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    I came back here just to laugh at the Bears. Giving up all that for one spot. LOL
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    Wait a second...that's it? 34 words? 3 sentences? Slip deserves way, way, way, way, way more from you. Stop slacking and let's see it...the whole feeling, an essay.
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    I'd rather have the pick then either of them. Honestly think its a good move. Hooker is going to be very boom or bust with his play style and I've already stated I don't think any of the QBs were 1st round worthy. Defense is still deep at the moment in this draft, so you can use other picks now to address needs while you've already added on picks for next year when the QB class improves.
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    Wow. I bet Darin just spit up his beer.
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    the guy's a disaster
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    One week to go... Here's probably the best mock I've seen, not simply for the picks necessarily but the rationales etc: http://www.drafttek.com/2017-NFL-Mock-Draft-Round1.asp What/who do you hope for from your team? I'm cautiously optimistic about Ballard for the Colts; unlikely he'll pull a Grigson with some bonehead moves (I think/hope). He's already stated CB, DE, and OL are the priorities, as they should be. He might nab a LB too, although they made several FA moves there already, so unless a great LB value falls, I say go the best of the other 3 positions (no one guy comes to mind). If a stud safety falls he best look at that also, we're mighty thin there.
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    Hey man, someone once said 80% of life is just showing up. When I was eight, my mom took me down to the Ford PP&K contest. I flung a helicopter pass about 10 yards, I shanked the punt sideways for maybe a 15 yard net, and then squibbed a kick. Went home. Later in the afternoon, the phone rang. It was the dealership asking us to come down and get the trophy. Turns out I took third, because only three kids my age showed up. Lesson learned!
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    Bears are idiots. Laughing my ass off.
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    John Lynch takin' em to school his first day.
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    Because? Honest question. I only saw bits n pieces but he looked promising when I saw him (on that crapass team no less) and while stats can be misleading, those are pretty good too. I don't think anyone knows whether he can be the answer yet or not, but why draft him if you're not going to give him a shot?
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    The bills are waiting until the last second to do a 1 dollar up bid..Gil style
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    Their non-divisional road games are @ OAK, DEN, PIT, NO, and TB. Sure, they could win any/all of them. But, they're not exactly cupcakes.
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    I really hope Denver pulls a draft day trade for a current NFL LT. I'm not convinced any of the top LT prospects can anchor the LT spot for years to come so a trade would be great. Then let them focus on MLB (especially speed here), large youth on the DL and depth at RB, WR and OLine.
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    Honestly, I've seen more Titans' fans wanting Corey Davis over Mike Williams (myself included). Williams' lack of separation is a big concern for me, especially since the Titans coaching staff has yet to show they can scheme WRs open. I think Davis' greater speed and better route running give him the edge. I would be very pleased if they took Davis at 18, even if Williams was still there.
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    I've seen a few mocks - where Hooker and Adams go in the top-5 - where the Bolts take Peppers. In fact, one of the mocks was a Charger fansite... so... Peppers is very polarizing. I can see the bust potential, but I also see star potential. I know the Cowboys like him - as they should with the state of their secondary - as well as the Steelers. I think the guy's an absolute game-changing stud. All these defenses bringing their bigger safeties up into the box as an additional run-stopper... heck, in some cases (Barron, Bucannon), they've actually re-designated them as LBs. But in the case of guys like Landon Collins (and others), they are still DBs ... that could potentially put up LB-esque tackle and big play stats. Peppers is in that mold. He will be used all over the field.
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    The Carolina Panthers go stiff-arming, hurdling and spin-moving through the crowd with the card that says RB, Leonard Fournette on it!
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    This Dcat is a serious fellow when it comes to these mocks!! I'm glad. Super glad!
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    Dunno...'stream' is a pretty apt term for what I see running up and down the field on Thursdays...
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    Romo will break his collerbone walking into the booth in week 1.
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    He spammed the same thing over 3 threads. So poof he went.
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    Sounds like a reason to create a new BOTH league and draft it up that weekend.
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    John Lynch...gm of the year?
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    I don't know what the better trade rape is. 49'rs or Cleveland. Cleveland raped the Texans twice...they win.
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    The 49ers are looking friggin' brilliant here.
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    Agree. Mike Williams is a jump ball WR and Mariota doesn't throw jump balls. Davis wins mostly with separation and is a much better fit in TEN. I think Davis is probably the better prospect anyhow. My only concern is that with no measurables and being from a small(ish) school, there is some risk that he doesn't have the requisite athleticism to dominate NFL corners.
