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    You can't distinguish true addiction and lack of willpower because they are inclusive. For most addicts, it takes the loss/suspension of their job, troubles impacting their lives, loss of friends and family support and the loss of the ability to make rational decisions to even realize they are addicts. We are not talking about the social user here. When you keep doing things, knowing the consequences and disregarding those consequences, you have a problem. Having the willpower to say no to your addictive abuse is only a small percentage of the ingredients needed for a lifestyle change. Only when one succumbs to the fact they have no control over their addiction, will they have the strength to muster the willpower to end it. Other than that, it's pretty much all "smoke and mirrors" and manipulation to continue further with their destructive lifestyle.
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    in other news, McCarron spotted pulling plug of fax machine out of the wall at 3:59 on Tuesday saying he thought it was for the coffee maker
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    Who really picked the wrong week here?
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    What did I tell you. Hes killing it.
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    I think if Jason Garrett walked in on his wife with another man that he would stand there and clap enthusiastically....think about it.
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    I believe you're referring to the "All 22" footage, which is completely different than what we saw on TNF.
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    Ohhh, that's a tough one. I'd lean towards starting Darkwa. Yeldon will be in a timeshare and if the Jags are winning, I can see Ivory on the field allot. The only way Yeldon succeeds is if they are behind................and that's not likely against Cleveland. Perine is not even a thought when you have Yeldon and Darkwa
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    Report to who? The collusion police?
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    ....why comment? Every time you post it’s about how “amazing” your teams season has been. This is a milk carton thread, meaning we are all posting about players we just want to show up. Not a “come brag about how awesome my team is this year” thread
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    Bad NFL football is still better to watch than most anything else on television. I am 100% aware that this sounds insensitive but I could care less how the players feel after a game and how long it takes to recover. They are paid quite well to entertain us. That is a fact. I'm not saying it doesn't hurt like hell after a game and more time to recover wouldn't help...that is obvious. I'm saying I don't care. Every team plays on Thursday. Every team has to deal with it and it's only once a year. I could be wrong but I never heard one complaint from DAL or DET players about recovery time for their Thanksgiving games which has happened since 1920. I'm a Hawks fan, not necessarily a Dicky Sherman fan but losing Sherman is a major major blow to the D and the Hawks in general. Last night was terrible regarding injuries for both teams but it's not like this every Thursday. Injuries can and do happen during every game and practice. And maybe Sherman would not have ruptured his achilles if he had more time to rest. Maybe not. It's unfortunate for sure but there is always a knee jerk reaction and the media does not help. I know this post makes me sound like an A-Hole. Probably because I am. Sorry...
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    You're all so off base it isn't funny. NFL football is a brutal, brutal sport. I heard one NFL player explain it like this - basically we practice all week and then get in a car accident every weekend. These guys are beat to snot even when they're "healthy". I wouldn't disrespect any player for saying that even a week between games wasn't really enough, but 4 days as it is now for a Thursday night game is asinine. If you think they're whining without merit then you go get hit by 240 pound players who run 4.5 40's for 60 minutes and see how ready you are to do anything 4 days later. Sherman already had issues going on with his Achilles and himself even said he figured it would pop eventually. Did playing on Thursday night cause it? Who can say, likely not but there's no denying an extra 3 days before playing again most certainly could do nothing but help.
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    Well, you did make a blatantly racist comment.
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    It all just proves the point that fantasy football is 90% luck with the other 10% being luck.
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    "Stud RB" and Martin used in the same sentence is hilarious. Just say'n.
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    Lol that guy can eat your sh*t. Don't let someone control your team, especially someone that you are going against. Go full force on him, don't let up. Show him who's his daddy.
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    I'm a bit confused as to what Zeke is even fighting. Doesn't Roger Godell have the power to give punishments regardless of evidence? And didn't the players union agree to this? I'm not saying I agree but if that's actually in the CBA then how and why can anyone fight it?
