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    I'm willing to take a gamble in the 4th round. He is a tier-one talent. I'd rather take the chance that he doesn't get hurt than hoping that another player with less talent ascends.
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    If teams is really in that bad shape you should waive the fee for the team this year. However, if he wants to trade any assets that affect next years draft then fees are due up front for that year. I find it mind boggling that in an 8 team 3 keeper league that any team would be that bad. Only 24 people are being kept (at most), any team owner can overcome that. Personally I'd find someone who doesn't flinch at $20, cause really? $20? Waste that on 2 beers at a bar, stay in and watch Netflix one night.
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    Here it is: http://thehuddle.com/2017/08/12/dont-be-a-slave-to-adp/
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    I like Decker. He is still only 30 years old. He has a physicality that few receivers possess which has led him to be a touchdown machine. He leads all receivers since 2012 in red zone touchdown receptions with 36. Mariota has also been phenomenal in the red zone. He leads all NFL quarterbacks since 2012 in red zone passer rating with a rating of 114.6. Last year he threw 18 touchdown passes and 0 interceptions in the red zone. He hasn't thrown a single red zone interception in his career. Considering how little talent the Titans have had at receiver, his red zone success is incredible. Combining two players whose strengths match so well can only lead to good things. Mariota looks like a quarterback who has the sky as his limit. Decker should help him continue to ascend. Both players have adps that make them very attractive (though not as attractive as Eric Decker's wife). Mariota has an MFL public league adp of 97.61. Decker has an MFL public league adp of 92.88. They also have a very nice fantasy playoff schedule with the 49ers and Rams in weeks 15 and 16. I'm more than comfortable having Mariota as my starting quarterback and Decker as my WR3.
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    I'll take DJ as my poison
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    I could not draft him on a boat. I will not draft him with a goat. I will not draft him in the rain. I will not draft him on a train. Not in the dark! Not in a tree! Not in a car! How can this be! Not in the second round, Please don't frown. Not in the third, Just fly the bird. No forth, or fifth, Okay, maybe after a fifth of whiskey...
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    He will likely go 3rd or sooner. He has insane potential but seems to have bad luck with injuries. Not going to call him injury prone at this point.
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    I got a great tattoo idea. It involves Dean Spanos and the middle finger.
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    Browns Matthew Dayes - RB he was the second to last pick in the Draft and has shown good speed and vision. If Crowell goes down, he's probably gonna step in Jordan Leslie - WR 1st year player out of Brigham Young that's been catching everything thrown his way and getting separation at the line. I wouldn't draft these guys but monitor them...
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    That truly makes no sense. If a convo has legs and enough people it will continue. I can assure you that this (and similar) threads has nothing to do with the slow death of this site.
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    Huge Cowboy homer here and all along I have thought there was no way he would be suspended, the lady is a gold digger, no evidence and all that rah rah ... THEN I started using real logic ...Too many accusers, too many instances, the photos of the multiple bruises and multiple episodes, the throwing punches at multiple bars, THE COVER UPS and how he gets others involved or hushed, there is a serious pattern happening here... I am now believing that this is a SPOILED kid who has always had someone cover up, make excuses for, take care of, hide, pay off, convince others it "wasn't him", (all while Zeke stands back and lets them take care of it); Zeke is a commodity to some who want to use him and Zeke has always been a stud athlete and glorified, there has been someone at every level who has let him get away with rage toward women it seems, selfish actions at other's expense (victims to say the least) and he thinks he is above it all. No longer will I be one of the enablers and defenders of his reputation. He makes his bed, he lays in it. Abuse toward women will not be tolerated by the NFL and it's fans. I won't get behind his behavior. Not proud of you Zeke, you have a lot of growing up to do.
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    Nope. In fact, I am looking at Tyrell Williams around the 6th round as a better value. Injuries will always be the story line with Allen and I am not risking a 4th round pick on someone who has that history. If he slides a few rounds and I miss on Williams, I will take a shot. But fourth round? Not for me.
