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  2. Pick 2 RBs

  3. Robert Woods?

    Anyone rolling him out this week? I just picked him up and am debating him vs Crabtree in my WR3 slot.
  4. Another Rudolph out..

    Any other thoughts?
  5. Today
  6. who to play

    scoring is 1 pt, 10 yds, 0.5 ppr as well. , start 2 RB with flex added with 1 of my other RB, who i like over my crappy WR, TE, ok. i'm thinking of play, Perine, J. Williams, K. Williams who should be all starters this week, but i also have Lewis, Ayaji on bench, what do you think, thx.
  7. Ajayi playing @ NYG 28th vs running backs Goodwin playing Ten 23rd vs wide receivers
  8. Goodwin. Philly has those 3 RBs and it's anyone's guess as to who gets more carries any given week. Yes Ajayi has started to see an uptick in touches, but I'd still rely on Goodwin against a porous Houston defense with a hot QB and his touches and production increasing every week.
  9. It's PPR league 1 point per reception, and 1 point for every 10 yards rushing and receiving. No idea what Phili will do now with Foles. They may try to run the ball more but they use 3 running backs too. I've not see Jimmy G and Goodwin play. Any 49er fans to tell me about Goodwin? Thanks
  10. Funchess without a doubt. I love Ertz, but who knows the chemistry (or lack thereof) between him and Foles.
  11. Audible/Audio Books

    I'm listening to The Disaster Artist which is a book about the making of the movie The Room. It has reached cult status like Rocky Horror with audiences participating in the film as it plays. The book is a movie staring James Franco and it too looks to be very good. It's on my list to see while most are flocking to Star Wars. First if you're unfamiliar with The Room you should seek i out. Especially if you like movies so bad they are good. Second, the book is very funny and interesting. I'm only 2 hours in and if it changes I'll post that but so far it is quite frankly amazing! I think it helps to think back to the movie when he describes something in the book but works as a stand alone too. Love the ideas from you guys and hope to find some more great stuff!!!
  12. Yesterday
  13. PLEASE HELP, will return the favor. 12 Team PPR IDP Dynasty league, Week 2 of Playoffs Scoring - All TD=6, Full point per reception & per completed pass every 25 yards passing/10 yards rush/rec=1.0 Being that there is IDP individual players get credited for punt/kickoff return yards-every 10 yards=1.0 For purpose of this thread the starting positions QB-1 RB-2 WR-2 TE-1 Flex (RB/WRT)-1 I feel I have the issue that everyone hopes to be facing. More good choices than I have slots to play QB- Newton, Cousins, Kizer I think this one is the easiest choice here. Given the very favorable match up it has to be Newton. However as you will see I could be very CAR heavy RB- Gurley, McCaffrey, J Steward CAR, J Williams GB, Perine Of course I start Gurley. McCaffrey is a top 10 RB & GB is weak both against the RB & WR so I feel he should be RB2. Not jumping on the Steward train after only having his 4th double digit game of the season.Williams does have a tough match up against CAR but Rodgers looks like he is going to play & CAR will have to respect the pass far more than with Huntley in there. Let me jump to TE- Kelce, Hooper, Easy choice of Kelce on this & Hooper not even a flex consideration at this time Now here is where it gets more complicated WR- Hopkins, Funchess-another CAR player, M Lee JAC, Smith-Schuster, Lockett SEA, C Davis TEN So now I have 2 WR positions & 1 flex that I can play my choice of RB/WR/TE at. Hopkins obviously WR1. Funchess faces GB-weak against the WR but would actually make me 4 players deep on OFF with CAR as I have Gano at K. Also rolling K Short from CAR at the IDP DL spot just as point of reference. Lee faces HOU who also sucks against the WR. Locket faces LAR who are very strong against WR. Lockett though is actually 12th among WR because even when he gets very little receiving yards, the kick/punt yards usually give him strong games. Only 3 games this year has he been single digits. Smith-Schuster faces NE who also suck against the WR. But what is left for him with PIT Killer B's playing off the hook right now? At this point I consider Davis a non factor. He is more of my speculative stash. So who do I roll at WR2? Funchess, Lee, Smith-Schuster, Locket? And then including RB Williams, who do I roll at the Flex.
  14. Week 16 defense

  15. RB decision

    Ya that is tough, Collins has been hot too. If you pull Hunt I’d go Collins
  16. .5 pt PPR league semifinal matchup. Have no TE spot we play three WR/TE spots. I have Brown and M. Thomas going in the other two. The guy I’m playing has Julio, Green, and Jeffrey going so this is a big one for me. So who would you play, Funchess or Ertz?
  17. RB decision

    Wow you are stacked. If I changed anything, I'd bench Hunt for Drake, whose going against a really bad run defense in Buffalo. Meanwhile the Chargers will come out gunning, and I could see a scenario where the Chiefs again don't get the ball to Hunt enough. But honestly, I'd stick with what you have.
  18. Week 16 defense

  19. Matt Ryan/Jordy Nelson

    Anyone other opinions?
  20. Week 16 defense

    Car vs TB Chi vs Cle Ari vs NYG
  21. QB Advice - Rogers or Winston WDIS

    At worst Rodgers is top 10 this week. Winston is not. Help with mine.
  22. RB decision

    I am in a good situation but a tough choice. I have the first 3 in now but Hunt concerns me. Which 3 do you think I should start? D Freeman at Buccaneers J Howard at Lions K Hunt vs Chargers K Drake at Bills C Hyde vs Titans A Collins at Browns Thanks and WHIR. 10 team, non ppr, QB, 3-WR, 2-RB, WR/RB, TE, K, Def, 6-BN, IR QB - J Goff, C Keenum RB - D Freeman, J Howard, K Hunt, K Drake, C Hyde, A Collins WR - M Evans, K Allen, S Diggs, J Landry, A Thielen TE - T Kelce K - K Butker D - Saints
  23. QB Advice - Rogers or Winston WDIS

    If Rodgers starts for Green Bay, he starts for you. Period.
  24. Flex help

    Westbrook regardless
  25. Who to flex

    It'd be between Lynch and Westbrook for me... Lynch
  26. WDIS - Tate, Diggs, or Sanu

    Is this ppr? Is so I would go Tate
  27. PPR - start Tate or Nelson

    ESPN standard PPR scoring. Start Tate or Nelson? Thanks!
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