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    This is actually a downer. He was easily the most exciting player this year.
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    Your like that crazy uncle that embarrasses everyone at a party and every once and a while drops an absolute gem.
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    Honestly , enough already . Just eat the 6 games and move on with this crap already .
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    What this judge basically is saying is...Yes Elliot you probably did get screwed, but your union basically agreed to these unfair situations you and your union members are facing. And thats basically 100% correct. Players got greedy and went for the money. And basically became hostage to unfair situations by a organization who is going to do what they want with your bodies and lives. You signed the CBA, so you made your bed and now you have to lay in it.
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    Because they are the Good Guys.....
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    Finally a topic where CJ Anderson gets mentioned other than Milk Carton
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    He starts sliding and I cannot even complete saying "1-1000" by the time he is hit. Against the literal text of the rules? Absolutely, give him his fine and one game suspension. But stop making it out like this was Burfict out there people.
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    I am a Ravens fan and I am not even sure that hit was dirty. Did it look awful? Yes. Does the slo-motion replay look like Alonso had plenty of time to pull up? Yes. But full speed with a play that is within inches of the first down marker, I can't say that there was any intent by Alonso to injure Flacco. He was making a play to force a field goal. Flacco should have slid a yard or even two earlier but Flacco knew exactly where that marker was too and was trying to extend the drive. One other point I will make is that as as a Ravens fan I have seen Flacco slide a ton and he is top 5 worst at sliding to the point most of the time I am not even sure if he actually slid or not. It looked terrible and that is why people have such a knee jerk reaction that it was a dirty hit, personally I don't think the outcome of the play should determine the punishment. I have seen a lot of hits that were much later and even had intent to injure a guy but the defensive player wound up missing the mark and nothing more happens than a flag, no fine, no suspension. I don't think the NFL thinks that way though so pretty sure Alonso will be looking at 30K and a two gamer.
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    I personally don't care what you post...if it's in the wrong forum, a Mod will move it. If I have something to add I will. If I don't but I have something sarcastic to add, I will. We are pretty thick skinned and newbs have to realize that or they'll take offense and then they'll get piled on. It's a huddle tradition.
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    The last 15 yards by Thompson got me a .5 win in my work league. Crazy.
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    Wiseman, you are not a wise man
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    It's evident how talented he is. The issue/concern owners are having is his baffling usage. The ways and times Andy Reid used him became more and more bizarre as the season progressed. You can't really tell by simply looking at the box scores (except their last game where he only had 9 carries). I can tell you this, even though I think Kareem Hunt is just as talented as David Johnson, I will keep Johnson over Hunt in a keeper league and it isn't even a close decision despite the fact that Hunt is in a much better offense. The Cardinals use Johnson much more. Maybe this conversation happened during the bye week- Assistant Coach- "Hey Andy, have you noticed that we tend to win when we lean heavily on Kareem Hunt and we tend to lose when we don't?" Andy Reid- "Hmm. Is this true? Hey, pass me a donut, yeah the big one there with sprinkles". Assistant Coach- "Yes it's indeed true. The only reason Alex is having such a good year is because of this sensational rookie". Andy Reid- "Hmm. I was thinking Alex was just a late bloomer." "Dammit now I have sprinkles on my shirt". Assistant Coach- "Here let me get that for you". "Yeah, we should probably find more ways to get Kareem the ball in open space and actually use him on the goal line". Andy Reid- "Hmm. You mean we should use this kid like other coaches use talented RBs"? Assistant Coach- "Yes". Andy Reid- "Pass me another donut". Assistant Coach- Stares Andy Reid- "FINE then, we will use him more, just give me another damned donut"!
