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  2. Funchess or Decker in a PPR?

    I would go funchess..think last week for decker was somewhat of a fluke he’s been bad all year
  3. Need a RB

    I’m pretty strong on WR’s and could use some help at RB..I have Antonio brown,mike Evans and alshon Jeffery..who would you trade and What would expect back in return?
  4. One song

    Runnin' Bare - Sheb Wooley (Ben Colder)
  5. Today
  6. Hunt vs Fournette vs D.Watson

    I think it's DeShaun Watson, and not even close. QB is the toughest position in football and he's playing elite right now. RB is arguably one of the easiest positions to walk on and play.
  7. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Full ppr T Pryor against your eagles or John brown vs rams?
  8. Funchess or Decker in a PPR?

    Even with Mariota, Decker has been sub-par. Decker is boom or bust. Hes been a bust so far, so if you want to gamble and play him in hopes for a big day against the browns then go ahead. I would start Funchess, playing against Chicago. Who is also seeing an average of 9 targets his past 4 games.
  9. Trades!

    Would you be worried about Jordy with Hundley at QB?
  10. Trades!

    Would you do Ingram for Diggs straight up?
  11. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Hey GGL, I've gotta play two receivers in a PPR 1.0 league Jordy Nelson (GB vs NO) Adam Thielen (Min vs Bal) Pierre Garcon (SF vs Dal)
  12. Big Trade Involving Fournette - WHIR

    Thanks guys. It's MIchael Thomas that I'd be giving up. Thanks for your insights.
  13. Big Trade Involving Fournette - WHIR

    If its Demaryius you win. If its not stick with what you got..
  14. Its a ppr league too! Forgot to mention!
  15. Who would you start? I am leaning towards Decker because Marriota is back, but I am not 100% sure. Need help. Thanks.
  16. Doyle or Kittle ROS?

    I like Kittle ros. He and Beathard played together in college, so i say he looks to him often. Plus, who knows when Luck comes back; I just don't feel comfortable with Doyle if Luck is out.
  17. If Fournette sites, definitely the first 3. If Fournette plays, the first 2 and Benjamin. Even if Fournette plays, it could be like last week where Ivory gets points though. Help me with mine?
  18. Exactly what the title reads, who would you pick?? Trying to get Ivory off the waivers..
  19. Brate or Rudolf PPR

    Start brate or Rudolf in PPR
  20. Is Luck droppable?

    Dump him.
  21. Trade away Crowell for Parker?

    Definitely. When Parker is healthy, Cutler should resume targeting him a lot. He's done ok point wise when he's played. Crowell is lucky if he gets 8 points a week. Talented but Cleveland sucks so bad. Help me with mine?
  22. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Would this trade be advisable? I get Lamar Miller, AB, Wentz and I give up Fournette, Michael Thomas and Carson Palmer Thanks in advance.
  23. How can I get Julio?

    That's a tough one. I'd guess that's about right but I don't know if that would be best for your side. I don't think I'd want White bc of how NE is so unpredictable with their RBs. I'd say McKinnon = or a little < Martin but Julio > Cooks but Julio has been unproductive as Cooks so maybe you could get this trade done. I think I'd start with this one and then come back with asking for White + Julio. I think if you really want Julio asking for White with Julio back probably gets it done but IDK if I'd trust White that much going forward. I think Julio is due to go off though.
  24. Doyle or Kittle ROS?

  25. Fournette down

    Makes perfect sense, the jags should be able to beat the colts without Fournette
  26. who to play?

    Lee and Mixon
  27. Trades!

    Ingram and Benjamin should get Julio or Thomas.
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