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    JStew 2.0? That's a kiss of death if I've ever seen one.
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    The NFL Network would be smart to hire Clayton. Nerdy football fans are one of the fastest growing segments of the NFL fan base and Clayton is person with who they can identify. And advertisers love nerds because they have a lot of disposable income.
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    Isn't this around the time of the year when the "best shape of his life" news starts picking up also?
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    I was also told there would be no conclusions...
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    People said the same things about Cordarrelle Patterson. He played 40% of snaps his rookie year and managed to get 9 touchdowns (4 receiving, 3 rushing, 2 return). Patterson ended up with an MFL adp of 40 in his sophomore year. People talked about his immense natural talents and how offensive guru Norv Turner was going to use Patterson in a million different ways to get the ball in his hands. History has not been kind to players who aren't traditional receivers but are labeled "playmakers". They might take the league by surprise one year but have trouble maintaining a high level when teams game plan for them. I'll still likely be drafting him because of his high ceiling but I'm not at all confident about the pick.
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    They should change their name from the Jets to the Tanks this year, with a pic of a flaming Sherman on their helmets
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    Barnidge could be a nice addition to a team since he is a capable blocker and receiver. But fantasywise, a tight end who projects to 50 receptions, 500 yards, and 5 touchdowns isn't roster worthy. Personally, I think he should consider joining the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery tv series as a Cardassian.
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    What a disaster. As long as he does not wind up sitting next to Deion Sanders or Skip Bayless, I'll watch John Clayton wherever he goes.
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    As I’m sure you will all have seen, Scott Ryan (Irish) is taking a step back from fantasy football this year. He has been highly active in many leagues here on The Huddle, even acting as commissioner in several leagues each year, and has always been a vocal and visible presence on the boards. I just wanted to offer three cheers for Scott and say that the game will not be the same without him! He did the work of ten people, leading countless leagues for years, and I’m sure a lot of our fellow Huddlers will want to join me in thanking him for all of the hard work he has put into organising this game that we love. Finding people to step into his shoes will not be easy! Thank you for all of your efforts, Scott, and good luck with whatever you go onto next!
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    the guy's a disaster
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    How come likes are anonymous now? If I have an incredibly awesome post (like usual), I'd like to see all the tons of people who usually like all my posts that liked it. Feel free to like this post guys, so we can see if it's working again. Thanks in advance
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    i hear ya, but how does manziel add value to anyone's brand? does he have one? don't most people consider him a near future darwin candidate? wouldn't he be poison to anyone's brand?
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    good post as i def fell victim to the patterson trap his 2nd year and overdrafted ill def still draft him this year at the right price....or if im feeling really good about what ive done up to that point i might even be willing to go a bit early.....but its def not something id feel totally confident about
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    Just signed with the Ravens. http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/5169/jeremy-maclin
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    I draw the line at the firing of John Clayton. ESPN - you are dead to me.
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    it's going to be a different offense with Dennison. So probably 2700 yards and 13 TDs.
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    NFLN or Fox will scoop him up quick-like. ESPN is toast.
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    Looked at one of the leagues and 91.5 out of 204 points came off 3 games. That's 45% of his scoring for the season. He had 5 single digit games including a duck in week 12. Those that want to crown him then crown him, but based off the hype train we're already seeing in this thread I think people are going to be overpaying in the draft.
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    So I'm going to read between the lines here. You are saying he is getting his shot?
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    I'm working on the assumption that Edelman, Gronk, and Cooks will generally be on the field and that Hogan, Mitchell, and Dwayne Allen will be fighting for the remaining spot on the field (assuming a one running back formation). While Hogan did lead the league last year in yards-per-catch at 17.9 and was awesome in the playoff game against the Steelers, his 38 receptions while playing 74% of snaps wasn't very productive on such a prolific offense. My guess is that he didn't get separation on a regular basis and that Belichick plans on using him significantly less this year. Brady is currently 10,358 yards and 83 touchdowns from being the all-time leader in both categories. Him breaking both of these records in 2 years isn't out of the realm of possibility (though Drew Brees may push both records higher). Passing deep often will help him break these records.
