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  2. Agree with this line of reasoning.... then, if you are allowed to, try and trade OBJ for some draft pick improvements.
  3. looks like this might be it
  4. I would keep Murray, Abdullah, Nelson and Henry for a total of $72. Allen is very tempting and you head in to the auction with your RB1/2 and WR 1/2 essentially locked up for only half your cap, but I think Henry at $6 is too good of a value to pass on.
  5. no had some pretty tight parameters you were looking to cross off your check box Arizona native used leaguesafe in the past used leaguesafe, won money and used an e-check as payout... those are pretty specific for someone just wandering by. It'll take a few days before everyone is back on the boards and into FF mode. Just keep checking in to see if there's any new posts.
  6. Strangely I'm having a hard time trying to find tv schedules in general via searching google.The best I've found is for the next 2 tweeks. I've been trying to find out if the first regular season game for the Eagles will be broadcast at my parent's house in NJ. I'm going to watch the first game with my dad if its broadcasting there. So any suggestions on where to find this information?(Logging into the cable company's website is currently not an option.)
  7. These players are my top 8 of what's there when we draft along side all the other rookies.
  8. Bout to do my first 14 team draft. manure is tough. Gonna do a couple mocks over the weekend.
  9. Hey guys, so I am in a 12-team Non-PPR league. We play 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (RB/WR/TE), 1 D, 1 K and have six bench spots. The draft is a snake draft and I have the 11th pick, so it will be pick 11, 14, 35, 38, etc. We play with two keepers from your team from last year. The way that works is that the keeper counts as your pick in the round prior to the round he was selected last year, if undrafted he counts as your 15th round pick, and if you selected two from the same round it slides back. Was hoping to get some advice on who you think I should keep as I have some interesting choices especially with value-based picks. I have already taken into account the round up when listing the players I have available, so the Round.Pick is the round and my pick spot for this upcoming draft. For example, LeSean McCoy was drafted in the second round last year so I have him listed as 1.11, meaning he'd be my 1st round pick with pick 11. My choices are as followed in the format of (Player: Round.Pick)- RB’s: LeSean McCoy 1.11; DeMarco Murray 2.14; Spencer Ware 15.179; Ty Montgomery 15.179; Mike Gillislee 15.179; Paul Perkins 15.179; Charchandrick West 12.134 WR’s: Dez Bryant 1.11; Alshon Jeffery 1.11; Allen Robinson 6.62; Martavis Bryant 9.107; Sterling Shepard 7.83 TE's: Martellus Bennet 7.83; Cameron Brate 15.179 The draft is on Aug 27th; Keepers needed to be selected by the midnight on the 25th. If you could pick two or create a list and some reasons why you think so that would be much appreciated! I know a lot could vary in the next few weeks with preseason games, but just getting another set of opinions helps make sure you think of everything! Thanks so much!
  10. Those are great points...All with the $5 added in, AB is $76, JJ is $71, OBJ is $76, Evans is $46, Nelson is $52. DJ is like $6 bc someone grabbed him low...Bell is gonna be $55, Zeke $49...Now I'm not sure who all is being kept...but my concern with Cooks is that the ball is spread around so much, is he worth mid $40s? I was thinking I would either keep ARob or no one...I like #1 WR potential for $11 and it gives me some more dollars to spend on a Tier1 RB/WR who isn't kept...This league tends to overspend a, idk...
  11. Assuming these are the best players available in the 1st few if any of these will be available in the 2nd in a 10 team league I would get the best value regardless of what you need. Cause you can always trade. Say you get Evans even though you don't need him you can trade OBJ, Evans or AB for a quality late 1st early 2nd RB.
  12. Is t his just a rookie draft? Curious as to why #1 overall would be Fournette if its not. So basically going by what you said #1 overall is Fournette, but you could trade #1 pick for AB? If that's the case this shouldn't even be a question. Id take AB over Fournette all day. I actually like Mixon and Cook over Fournette.
