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  2. I run my own league this will be the the 12th season, it is a 12 team(3 division of 4 teams) League. It is FREE League and we also use 3 Individual Defensive players, this has actually worked out great and makes for even better strategy. If interested email me at or click on the link provided
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  4. Sueperman's Big Sister - Ian Dury and the Blockheads
  5. Team # 6 has been sold in Bart Starr. Check out the others.
  6. 5.5 mil....about 3.5 in base salary for lacy. Now on the surface it appears to be "not rbbc money". But as you mentioned its a 1 year deal. When you look at the the rest of the backfield Rawls, Collins and CJ make about a combined 2 mil. I think that number they paid Lacy is what they were willing to pay to bring him in for a year because overall the money they are spending on the rest of the backfield is almost nothing. So its worth it to them to put a decent number on a veteran like Lacy to bring him in. In comparison Mike Gillislee will make about the same amount as Lacy this year in base salary. In fact take a look at the base salary for this upcoming year for the Patriots top 4 backs. Im not saying Lacy wont be the guy they try to let lead the backfield. But I think you have to start looking at the money spent on the position group as a whole. If you are getting off cheap with the other 3 guys I think you might be willing to overspend on a veteran with a decent track record to round out the group. Especially for a year.
  7. Those Oldies But Goodies - Little Caesar & The Romans
  8. I'm interested
  9. Would be a d/st league.
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  12. I'd be interested in a team .... IDP or D/ST ?
  13. Looking to start a free dynasty league through ESPN but I'm looking for people interested and ideas for scoring, roster positions and other details.
  14. If you are in need of a person for a live fantasy football draft, please message me and let me know about your league. I am very interested in joining a league. Thanks Ed T
  15. $100 Buy in 12 team PPR league. Online snake draft ESPN will generate random order. Roster is 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1FLEX 1IDP 1DEF 1K. Pay through either league safe, pay pal, or venmo whichever majority of league agrees on. Email for more info.
  16. hey man still have 3 spots left what your email if you want join still

  17. yes still have 3 spots whats your email?
  18. I think Seattle likes both Prosise and Rawls, but neither has been able to stay healthy. They didn't want to go through what they went through last year so they basically brought in a 3rd back who could be the "starter". My guess is they start the season that way with Lacy getting 12 -15 carries, Prosise as the 3rd down back and Rawls getting a few carries. Then they'll let performance and injuries play out and play the best, healthiest back or backs. So with that said, I'll probably take a flyer on Rawls in most leagues and the other two look about right for ADP.
  19. It might just be a matter of who stays healthy. I like Prosise's upside since he'll get a nice amount of receptions. He was also pretty effective running the ball last year with his 5.7 yards per carry. Though I'm afraid they'll limit his touches to keep him healthy even if Lacy and Rawls get hurt. I also haven't given up on Lacy. The dude is a beast. Few running backs run with his determination. Hopefully playing on a one year contract will give him the incentive needed to keep his weight down. Living in healthy Seattle instead of the land of fried cheese curds and bratwurst can't hurt either. They are paying him $5.55 million dollars this year. That is not rbbc money. That is starter money. Lacy returning to 1,100 yards shouldn't be difficult. Though his likely low reception total limits his ceiling a bit.
  20. i would have to agree with CJ here. I think hes the best all around back on the roster and has the most upside.
  21. Last Train To London - ELO
  22. Endless Sleep - Jody Reynolds
  23. any spots left? i'd love to join
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  25. I got X in waivers couple weeks ago for $1
  26. but they play the same position in FF, so... James owners in dynasty would be wise to sell high right now... before it's obvious that X is a better receiver and/or they bring in someone else.
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