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    Thx goose, I appreciate the kind words and have enjoyed playing this game for many, many years. This will be the first time since 1989 that I will not take part in FF. I will miss it dearly but my family, especially with 4 kids, really need all that I can give them. I will be back some day. In the meantime, enjoy all!
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    I say get it while you can. What's the point of exerting yourself to become one of the tops in your field if you don't get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, especially when the window of opportunity is so small. Remember when Tony Romo used to tap Jessica Simpson? I think he banged Carrie Underwood also? And that chick from One Tree Hill? Next thing you know, guy settles down and gets married and his backbone turns to dust. Coincidence? I think not. Live like a gladiator, play like a gladiator. Put that ring on and put a load on your back, you end up broken and Dak'd. Oh yeah and sitting in a booth making millions talking about football, but hey....
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    Hundred Mile High City - Ocean Colour Scene
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    I'd probably go Julio. When healthy, he's the best WR in the league, and I think he'll be closer to that this year, than last.
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    but you're the only one who even mentioned him
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    I said it more out of hope than expectation.
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    so, Jared was good for Subway? Ryan Lochte was good for Speedo, Ralph Lauren, Airweave and Gentle Hair Removal? Johnny Manziel was good for Nike? Ray Rice was good for Vertimax sports equipment? more athletes who lost their sponsorships... http://fortune.com/2014/09/20/ray-rice-adrian-peterson-tiger-woods-athletes-dropped-endorsements/ maybe clicks can be bad?
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    McCaffrey isn't good at pass protection. Jonathan Stewart was rated as the best pass blocking running back in the NFL in 2016 by Pro Football Focus. In late March, Carolina signed Stewart to a 2-year/$8 million contract with an additional $1.5 million available in incentives. That is big money for a running back in today's NFL. Since Stewart was signed one month before the draft, you have to figure that Carolina was already eyeing to draft McCaffrey when they signed Stewart. Jonathan Stewart is going to be the starter and McCaffrey is going to be fighting for scraps. Carolina might occasionally use both running backs in the same backfield and could be planning some Ty Montgomery type chicanery and use McCaffrey a bit at wide receiver. But McCaffrey is unlikely to see even 50% of offensive snaps in 2017. An injury to Stewart is McCaffrey's best hope of fulfilling his 3rd round adp. Even then, it could be Fozzy Whittaker who gets the call to be the starting running back.
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    You've got to consider the audience. For the more diehard fantasy footballer, auctions add another dynamic to the strategy of team building. Do you go all in on 2-3 studs, spending 80% of your cap on those few players and filling in with flyers, or do you build a more balanced team that may lack any real dynamic puncher. For the more casual player which I would venture to guess is the vast majority of fantasy footballers, and also a smaller percentage of the kind of owner that is 1. Subscribing for fantasy content and 2. even thinking about fantasy football in June, then the simplicity of a draft is a better option for them. I like aspects of both, and play in one auction league and a few traditional draft leagues. Unsurprisingly, the auction league is made up of long time veteran players, mostly Huddlers, that all really know their stuff. The draft leagues are a mix - some made up of long time experienced players, and some with different groups of friends/family that do it for the fun and pretty much follow the Yahoo preranks for their draft. Nothing quite like the decision making and preparation required for an auction - build a budget but during the auction you have to make adjustments on the fly, decide if you are willing to go over budget for a certain player then adjust your limits on the fly for other positions, do you risk bidding up a player you don't really want in the hopes that someone else outbids you and spends their dollars on a player you don't want, there is strategy involved in who to put out for bid when, etc.
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    Mike Glennon and Joe Mixon are two more inductees to the all-neck team. Having such a long neck must increase the chance of injury.
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    you are the player killer! please post your roster
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    I would say keep Thomas and move up to 3 for sure, it's just 11th for 3rd nothing else?
