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  2. I'm sure he will get all the conditioning and muscle buildup he needs. Tom Brady wasn't exactly Mr.Universe lol.
  3. i like mahomes as your #1. I agree about chad kelly, he's going to be a starter. Nathan Peterman will take the job in BUF.
  4. Nice trade =. how many Offers did you send out before someone took Miller?

    I picked up his backup during the draft because he had issue late in the season. It will not ve long before he is sharing carries with the rookie RB

  5. Big Ben isn't long for the league if you ask me. Dobbs could have a shot as early as next year. My only real concern with him is that he is rail thin at 6'-3" 216 lbs. Dude needs to bulk up or NFL edge rushers will snap him in half.
  6. Call me crazy, but I love Joshua Dobbs in Dynasty. I'm gonna stash him on DTS until he's ready to take over for Ben when he does indeed retire.
  7. The other thread about scoring rules got me thinking about rookie drafts in superflex leagues. I haven't quite settled on this, but here is what I think my board looks like: 1. Mahomes - I think he clearly has the most upside with his natural ability and playing for Andy Reid. The downside is that he probably won't be of any use in year one. 2. Kizer - Similar to Mahomes. I think he is second in terms of ability and he gets to play for Hugh Jackson. My guess is that he is the starter in Cleveland before the year is out. 3. Watson - Great landing spot to be the starter in week 1. I loved watching him in college was but was pretty disappointed by his measured arm strength. 4. Trubisky - I think he was a one-year-wonder at UNC and he landed in one hell of a hot mess. Hard pass at his ADP. If he falls to the 4th in a 2QB or superflex I may be a buyer then. I am also thinking that a flyer on Chad Kelley would be a good investment. He should be there in the 4th, if not the 5th. At that point, everything is a shot in the dark. Any other 2QB Huddlers out there with to share? What's your order for the top 4 and who is your late round wild card?
  8. I'm not trying to say that superflex is the only format worth playing, but rather that it is the best way to increase QB value in fantasy. It's a simple matter of supply and demand. If the positional demand isn't there, then all those scoring tweaks still won't punish me for waiting until the 14th round to take my QB.
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  10. but do they have his rights? I know you don't know. I don't know. Has this ever happened before? I bet if he took it to court, the legal system would say that paying back part of his bonus releases him from the contract. I bet he's way more interested in playing than you think.
  11. Sounds great, hope to see you in the clan. If you have family/ friends who play, feel free to bring them along.
  12. I don't know for sure , but I am going to guess no he is not like a free agent. He retired with time left on his contract, so the Lions still retain his playing rights in the NFL. Isn't that what happened with Favre, he retired from the Packers (finally) then wanted sign anywhere he wants. GB said "nope, we still had your rights" and so he had to be traded. But since he isn't interested in playing, its a moot point.
  13. goodbye
  14. As I’m sure you will all have seen, Scott Ryan (Irish) is taking a step back from fantasy football this year. He has been highly active in many leagues here on The Huddle, even acting as commissioner in several leagues each year, and has always been a vocal and visible presence on the boards. I just wanted to offer three cheers for Scott and say that the game will not be the same without him! He did the work of ten people, leading countless leagues for years, and I’m sure a lot of our fellow Huddlers will want to join me in thanking him for all of the hard work he has put into organising this game that we love. Finding people to step into his shoes will not be easy! Thank you for all of your efforts, Scott, and good luck with whatever you go onto next!
  15. my question is less about the emotions and more about the logistics... can he simply sign with OAK (if he wanted to)? does giving back some money, regardless of amount, terminate the contract?
  16. I doubt Calvin returns to the NFL, not sure what his beef is with the Lions. Is it uncommon for a team to ask for the prorated portion of a signing bonus back when a player retires? It is allowed under NFLPA rules (something that Calvin's NFL union brothers agreed to, whether he voted in favor or not). Maybe they felt screwed by his sudden retirement. I guess he's mad at the Lions over that and some other stuff, see several stories over the last few days probably all using the same source ( sotry he did with the Detroit Free Press). Calvin content in retirement, not happy with Lions in this linked story Calvin says he has never thought about returning to the field.
  17. Will do that. Thanks!
  18. so you've probably heard that calvin has been coaching in OAK. You probably know that he's still relatively young (32 yo). Marshawn Lynch. since calvin paid back part of his signing bonus, doesn't that void/terminate the contract with DET making him a free agent? Calvin could probably be a top 20 WR, so with him, amari, crabtree, lynch, et al. -- this would be of great concern to me as a Broncos fan.
  19. OMG that is so feakin funny!!!!
  20. Here's a breakdown of the celebration rule changes...the Key and Peele video is hilarious. That celebration would easily be worth the 15 yards.
  21. All my veterans are available for 2017 or 2018 picks 1.01 is available too
  22. Time - The Alan Parsons Project
  23. Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals - Luke The Drifter
  24. So to speak, This ^. Increasing the QB scoring doesn't make the position more valuable because the availability of the position is still the same. However if the scarcity of the position rises (which is what superflex does) you will increase the demand. As Gopher says, to each their own. I've tried superflex and found it's pretty much QB take all, at least with the scoring of the league I was in. Made it rather dull IMO.
  25. Meh.... There is not a "correct" answer. Whether it be scoring format, PPR, IDP, or whatever else, t's not a matter of right or wrong, but rather one of PREFERENCE. Personally, I like variety. I do IDP dynasty leagues, keeper leagues, redrafts with PPR, redrafts with no PPR, etc. If I limited myself to just one format, it would quite frankly be BORING.
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