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    Wait a second...that's it? 34 words? 3 sentences? Slip deserves way, way, way, way, way more from you. Stop slacking and let's see it...the whole feeling, an essay.
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    the guy's a disaster
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    Im just busting balls. I dont even know what the hell you guys are talking about. Sometimes MFL loyalists get a little high and mighty. I saw this as a chance for a reality slap. All sites have their flaws
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    One week to go... Here's probably the best mock I've seen, not simply for the picks necessarily but the rationales etc: http://www.drafttek.com/2017-NFL-Mock-Draft-Round1.asp What/who do you hope for from your team? I'm cautiously optimistic about Ballard for the Colts; unlikely he'll pull a Grigson with some bonehead moves (I think/hope). He's already stated CB, DE, and OL are the priorities, as they should be. He might nab a LB too, although they made several FA moves there already, so unless a great LB value falls, I say go the best of the other 3 positions (no one guy comes to mind). If a stud safety falls he best look at that also, we're mighty thin there.
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    I've seen a few mocks - where Hooker and Adams go in the top-5 - where the Bolts take Peppers. In fact, one of the mocks was a Charger fansite... so... Peppers is very polarizing. I can see the bust potential, but I also see star potential. I know the Cowboys like him - as they should with the state of their secondary - as well as the Steelers. I think the guy's an absolute game-changing stud. All these defenses bringing their bigger safeties up into the box as an additional run-stopper... heck, in some cases (Barron, Bucannon), they've actually re-designated them as LBs. But in the case of guys like Landon Collins (and others), they are still DBs ... that could potentially put up LB-esque tackle and big play stats. Peppers is in that mold. He will be used all over the field.
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    The Carolina Panthers go stiff-arming, hurdling and spin-moving through the crowd with the card that says RB, Leonard Fournette on it!
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    This Dcat is a serious fellow when it comes to these mocks!! I'm glad. Super glad!
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    Dunno...'stream' is a pretty apt term for what I see running up and down the field on Thursdays...
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    Romo will break his collerbone walking into the booth in week 1.
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    He spammed the same thing over 3 threads. So poof he went.
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    Sounds like a reason to create a new BOTH league and draft it up that weekend.
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    I think Antonio Garcia is one of the most underrated players in this draft. I have heard rumors that the Bears may even take him in the 2nd. Big dude, quick for his size, and incredible footwork. Definitely projects as a solid NFL LT.
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    With the Browns three rounds complete, here is the rational I used. 1 Defense required. 2 Get a developmental QB in the Second Round at 33. 3. Get playmakers with ability, toughness, attitude, and leadership in some combination. Rumor has it that Brock the Brick is going to have a chance at starter ... I am not surprised.
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    Browns get another DE to help stop the run which is their biggest weakness. Leadership off the field as well as on the field made this pick perfect as Wormley was a captain at Michigan.
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    Their non-divisional road games are @ OAK, DEN, PIT, NO, and TB. Sure, they could win any/all of them. But, they're not exactly cupcakes.
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    Considered going offensive here but the need on the other side of the ball is too great. Sidney is going to fall due to the injury, but think the Dolphins would be willing to take the chance he comes back to form after the plethora of CB talent that is drafted before their pick. With these two picks, I retire. I really was only expecting the one round as originally intended and do not have the acumen to replicate picks NFL teams will make going any deeper.
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    Detroit (or many teams really) would be thrilled to have McDowell available for them at this pick. Detroit's line is aging so this is a good pick for them. Initially was targeting Engram but he didn't make it back.
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    Denver takes a much needed upgrade at TE after missing out on the lineman on their board.
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    I really hope the Browns don't overthink it and take Myles Garrett at 1. I also hope they don't take Mitch Tribusky at 12 and go with OJ Howard
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    I really hope Denver pulls a draft day trade for a current NFL LT. I'm not convinced any of the top LT prospects can anchor the LT spot for years to come so a trade would be great. Then let them focus on MLB (especially speed here), large youth on the DL and depth at RB, WR and OLine.
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    I love Dawkins and think he will become a tackle in the NFL. He's a beast. this is the earliest I've seen him selected. But it's a good pick.
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    Was really torn on the Bolts pick here. Almost went WR but was not impressed with what's left on the upper end there. Thought about edge rusher but between Ingram and Bosa, they're fairly strong. Thought about bolstering the OL but that can be achieved later. So the Kaaya pick may have been a stretch but he's a perfect project QB for the Bolts as they transition to LA and from Philip Rivers. Lots of similarities between these guys and Rivers will be a perfect mentor.
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    The Browns get their QB of the future to groom. Cleveland carefully considered their history of QB futility and realized that rushing their QB to play immediately was part of the reason for the lack of success and being a First round pick. Cleveland waited so that they could groom and develop their starter with little pressure on him to play.