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    Below in the left column in descending order are the fantasy points scored the 14 times running backs have had a second round adp rank in the last 3 years. The right column in descending order are the fantasy points scored the 18 times wide receivers have had a second round adp rank in the last 3 years. rb wr 370 381 351 331 284 327 304 273 304 231 297 214 293 273 191 261 188 254 232 184 224 178 211 170 210 203 80 180 42 155 13 12
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    We're Alive sounds like a concept of a video game. Might as well check that podcast out. Thanks for the recommendation.
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    Hahahaha, I'm drunk and in Madagascar, just replace "Bengals" where I said "Chiefs"
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    Well ESPN is bringing back Hank Williams Jr to do the MNF intro song again, that should help their sinking ship.
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    Brady didn't need to throw deep to Moss but he did. I honestly think New England is the best place in the NFL for Cooks to have landed. Whereas Brees has a fairly weak arm and his shortness makes it difficult to see far down the field, Brady is tall with a strong arm. And teams won't be able to focus on Cooks with Gronk and Edelman on the field. If Cooks gets open, Brady will throw to him. And Cooks might be the best in the NFL at getting open deep. I don't think Opie and I qualify as a hype train unless you are thinking one of those kiddie trains they have at the mini golf course. Cooks has an MFL adp of 25. Lots of cheat sheets have him lower. Some cheat sheets have him in the 4th and 5th round. Granted, if Cooks gets a couple of preseason touchdowns his adp will skyrocket. I have Cooks at 14 or 15 on my board. But obviously it'd be a lot sweeter to get Cooks at the bottom of round two than the top. And I don't consider Cooks to be taking a chance. He might be a bit inconsistent but that is different than being risky. Risky means that he could flop and I don't see that happening. I think his floor is 75 receptions, 1,100 yards, and 10 touchdowns. Brady has only spread the ball around to receivers with average talent. Gronk is statistically the best tight end ever. Moss set the receiving touchdown record with Brady. Welker and Edelman perennially put up huge reception totals with Brady. I don't think that the fact that New England's running backs or Danny Amendola types were inconsistent reflects on Cooks. Has New England ever has an upper echelon wide receiver who underachieved with Brady at the helm?
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    I like Cooks and I would have him higher in almost any offense besides the Patriots. Brady just really doesn't need to throw the deep ball some games. Players I would draft over Cooks in a PPR league today would be Brown, OBJ, JJones, Evans, Thomas, Bryant, Green, Cooper, Nelson, and Hilton. I'd put Cooks right there next with Hopkins and Robinson. Again, it's not really a knock on Cooks...I just don't think he gets the 120+ targets (including runs) he saw last season with Brees. Figure 80-100 is much more realistic in the Patriots offense.
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    I disagree and think it really matters how a WR got those 1173 yards over a season as stats lie. If that player got 1000 of those yards in 2 games and 173 in the 14 others, you are totally hosed. You would sit on 3-4 bad games, bench him til he goes off...then play him for 3-4 more bad games and then bench him til he goes off once again. In a H2H league you can kiss your ass goodbye with that scenario...and that pretty much describes 80% of the skill players on the Patriots, and why people tend to shy away from most of them.
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    I agree. But lots of people on this board think consistency is important. If a mathematician crunched the numbers it would show that only total points really matter. Maybe if a fantasy football team only consisted of 2 or 3 players, then consistency would matter more. But on a team of 10+ players, all the inconsistencies will average out. Maybe when the playoffs start consistency becomes a little bit more important because one down week can eliminate you. In the regular season, a down week makes little difference when you only need to win 60% or 70% of your games.
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    E2A: for clarity's sake... yeah, I'd take OBJ, Evans, Julio and Antonio over Cooks. Between Cooks, Jordy, Thomas and AJ... it's close. No way in hell I'd take Hopkins, Hilton, Bryant, Pryor, A-Rob, Cooper/Crabtree or Baldwin over Cooks.
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    simplify the questions... what dozen WRs would you rather have than Cooks? That's what Michael is really asking. I could probably come up with HALF dozen.
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    He is shacking up with Iggy Azalea, too. Dat ass doe.
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    Long Trail is solid. Right now, I think Magic Hat #9 is a perfectly balanced beer.
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    Is it bad if you fall into multiple stereotypes?