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    His longest run of the year was onto the field to get ejected like a F'ing idiot
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    Maybe its time to go with the ole sleep with his wife option. That hasn't been mentioned yet right?
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    Hang tight. Stevegrab will show up and tell you what to do..
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    Or maybe people are finally just sick to death of hearing his name and/or about the whole anthem BS.
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    Been here 13 years. No better site for fantasy football. Most people on boards are adults but sometimes you get stupid childish answers.
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    You could always send him a nicely wrapped present from all the league owners. When he opens it he will find $hit in a ziplock bag with a note saying thanks for the manurety year.
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    I see this differently. If your team sucks then I'd let your boss know that at the end of the season it is his turn to be commish. But if you have a good team and want to continue in the league then the option is clear. You have to kill your boss.
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    Keep plugging! This week I dropped a 150 burger on the league champion...and the only player on my roster I actually drafted was Devante Adams. I traded for a couple, and the other six were waiver wire fodder. You can do it, man!
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    I need a refund on my fantasy teams. I should have taken the path of Irish and taken the year off. Injuries are a MoFo, but man - seems like every major injury this year has been to a player on my team with the exception of Rodgers (although I do own Nelson). IDK what I did to piss off the fantasy gods for a 3rd year in a row - but I have received the message loud and clear - take a year off.
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    Their stats are even because Evans has played 4 weeks and Agholor has played 6 weeks.
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    I'm slightly favoring Orleans over Dion Lewis, I mean look what he did to Denver. But then again, Seattle is smart enough to notice that Darkwa was a huge threat for the Giants run game, so they are probably going to try and lock him down. Dion Lewis has to much competition in the backfield, with Gillislee and White; however it does seem like they have been getting Lewis more involved the past couple games. All in all, I would stick with Orleans over Lewis.
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    except that my opponent's also in Cleveland...
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    Traded brown for OBJ this year as I needed to shed cap space and OBJ is at $8 and Brown was at $31 Still kicking myself in the butt over that trade Don't trade Brown, Don't be like me, Don't hate your life
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    I still like the plow his wife solution the best.
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    Absolutely. It would be a great time to try and do it. Freeman has Coleman to contend with and Hunt has no one and Reid who loves his one RB. I think you'll find the Hunt owner somewhat frustrated and panicking like Neck breaker defense seems to be.
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    Agree with oG1KeNoBi. I don't know that I'd trade Hunt though. He's in Reid's system as THE back. He's had a couple of games were he's not been as good as he was before. It was unrealistic to think he'd do that every game. Even Bell has had some only average games. I like Hunt as the bell cow and that is hard to find. Just my 2 cents but if you want to trade for AB and Kamara, you'll have to add something better to go with Hunt.
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    I have both and it seems like whichever one I start the other guy does better. One week I started both of them and they both sucked.
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    They're 1 game back in the division, 10 games left to play. They're shutting him down because he can't play.
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    Ezekiel Elliott has been granted another temporary restraining order by the Southern District of New York, and will be allowed to play Week 7. Zeke's restraining order, apparently issued by a "fill-in" judge, is for 14 days. He will have to make his case to judge Judge Katherine Fallia when she returns from vacation "before or by Oct. 30." She will decide on a "preliminary injunction." Unbelievable. So it appears Elliott will also be good for Week 8. His long-term prospects remain clear as mud, but fantasy owners have at least one more game to get their fantasy backfield in order. Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris won't be playable this week.
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    Maybe if you built a large wooden badger...
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    you have definitely angered the Fantasy Gods now...
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    I'm a Murray owner and let me tell you this... The week against Seattle where he was questionable, he had a killer game. Yes I'm including that monster run, because well you have to, it's points on the board fellas. But most importantly to me, it costed me big time. I didn't start him that game, and I ended up losing by 10 because of it. I look at it this way so far, until further notice Murray is the starter. In close games or when they're playing catch up expect Murray to see more snaps... In games they have the lead expect Henry to see more snaps. At least that's my view of how it's been shaking out.
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    My guy off the bat said Ryan, and I still think Ryan is my answer. They are trying to work out the kinks of a new offensive coordinator who isn't as imaginative as Shanahan. I think this week will help bring it out of them. If you were to ask for the next 3 weeks, I'd choose Rivers. For the ROS, I'd still pick Ryan. I'm trying to trade for Ryan in a league where I lost Rodgers.
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    I would drop Breida and add Darkwa. Ivory won't help you, but Darkwa could
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    Disclaimer - I have no horse in this race. The result of the ASJ fumble ruling had no bearing on any fantasy matchups of mine, nor am I a Jets or Patriots fan... The NFL has a real problem on their hands with instant replay. Whenever something is slowed down frame by frame, it really blows things out of proportion. That ASJ play was one of those bang-bang plays where the dude clearly didn't lose possession of the ball. He caught the ball cleanly. He had had clear possession when he hit the ground. Butler did well to try to strip the ball, but what happened was slightly more than a bobble. This is just another play in a long line of plays where replay fails to deliver (the Calvin Johnson "process" call vs. Chicago comes to mind as one of the first really horrible lack of common sense calls made by blowing things out of proportion frame by frame). Let's be real - any chance of the Jets pulling off the upset were virtually eliminated by that reversal. I Aren't we all getting a little tired of long review delays and close games coming down to some dude in New York interpreting a play frame by frame? By the way, ASJ did well to take the high road after the game.
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    Found it. Sorry. You can delete this thread so it doesn't start a turd storm.
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    I need Murray to sit this one out. If he gets 7 pts, I lose. Again. Unfortunately my son needs him to win. But winning FF > family. Since Mariota still has a hamstring issue I suspect the plan is to dump early since our O line won't protect him from a girl scout long enough for a full route to pan out. Which means Murray and Walker may have a great night.
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    When you live in Nebraska, people are just going to feel sorry for you...no matter who you root for.
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    Pretty much in the same boat. Need Delanie Walker to score less than 31 in a half point PPR. After some bad luck the last few weeks, I think I'm good this week!
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    "When you have an inept owner, inept front office personnel, and continue to cycle through inept re-tread coaches who have failed in multiple other places, you are destined to not do well." - the outlaw
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    Delanie Walker to score less than 25 in a PPR. Feeling fairly decent about that.
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    Guess they are lucky they took the night off...
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    My team is so trash that......even Fred Sanford won't touch it! It's this: McCown Ingram Perine Adams Fuller Sefarian-Jenkins D. Walker Hopkins Ravens Pretty much going up against Hunt, Freeman, and L. Bell. Any two of those three will outscore my entire side today.
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    I got tired of vetoing every trade so now trades are illegal and punishable by death in my local.
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    There are millions of others who own these players, don't curse all the owners because of this awful trade.
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    If I had AB and Kamara, I wouldn't take that. Good luck.
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    I would do the trade because for 1, Gronk is made of cardboard and is likely to miss action if we are looking at ROS, 2. Normal weeks, Hopkins is getting 10 targets. See if Sefarian-Jenkins is available, I like him over Brate, especially since Winston isnt 100% Good luck
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    At first I clicked 'like' because I agree...and then I clicked 'sad' because that's what it is. The press conference after the owners meeting yesterday on NFL Network was depressing as well. If the NFL turns into the NSJWL, I'm afraid I'll be out. I don't tune into games to be preached at for three hours.
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    Competition brings out the worst in some people. Your work relationship with your boss is far more important than a dumb fantasy football league.
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    wow serious post padding going on here. BTW nobody cares about your fantasy team but you.
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    Works every time.
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    Collins. It looks like its him and allen for clock i think collins is the better back so far this year.