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    thanks! was just about to post it
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    The Cowboys select Charles Harris, DE, Missouri
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    @CowboysDiehard I wanted White for the Jets in round 2. Oh well. Not even close for me. I think White will prove to be the best lock-down corner of the draft. Tremendous in press coverage. Great pick. Dammit.
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    Honestly, I've seen more Titans' fans wanting Corey Davis over Mike Williams (myself included). Williams' lack of separation is a big concern for me, especially since the Titans coaching staff has yet to show they can scheme WRs open. I think Davis' greater speed and better route running give him the edge. I would be very pleased if they took Davis at 18, even if Williams was still there.
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    The Miami Dolphins select Forrest Lamp, OG Western Kentucky Oh and the pick is just because she looks better and will be more useful then whoever the Dolphins actually draft.
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    Tag me when I'm up I'll check later, busy today
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    B. A. Baracus to bring attitude and nastiness to a defense in need. That is Foster for the Browns.
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    4.46 is poor? If he were designated as a LB he'd be the fastest in this class. Due to injuries on the Wolverine D, he actually played more LB than he had in the past. Ran faster than what Eric Weddle ran (4.48). Of course, Weddle is white Only concern - and it's not a huge one - is his lack of INTs in college. But yeah, the kid is a playmaker. Need playmakers on this defense.
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    In Dcat's sigline. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kMoniY9M6sHHKQOY4cjVLbPZjYX5_LSFNXYz_YpNNBs/edit?usp=sharing
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    I performed all the new visual upgrades for MFL this season , to make the site more appealing on mobile devices , also creating 43 new skin designs. There wasn't much i could do about the navigation , they have an absurd amount of links , reports . They did do a lot of backend changes , some of which i do not like at all , like the new add/drops - waiver system There is still much more to come , hopefully I have their ears on some nice enhancements to the site for live scoring , lineups , draft rooms .... we will see....
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    Love Jonathan Allen for the Bears. They're in a slow rebuild and need beef in the middle and forces on the defensive side of the ball once again. Vic Fangio gets an absolute terror who can play all along the line. Pairs with the likes of Leonard Floyd and underrated (for now) Eddie Goldman (as I like to call him.. Goldman SACKS) Thought of going with safety but battles won in the trenches and Allen is both safe and has upside. ====== For the Titans, they need help everywhere. Jamal Adams was the no-brainer of no-brainer picks. He could quite possibly be the best overall player in this draft, not just defender. Natural leader that the Titans' defense needs right now. Big hitter that can play in the box as well as drop back and kick booty in coverage.
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    Damn. I should have figured that with the limited formatting the Huddle board allows. But you can view the googledocs spreadsheet cleanly on your phone. There is a free phone app for Googledocs that will allow you to view the spreadsheet correctly on your phone. It won't let you see the pasted formatted copies here from the spreadsheet, but you will be able to navigate the spreadsheet cleanly on your phone. I will definitely minimize the cut and pastes from the spreadsheet here in the thread, and will use a separate post for them so you can bypass and look only at the regular posts.
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    Soul Meets Body - Death Cab For Cutie
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    " Jones likewise urged an end to the practice of investigating off-field misconduct. " Nope, he just has Zeke on his team.
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    And our choice of QBs at the #1 pick :caqzy: Well at least most of the media has finally stopped talking about using the #1 pick on a QB and agree Miles Garrett is the right pick. But others are saying #12 or use #12 and other resources to move up, for Turbisky.
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    Games played at the Greenbrier Resort, been by there many times on motorcycle trips in the area. The resort owner started working to have sports facilities there a few years back, met with Sean Payton at a golf tournament and then spent a bunch to build the facilities they needed. Not sure if this is a solid effort that will become something lasting, or just another failed league.
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    Some on CBS, some on NBC like last year.
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    I think it's going to still be on CBS? I'm not sure why I would stream when I can watch a better over-the-air signal?
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    I can't see him coming close to either of those records. Missing the 2014 and 2016 seasons (for the most part) robbed him of close to 3,000 yards and 20 TDs.
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    You rolled 8d20 instead of 8d100
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    But wait ?? I thought MFL was a God and only mere pee ons use cbs ???? Who is peeing now !!!!
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    The $385,000 weight clause in Eddie Lacy's contract with the Seattle Seahawks is based on him hitting specific benchmarks on seven separate occasions, a league source tells ESPN's Field Yates. For each weigh-in that Lacy reaches his target number, he can make $55,000. The numbers are 255 pounds in May; 250 pounds in June and August; and 245 pounds in September, October, November and December. Can you believe this lol ...
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    They came very close with Matt Cassel at QB, says a lot.
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    SteveGrab, I used to work with the nephew years and years ago. I've asked several times over the years for updated addresses and phone numbers and usually get zip for responses. So, I took it if they want it, they'll come get it. If the owner wins, they usually come over to my house for $$. As far as the negative comments. I just want to know what others have done in the same situation. Sheesh.
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    Use nephew's winnings to pay for the other guy's fees. Keep the rest aside in case the nephew finally responds and deal with the shortfall at that point.