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    Shelton to Patriots for Conditional 2019 pick. I was unaware that Dorsey gets paid per transaction.
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    Think the Taylor trade was a boneheaded move, he doesn't offer them much of an upgrade at QB (imo), and won't make this offense sing. They could have gotten a better bridge QB.
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    Irsay obviously wasn’t involved in this deal...
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    Marqise Lee reportedly resigned with JAC. rumor is that Julius Thomas and Tyler Eifert both tripped on a McDonald's bag that Eddie Lacy threw on the ground, so... injured, injured, fat.
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    i'm reading some of that nonsense, just wow... he talks like championships are won or lost by one guy on the team. Even Michael Jordan had a quality group of guys around him. Should Dan Marino be removed from the HoF? Also, as someone who has master's level classes in statistics, econometrics, modeling... I know just enough to say that guy couldn't crunch data to get a straight line between two points.
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    Taylor has been a great game manager. I believe he has one of the best TD to INT ratios in the NFL. With Dorsey as a GM you have to expect something like this. He brought Alex Smith in to KC because he liked Smiths ability to manage the game and not turn the ball over. That’s exactly what they got in Taylor. For a 3rd rd pick, who would turn the ball over less Taylor, a rookie QB, Kizer, or what ever FA QB decided to play in Cleveland
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    Barkley with the #1 pick followed by one of Mayfield/Allen/ Rosen with the #4 pick (Tyrod Taylor to start in 2018 as the hold the fort guy). Browns in the driver's seat for sure. Nice work by Dorsey if this comes to fruition.
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    slightly shocked doesn't begin to qualify my feelings. at least he doesn't turn the ball over, something the Browns' QBs were not adept at last season
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    ecstatic doesn't begin to qualify my feelings
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    Coleman and Gordon on the outside, Landry in the slot. That could be a top 5 WR trio in the league. Pick up Barkley, a rookie QB to groom in the first round of this years draft. Hopefully they can land one of the big QB's in FA. Already a solid O-line and defense. They could make an immediate impact next year.
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    ramping up for a pass happy league and to combat the NFC- Minn, Philly, NOS, Atl, and up and coming 49ers
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    My Issue with Bell is that while I agree he should be paid as the best ( even though in reality he isn't statistically, 2nd to Gurley in scrimmage yards and barely ahead of Hunt) His ask is ludicrous. They upped their offer from last years offer and he said no, he wants minimum annual average of this years tag value. My sense is people go a little over the top over his numbers in the fantasy world, but in reality, he averaged 4 YPC and 4.5 yards per touch, with one of the best Olines in the game, a HOF QB and the best WR in the game. He had 2 runs over 20 yards, he's slow, but an elite pass blocker and receiver. I believe a guy like Dion Lewis would fill the role beautifully, signing bell totally handicaps them for improving what they need to win the super bowl and that's def, whens the last time a RB carried a team to the SB. They only have 6 mil in cap space and need to make up 8 mil to pay for the tag ( Entire Tag counts towards the cap, long term deal can be spread out over the life of the deal)... you can't devote that much cap room to a RB when you have other needs, especially with Ben done in 2-3 years, its win now and you don't need a 15 mil RB to win in the NFL. An old Deangello Williams had some of his best games of his career with this Offense, I say sign a Dion Lewis or Carlos Hyde for 5-6 mil, shore up the def and Draft some depth at RB and let him go.
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    It is unlikely that Saquon will rush for 1,600 yards on any of the teams that will likely draft him. But receiving stats are far more important than rushing yards in elevating a player from tier 2 to tier 1. Saquon is being promoted as an elite receiver. Scouts are saying that he was a better receiver than any of the wide receivers in the Big Ten last year. Alvin Kamara was the 3rd or 4th highest scoring fantasy running back last season depending on the scoring system. He had 120 carries for 728 yards. Even on the Giants and Colts, it will be difficult for Saquon not to be tier 1 if he is a 3-down back featured in the passing game.
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    Ryan Grigson really f'd this franchise
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    If Grigson was around, no doubt the Colts
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    Guess im the only one that likes their pizza. It's the only "fast foody" pizza i like. Pizza Hut is garbage and Dominos is even worse.
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    One of my favorites and probably one of the more underrated guys, fantasy and otherwise.
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    Agreed and I think Denver is holding a giant beer bong of the koolaide!
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    I don't keep up with Tampa media anymore but it also seems weird that you get popped for PEDs and you go to rehab. I can't think of a PED, other than an amphetamine, that rehab would help for?