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    Hmm, no myhuddle and info on leauges previously setup is gone, not good. I only have one league but liked using the tool with my specific players. A major redesign started in early March (over 5 months ago) should be done and ready by now, not with final tweaking the last few weeks before the season starts.
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    How about this, Murray is somewhat 'safer' to not bust...but Crowell is less risky, higher value and trending upwards for the past 3 seasons. Murray RB1 (nuff said right?), Crowell solid RB2 with upside. tough decision, the Henry thing could play a role at some point but DM is the RB1 on the team but still could be considered a split. DM's past was sketchy with injuries but the dudes been relatively solid since. I'd push DM ahead of Crowell if it was full pt ppr, probably @ the 5th Henry or not DM's getting it done both on the ground and catching passes.
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    No one will care as long as the person playing QB is winning them games. How did Seattle fans treat the front office when they ended up starting Wilson over Flynn after signing him to a big contract? I have a feeling they got over very quickly.
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    I dunno but Mike Glennons neck is getting weirder looking.
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    I really think you're relying way too much on ADPs. Each site's ADP's are different because each site has different player rankings. Too many people draft strictly based on a sites ADP even though they may feel another player is better. I think it's a much better idea to find a site that has player projections that you agree with then apply your league's scoring to those stats. This will give you the most accurate list of players for your specific draft and also allows you to take advantage of the guys who just like to follow the website's ADP list.
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    Matt Dayes is getting a lot of work and praise in camp, he was a late round pick with higher talent. He was projected as a fourth round pick, then tumbled after his workouts hurt his stock. 29 RB went in front of him, and he's said I simply think the Browns plan to use Duke more as a receiver, and if Crowell is hurt they don't want to tamper with that to move him to full time starting RB. Talking with a co-worker who follows Browns more than I do (went to scrimmage, watched the whole first pre-season game, listens to radio shows) says that Duke won't be getting a ton of receptions and yards in the slot, more as 3rd receiver. But he does think that Dayes is very good and could replace Crowell early in the season. Again my main point goes back to Duke isn't the handcuff. I understand why you disagree and think these nobodies have a chance to replace him.
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    I'd still take him if I had the #1...too young and pumped up not to take
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    I'm a big fan of Keenan. When he plays he puts up WR1 numbers. I would be very happy to get him in the 4th round
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    If I remember correctly...Gurley had 3-4 huge games in 2015 in which he scored TDs, and was averaging 5-6 yards per carry. He only played about 12 full games that season and there were only 4-5 times he rushed for over 4 yards per carry during that year. His numbers were skewed in 2015 by those monster games, the TDs, and them feeding him the ball. Last year I think he only had about 2 games where he rushed for 4 or more yards per carry and his TDs were few and far between, and then some games they just didn't feed him the ball very much at all. The few games I saw of the Rams last season, he just didn't look like he wanted to be there...was constantly getting stopped at or behind the line, wasn't very patient and hitting the few holes that were opening up for him, and looked like he was second guessing his routes. You'll most likely have to pay a 2nd round price for him this season as I'm sure someone in your league will take a chance on him...JMHO but there's way to much risk with him at that price.
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    There is a lot of upside with Ajayi as is anticipated to be a top tier RB. Brady is consistent and will of course be a top tier fantasy QB joining Rodgers, and Brees. I personally like to stock up on position players and take a QB in later rounds. I definitely like Matt Ryan and Winston, but if available I would also throw in Rivers. I would make the trade and get a QB later.
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    awesome options, I see the dilemma. Are you leaning towards any particular back? I mean you keep McCoy and Freeman or Howard you can trade to get a lockdown WR like OBJ, JJ, Evens, MT if you want or roll with those RB's to start. Nothing against AJ I think value of the RBs are better and you possibly could trade one before you lock in your keepers right?
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    Seems pertinent in this thread with the continuous advising of QB - Huddle's Zero QB Theorem Rotoworld's When to Draft a Quarterback Just something to consider.
