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    Most fans, most owners, and most players are getting put in to the middle of something they have no interest in being a part of. If you love football and stop watching because of the protests, you are allowing yourself to be victimized. You are letting them win. Ain't no one taking football away from me. I'll give you my remote when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.
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    I have never seen a President so hell bent on dividing people instead of leading them to value and respect one another's opinions. This 70 year old man child feasts on conflict which is exactly what this world needs less of. I sincerely hope people are paying attention and realize how one vote can put and entire country into purgatory. Hell I just want to watch football. The SOB twitter troll who started this should be fired for incompetence,dereliction of duty, and dumbasserdry. He'll go down as the worst President in U.S. history. That is if we survive the coming wars he's about to start with his stupidity and ignorance. Amazing how one man has found a way to piss off every segment of America accept Hillbilly Alabama. Honestly, it's like he looks for opportunities to piss people off. Truly amazing for the supposed leader of the free world.
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    There are millions of others who own these players, don't curse all the owners because of this awful trade.
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    john fox is just jeff fisher in a different city
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    Kaepernick (and others) was already kneeling before he was elected. Divide was already present, the pres and the media just have a knack for exacerbating it. Funny thing is both sides are currently valid. The players have the ability to this form of protest while working because their contract has no rules against it and fans have the right to withdraw their support and money. Yet here we are just continuing on about how this side or the other is wrong and throwing blame on one person or another for divisiveness. Very much seems like the pot and the kettle at this point. I'll get out of this threads way though...
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    Sure, you may not see if you turn on the game at 1:05 or 4:30, but you'll be hearing about it for the next 3 hours
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    This is the critical problem with politicians, of all persuasions - they try to inject themselves into every aspect of daily life and turn everything into a political decision, or a political commentary. How far are we going to take this us v them insanity? Enough is enough aholes - we're all trying to be socially responsible and respectful but at the end of the day all we want to do is WATCH FOOTBALL.
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    His longest run of the year was onto the field to get ejected like a F'ing idiot
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    Maybe its time to go with the ole sleep with his wife option. That hasn't been mentioned yet right?
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    Hang tight. Stevegrab will show up and tell you what to do..
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    Or maybe people are finally just sick to death of hearing his name and/or about the whole anthem BS.
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    Most NFL owners are politically conservative and believe everyone should stand for the anthem. 7 NFL owners donated $1 million dollars each to Trump's inaugural committee. They stayed out of the anthem issue for as long as they could. They would have preferred to have ignored the issue and hoped it would have gone away. But they really had no choice but to respond considering how important the issue is to the players and how important the players are to them. The owners clearly had planned what their response would be if/when Trump finally attacked. There was little division among owners this past weekend. The responses that owners gave were very well written and extremely persuasive. It is not the owner's responsibility to dictate political views for their players. The original European settlers in this country came here because a person could believe whatever they wanted in this country without fear of retribution. It is so sad that Americans who consider themselves patriotic are so intent on forcing their beliefs on others.
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    Been here 13 years. No better site for fantasy football. Most people on boards are adults but sometimes you get stupid childish answers.
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    You could always send him a nicely wrapped present from all the league owners. When he opens it he will find $hit in a ziplock bag with a note saying thanks for the manurety year.
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    I see this differently. If your team sucks then I'd let your boss know that at the end of the season it is his turn to be commish. But if you have a good team and want to continue in the league then the option is clear. You have to kill your boss.
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    Keep plugging! This week I dropped a 150 burger on the league champion...and the only player on my roster I actually drafted was Devante Adams. I traded for a couple, and the other six were waiver wire fodder. You can do it, man!
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    I need a refund on my fantasy teams. I should have taken the path of Irish and taken the year off. Injuries are a MoFo, but man - seems like every major injury this year has been to a player on my team with the exception of Rodgers (although I do own Nelson). IDK what I did to piss off the fantasy gods for a 3rd year in a row - but I have received the message loud and clear - take a year off.
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    Their stats are even because Evans has played 4 weeks and Agholor has played 6 weeks.
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    i don't think dave facilitated this trade?
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    Actually I haven't drank in quite some time. In house rehab for a year and graduated Feb. 28th. I'm enjoying my new sober life thank you.
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    As said no better than the site police, aka Stegrab - google it. Dont come here and make a post about something you could find on Twitter or Google. It annoys him. Thank you.
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    I watch these Thursday Night games and just think to myself, these Thursday Night games just need to go! But a week later, another Thursday Night game and I tune in. Guess I'm part of the problem, not the solution.
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    How to win at FF: do opposite of what taz says.
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    Quoted for truth. One of mine has been indicted, convicted, and now sits on death row...appeals running out...
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    Did you Google it first? Or ask stevegrab if it's ok to post your question here? Just making sure we're all held to the same standards..
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    Wow, Johnny on the spot. Thanks man!
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    Quarterback? Don't talk about -- Quarterbacks? You kidding me? Quarterbacks? .
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    Oh boy.. Someone's making a run at the 2017 NTOTY!
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    Traded brown for OBJ this year as I needed to shed cap space and OBJ is at $8 and Brown was at $31 Still kicking myself in the butt over that trade Don't trade Brown, Don't be like me, Don't hate your life
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    Pretty much in the same boat. Need Delanie Walker to score less than 31 in a half point PPR. After some bad luck the last few weeks, I think I'm good this week!
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    My team is so trash that......even Fred Sanford won't touch it! It's this: McCown Ingram Perine Adams Fuller Sefarian-Jenkins D. Walker Hopkins Ravens Pretty much going up against Hunt, Freeman, and L. Bell. Any two of those three will outscore my entire side today.
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    I think bitchin' kamara will do well but think mccaffrey will be the more productive by the end of the season...mostly because I don't believe Stewart and/or Cam will get through the season without injuries and lost time. also, ingram doesn't get a lot of love for his abilities as a receiving back.... he's very good imo.
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    I think you have him confused with his brother, Antonio.
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    With you on this one...hoping for a few sightings during garbage time. At least he's still on the field.
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    I tend to agree with pesosweetdog on this one its do or die for Cincy and they are going to ride AJ and Mixon like a couple of government mules!
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    Shit, I'd rather take a refund on my fantasy teams at this point
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    The unfortunate part all of this is that sports is one of the few things that unite us as humans despite one's race, gender, class, religion, creed, sexuality, etc. It's really sad that it's being used as a tool to cause more division.
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    It's because you joined after he left here as a writer...but us old-timers knew he was joking
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    It seems a lot of people have the whole season figured out based on what has happened in these first two weeks.