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  2. There are no money leagues?
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  4. You Won't See Me - The Beatles
  5. I would also go with LeSean. As much as I like Evans, premier Backs with the workload that McCoy gets are very few.
  6. Rainy Night In Tokyo - Michael Franks
  7. Hand in my Pocket - Alanis Morrisette
  8. This is for joining and playing in the Fantasy Fornicating League, hosted by, 12 team, standard scoring. $40 to play. Payout is $320 for 1st, $120 for 2nd and $40 for 3rd. place. Draft (snake) is Sunday, September 3rd, 7PM EST. League Safe holds the money. Pay out the day after the championship game.
  9. this is a money league dude, plus those are their keepers
  10. Antonio Brown, Julius Thomas, Paxton Lynch, and Round 2 2018 pick for Jarvis Landry, OJ Howard, Ryan Tannehill, and a Round 1 2018 Pick
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  12. (He is also 5 of the 10 owners) 😁
  13. All I'm trying to say is that the Packers ran out of viable RBs last season and in desperation had to throw Montgomery into their backfield. It wasn't by design or strategy, simply they had no other choice really...having 'any' football player with football skills in the backfield running the ball occasionally is an asset to the offense as it takes away the defense just keying on the QB and receivers. I can't imagine even GB wants to relive what happened last year, let alone some other team try to copy it. It didn't work very well and was one of the main reasons they didn't make it to the SB. Aaron Rodgers could take a knee every 1st and 2nd down thru an entire game, and only try to move the ball on 3rd down and the Packers would probably still be in the game in the 4th quarter as he and his receivers are that good. But then, a few years ago when they had Lacy (an actual RB) in his prime, they were pretty much unstoppable. So sorry if I disagree with your theory, IMHO I just found it pretty funny that what someone would see as a strategy others would see as 'what the f'k are we gonna do now'...
  14. I would define the Ty Montgomery strategy as having a player who lines up as a running back in the backfield but often goes in motion up to the line of scrimmage to become a wide receiver. How often he runs the ball, runs a pass route from the running back position, stays in to pass protect, or goes up to the line of scrimmage to be a wide receiver can change each game depending on how the defense is defending it and what is working. The point of the strategy is to be unpredictable and to force the defense to make adjustments. I think for it to be more than just a gimmick that the player needs to be able to legitimately play both the running back and wide receiver positions. In the 16 games before Montgomery started to be used as the running back, Aaron Rodgers only had a passer rating above 100 in one game. The Packers offense was stagnant. From the point Montgomery started playing running back, Aaron Rodgers had the best statistics of any quarterback in the league. Montgomery never got a lot of touches but a player can be valuable to an offense even when the ball isn't in his hands. Montgomery got most of the work on 1st and 2nd downs during the Packers 6-0 stretch to end the season. He played in 52% of offensive snaps during that period. Rodgers had a quarterback rating of 121.0 during that period including 0 interceptions.
  15. Donny, you're out of your element
  16. nope lol, I'm comish btw lol
  17. Good Lord, any opening in this league? LOL
  18. Especially since Seattle has been quoted as saying Lacy and Rawls will be a 50/50 committee
  19. Obtuse. It was a poor attempt to off quote Shawshank Redemption
  20. I think we need a definition of that the "Ty Montgomery Strategy" actually is. Is it: 1. Put a WR in the backfield and use him as a RB? 2. Line a WR up in the backfield as an RB, then motion him out? 3. Both? 4. Puddy If it's just put a WR in the backfield that's not very creative. Motioning a WR out from the RB positions seems like something defenses can adjust to rather quickly, which I think they did with Ty last year. He was pretty good weeks 6, 7, 9 and then - other than the Chicago game as others mentioned - basically turtled the rest of the year.
  21. Well that's pretty easy to fix. You do have a choice on who to follow. My twitter feed is a mixture of Fantasy Football, beat reporters and players. I don't get much political stuff. But in reference to Schefter, not saying I would have had the same success cause that's just nuts, but I floated the idea of being the Huddle Twitter Rep and was shot down lol. It was massive blow to my already fragile ego.
  22. well, these guys stay away from the #1 ranked fantasy player everytime, I know how they draft and I'm 100% certain they won't pick him 1. Bell 2. Brown 3. Julio 4. Zeke 5. Odell is how it will go for sure
  23. Intentionally objective...think that's what you are looking for.
  24. I think the real question is how do you plan to land David Johnson with the 6th pick in the draft? Are the other players you're drafting with rocks?
  25. The Observation - Donovan
  26. 10 team PPR, 2 Flex keeper league Thanks in advance. 1. David Johnson, Doug Baldwin, & Mike Evans (Mike Evans would be my 3rd Rd keeper, Johnson and Baldwin would be my first 2 picks) Pick 6th overall 2. LeSean McCoy, AJ Green, & Mike Evans (Mike Evans would be my 3rd Rd keeper, McCoy and Green would be my first 2 picks) Pick 8th overall 3. AJ Green, Mike Evans, & Doug Baldwin (Doug Baldwin would be my 6th Rd keeper, Green and Evans would be my first 2 picks) Pick 7th overall 4. AJ Green, TY Hilton, & Mike Evans (Mike Evans would be my 3rd Rd keeper, McCoy and Green would be my first 2 picks) Pick 8th overall 5. David Johnson, Doug Baldwin, & LeSean McCoy (LeSean McCoy would be my 3rd Rd keeper, Johnson and Baldwin would be my first 2 picks) Pick 6th overall 6. David Johnson, Michael Thomas, & LeSean McCoy (LeSean McCoy would be my 3rd, Johnson and Thomas would be my first 2 picks) Pick 6th overall *lowest chance of happening*
  27. I'm interested, like to know more. Thanks
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