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    Going back to what I said July 1, my thinking hasn't changed much. In redraft, I'm more inclined not to buy this year (there's no value now at all), wait for him to prove it, and then potentially have to pay a 1st round price next year. IMO there are a ton of equally good questions about other RBs around his ADP range - so if that means I head towards a more solid WR then so be it.
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    crabtree is a better value as he would likely not be there when you make your 6th round pick. theres a chance you can still grab tate in the 4th depending in where you're picking. for me this is an easy choice.
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    I would be fine with that if it means I am loaded elsewhere. You're in a standard 2RB/3WR league plus 1 flex with 0.5 PPR. As noted above, it makes it pretty much a toss up between Thomas and Gordon. I'd be perfectly fine starting out with OBJ and Thomas as my keepers and would be equally happy with OBJ and Gordon. I think Gordon is a bit of a riskier bet given his injury history and Thomas has more upside given what he did as a rookie and the fact that he should have even more targets this season, but if you are not comfortable with not having an RB as one of your keepers then you'll be fine and likely happier by going OBJ and Gordon.
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    With the limited college game tape I watched after he was drafted, Trubisky also reminded me of Aaron Rodgers. His release is quick and compact with a little zing to it. And Trubisky is very naturally mobile with poise just like Rodgers. He is probably far more polished coming out of college than Rodgers. The Aaron Rodgers we know did a lot of development in his three years backing up Favre .
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    Ertz finished as the 6th highest scoring tight end last year even with missing 2 games. He was the 3rd highest scoring tight end in points per game played (less than a point per game fewer than leader Jordan Reed). Even when he came back from injury in week 5, he put together a string of 4 extremely mediocre games. So through week 8 of last year he was the 34th highest scoring tight end with a measly 30.0 points scored. Then he and Wentz started connecting. From week 9 through week 17, Ertz was the number 1 scoring tight end with 20 points more than 2nd place. His stats were a bit skewed because of a 38.9 point total in week 17. But even taking away his monster week 17, he was still the 2nd highest scoring tight end in weeks 9 through 16. I think it's safe to say Ertz has already arrived. I think a lot of people thought Ertz had a bad year because of how poorly he did in the first half of the season. Ertz really had an amazing year considering that Wentz was a first year quarterback who only threw 16 touchdowns and 3,782 yards. With Wentz surely improving in his 2nd year, Ertz can easily be the number 1 tight end in the NFL. His adp of 97.37 puts him as the 10th highest drafted tight end. With players like Ertz and Marty B available in rounds 7-8, anyone who uses a high draft pick on a tight end is foolhardy.
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    I don't want to draft anyone ahead of their ADP. I'll let the cards fall where they may. Matt Ryan would be kind of interesting though to guy right after Rogers and Brady even though that would be hard to duplicate that MVP year
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    Might be something you have to stream with the emergence of some upcoming TE's, second year TE's or guys that changed teams. Ebron is ok but not getting red zone opportunities handicaps him badly, TE's need that over everything else right? With that said you probably need him either way. Maybe someone like Jack Doyle is available only guy in Indy now, D.Allen was the guy most had?? Just curious. Also someone like A.Hooper who didn't do 'S' during the year (battled a mid season injury) but produced well in the playoffs that's gotta be considered worth something going into this season, ATL and Matty Ice has always given targets to his TE's. Just trying to deep dive a bit, I tell you honestly I've been lucky with plucking TE's and I've missed horribly with guys in FF. I've sat through a lot of years of mediocre with Kelce since he was a rookie on my Dynasty squad, only reason I stuck to him was I got him so cheap he didn't hurt my salary cap, but TE's are a pain. Look Nick Boyle ( maybe not draft or settle but watch see if anything emerges there as well, BALT is another team whoever ends up TE1 could be in for some decent work). Just some options.
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    Very well thanks. Graduated my 1yr rehab Feb.28th. Just now getting back into everything.
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    We just finished the first 3 drafts A,B,C. D,E,F are underway now I believe and H,I,J starts after that. Crazy draft man. I like my squad but not what I would normally end up with from the 9 hole.
