Doug Baldwin SEA 6 8% Brandin Cooks NEP 9 8% Demaryius Thomas DEN 5 8% Golden Tate DET 7 8% Davante Adams GBP 8 4% Michael Crabtree OAK 10 3% Kelvin Benjamin CAR 11 3% Jarvis Landry MIA 11 3% Alshon Jeffery PHI 10 4% Terrelle Pryor WAS 5 3% Jamison Crowder WAS 5 3% Willie Snead NOS 5 3% Stefon Diggs MIN 9 4% Keenan Allen LAC 9 3% Tyreek Hill KCC 10
  15. Hello! My email address is Send me an email, and I will respond with our rules.
  16. I'm a big fan of Keenan. When he plays he puts up WR1 numbers. I would be very happy to get him in the 4th round
  17. He will finish just outside the top 20. 20 TD's are over inflated, and becomes an unrealistic outlier. I'm expecting a 45% drop. 170 to 180 touches 10 TD's. YPC drops. Few games of 20 plus carries. More like 15. Harder then to get in flow. Like Jonathon Stewart last year. That's a bad example. He outperformed. Lol! My expectation is 160 fantasy points. Standard league.
  18. 10 Team, Standard Scoring. I Can Keep 3 Out Of D Johnson, OBJ, Julio, and Evans. So, who doesn't make the cut?
  19. Just got off the phone with them. I was able to negotiate my tv premier package down about 15 bucks and get the NFL ticket max for free. She said i saved like almost 1000 bucks but i don't believe in that number. More likely saved about 400-500.
  20. dsquad -- I'm interested, can you send me more details?
  21. He went 3.03 in a 12 team with 1 RB, 2 WR, 3 Flex (RB/WR/TE) for starters. Would of been higher if 2 RB required.
  22. You're saying that you think Johnson will finish outside of the top 24 RBs this year? Now that's one hot take. I can see him regressing because he's basically had a historical start in fantasy football but I don't see much stopping him right now other than injury. He wants more and the team wants to give him more.
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