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    Panicked for a moment when I misclicked on this thread, but thankfully Ignore still works after all these years.
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    Totally indefensible move - and I have zero love for Eli. I would fire McAdoo immediately. Whatever problems they have, substituting Geno for Eli solves none of them. This guy won you 2 super bowls. The amount of disrepect here is hard to understand.
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    The uproar isn't about whether or not Eli should be benched. It's about how poorly it was executed, how poorly it was communicated, and at the end of the day, Eli's play has been the least of their problems. The whole thing is bizarre, and makes it clear that the Giants' front office doesn't really have a plan. Their drafts have been largely disastrous, and this debacle is just one more nail in the coffins of both the HC and GM. It would be one thing if they benched Eli to see what they have in Webb. But, they (the NYG) admittedly haven't given Webb enough snaps in practice to play him at this point. Which, in and of itself, is pretty hard to understand. Your season has been a loss since basically September, you want to see what you have at the QB position (besides Eli), but it never crossed your mind to maybe give the rookie some playing time on the practice field!?! So, instead, they will trot out a known commodity (Geno), which really does nothing for the franchise (other than make them look like more of a laughingstock than they already were). Add to all of that the fact that Eli wasn't notified by the owner or GM (he found out from the head coach, who is clearly a dead man walking, in way over his head, etc.), and I could see why Eli would be disappointed to say he least. He's the consummate team player/professional, and the inference that the team might be better of with Geno Smith (!?!) starting at QB is a slap in the face. And their "plan" was to let Eli play a half (to extend his streak), then bench him at halftime? WTF would be the benefit of that?
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    The problem has to be resolved at a young age with youth and high school coaches. I was told over and over again to “get your head in there”. We also had “rewards” for players who had the most stick marks and scrapes on their helmets. This was in HS and later encouraged in college. The fact is that not only do you risk head/neck injuries, it’s not good football. Square up your pads, stay balanced and drive with your legs and shoulders then wrap up with your arms. This needs to be taught now at every level and a very early age. BTW, when I played both sides of the ball I was told many times to “stick your head in there” as an RB. Bad coaching and not fundamentally correct.
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    I was loaded at QB with Wentz and Wilson, so traded Wilson at the trade deadline... Moral of story... sometimes better to be loaded than out of bullets.
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    Outside of fantasy, that's just awful for Wentz and the Eagles. They really had something special going.
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    I like total points because it is the easiest. Even when the rules explain the head-to-head criteria explicitly, people will be confused or will complain when it is a 3-way or 4-way tie. I also think total points is the fairest since it is the best indicator of the best team.
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    Totally classless act! Head coach, GM, President, all management and entire coaching staff fire them all! You are all an embarrassment to NFL! No respect or likeness should ever be shown to N.Y. Giants organization again! Eli please find a way out of there! Jacksonville! Anywhere! You deserve so much more! Congrats on a great career so far!
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    Poor Eli... Its tough to play when the entire team around him has practically given up, and the WR corps is plagued with Injuries... There's a reason Eli has a consecutive start record. McAdoo needs to be fired.. He is AIDS, and has infected the Giants. Also, the way Eli talks about being benched is truly a class act.
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    May the ff gods take pity on your lack of reading the room you are speaking in.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at The Huddle and on The Huddle Forum!
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    I thought this was going to be a thread about the Halftime shows. Cause, so far, they stink like bullmanure.
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    I think if Jason Garrett walked in on his wife with another man that he would stand there and clap enthusiastically....think about it.
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    I believe you're referring to the "All 22" footage, which is completely different than what we saw on TNF.
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    Ohhh, that's a tough one. I'd lean towards starting Darkwa. Yeldon will be in a timeshare and if the Jags are winning, I can see Ivory on the field allot. The only way Yeldon succeeds is if they are behind................and that's not likely against Cleveland. Perine is not even a thought when you have Yeldon and Darkwa
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    Report to who? The collusion police?
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    Lol you guys are old
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    Jones, Johnson, Smith and Williams would all be good adds... LMAO
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    Playing against a team that's starting Kamara Ingram Thomas My guess is he doesn't have any respect for the Jets defense.
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    Interesting. The Browns seem to get publicly owned every week!
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    this. reminds me of Carr and OAK last year.
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    They need to bring back the 5-yard face mask penalty. Touching the mask doesn’t warrant a personal foul.
