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    If teams is really in that bad shape you should waive the fee for the team this year. However, if he wants to trade any assets that affect next years draft then fees are due up front for that year. I find it mind boggling that in an 8 team 3 keeper league that any team would be that bad. Only 24 people are being kept (at most), any team owner can overcome that. Personally I'd find someone who doesn't flinch at $20, cause really? $20? Waste that on 2 beers at a bar, stay in and watch Netflix one night.
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    I'll take DJ as my poison
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    I could not draft him on a boat. I will not draft him with a goat. I will not draft him in the rain. I will not draft him on a train. Not in the dark! Not in a tree! Not in a car! How can this be! Not in the second round, Please don't frown. Not in the third, Just fly the bird. No forth, or fifth, Okay, maybe after a fifth of whiskey...
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    well see, that's some information that woulda been useful like 4 hours ago, with the initial inquiry. How are we supposed to know what you've done to answer the question yourself? we were giving you some solutions to try out on your own since we don't know much about LS and AZ banking laws. so next time, "snowflake" yeah, be more clear.
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    Makes to much sense, but proably too hard, easier to ask random people on some website. Sorry but this is a major pet peeve of mine.
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    14 teamer is tough. I think you had to go DJ no matter what. Crowell rounds it out, CJ or Charles is a nice handcuff which is important in those 14 team leagues you want to keep the starter RB mos def. Your WR's are all mid range. you know what you'll get weekly from them for the most part. I actually like Maclin in BAL taking the SSS volume from Flacco. Matthews in BUF with T-Mobile if anything it's a better situation from a competition for targets but is the offense going to throw enough to keep him relevant or will he do enough with what he gets to be FF relevant, can Brown come back he has the talent supposedly they've figured out how to manage his illness... Either way no one knows, based on potential its a decent bunch. Can't really give a grade because it's hard to gauge your team vs another. You've positioned yourself to have viable options at the two critical positions you need to start the most players. I see you having some issues 'who to start' mainly at WR, hopefully it becomes a problem because of a plethora of all performing well, but the first couple of weeks will be interesting. I think D.Adams, Maclin, Matthews are pretty safe starters out of the gate but who knows. DJ is going to do a lot of heavy lifting for your team, you'll be working that flex spot often hopefully Charles or CJ come out guns blazing. GL!
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    Matt Dayes is getting a lot of work and praise in camp, he was a late round pick with higher talent. He was projected as a fourth round pick, then tumbled after his workouts hurt his stock. 29 RB went in front of him, and he's said I simply think the Browns plan to use Duke more as a receiver, and if Crowell is hurt they don't want to tamper with that to move him to full time starting RB. Talking with a co-worker who follows Browns more than I do (went to scrimmage, watched the whole first pre-season game, listens to radio shows) says that Duke won't be getting a ton of receptions and yards in the slot, more as 3rd receiver. But he does think that Dayes is very good and could replace Crowell early in the season. Again my main point goes back to Duke isn't the handcuff. I understand why you disagree and think these nobodies have a chance to replace him.
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    I have mixed feelings on this cat but mostly negative. You can show me all the stats for and against and I'm still not sure if he's a legitimate RB1 or 2. but with where you have to get him, he's going as an RB1, most likely. I think that's too rich for my blood. I hope I'm right and someone gets stuck with a dud.
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    I'd still take him if I had the #1...too young and pumped up not to take
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    I'm a big fan of Keenan. When he plays he puts up WR1 numbers. I would be very happy to get him in the 4th round
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    Have you done any mock drafts? at 8 and at 11th it would totally help to run a few. Are you looking for anyone particular to fall to you? I did a few and the difference is usually seeing Gordon (maybe) or Freeman @ 8th pick, I did have Evens fall once to 8th.. not that a mock is real but, it does sort of works since most people are doing their draft from looking at ADP list so usually people don't 'fall' much. With that said the 11th was Jordy, MT, Dez, with Ajayi, Howard, Murray. So at 11 you could get MT and Jordy but if you did the RB's a trash, or coin flip Jordy/MT and grab Murray or Howard.. Either way a lot changes from your 2nd pick coming back the end of the 3rd from when you last picked.
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    Add a second required WR to your first approach and it is close to the way many flex leagues are going - rather than have 2 required RBs and 3 WRs, you put two flexes in there. It keeps the starting lineup fairly balanced, keeps the league deep enough so everyone isn't loaded at every position, and maximizes the flexibility owners have in building their teams - ie trying to load up on RBs could be just as effective as loading up on WRs
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    There is a lot of upside with Ajayi as is anticipated to be a top tier RB. Brady is consistent and will of course be a top tier fantasy QB joining Rodgers, and Brees. I personally like to stock up on position players and take a QB in later rounds. I definitely like Matt Ryan and Winston, but if available I would also throw in Rivers. I would make the trade and get a QB later.
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    The guy has pretty much always exceeded expectations and proved the naysayers wrong. First, it was that there wasn't enough balls to go around in Denver. All he did was catch double-digit TD's and surpass 1000 yards two years in a row. Then, the argument was that he had no QB in New York, and couldn't possibly put up similar numbers to what he did with Peyton throwing to him. He did. Basically, as long as he's healthy, he has proven that he will produce, fantasy-wise. I'm a homer and have always targeted Decker. Doing so has helped me win multiple league championships. So, the homer side of me wants him on as many teams as possible once again. However, I'm also a big believer in "zigging when others zag" when it comes to fantasy drafts. For that reason alone, I'm somewhere in the middle on Decker this year. I'm not going to reach for him, but I'll take him if he falls far enough for me to land him as my 3rd or 4th WR.