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    Irsay obviously wasn’t involved in this deal...
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    I want more trades in the top 4 to really make this interesting. Any scenario where one of the top 3 QBs slide? Anyway that Chub slides to 9 🤔
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    Especially if Denver or Buffalo trades to 1.02. Arizona even?
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    I like how this deal rearranges people’s draft boards. Cle may be forced to go QB at 1 so what happens to Barkley...Maybe Cle was smart to get Hyde as a fall back just in case. Cle should just trade #1 and do their usual with the picks.
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    The jets gave up a chance at 3 front line contributors to move up 3 spots in a draft where the talent upgrade from 6-3 is minimal. Draft as many good players as you can. Giving up that much for that move is ridiculous!
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    And more importantly stopped another team from doing the same thing (Moving to 3)
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    He was a free agent due to end of contract, not released.
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    I absolutely do. He's going to go undrafted most likely so the risk wont cost you anything. Talking upside here.
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    aWWW you're getting cuter with your posts.
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    I know. And not saying they're horrible. Just that they aren't good enough to really minimize Jenkins' looks much. I'm not saying this is the new Gronk. Just a great value deal with upside.
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    Mercedes Lewis went 24-318-5 last year fwiw. You know, that guy you thought retired until he pops up out of nowhere with a 3 td game. I can't see how ASJ doesn't at least double those numbers. The fact the Jags keep bringing in marquee TE's tells me they've been dying to get one for Bortles. Julius Thomas was infamous for his lack of work ethic, and Mychal Rivera was Mychal Rivera. ASJ I still think can turn the corner. Mercedes Lewis still being the only other TE you'd recognize on their roster tells you all you need to know about his opportunities. He'll cost you nothing this year, and likely you won't have to draft him. I think finishing 12th is his floor.
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    Hurns and Lee aren't exactly Rice and Taylor. How does he not get a lot of looks? Yeah this is predicated on his having beat the alcy thing. If so, I like his upside.
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    Brown will put in another 8 game season averaging 2 receptions a game for 40. I foresee a 16-320 2 TD season.
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    It is unlikely that Saquon will rush for 1,600 yards on any of the teams that will likely draft him. But receiving stats are far more important than rushing yards in elevating a player from tier 2 to tier 1. Saquon is being promoted as an elite receiver. Scouts are saying that he was a better receiver than any of the wide receivers in the Big Ten last year. Alvin Kamara was the 3rd or 4th highest scoring fantasy running back last season depending on the scoring system. He had 120 carries for 728 yards. Even on the Giants and Colts, it will be difficult for Saquon not to be tier 1 if he is a 3-down back featured in the passing game.
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    That is a whole 49 less yards but 2 more TDs than ASJ had last year. And more fantasy value in non PPR for M Lewis than ASJ. The hype for ASJ is pretty crazy when you consider he only got 50 more yards than a 40 year old M Lewis. So you think it's a bare minimum gimmie that ASJ goes 50-600? Blowing away his career highs as a 6 year veteran? Under Blake Bortles? A QB that has never passed to a TE for more than 500 yards in a season?
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    I wasn't making that comparison. I was pointing out that they have a better resume than Kearse and Anderson.