  13. Just busting balls. I kinda deserved it. Someone pissed in my Cheerios this morning. 😀
  14. AIO makes a great point Between OBJ, JJ, and Evans you cant go wrong. But being able to keep them for 1 more year after this year makes it worth it. Its DJ, JJ or Evans and OBJ for this year or DJ, JJ Evans for this year and next year. I think you will get more points in the latter scenario.
  15. I wish my haters tried to be this helpful.
  16. Today
  18. Dayes did look decent in the first preseason game. He seemed to have good vision and quick feet. I'd agree that he is more likely the backup rather than Duke.
  19. Then maybe look to keep DJ, Julio, and Evans, instead of OBJ. Personally, I think those three are pretty interchangeable in any given year, and B. Marsh might impact OBJ the same way DJax will impact Evans or Sanu/Gabriel will impact Julio. So, if you can keep those three next year, too, then it might be better to keep them and not risk not having 3 very viable keepers next year. You can always NOT keep one of them if you have a guy who becomes a stud this year, but at least you're secure in having keepers for next year, too.
  20. Dammit, knew I forgot something. I edited the initial post to include for future readers, but the auction budget is $200. My other potential keepers are: D. Murray ($34) P. Perkins ($6) Abdullah ($15) Dez ($50) Keenan Allen ($33) Hunter Henry ($6) Leaning D. Murray, Abdullah, and either Allen or Henry for a total of $99 (with Allen) or $72 (with Henry). Thanks.
  21. What is your total cap?
  22. In a dynasty/keeper league I have #1 overall. I am leaning Fournette right now. Would you trade the #1 overall for Antonio Brown? I will end up with Mixon or Cook. I may have to give up a supplemental 1st round as well. Thoughts?
  23. Cutthroat Fantasy Football is back for year #3. This is a very unique league that rewards the top teams each week, and penalizes lazy, inactive, and/or bad owners. 2017 Rules - The basics: Redraft. 12 teams. 4 divisions. Draft will be on Tuesday, September 5th at 10pm eastern You choose your entry fee $25-$70. Each round of the draft is determined via lottery. Every teams gets one "ping pong ball" per round. Owners will receive 1 additional ping pong ball for each additional dollar they pay in entry fees and they can decide how they want to distribute their ping balls throughout the draft Owners are expected to be active. This means, each owner must log into the league website ( every 24 hours. If an owner exceeds 24 hours, their upcoming opponent may "lock" a player on their roster - meaning that player cannot be in the upcoming week's starting lineup Each week, top teams get to steal a player from the bottom teams. In turn, bottom teams get to steal a player from the top teams. Bottom teams get to protect 2 players. Top teams get to protect 5 players Each week, free agent claims process with the top scorer from the previous week getting #1 seed, 2nd scorer gets #2, etc. Claims processing is a straight-line (no snaking) It may sound like the bottom teams would get completely decimated, but we found that was not the case over the past 2 years. Many times a bottom team actually gets better, since their 3rd best player may not be as good as a top team's #6 player. This league is really tough, but it is lots of fun. It does take dedication, and even the most dedicated owner slip up from time to time. Take a look at the rules - - and shoot me a message if you want to play. We need 3, so invite your friends!
  24. Interesting, it's good to hear about other RB's in Cleveland other than the obvious 2 that are being drafted. I haven't heard one word about any of these other guys, which is strange, because of how potent that line could be this year and how much we've heard about other rookies and backups in the league.
  25. Thanks for your helpful solutions. Best of luck to you in the upcoming season.
  26. PPR or no, and how many teams? Considering your keepers are AB, OBJ, and Gordon, that tells me guys like DJ, Bell, and Zeke (even with the suspension) will be off the board, too. Which also tells me there's no way Evans makes it to the 5th pick (though if he's there, you have to get him). I think you need another RB, as you already have two stud WR, and while I personally don't trust Murray to put up numbers again this year and he'll lose touches (and I think especially goal line) to Henry, I think you might really consider him if he's available with the 5. If he's gone, you could take a flyer on Fournette or go with Dez or T.Y. Crowell could be interesting, but he may also be available in the second round. I think McCaffrey is like Woodhead, so not worth a 1st rounder unless PPR, but a major risk even then.
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