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    I want more trades in the top 4 to really make this interesting. Any scenario where one of the top 3 QBs slide? Anyway that Chub slides to 9 🤔
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    aWWW you're getting cuter with your posts.
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    They've been wreaking havoc on their own QBs for so long...that should be a nice change for them.
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    Wasted, on the consensus first overall pick, because he missed some time and wasn't a lights out DE? Or wasted as in "didn't draft the QB they needed". Just tired of all the constant negative commentary about Browns, hear enough of it from the local fans.
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    Not exactly a high bar to get over.......
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    I guess the Browns are less likely to draft Barkley after agreeing to terms with Carlos Hyde. No?
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    Nelson looks like he has lost a step, and he'll turn 33 in May.
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    Bradford's deal was 1 year 20 million
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    All the pressure on now. If they do anything less than make the SB, Vike fans will grumble. "We got farther with Keenum!"
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    No, but Haley might be able to
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    DeValve was drafted the year prior, not last year
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    Josh appears to be focused, hezus ! https://twitter.com/DownWithDamon/status/971839010820603904
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    shattering the record of illustrious legends such as Fred Lane !
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    Jordan Howard averaged 4.06 ypc last year. That is bad. The fact that he had a lot of carries doesn't mean he is good. And his 14 drops in 2 seasons is unbelievably bad. That might be more than any wide receiver in the league. For a running back who only had 82 targets, it is atrocious. Most coaches in the league aren't going to want a running back with that many drops unless he is special in the run game. Every year there are a couple of running backs who nosedive fantasy-wise because they stop being a featured back. The writing is on the wall for Jordan Howard. If I owned him in dynasty, I would be shopping him hard.
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    good shows throw in actual info and discuss content outside the market too. i'm sorry your local sports talk sucks
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    That's a shame. He was a reliable, gutsy, hard-working player - I suppose it's just Father Time catching up with him! He always seemed like a very humble, decent man too, which is even more important. Enjoy your retirement, Frank, or enjoy getting a LOT of money to be a back-up somewhere. You've earned it!
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    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2018-nfl-mock-draft-browns-pull-off-andrew-luck-trade-colts-own-three-top-five-picks/ A little Luck speculation and probably the worst mock draft I’ve seen so far....1, 4, 33, 35 😳
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    No other nuts were ever hugged so tight...then end of an era.
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    Keenum did so well in their offense, why not try to keep him as franchise QB? Seems crazy to me, maybe that's their fall back plan if they lose out on Cousins. Of coruse Keenum could be gone by then, or unhappy and prefer to sign elsewhere.
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    Anyone else think it's not out of the question for the Colts to draft a QB at 1.03? I really doubt it, but this whole shoulder injury thing seems to be lingering like the heat from a ghost pepper, and the mystery about wtf the real deal is I think is ominous.
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    I can't decide what to think about Sammy Watkins. He is the quintessential high risk/high reward player. He clearly has a lot of natural talent. In 4 seasons, his talent hasn't translated to fantasy prominence. In Buffalo, his lack of production might largely be blamed on having a running quarterback who was risk averse. Last year, he has the excuse that he didn't practice with Goff until the second week of August. But I still think he should have had more than 39 catches on such a prolific offense regardless of not being there for most of training camp. He did have 6 touchdowns in the last 8 weeks which is encouraging. But his 21 receptions in the last 8 weeks is less than encouraging. When you add his injury risk and potentially playing with a fat, new contract, he is as risky as any player. My guess is that he'll be drafted in the 5th or 6th round in redraft because of name recognition. I won't draft him that early. But I'd consider drafting him in the 7th or 8th round as my 4th receiver. In dynasty, it would be difficult to find a trade that both parties would find acceptable. No one will give up a player of much value for him and no one who owns him will give him up unless they get a player of value.
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    Hopeless no, but not somebody I would count on to be the future either. They need that bridge QB, and another draftee, be that in the top 5 picks or somewhere else, depends on who they like and where they think they can land him. Without doing both those things they're relying on Kizer for the future (no rookie taken) or Kizer+rookie to start this year (no vet bridge signed). If you watched the team play you could see it was more than just lack of talent around Kizer, he just seemed lost, unprepared, not careful with the ball, etc. I think Hue's offense contributed as well as he regularly gave up on the run when the score was still close. Then he'd want Kizer to get those big chunk plays he liked, resulting in many negative plays (sacks, picks, fumbles).
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    Or better yet, "you've been traded to the Browns"
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    big money free agent QBs are not going to happen here. They plan on addressing our QOTF in this draft and don't want to shell out money to both a rookie and a vet. not that any vet would want to come here but that's another story
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    What I feel like when I see McDaniel weasel face