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    Allen Hurns at 170 could do well in their depleted WR corps.
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    Already discussed a bit in the GBP backfield thread, but I think Ty Montgomery at #158 could be a huge value in PPR leagues.
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    The 2018 LLD Rookie Draft kicks off today, May 19, 2018 @ 1:00 PM EDT. Here are few reminders First Pick If you own the 1.01 pick - the predrafting does not work or at least it has not in the past. Take note Brentastic 24 hours per pick Each owner has 24 hours to pick. The clock starts after the previous pick is made. Draft Instructions Browse to LLD Home Page From the top menu, Select For Owners | Draft. Select player from drop-down list. Click Draft or Save These Picks And Continue if you are pre-drafting. Live Draft Room Although the draft room is open for ease of use and chatting, owners are encouraged to not draft from the live draft room because a draft email is not sent out if you do. Trades Commissioners will do their best to process any trades that may occur as they can. Commissioner text number can be found under Berlin Lipstick Bomb contact info.
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    He’s taking Mayfield. Just draft him for him.
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    Yeah, we totally believe that. You're not at all blowing smoke hoping someone takes him over Jones, nope not at all.
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    In the time honoured tradition, offer sent.
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    So am I totally on an island with Chubb at 1.02?
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    I've done it before - takes some work in Excel, but I've used it in the past when I spent way more time than I should have on this to come up with some consistency metrics. Depending on position, I would calculate number of week with a top X finish to indicate elite week, top Y finish based on number of starters at that position and a few other things. Was an interesting metric to play with. I used it mainly to compare players that had similar year end totals in points to indicate which were the consistent players and which were the boom/bust players.
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    Hey bud. Just asking. It's kind of funny to see you say things that aren't true. But to be fair. If you had the 1.2, Guice is the pick, but if don't have the 1.2 but trade up for it, then Penny is the pick. There is a difference.
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    Why are you a liar?
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    I wonder if Williams is atop the depth chart only because he ended last season atop the depth chart. Putting Jones back atop the depth chart would be akin to handing him the job. I doubt they were intending on doing that before he was arrested but his arrest probably eliminated any chance of it. Jones might even start the year with a one-game suspension. I do think that Jones looked great last year. Williams looked serviceable. I'll definitely be targeting Jones if he falls far enough.
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    I thought I read Ty was going more towards WR this year somewhere? I own Jones... he had a couplea great games, can be explosive, which Williams seems to lack... too bad he got hurt, I felt like he was building something there for a couplea weeks... that team has been waiting on someone to work out for soo long..
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    That's absurd.
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    i wonder who Brent will take?
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