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    I'm willing to take a gamble in the 4th round. He is a tier-one talent. I'd rather take the chance that he doesn't get hurt than hoping that another player with less talent ascends.
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    those muscles all titan up.
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    And that's that. I let everyone in the league ( besides those 2 guys) vote if the draft order should be re picked, and they voted no. Then I asked the late joining manager of the spot 5 team if he would still play if I gave him the number 1 spot and gave his other co manager the boot, and he said no. So, I gave them both the boot. I got told I was on some "bitch manure" and that was the end of it. It only took 2 hrs and we have 2 new members that agreed on flipping a coin for pick #1 and pick #5. Thanks for all the input guys, it's much appreciated and I can rest a little easier now!
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    Tell them they can either figure it out themselves or you will just find another owner to take team 1 and they can either co-manage team 5 per the original agreement or both get bent. People making a stink on something like this in year 1 aren't worth keeping around and they definitely aren't worth capitulating to.
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    Low class and unnecessary.
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    If teams is really in that bad shape you should waive the fee for the team this year. However, if he wants to trade any assets that affect next years draft then fees are due up front for that year. I find it mind boggling that in an 8 team 3 keeper league that any team would be that bad. Only 24 people are being kept (at most), any team owner can overcome that. Personally I'd find someone who doesn't flinch at $20, cause really? $20? Waste that on 2 beers at a bar, stay in and watch Netflix one night.
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    Here it is: http://thehuddle.com/2017/08/12/dont-be-a-slave-to-adp/
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    I like Decker. He is still only 30 years old. He has a physicality that few receivers possess which has led him to be a touchdown machine. He leads all receivers since 2012 in red zone touchdown receptions with 36. Mariota has also been phenomenal in the red zone. He leads all NFL quarterbacks since 2012 in red zone passer rating with a rating of 114.6. Last year he threw 18 touchdown passes and 0 interceptions in the red zone. He hasn't thrown a single red zone interception in his career. Considering how little talent the Titans have had at receiver, his red zone success is incredible. Combining two players whose strengths match so well can only lead to good things. Mariota looks like a quarterback who has the sky as his limit. Decker should help him continue to ascend. Both players have adps that make them very attractive (though not as attractive as Eric Decker's wife). Mariota has an MFL public league adp of 97.61. Decker has an MFL public league adp of 92.88. They also have a very nice fantasy playoff schedule with the 49ers and Rams in weeks 15 and 16. I'm more than comfortable having Mariota as my starting quarterback and Decker as my WR3.
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    I'm wrong on this point. Pro Football Focus gave a rating of 86.2 to Marshawn in 2015. That was second best in the NFL. In other words, they said that he was awesome but only averaged 3.8 ypc because his offensive line was atrocious. Knowing that he was still playing at a high level in 2015 makes me far less concerned that he won't return at a high level. He was banged up in 2015 but he had only missed one game in the previous 5 seasons. That is as durable as possible for a running back. Marshawn is going to the best situation conceivable. He has little competition and will be playing behind a great offensive line on a team that should be playing with a lead and scoring a ton. Some have guessed that they'll limit his carries to keep him healthy. I don't think that is possible with Marshawn. He thinks of himself as a warrior and would create a lot of drama if his carries were limited. He might have even demanded as a condition to signing that they guarantee him a heavy workload. His adp is 39.40. I'm buying.
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    Take control of the situation now. If they're fighting over that, the season will be a nightmare. You're the commish, tell them there will be a coin toss and if they don't like it they can take their circus elsewhere. Oh...and welcome to the huddle.
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    I'll take DJ as my poison
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    I could not draft him on a boat. I will not draft him with a goat. I will not draft him in the rain. I will not draft him on a train. Not in the dark! Not in a tree! Not in a car! How can this be! Not in the second round, Please don't frown. Not in the third, Just fly the bird. No forth, or fifth, Okay, maybe after a fifth of whiskey...
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    He will likely go 3rd or sooner. He has insane potential but seems to have bad luck with injuries. Not going to call him injury prone at this point.
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    I got a great tattoo idea. It involves Dean Spanos and the middle finger.
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    Browns Matthew Dayes - RB he was the second to last pick in the Draft and has shown good speed and vision. If Crowell goes down, he's probably gonna step in Jordan Leslie - WR 1st year player out of Brigham Young that's been catching everything thrown his way and getting separation at the line. I wouldn't draft these guys but monitor them...
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    That truly makes no sense. If a convo has legs and enough people it will continue. I can assure you that this (and similar) threads has nothing to do with the slow death of this site.