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    Head-to-head is fun. It is fun competing against a different person each week even if you aren't interacting with their team in any real sense. It is especially fun when you know the person you are competing against. I also like the idea of a team or two of the remaining teams to get into the playoffs based on most points scored. It seems unfair for someone to score in the top 3 of most points scored and not make it in to the playoffs. I also like the idea of using most points scored to determine tiebreakers. It is the easiest system, and again, the most fair. Some people are arguing that it is hypocritical not to support one or the other system 100%. They are arguing that if you like most points scored then you need to do away with head-to-head entirely. Or if you support head-to-head then you need use head-to-head as the tiebreaker, too. Just because you like something doesn't mean you need to put it into practice in it's 100% pure form. Most things aren't good in their 100% pure form. 100% capitalism isn't good. 100% socialism isn't good. The key is to try to get the best of both systems and not the bad parts. I think playing head-to-head while putting a team or two with most points into the playoffs and using most points for tiebreakers brings the best of both systems together.
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    What one team scored in Week 5 means a whole lot less.
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    why? what's the point?
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    Looks like people have checked out completely rather checked in.
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    Save it you idiots. All the dads take part in their kids process. We all had a pizza party for the draft and let them draft their own teams. We all assist in setting their lineups but let the kids take the lead. My kids loves doing it there is no money and we sit down together and watch games together. Before you go judging others and their families go look at your own disfuctional units. If you have this much time to criticize me and my kid for having fun, clearly you are lacking in your own lives. He and his friends are sports nuts and this is what they love to do with their dads, in between us coaching their various sports. What a bunch of pathetic losers. What is more concerning to me woudl be that a bunch of adults are so concerned about a now 11 year old playing a.......GAME. Thank you @Montana is da Man and @chiefswarpathfor your input all year and understanding that it is a...... GAME. For the record at no point in any of my posts did I or my son take pleasure in beating any of our friends. It's called competition and teaching them to win with grace and lose with dignity and that is what we are teaching our boys. Jesus.
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    I knew I would hear it from you guys. I ended up starting him, with the mantra of never bench your studs. Put him in this morning across a few leagues. Gets me the win in one league to make the playoffs. Yes, I admit it...I was horribly wrong. Luckily, I am not cursing myself right now.
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    This is one of the dumbest things you have ever posted, and that is saying something.
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    Do you not feel guilty at all about playing fantasy football against a bunch of 10 year olds? Or is this just a shtick to get more responses?
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    but Zimmer took the back-up QB from that 4-12 team and has them at the top of the NFC. And he lost his top RB I think its between McVay, Zimmer and Marrone
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    So I just got finished checking and filling the fluid in the rear differential of my truck. Obviously, the game is on in the garage, and I'm having a beer. Life couldn't be any better...working on the truck, having an beer, and the boys are WINNING. Garage door opens, and my wife returns from the gym. She asks how the game's going. I point at the TV and say 'Feast your eyes on that!'. She shrugs and says 'Well, the second half hasn't started', then goes into the house.
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    I played the WAS TE and all I got was VD.
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    Same guy that started Crowded in our league He also had Morris sitting on his bench. Honestly though, who was relying on Cowboys skill players unless they had no other options after their last few weeks?
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    Put me down for 1) 'I don't care' 2) Shouldn't wear any jewelry during games and 3) Hair shouldn't hang out of the back of helmets. Now leave me alone while I open a meister brau and evict kids from my lawn so I can get back to yelling at clouds.
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    people who think like that rarely win.
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    Alge Crumpler. Love that name. Makes me chuckle every time I hear it. We had a good laugh when ever he was drafted at our draft parties. However, nothing topped the laughter after my first pick in the first FF draft I ever attended. I drafted Mel Gray because he ran back TD's on kick offs and they told me before the draft, to draft players that got long touchdowns and lots of yardage. They neglected to mention punt and kickoff return yardage didn't count. Needless to say I had a poor team that year.
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    I'm shocked by Goddell and the NFL's completely inconsistent punishments...just utterly shocked.
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    I think BeeR needs one of those, too.
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    Can we have just one thread for you to brag/whine about your team? Seriously.
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    Yup. Hunt did have a couple big runs called back due to holding should have broke 100 yds. While I think KC weak schedule will help Hunt rebound this team is soft. Punch Reid in the mouth he does not know what to do. As far as the play calling...... Lou Holtz once said, "You use trick plays when you think you can't line up a beat em." Playing the Giants you line up and beat them. Hunt with 25+ touches
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    What if she wanted a McFlurry and you just wanted a little apple pie?
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    your last name wouldn't be, Peterman, would it?
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    You've got a dream of Bryant breaking out and cannot accept it won't be happening. You can say the coaches are idiots and not using him right but that isn't going to change reality. As far as the guys arguing with you, funny you leave out the knowledgeable Steelers fan.