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  2. Mayock's mock craft (just out)

    I get he's generally the closest out of the big media guys...but I just don't see the big 4 lasting all the way till 15.
  3. Mayock's mock craft (just out)

    I liked craft better...makes me think of beer.
  4. Dynasty, want 1st pick

    Buddy, you asked for OUR opinion, and now don't like what your hearing. I think you maybe forgetting it's not a redraft league. What building team would want a 32 year old off injury wr for a potential franchise building block (you dont). You asked almost 30 hours ago, I guess he didn't say yes, which makes our point of view relevent. While you may value Edelman, few others seem to ( as per posts above) and I doubt your the only one making an offer for the 1.01. If I was him , lack of wr this year wouldn't bother me at all, ill look for that next year when I'm drafting at 1.03, your offer is sh!t. I wouldnt bother to even reply
  5. Mayock's mock craft (just out)

    or mock draft. :puts beer down:
  6. IMO this guy's nose hairs have more of a clue about the NFL draft than Melvin Krapper - and IMO this looks spot on:
  7. Dynasty, want 1st pick

    I love how people think in a full point per league a Brady possession receiver good for around 100 catches (keep in mind Amendola is gone) is "scrapes". At this point the other guy doesn't have deal at WR & is the one with actual scrapes. And face the truth while we can rave about how good upcoming rookies are, they are unproven & no guarantee. Like no top draft pick ever went bust or was only OK. I'm not giving up one of the absolute PROVEN players for UNPROVEN draft pick. A "stud" is a PROVEN player as far as I am concerned. I don't care how much hype is around them. Look at RG3 for just one example of a top pick going bust.
  8. Dynasty, want 1st pick

    If i had the 1.01, i'd be looking at hopkins from you, studs for studs, no quarters (or in this case dimes) on the dollar... Couple recent MFL trades 1.01 and Goodwin for Evans and 1.04 1.01 for Kamara and 1.06 1.01 for Mckinnon Arob 1.07 and 3.07 1.01 for 1.02 1.09 and Watkins 1.01 for Julio 1.01 2.08 for 1.02 1.04 2.04
  9. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    This In my belief it’s gonna go QB, Chubb, hopefully Guice in the second
  10. *** NFL Draft Contest ***

    1. QB SAM DARNOLD - USC 2. RB SAQUON BARKLEY - Penn St. 3. QB BAKER MAYFIELD - Oklahoma 4. DE BRADLEY CHUBB - N.C. State 5. QB JOSH ALLEN - Wyoming 6. G QUENTON NELSON - Notre Dame 7. S DERWIN JAMES - Florida St. 8. CB DENZEL WARD - Ohio St. 9. ILB TREMAINE EDMUNDS - Virginia Tech 10. OLB ROQUAN SMITH - Georgia 11. DE MARCUS DAVENPORT - Texas-San Antonio 12. DT VITA VEA - Washington
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  12. Wolverines/Columbus trade

  13. Devy Player Tracker

    So devy players can be dropped in the off season or even during the draft to make room?
  14. Wolverines/Columbus trade

    Wolverines gives $10 Columbus gives Nelson Agholor agree
  15. Dynasty, want 1st pick

    Sorry, fellow Bears fan, but if you're in the kind of league where packaging up some scraps nets you the 1.01 in a rookie draft, then good on you. If that were offered to me I wouldn't be able to hit "reject" quick enough. Maybe you're in the kind of league where that kinda stuff happens, who knows. Good luck.
  16. Keeper help

    another vote for the RBs.... you can get QB later in the draft
  17. Devy Player Tracker

    Yeah that was the intent. 3 devys (or less) at any time. And again, devys will be selected among rookies in our upcoming draft.
  18. NFL Schedule

    14 of the opponents are known years in advance. The other 2 are determined after the end of the regular season.
  19. NFL Schedule

    FYI Each team's opponents (including home/away) are known right after the SB is over, all the schedule does is lay them all out in order, times and if they're primetime. I don't expect more than 4-5 wins from the Browns, and that would be a vast improvement over 1 win in 2 seasons, but more in line with our prior years.
  20. Keeper help

    Without a doubt Kamara and DJ
  21. Keeper help

    If you must make a decision now, Kamara and DJ. If you must make a decision by August, wait till August and provided no injuries select Kamara and DJ.
  22. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    They'll be crucified if they pass on a QB again, it is almost certainly the 1.01 pick, but could be 1.04. If there were a great LT in the draft I'd want that, we're going to miss Joe Thomas. But those talking about a guard (Nelson) in our top picks are off, One more thing, Dorsey doesn't draft RB high, that's another reason against believing they take Barkley.
  23. Keeper help

    I get 2 keepers. PPR. Kamara, David Johnson, Deshaun Watson, Rob Gronkowski. I know Kamara is pretty much a no brainer. Really just torn between DJ and Watson.
  24. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    lol...well, it is Kevin Costner, but Jennifer Garner is nice to look at. I think the Browns come out of this looking pretty good no matter which way they decide to go...they have both Hyde and Taylor so they could bypass both those positions and go defense.
  25. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    I think those would be decent picks, but probably not the best. I just see Barkley as being something of a luxury, but that's because unlike you I know Hyde is not a COP/3rd down back. I also don't pretend to know who the best QB option is, I still think if Mayfield was 2 inches taller he'd be their guy. I think its Darnold or Allen, I've tried to watch Draft Day a couple times, just couldn't get into it.
  26. Devy Player Tracker

    As of April 25, Devys by team are as follows: Longhorns LJ Scott RB Michigan State (Senior) Brewhounds N'Keal Harry WR Arizona State (Junior) Footlongs Trayveon Williams RB Texas A&M (Junior) Seminoles Parris Campbell WR Ohio State (Senior) Blue Crabs Cameron Smith LB USC (Senior) Dragline Kendall Joseph LB Clemson (Senior) Reform Mike Weber RB Ohio State (Junior) Wolverines Rashan Gary DE Michigan (Junior) Cocks Damien Harris RB Alabama (Senior)
  27. Devy Player Tracker

    Since the NFL rookie draft is tomorrow and our league's rookie/devy draft is less than two weeks away, I thought I'd create this thread to help with tracking of our devy players. Rules surrounding devys are summarized in the quote below. I am interpreting this as teams cannot have more than 3 devys at any time. Therefore, teams need to be cognizant of the devys on their team and must cut/trade a devy prior to selecting another devy in the draft if up against the cap of 3.
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