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    Huge Cowboy homer here and all along I have thought there was no way he would be suspended, the lady is a gold digger, no evidence and all that rah rah ... THEN I started using real logic ...Too many accusers, too many instances, the photos of the multiple bruises and multiple episodes, the throwing punches at multiple bars, THE COVER UPS and how he gets others involved or hushed, there is a serious pattern happening here... I am now believing that this is a SPOILED kid who has always had someone cover up, make excuses for, take care of, hide, pay off, convince others it "wasn't him", (all while Zeke stands back and lets them take care of it); Zeke is a commodity to some who want to use him and Zeke has always been a stud athlete and glorified, there has been someone at every level who has let him get away with rage toward women it seems, selfish actions at other's expense (victims to say the least) and he thinks he is above it all. No longer will I be one of the enablers and defenders of his reputation. He makes his bed, he lays in it. Abuse toward women will not be tolerated by the NFL and it's fans. I won't get behind his behavior. Not proud of you Zeke, you have a lot of growing up to do.
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    Nope. In fact, I am looking at Tyrell Williams around the 6th round as a better value. Injuries will always be the story line with Allen and I am not risking a 4th round pick on someone who has that history. If he slides a few rounds and I miss on Williams, I will take a shot. But fourth round? Not for me.
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    Hmm, no myhuddle and info on leauges previously setup is gone, not good. I only have one league but liked using the tool with my specific players. A major redesign started in early March (over 5 months ago) should be done and ready by now, not with final tweaking the last few weeks before the season starts.
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    How about this, Murray is somewhat 'safer' to not bust...but Crowell is less risky, higher value and trending upwards for the past 3 seasons. Murray RB1 (nuff said right?), Crowell solid RB2 with upside. tough decision, the Henry thing could play a role at some point but DM is the RB1 on the team but still could be considered a split. DM's past was sketchy with injuries but the dudes been relatively solid since. I'd push DM ahead of Crowell if it was full pt ppr, probably @ the 5th Henry or not DM's getting it done both on the ground and catching passes.
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    No one will care as long as the person playing QB is winning them games. How did Seattle fans treat the front office when they ended up starting Wilson over Flynn after signing him to a big contract? I have a feeling they got over very quickly.
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    I dunno but Mike Glennons neck is getting weirder looking.
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    I really think you're relying way too much on ADPs. Each site's ADP's are different because each site has different player rankings. Too many people draft strictly based on a sites ADP even though they may feel another player is better. I think it's a much better idea to find a site that has player projections that you agree with then apply your league's scoring to those stats. This will give you the most accurate list of players for your specific draft and also allows you to take advantage of the guys who just like to follow the website's ADP list.
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    But he didn't throw down the ball OR run out of bounds. He was stripped while being tackled. So the entire comparison is baseless.
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    Take away the best 2 weeks of any running back and they probably averaged 3.8 ypc. Cherry picking is a fallacy. Those weeks happened. You can't take that away.
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    Keep an eye on this guy. In Andy Reid's offense this dude could put up good numbers at the RB spot this year.
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    This - don;t decide until your deadline. Assuming healthy, then keep Elliott. At the end of the day, FF is about having fun, and if your top player can be from your top team, it will make it all the more fun. Even if you end up projecting Bell a little higher than Elliott, it won;t be enough to warrant not taking him so you can cheer for him and your Cowboys.
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    This makes it even easier.... eliminate the teams with the 1st and 5th picks and get rid of the headache now before it becomes even worse, play this season with the 8 remaining teams. Everyone else just slots up accordingly.
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    Tell them exactly how it's going to be, and start looking for another person immediately! I'm sure there's someone that you know that would love to be in the league that won't be giving you this kind of headache. Win-win situation.
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    Williams is intriguing because he is the player who was probably handpicked by possible guru Kyle Shanahan. He is a home run swing that has a cheap price with an adp of 140. 5% chance he is great, 15% chance he is good, 80% chance he is a flop. I like drafting super high risk players with a high ceiling with my lower picks. Out of 4 home run picks, I'll hope one is worth keeping and I'll cut the others early and have 3 roster spots open for free agency. I hate drafting high floor/low ceiling players who are never bad enough to cut but not good enough to want to start.
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    I think it's a combination of 3, and 4. Anthony Lynn is fond of Cardale from his time in Buffalo
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    You guys are crazy for discounting Hyde this early, and jumping aboard the Joe Williams bandwagon. There's been a lot of hype and speculation surrounding Williams, but nothing from Shanahan or anyone else of note. People also forget that Joe Williams is a headcase. Gregg Rosenthal 'heard this from a little birdy' also doesn't hold a lot of weight. Who was this little birdy? A beat writer, someone from the team, front office, or people like you and I? IMO, Hyde will still start the season as their lead back, with Hightower also in the mix as the cop back as he was paid to come in and do. Hyde was performing as a RB1 before going down last year, and still averaged 4.6YPC, despite running behind THE worst o-line in football, with an offense comprised of Gabbert, Torrey Smith, and Jeremy Kerley.
