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    the guy's a disaster
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    Exactly. He fits the recent profile, though. Ugh. Can't afford more players who miss four games or more every year because of off-field stupidity.
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    I think Antonio Garcia is one of the most underrated players in this draft. I have heard rumors that the Bears may even take him in the 2nd. Big dude, quick for his size, and incredible footwork. Definitely projects as a solid NFL LT.
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    With the Browns three rounds complete, here is the rational I used. 1 Defense required. 2 Get a developmental QB in the Second Round at 33. 3. Get playmakers with ability, toughness, attitude, and leadership in some combination. Rumor has it that Brock the Brick is going to have a chance at starter ... I am not surprised.
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    Yeah the Browns are torn. Garrett is the smart pick but they are enamored with Trubisky. Such a bad move. That franchise is doomed. Honestly, they should trade the 1.01, move down and just gather up more 2nds / 3rds. And not take Trubisky. He is no better than Cody Kessler. I fear that Trubisky has bust written all over him.