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    Taz didn't become a bandwagon Rams fan because they got good; it's because the Chargers are releasing a 70 year old tight end!
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    There's openings in BoTH leagues every year ya know...
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    I don't think he left on good terms. And he didn't fit their system. DeMarco Murray would be a good fit. He can catch the ball and PFF rated him at the best pass protecting running back in the NFL last year.
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    Because Mayfield is too short to reach their floor? That’s what she said!
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    So about the draft...
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    Ward might be 5'-11", but he runs a 4.32 40. He didn't do a 3-cone, but he looked plenty quick in games. At 5'-10", Brown is not big, he's quick. Out of all the corners in this draft, Ward is quite possibly the best suited to try to cover Brown.
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    I can't understand Josh Jackson not being selected in round 1.
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    On the radio this morning someone explained it perfectly No matter who Cleveland picked at 1 there was going to be something and a group of people were going to absolutely hate the pick. It has nothing to do with any of the QBs, it has everything to do with getting it wrong for 20 years. I commend the FO for going after the guy they wanted at 1 and listening to Mayfield's conference call and the press conference yesterday the pick is growing on me. If Mayfield was 1 or 2 inches taller, and didn't try to run from the cops no one is talking today. His QBASE ratings are off the charts https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2018/qbase-2018 In depth write up of QBASE in 2015 https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2015/introducing-qbase And a little more advanced analytics https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/03/22/baker-mayfield-advance-analytics-nfl-draft-oklahoma-pff
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    The fact alone that Mary Kay, Terry Pluto and company have hated this draft so far make me feel more comfortable with it. How many times over the 20 years has Cleveland "killed the offseason" and "did everything right" just to consistently fail in the regular season.' The Mayfield pick will grow on me but the Manziel comps are a joke. The Ward pick I love becaue Cleveland has a bunch of CB2 and CB3s. The line couldn't get pressure on QBs last year once teams figured out quick passes exposed the secondary. Ward is a lock down corner and hopefully now Peppers can go back to the hybrid safety he was at Michigan. Williams, Hurst, and Hubbert are still out there and the thought of picking Josh Jackson is even growing on me a little as well.
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    I’ve heard from quite a few really strong sources that had Mayfield #1 by quite a distance so I’m not at all bothered by him at 1. I think Browns fans shouldn’t be so distressed by that pick. I am puzzled by Ward at 4 over Chubb though. That said, it’s not like Ward wouldn’t have gone a pick or two later. Not sure why they didn’t trade down that pick if they really wanted Ward.
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    Texted my dad right after the Ward pick. 'I've been dealing with this manure since i was in 10 years old.' Ward pick was good, but would have preferred Chubb. Mayfield could turn out to be the best QB in this draft, still would have preferred the safety of Darnold.
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    On a better note, listening to the Dallas faithful booing Goodell every time he walks up rocks. Wish I bought more beer, gonna be a long and festive night!
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    "Hold my beer. I got this..."
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    I tried this on Madden. It didn't end well!
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    So romo was elite. Finally, this board makes some sense. He dealt with injury as well in those 4 years. Even a decent passing qb will make dez relevant again. I love the heart dak has , but he cant throw deep. I was one of the few people that felt we were better off with romo. I agreed it was going to be hard to sit dak after what he did in romos absence, but i knew romo was head and shoulders above as far as a passer.
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    Out of Rosen, Mayfield, Darnold, Jackson and Allen, 4 of those guys will be franchise quarterbacks and be in the league 15 years. The Browns will choose the 1 who is not.
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    He’s taking Mayfield. Just draft him for him.
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    I suspect you're looking for one that lets you see similar information. I had a couple bookmarked, not sure how much I was using them recently, recall doing an online search for a new source myself. https://fantasyfootballcalculator.com/adp antsports.com was another one I had, but when I looked that link went to home page and nothing here about ADP
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    I wouldn’t just assume Chubb > Hyde, at least for this year. People make that mistake time and time again with rookie RB’s. Will Chubb get more carries/touches? Sure, it could happen. But, in these types of scenarios, for every rookie that comes in and grabs the starting job and keeps on running, I could name five where that doesn’t happen. Just saying.
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    I dunno, he said his research was youtube videos. I watched most of SDSU's season last year :p
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    I'll be avoiding Penny. His situation couldn't be worse. Seattle has a horrible offensive line. He faces competition from Seattle's other running backs. And he has a quarterback that doesn't throw to running backs (no Seattle running back has had more than 37 receptions with Wilson at the helm). Planets will have to align for Penny to prosper this year.
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    Gathers could be a sneaky sleeper in '18.
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    which players do you think (for FF purposes) received the most benefit from the draft and NFL FA? I think the biggest winner is Eli Manning. Signing Nate Solder was huge. Drafting players (eg. Barkley) to help Eli and not drafting a QB in the 1st must've made Eli extremely happy. Some other winners, Alex Smith and Case Keenum... like Eli, no QB taken in the 1st, in fact, neither team drafted a QB at all?! which veteran players do you think benefited from draft picks or lack of drafted competition?
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    Do the Colts even have a primary RB, with Gore gone its a lot of average guys left, and 2 rookie RBs drafted in rounds 4/5. Jones, Mack, Turbin. Maybe CMike gets his shot, or a rookie?
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    Yeah and Smith got a potentially big boost with Guice too. I say if Luck miraculously is healthy, add TY Hilton. Two late-round WRs aren't likely to make a dent and their OL is much improved now (again if all stay healthy).
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    I like the Jihad Ward trade too. I had high hopes for that guy in dynasty last year and he tanked but the talent is there
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    Pretty big dick move by Philly.
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    No I didn't - I muted you for a month when the political posts got to be too much.
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    Very surprised. Not unhappy, necessarily...but RB was not on my radar. For the 4 picks in the firat 2 rounds I wanted to see OL, TE, LB, QB, in some order.
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    I think I just went 0-12 in the Huddle Draft Contest. WURD.
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    Yeah cuz Wyoming had such a tough schedule. Mayfield was an ill-advised pick, but booing the Ward pick is stupid. It's a good pick.
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    Well the Browns just showed everyone how to fk up the 1&4 picks.
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    The NFL is all about being a circus now. That's news?
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    If I were playing the Cowboys this year, i wouldn't even field a secondary. I would just put every eligible person on the line to stop zeke.
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    From what I have seen the #1 going for in dynasties, I don't think you are even in the ball park with that offer and run the risk of him just ignoring you from here on out. You are offering up a bunch of scraps for what many consider to be the best lock in many years as a dynasty #1 pick.
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    Since no other team has selected, the Browns rush to the podium with the draft card and take Bradley Chubb, DE NC State
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    I approve of this thread.
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    conditioning, illness and injuries have derailed him. He wasn't worth the money that DEN matched from Miami's offer and Elway screwed up not assigning a 2nd round tender. He was never worth that money, but he is a good overall RB and a good team mate, so if they didn't ask him to take a pay cut, then they screwed up... again.
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    Moving from Cooks thread:
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    Lol defensive much
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    FWIW, no way Barkley is available at 1.4
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    I agree. So value there. I think a 3rd for tyrod is value too. Getting something for Kizer was great. I'd like to see CLE trade #4 to BUF for LT Cordy Glenn, picks #21, #22, and BUF's next year's first, so BUF can get their QB of the future. Then CLE drafts Lamar Jackson with #22, who I think would pair well with Tyrod and give Lamar a year. I say pick #22 cuz it's funny when you consider the last three QBs CLE took at #22.