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  2. Jets Trade up

    this. it's funny how people rip teams for not doing what is necessary and then rip them for "over-paying" when it wasn't anyways.
  3. Joe Mixon owners rejoice!!!

    yeah, kind of a big difference.
  4. Jets Trade up

    Not if the Giants take you know who
  5. Joe Mixon owners rejoice!!!

    It's the pressure of my adoration that pushes them too hard I guess. I also tweet them on a regular basis. Just to make sure they know I'm lurking, watching.
  6. Jets Trade up

    Three 2nd round picks was cheap. Moving up into a top pick when a potential franchise quarterback is available never comes without a high cost. I'm surprised the deal didn't include the Jets' 2019 1st round pick. The Robert Griffin deal included that year's 1st round pick (also the 6th pick), that year's 2nd round pick, and the next two year's 1st round picks. The Carson Wentz deal included that year's 1st round pick (8th pick), that year's 3rd and 4th round picks, the next year's 1st round pick, and a second round pick 2 years later. The Eagles also got a conditional 4th-5th round pick back along with the 2nd pick of the draft.
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  8. Seferian-Jenkins signs with the Jaguars

    the fun thing about three dynasty leagues where most of the owners are the same is that you can get info from them for trading purposes. For example, I'll offer ASJ to an owner in one league who has him in another. I'll ask for a 1st round pick. If they reject it cautiously, then I know I can get ASJ for a first from him in the other league. If they reject with objections about how I'm trying to fleece him, then I'll offer him a 2nd round pick in the other league. you get the idea. It's fun. Sometimes they'll seriously object to paying a 1st and then get mad at me for only offering a 1st in the other league. Then I'll ask them wtf is up with that and they feel stupid
  9. Seferian-Jenkins signs with the Jaguars

    1 dynasty league is enough.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Sherman out in Seattle

    No saying that if he can’t run and can’t make the team then this may be all for nothing. The team must have an out if he’s PUP
  12. Jets Trade up

    that's the nice thing about a peyton manning. If the QB they take is an elite franchise QB, free agents will flock to NYJ. there's no way DEN signs all those FAs (ware, talib, ward...) without first landing peyton. Even if Peyton was on the decline, there's no way DEN has that superbowl without him.
  13. Seferian-Jenkins signs with the Jaguars

    i was just trying to fill an opening in one of my dyansty leagues
  14. Jets Trade up

    As a Browns fan I would enjoy them drafting Mayfield
  15. Jets Trade up

    Jets need a lot more than a QB. Hopefully they don't miss.
  16. Jets Trade up

    love this as a Colts fan. It's a good trade for both sides. Jets get a shot at their qb of the future and the Colts will still get a top 10 stud (unless they keep dealing) along with two additional quality 2nd round picks to further enhance their rebuilding process.
  17. Seferian-Jenkins signs with the Jaguars

    How about you join me in the FFPC main event this year. Let me know who your team is.
  18. Which washed up RB is not washed up

    Murray just needs to not have a thousand touches and he will be fine
  19. There are several backs still out there. But they are out there for a reason. Which one would you be willing to consider if he landed in a situation where he could get carries?
  20. Jets Trade up

    No, he won’t make it past Indy at 6. That’s probably why they were so comfortable moving back. Just like the Celtics did, why not trade back when you can get the same player at 6 and get some value for making the same pick QB QB QB RB Wildcard Chubby
  21. Jets Trade up

    I get your point but we arent talking about any of these QBs as being on that level.. they arent emotely close to being a sure thing... they spent as if they were getting the top pick and there is a once in a lifetime type of talent IE Manning or Luck
  22. Jets Trade up

    I think nyg takes qb
  23. Seferian-Jenkins signs with the Jaguars

    I would destroy you. How about you join one of our dynasty leagues?
  24. Jets Trade up

    I want more trades in the top 4 to really make this interesting. Any scenario where one of the top 3 QBs slide? Anyway that Chub slides to 9 🤔
  25. Jets Trade up

    Especially if Denver or Buffalo trades to 1.02. Arizona even?
  26. Jets Trade up

    Good point. Maybe Barkley is now there at #4?
  27. Seferian-Jenkins signs with the Jaguars

    Correct. The league name is Draft like Dopie.
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