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  2. Thoughts?? I can help too!
  3. David Johnson "Officially" not returning

  4. How many players have you lost this season?

    annnnnd now Juju is out too, so gonna be rolling Inman fml
  5. Running Back Help

    In a standard league, should I go Hunt or Coleman for rb
  6. Today
  7. How many players have you lost this season?

    I feel you, but I think McKissic will have a good game, at least for a fill-in role.
  8. D Booker or J Williams

    I like Booker. After watching Williams this season, in his limited playing time, he doesn't have the vision or patience in my opinion. He might get 20 touches but they come at 2 yards a piece.
  9. Kroft or ASJ

    Kroft home v. Cleveland or ASJ at Carolina....leaning Kroft. .5 PPR
  10. D Booker or J Williams

  11. JuJu was my number two on my team in Sig. line. Currently I have Keenan at #1, JuJu at #2 and Amendola at flex. I have Cooper on bench..well because it he is kiling me and P. Richardson on bench. So....who at #2 and Flex Bryant, Cooper Richardson Amendola I should add that M. Wallace is available along with Bryant...he has had some nice weeks for Balt. .5 PPR.
  12. Anyone else leave Rudolph on the bench? favor of Kroft v. Cleveland.
  13. How many players have you lost this season?

    dalvin cook and terrelle pryor.. even before pryor landed on IR he may as well have been injured. i'm 5-6 on the year /:
  14. Wdis at flex

    I'd go with Fitz regardless of the matchup......but that's just me,
  15. Jordy dropped

    They say Rodgers could be back week 15, So if you have a spot, I would consider it , just because of that possibility.
  16. FLEX Help!

    Wrong forum... Got it grabby.
  17. Am I out of line?

    from what I understand it is a reflex.....he's trying. In that vein it is good info. Unless he corrects me once again then all bets are off
  18. D Booker or J Williams

    My thoughts exactly and it's why I'm torn! Booker: Workload has increased Great matchup/gamescript Does split carries Williams: 20 touches Awful matchup Gamescript an issue
  19. FLEX Help!

    Cooper Kupp Corey Coleman Devante Parker Martavis Bryant Danny Woodhead Parker keeps on disappointing and on the heels of two bad performances i don't like him against NE. Kupp could do well at home against Saints surprisingly effective D, but could also be very middling to the tune of 4-5 receptions and 50 yards.. thinking that's where he lands. Martavis is interesting with JuJu out.. big prove it game for him i think.. maybe? Coleman... plays for the Browns so... ya i dunno Woodhead... feel like he's a total wildcard and could post double digit fantasy points or... like 2 points total
  20. Wdis at flex

  21. 0 5ppr Martavis Bryant Mike Wallace Burkhead Dede Westbrook
  22. Tevin or Alshon, 1pt PPR? Whir

    Freeman ruled Tevin against a suspect TB defense or Alshon going back to Chicago for his revenge game? I could see Tevin having plenty of more opportunities with Atl most likely getting up big and running it a ton. Alshon could be iffy bc again I could see the Eagles get up easy and run it taking away from his targets. Thoughts?
  23. Quarterback for this week? Whir

  24. Wdis at flex

    With a bad matchup for Fitzgerald should I consider any of these in his place at flex: stills Gore woodhead d henry sanders thoughts ?
  25. D Booker or J Williams

    I have a similar decision to make as I have Freeman and Booker too. I think match up goes to Booker - Pittsburgh has a solid defense and will likely be ahead. But if Montgomery is out then I think Williams is the better play based on workload
  26. Freeman out - who to start?!

    So Freeman is still in concussion protocol. Standard scoring, I need a RB and a flex out of the following: Crowell Booker Stills Richardson (Mckissick and Gore are available too) Thoughts?
  27. Freeman announced out, need a fill-in... 0.5ppr D Booker vs OAK J Williams vs PIT
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