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    Tyrod has been more than solid but he'll never be elite. With this being the first year of a new regime, they probably don't care if they make the playoffs or not. They will be a one-and-done team if they do squeak in. Starting Peterman is win-win. If Peterman does well, they'll know they have their quarterback of the future. If he sucks, they'll have a higher first round pick from losing more games and they'll know to try to get one of the blue chip quarterbacks in the draft. They even stockpiled first and second round picks with the Mahomes and Watkins trades that they can use to move up in the first round. Fantasywise, I think this could help Kelvin. Tyrod hasn't ever put up big passing stats. And Tyrod is not a quarterback who throws into coverage. He has the lowest interception rate in NFL history (though he doesn't have enough attempts to officially qualify). When his receivers are covered, Tyrod runs. Kelvin needs a quarterback that will throw into coverage. Kelvin is a big target that doesn't get huge separation. In fact, he ranked as the worst receiver in the NFL last year at getting separation averaging only 1.8 yards of separation on his targets. Peterman is an accurate thrower who can better throw into coverage.
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    Chiefs have some cupcakes coming up with the Giants, Bills and Jets...
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    Cause AT&T pays the NFL $1.5 BILLION dollars a year for exclusive rights to air all the games. It will be this way until at least 2022 when that contract expires.
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    Hey maybe you could get a spot job announcing a baseball game...ya know...when someone is throwing a no-hitter?
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    Well we know what team his wife likes, did she get anything else signed?
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    I like Romo as a broadcaster...he sounds like he's enjoying it and has insight I haven't heard from others. What say you?
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    For the record, the police and the NFL investigator did not say "assault did not occur" they said there isn't enough evidence to lay criminal charges and that the victim was to unreliable to justify suspension and court proceedings criminally. Didn't occur and not enough for charges or not enough for suspension are 2 very different things. Also what basis is the investigator using to say there isn't enough here for suspension.The biggest issue here is we don't know the facts, we don't have all the statements, all the photos, all the timeline dates, whereabouts, hotel receipts, texts etc etc etc.. Roger did, police did, Investigator did. I am a retired police officer. I had hundreds of cases where I could have pressed charges but the Prosecutors office said no because they like a slam dunk case. I also had several cases where myself and my boss or another coworker disagreed on whether grounds existed to lay charges, so the investigators recommendation was solely that, just an opinion. Look at it this way, you can be found not guilty in criminal court, and found guilty in civil court ( See OJ Simpson). The burden of proof is very very different, and it's much less in the current CBA.
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    Not to mention he's playing the Broncos, I wouldn't start him unless you are extremely desperate.
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    This is really what is starting to bug me is his unlimited access to the court system and the ability to get a hearing anytime they want. I had a relative killed last year by someone running a stop sign. It took the courts over 9 months to get this a-hole into the court and charged, nothing we could do to make the courts work for us and bring this guy to justice sooner. If the battle is between millionaires and billionaires then you get a bit more attention I guess.
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    So, you came to a forum...where everyone gives their opinion...then don’t like the opinions and have an issue with people not having the same opinion as you? Here is the thing boss, everyone can have their own opinion. A lot of us post our opinion, and we enjoy to see the other side of the argument. Hell, sometimes I even play devils advocate to arguments just to theorize both pieces of the puzzle. At the end of the day we are all here for the same reason, to talk football and enjoy some playful banter pertaining to difference of opinion. I can almost guarantee a lot of heated debates come from two users who get along well...they just have different views of the same topic. Enjoy it, and join along no reason to change your opinion of the site. We are all here to bring different lights to different situations. Good, bad or indifferent 🍻
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    I'd be on the interwebs telling everyone i'm 8-0....
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    I would definitely start McFadden before starting Smith.
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    No. Never trade an RB1 for a QB.
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    It was nice seeing Ryan Jensen slam Kiko Alonso's face into the ground. Ndamukong Suh has some competition now, its due time before he kicks someone in the balls.
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    I'll probably switch the two out 20 times before kickoff and whichever I choose, will be wrong.
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    a strong wind hurts Jay Ajayi Unless Moses comes in and parts the Baltimore defense, he can't move forward.
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    Needed 60+ points from Wentz and Elliot after Zeke's monster day... I got 72.