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    Fireworks - Siouxsie and the Banshees
  4. Which WR should I move?

    I ended up moving Funchess & Edelman as part of a trade deal that got me the 7th overall pick.
  5. Is this a reasonable offer? DB

    To give comparison Neil's points last year puts him around top 15 at LB, would rank him just inside top 50 at RB around the 70th mark at WR. Maybe I would be better looking for a rookie in the draft? I have all the 5 of my picks by R3-7. I really don't want to give up R2-3, 15th pick overall to move to R3-6 for a DB. Leaving R2 altogether. For that I would want King who ranked 2nd vs Neil 6th. King scored about 30 more points. The thing is I will have to cut a DB if I take one. We have a position limit of 6. I already have Landon Collins NYG, Truman Johnson NYJ, Eric Weddle BAL, Jason McCourty NE, Tyrann Mathieu HOU, Eric Berry KAN Who the he'll do I cut? Weddle ranked 23rd last year. McCourty was 27th. They are older but still roster material based on points.
  6. What’s wrong with picking 1.02-1.04 this year?

    I'm going on record that Chubb is better with the ball in his hands than Barkley
  7. ESPN users please help

    Anyone draft using a phone? Is ESPN going away from the light draft lobby and gotta use the app? Usually if not on a computer with adobe you could use the light draft lobby but doing mocks it says I have to download the app when drafting from my phone. The app sucks as it’s hard to see who’s just been picked and a lot of other stuff. I sure hope espn didn’t go away from the light draft lobby. Thanks
  8. Deeper Sleepers

    I'm definitely targeting the New England wide receivers. A lot of snaps are available with the departure of Cooks and Amendola. And Gronk and Edelman are high injury risks. Chris Hogan is the most sure thing of the other receivers. He played in more than 80% of snaps in all 9 games he played last year. Before getting hurt, he was the 10th highest scoring fantasy wide receiver after the first 8 weeks. Hogan's adp of 100.56 is a great bargain. I can see drafting Matthews, Mitchell, or Dorsett if they look to have a big role in the preseason.
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  10. Alex Collins

    With Collins being the only thing effective in the Ravens offense last year, I'm sure defenses were selling out to stop the run. Collins received the 4th highest running back grade from PFF on the season as a whole. Though if Flacco doesn't do better, defenses will continue to focus on Collins. There has been a lot of chatter that Flacco wasn't healed from his back issues at any point last year. So hopefully he is healthy and plays well enough to keep defenses honest. I do think his receiving crew improved and mesh well with his rocket arm.
  11. Berlin Lipstick Bomb gave up Year 2019 Round 1 Draft Pick from Berlin Lipstick Bomb Scaramanga gave up Shaheen, Adam CHI TE; Year 2018 Draft Pick 2.03;Year 2018 Draft Pick 3.03
  12. Is this a reasonable offer? DB

    My thoughts exactly.
  13. Deeper Sleepers

    One unfortunate thing for Hurns is that he might not be able to play in the slot which is where he plays best. Beasley and Austin could get those snaps. Hurns is a bit slow and lacks the separation creating abilities to play at an elite level on the outside. I still like him at his adp. He is a warrior. The Dallas receiver I like best at his adp is Cole Beasley (adp of 292). He could be PPR gold. Two years ago, Beasley had 75 receptions while only playing 56.81% of snaps. Dak doesn't like to throw downfield and whoever plays the slot won't have much competition from the tight ends for the short passes. 100 receptions isn't out of the realm of possibility for Beasley if he can regain his 2016 form. I could be reading this all wrong. Maybe the signing of Hurns means they aren't looking at Beasley to be the starting slot. What his role is in the preseason will tell a lot. Whoever is playing the slot in the preseason will be the Dallas receiver I target.
  14. Eh...not sure I could see myself trading a young SS for an old FS and draft pick bump of 4 spots. Could depend on scoring, but as is just don't see much difference in options with the 2 picks to give up a young performing asset.
  15. Yes I can trade them. That is kind of why I was asking. If I decide to keep Bell and Johnson, I would put Kamara and Fournette on the trading block. I would probably just try and move up in round 1.
  16. Is this a reasonable offer? DB

    In a 12 team league. I never had problems finding DBs in 12 team leagues
  17. The commissioner was wrong that is clear. Not for trying to stop tanking which I am personally against, but he was wrong for changing the rule without telling the league. It would have been OK not prefered, to change the rules in season with the leagues approval. It sounds like you need to make your tanking rules clear for next season. I have found if you make it clear that tanking is not accepted and you explain why it is bad for everyone in the league it will in general not happen.
  18. Trade question

    I would have to pass. Kamara is too hot. If it is a dynasty. you would consider it with a young WR. Edelman is too old. someone with 1 to 4 years in the league like Kupp, Juju, Watson, Benjamin, Sutton or Kirk.
  19. Ingram & Juju for Mixon & Funchess?

    For long term I like Mixon better than Ingram. Bu Juju has more upside than all of those WRs. Can you get draft pick instead of players. I would suggest Ingram and Juju for Mixon and and his 2019 1st round rookie pick if not Mixon and Funchess is the best combination.
  20. Dalvin Cook Sell

    It depends on how close you are to a championship. They both have the same talent but Cook will do better the next couple of years. He has a better line ( Cincinatti is ranked 30 on their O Line) and Cook has a better offense around him. So the viking offense will keep teams from putting 8 men in the box and stopping the run and the viking will likely be running more in the 4th quarter. In addition Cook will get more catches. That being said if you are 3 or 4 years away from a championship make the trade the picks are worth it.
  21. Alex Collins

    If you have Collins as your RB2, you likely have a pretty nice RB1 and have already cemented your WR1 and WR2. I would like being in that situation.
  22. Deeper Sleepers

    I'm mostly in dynasties too but have to put on my redraft hat every now and then. Hurns could easily be the Cowboys' WR1, whatever that means nowadays. Yeldon is a guy I didn't really think of. Fournette actually caught way more balls than I expected him to but looks like the Jag offense can support a second RB in PPR formats. Nice call. If Wilson assumes the Landry role this guy could be the steal of '18. I think his ADP will rise.
  23. Which WR should I move?

    If these guys are valued the same by others, I would move Lee. He is a big play guy more than a possession receiver and that make him unpredictable. If you can find some one who is passionate about Davis or Funchess trade them for draft picks or upgrading another position. I believe you should hold Robinson he will be more valuable later once he is back from his injury and working in the new offense.
  24. Deeper Sleepers

    As i'm mainly in Dynasties and certainly wouldn't chase any of these guys in a trade, why not: Quick scan Hurns seems low on that list Paul R - love his route tree vrs that of where Smith likes to throw Hooper - year 3 for a tight end - he may yet get it J Mathews- what is his role with NEP? Yeldon - PPR back, they finally started to trust again 2nd half of the season. remember last year those numbers where over 6 games K Cole - does he continue where he left off Blount - 3rd down and goal line back in Det? Cook - Carr may need an outlet after cooper and Jordy A Wilson - does he take Landry's role in Mia Mitchell - Is he the next go to guy for Brady
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