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    the guy's a disaster
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    One week to go... Here's probably the best mock I've seen, not simply for the picks necessarily but the rationales etc: http://www.drafttek.com/2017-NFL-Mock-Draft-Round1.asp What/who do you hope for from your team? I'm cautiously optimistic about Ballard for the Colts; unlikely he'll pull a Grigson with some bonehead moves (I think/hope). He's already stated CB, DE, and OL are the priorities, as they should be. He might nab a LB too, although they made several FA moves there already, so unless a great LB value falls, I say go the best of the other 3 positions (no one guy comes to mind). If a stud safety falls he best look at that also, we're mighty thin there.
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    Exactly. He fits the recent profile, though. Ugh. Can't afford more players who miss four games or more every year because of off-field stupidity.
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    I think Antonio Garcia is one of the most underrated players in this draft. I have heard rumors that the Bears may even take him in the 2nd. Big dude, quick for his size, and incredible footwork. Definitely projects as a solid NFL LT.
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    With the Browns three rounds complete, here is the rational I used. 1 Defense required. 2 Get a developmental QB in the Second Round at 33. 3. Get playmakers with ability, toughness, attitude, and leadership in some combination. Rumor has it that Brock the Brick is going to have a chance at starter ... I am not surprised.
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    Browns get another DE to help stop the run which is their biggest weakness. Leadership off the field as well as on the field made this pick perfect as Wormley was a captain at Michigan.
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    I hadn't heard of Newsweek for a long time before reading the article outing Hernandez. Apparently Newsweek has become similar to the National Enquirer or one of those British tabloids. I'm surprised the article didn't state who between Hernandez or his prison boyfriend was the outer spoon and who was the inner spoon.
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    Yeah the Browns are torn. Garrett is the smart pick but they are enamored with Trubisky. Such a bad move. That franchise is doomed. Honestly, they should trade the 1.01, move down and just gather up more 2nds / 3rds. And not take Trubisky. He is no better than Cody Kessler. I fear that Trubisky has bust written all over him.
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    Their non-divisional road games are @ OAK, DEN, PIT, NO, and TB. Sure, they could win any/all of them. But, they're not exactly cupcakes.
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    You have SDC in the right hand column still.
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    No QB is worthy of more than a late 1st rounder if that. If CLE goes QB at 1.12 they have IMO effed up (again). If they can get him I say nab TE Howard. If 'ski is there at 2.01, then maybe take a shot. I still don't get why everyone thinks they have to a draft a QB high though. Kessler looked promising and overlooking him is IMO stupid.
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    Considered going offensive here but the need on the other side of the ball is too great. Sidney is going to fall due to the injury, but think the Dolphins would be willing to take the chance he comes back to form after the plethora of CB talent that is drafted before their pick. With these two picks, I retire. I really was only expecting the one round as originally intended and do not have the acumen to replicate picks NFL teams will make going any deeper.
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    Detroit (or many teams really) would be thrilled to have McDowell available for them at this pick. Detroit's line is aging so this is a good pick for them. Initially was targeting Engram but he didn't make it back.
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    Cleveland is thoughtfully upgrading their Secondary. Awuzie also can play Safety therefore adding some much needed versitility to the defense.
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    Denver takes a much needed upgrade at TE after missing out on the lineman on their board.
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    I really hope the Browns don't overthink it and take Myles Garrett at 1. I also hope they don't take Mitch Tribusky at 12 and go with OJ Howard
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    I really hope Denver pulls a draft day trade for a current NFL LT. I'm not convinced any of the top LT prospects can anchor the LT spot for years to come so a trade would be great. Then let them focus on MLB (especially speed here), large youth on the DL and depth at RB, WR and OLine.
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    No big deal at all, it's a mock draft and you're doing a great job!
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    I just feel bad for his 4YO daughter. She's definitely one of the victims in all of this. What a waste.
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    I love Dawkins and think he will become a tackle in the NFL. He's a beast. this is the earliest I've seen him selected. But it's a good pick.
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    Do we need to wait for fitzkek? He last visited when he volunteered for the Eagles on Apr 10.
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    Was really torn on the Bolts pick here. Almost went WR but was not impressed with what's left on the upper end there. Thought about edge rusher but between Ingram and Bosa, they're fairly strong. Thought about bolstering the OL but that can be achieved later. So the Kaaya pick may have been a stretch but he's a perfect project QB for the Bolts as they transition to LA and from Philip Rivers. Lots of similarities between these guys and Rivers will be a perfect mentor.
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    The Browns get their QB of the future to groom. Cleveland carefully considered their history of QB futility and realized that rushing their QB to play immediately was part of the reason for the lack of success and being a First round pick. Cleveland waited so that they could groom and develop their starter with little pressure on him to play.
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    thanks! was just about to post it
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    The Cowboys select Charles Harris, DE, Missouri
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    There are no words to express the pain he must feel. He has my prayers and thoughts.
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