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    If its Demaryius you win. If its not stick with what you got..
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    Which Thomas? If it's Demaryius, I like the trade for you. If it's Michael, I would not do it
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    You should have dropped Luck a long time ago.... Plus, you got 2 great QB's.
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    Absolutely McCoy ROS. His schedule is awesome and the Bills offense runs through him, esp with Clay out. I'd ask for a WR3 or flex back to even it out, but jump on this.
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    Lynn Swann always gave a lot of credit to ballet for his gracefulness. I guess I can believe that Irish dancing would improve foot speed. And Collins does have quick feet. http://www.espn.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/post/_/id/39894/alex-collins-uses-irish-dancing-to-become-nfls-most-elusive-runner