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    Rating draft posts can be annoying enough, now we're suppose to rate mock drafts that means absolutely jack?
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    My gibberish to English dictionary translates this as: he would love to see calvin back, but doubts the impact of either lynch or calvin
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    The loss of TJ Lang will hurt, for sure. But it will mostly hurt their run game. When teams keep a tight end in for pass blocking it is because one of their tackles is allowing edge rushers to penetrate the backfield. With the Packers' bookends, that isn't likely to happen. I do agree that the Packers are planning to use 2 tight end sets fairly often. If one tight end were kept in to block, Bennett would be the guy (between Bennett and Kendricks). But my guess is that both will run routes unless the Packers' offensive line somehow falls apart. While Bennett hasn't finished in the top 8 often, he has finished in the top 12 in each of the last 5 years except for 2015 when he only played 11 games (he was still top 12 in points per game played in 2015). He has done this in mostly less than ideal circumstances. Last year he had a legit quarterback and he was the second highest scoring fantasy tight end through week 5 when he broke his ankle. Even if you think that Gronk was the reason for Bennett's slump, the Packers don't have much competition at tight end. Richard Rodgers is backup material or less. Lance Kendricks is being paid $2 million per year and was probably signed strictly for 2 tight end sets and as a backup. Kendricks isn't a real threat to Bennett's snaps in 1 tight end sets. The Packers do have a lot of mouths to feed. But usually that competition pits the wide receivers against the other wide receivers. Tight ends maybe even benefit since teams will usually double team wide receivers and allow single coverage against tight ends. There were so many times I drafted Tony Gonzalez or Jason Witten in the 6th round and they were available because people thought their teams had too many mouths to feed. They always got their stats. Overall, I like your list a lot. Most of the players on the list are players that have very high ceilings but are super risky. Oftentimes, fantasy drafters look at players with rose-colored glasses and do not acknowledge the risk they present. And then a risky player flops and they act like they got screwed when in reality they should have known the gamble they were taking.
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    I know Calvin is fairly young, but I believe his body was starting to break down. Pure speculation on my part but I would be shocked if he actually made a come back. I'm sure Lynch and the Raiders are telling him that he needs to join that team and come back but I just don't see this happening. Heck I'm not even sure Lynch is going to be similar to his former self this year either. This seems like not much more than a summer time discussion.
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    The difference is that in NE, that is the culture and the business model that every player knows coming in. And every player there that is presented with a proposed pay cut usually agrees. Cause they win SB's. Carolina does not have that pedigree to forcibly adopt that business model.
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    Bill Belichick, the gold standard of general managers, hardlines popular players time and time again. In fact, all good general managers hardline players on the downside of their careers. The difference in Carolina is Carolina's old players were divas and Jerry Richardson's attachment to his players. All popular players need to be let go at some point.
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    This is just another example of why the Redskins have not reached the NFCC game in 25 years and I doubt they do so as long as Snyder is around.
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    Going back to what I said July 1, my thinking hasn't changed much. In redraft, I'm more inclined not to buy this year (there's no value now at all), wait for him to prove it, and then potentially have to pay a 1st round price next year. IMO there are a ton of equally good questions about other RBs around his ADP range - so if that means I head towards a more solid WR then so be it.
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    or, put in your league scoring into a site, I don't know, say, thehuddle.com and have it spit out a customized cheat sheet for you... You want the software to make your picks for you too? If you know someone's hurt, bump up their replacement in your own rankings.
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    Will Fulmer snapped his collar bone today too. Glad my draft isn't until the last week of August
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    Great situation for him to learn under Rivers, who's as good of a coach as he is a QB, haha. He's going to be a hell of a lot cheaper than Clemens if they decide to sign him.
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    Players who come out of retirement haven't fared well historically. But Calvin and Lynch are both only 31 years old. A year off could even have a rejuvenating effect. Lynch looked bad in 2015 but he was banged up and playing behind a horrible offensive line. The Raiders have a great offense including a really good quarterback and a great offensive line. Both players have an uncommon intensity and will to succeed. I'm not going to doubt either of these players.
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    DeAngelo Williams says he is now willing to come back to the Panthers now that Gettleman is gone. So they've got that going for them.