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    Chargers have yet to really address their most glaring needs, but in a deep draft, you can go BPA and still fill needs later. Peppers is a do-everything safety that can anchor the back end of the defense for years. Kaaya is a fast riser who fits the Chargers offense to a T. Now it's time to fill a need... WR. Curtis Samuel may be one of the most underrated playmakers in this draft. Remember all the naysayers of Michael Thomas last year when the Saints drafted him? "Too small of a sample size... blah blah blah". Well, the Buckeyes' offense just doesn't operate like an NFL offense. You see talent, you take it. Thomas, as we all know, blew up with Drew Brees in New Orleans. So, with the Travis Benjamin experiment looking like it may be a bust, the Chargers need to fill the void left by Danny Woodhead. Perfect plug in is Curtis Samuel from OSU. Dude was only a hair "slower" than John Ross (4.31 40) and is completely electric in space. Tyrell Williams is a nice secondary WR on the outside but the Bolts need someone to take heat off Keenan Allen and whoever lines up at TE. Nice little Swiss Army Knife kind of player who can actually spell Melvin Gordon for a few carries a game too.
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    Jungle Love - Morris Day and the Time
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    With the Browns three rounds complete, here is the rational I used. 1 Defense required. 2 Get a developmental QB in the Second Round at 33. 3. Get playmakers with ability, toughness, attitude, and leadership in some combination. Rumor has it that Brock the Brick is going to have a chance at starter ... I am not surprised.
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    Yeah the Browns are torn. Garrett is the smart pick but they are enamored with Trubisky. Such a bad move. That franchise is doomed. Honestly, they should trade the 1.01, move down and just gather up more 2nds / 3rds. And not take Trubisky. He is no better than Cody Kessler. I fear that Trubisky has bust written all over him.
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    Denver takes a much needed upgrade at TE after missing out on the lineman on their board.
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    Was really torn on the Bolts pick here. Almost went WR but was not impressed with what's left on the upper end there. Thought about edge rusher but between Ingram and Bosa, they're fairly strong. Thought about bolstering the OL but that can be achieved later. So the Kaaya pick may have been a stretch but he's a perfect project QB for the Bolts as they transition to LA and from Philip Rivers. Lots of similarities between these guys and Rivers will be a perfect mentor.
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    The Cowboys select Charles Harris, DE, Missouri
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    There are no words to express the pain he must feel. He has my prayers and thoughts.
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    @CowboysDiehard I wanted White for the Jets in round 2. Oh well. Not even close for me. I think White will prove to be the best lock-down corner of the draft. Tremendous in press coverage. Great pick. Dammit.
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    A true model owner, and a true model human being. The Rooney rule speaks volumes about his character
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    I performed all the new visual upgrades for MFL this season , to make the site more appealing on mobile devices , also creating 43 new skin designs. There wasn't much i could do about the navigation , they have an absurd amount of links , reports . They did do a lot of backend changes , some of which i do not like at all , like the new add/drops - waiver system There is still much more to come , hopefully I have their ears on some nice enhancements to the site for live scoring , lineups , draft rooms .... we will see....
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    And our choice of QBs at the #1 pick :caqzy: Well at least most of the media has finally stopped talking about using the #1 pick on a QB and agree Miles Garrett is the right pick. But others are saying #12 or use #12 and other resources to move up, for Turbisky.
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    Games played at the Greenbrier Resort, been by there many times on motorcycle trips in the area. The resort owner started working to have sports facilities there a few years back, met with Sean Payton at a golf tournament and then spent a bunch to build the facilities they needed. Not sure if this is a solid effort that will become something lasting, or just another failed league.
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    schedule: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-spring-league-2017-regular-season-games-tickets-32264990455 All games at a WV resort. It says games will be broadcast nationally, but no details given #12: https://www.thespringleague.com/faq
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    Some on CBS, some on NBC like last year.
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    I think it's going to still be on CBS? I'm not sure why I would stream when I can watch a better over-the-air signal?
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    I can't see him coming close to either of those records. Missing the 2014 and 2016 seasons (for the most part) robbed him of close to 3,000 yards and 20 TDs.
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    If we get this done quick are we still going to wait until May to do the Vet draft? I'd say a week after the order is drawn should be enough to get ready...other thoughts?
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    adding/dropping players one at a time is also a royal pain in the ass for commissioners
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    They came very close with Matt Cassel at QB, says a lot.
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    Are you going on record as saying “The regular season is just a formality?”