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  2. Milk carton time

    T. PRYOR SOS!!!
  3. Pick up D?

  4. I posted something similar last week, but it turns out the other owner was mixing up players from other leagues. He has now officially offered me McCoy for David Johnson. Am I crazy not to accept? My other RBs are Cook, Cohen, Abdullah, Martin, and Kelley. Std Scoring.
  5. Julio&Howard for Hunt ?

    Julio and Howard wins, pretty easily imo. Hunt is on a roll but it won't last forever. Howard scored 29 in my league today and don't forget Julio put up 300 yards in one game last season. Hunt has a small sample size -- he is clearly very valuable but I wouldn't give up Julio and Howard for any one player
  6. Howard not on injury report?

    Problem is, now I am going to put him back in and he will lay another egg. Gauranteed. I have a feeling I will be chasing points all season instead of gaining them, as usual.
  7. OBJ's TD celebration

    I believe he was penalized for it
  8. OBJ's TD celebration

    Guy is a fruitcake. He'll be out of the closet before 40.
  9. Julio&Howard for Hunt ?

    Person getting julio and howard 2 studs for 1.. i believe id jump help on mine
  10. Today
  11. Howard not on injury report?

    And everybody thought the Steelers would stack the box and stuff Howard. That's all they had to do.
  12. Kareem Hunt - Chiefs

    I read also that he is the only player to have 50+ yard runs in their first 3 games.
  13. Mixon. 18 Carries.

    It's mind boggling that he isn't already
  14. Kareem Hunt - Chiefs

    Only player with more yards from scrimmage than Hunt (538) in their first three career games is Billy Sims (562),
  15. Howard not on injury report?

    Benched him and he has a big game. Ouch
  16. Howard Jordan

    I did too. Didn't think his heel touched down on the sideline.
  17. Howard Jordan

    Owning him in 2 leagues, my RB situation is so bad I kept him in the lineup. Hopefully this OL will get better with Long back. I thought Cohen's overtime run was in bounds.
  18. Kareem Hunt - Chiefs

    Don't care if it's "patting myself on the back", but I love this guy!!!!! Drafted him before Ware got hurt because I thought he would take the job anyway......he has certainly put on a show 3 weeks in!
  19. Mixon. 18 Carries.

    I certainly hope so. About to trade Fournette + K. Allen or J. Landry for AB and I really only have the hope of Mixon going off and maybe Perine jumping ahead of Kelley.
  20. Team A: Julio & Howard Team B: Hunt Who wins this trade in your opinion?
  21. Mixon. 18 Carries.

    Is Mixon going to be the starter/receive most carries from now on?
  22. Milk carton time

    Both of my opponents were on the carton today!
  23. OBJ's TD celebration

    It doesn't matter, you will still draft him if he's the best player on the board.
  24. OBJ's TD celebration

    Well, consider the dude who did it. He is pretty classless.
  25. Flex advice for tonight

    Anyone else think the same
  26. Yesterday
  27. OBJ's TD celebration

    Disgusting. Pretending you're a dog taking a piss in the end zone? Good grief. That is why the celebration was taken away in the first place.
  28. Who is the worst 2-0 team?

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