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    Love your first two picks, but I am speechless as to why you'd grab Ertz in the 4th in a 10 man league. I'm big on him this year, but if everyone else is biting on TE's that early you should go against the grain and take advantage of the RBs/WRs on the board. I love McCaffrey this year, especially around that price range you got him. Good luck this year!
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    Not a big deal to me. Was not interested in either receiver.
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    If I'm not mistaken Mixons incident was prior to him being drafted? Therefor not subject to the NFL conduct policy
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    If Kaep was any good he'd be on a roster. But yeah, screw him anyway
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    Brandon Marshall I think is set up for a bounce back year and I think will far out perform his current ADP which I think is around WR 30 or so.
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    So last year Murray was 5th overall RB in points in PPR format according to yahoo, and Crowell was 13th overall. Murray has been mostly going in the 2nd rounds of mocks in ESPN, and Crowell not far behind him, usually from what I've seen late 2nd early 3rd in the drafts I partake in. Given that information, I think that Murray is the smarter choice here. He was targeted more in the passing game last year and should be able to replicate his fantasy numbers. To have a top 5 RB in the 5th round will allow you better depth to get more value players in the first 4 rounds. Im not saying Crowell doesnt have value in the 16th, but I dont see him breaking into the top 5 RB category, making Murray a better keeper choice.
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    1. The Ex GF refused to testify to the police and lied about what happened. Elliot is not in legal trouble anymore, just problems in the workplace 2. The NFL can suspend players for anything that they want, as long as it brings negative light to the league. He was suspended for personal conduct violation 3. Agreed, fight away. Just know this when you do, you will be suspended next year, and then you might not be able to appeal for a reduced suspension
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    http://deadspin.com/report-ezekiel-elliot-suspended-six-games-by-nfl-1797752285 Here's an article that states why the police didn't persue charges to make you feel a little better about the Law Enforcement involved
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    Good, the kid needs it! For the fantasy aspect of it, does this drop him all the way down to the 3rd rd, because I would snag him on the turn of 2-3 if hes there
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    I personally would take the value pick in Thomas. He wasn't the #1 WR last year (he was #7 based on Huddle PPR scoring), but there is no reason to not expect him to perform at a similar level this year, if not a little better with the departure of Cooks. Johnson for the #9 overall also not a bad choice, but I just don't think you will make up the potential value you can going by essentially getting your WR1 for no cost to you.
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    Do a bunch of mocks from that position trying different strategies and see which team you like best. I've been favoring RB first because I feel having a top RB is an advantage over getting multiple WRs early. Been seeing a lot of WRs in the middle rounds like I like over any of the RBs.
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    Yahoo sports reported that Thomas was rated the number 1 overall WR in PPR and Standard leagues last year. As the saints #1 he has been getting separation and making catches at will during camp. To keep Thomas in the 16th is huge. Yes DJ is a great value at #9 and no one would fault you for choosing to keep him. However, You can grab another #1 RB/WR with the 9th pick. I think the value of Thomas is to good to pass up.
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    Duke Johnson is another guy I'm liking in a full PPR format, especially if RBs start running thin early.
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    While I agree with this, it is important to be aware of ADP data so you can spot where you are likely to get value and what players you feel are being overvalued in drafts. If you know several owners are going to go off of ADP data, you can leverage that to your advantage so you can identify players you want that you can likely afford to wait on a little bit, and those that you may have to take a little earlier if you want them. ADP data is just another tool to add to the toolbelt. It should not be the only tool, but it should be in the arsenal.
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    or, put in your league scoring into a site, I don't know, say, thehuddle.com and have it spit out a customized cheat sheet for you... You want the software to make your picks for you too? If you know someone's hurt, bump up their replacement in your own rankings.
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    The NFL offered to pay $650M of the estimated $1.3B for a new stadium in San Diego. That is a difference of $650M that Dean Spanos tried to get the tax payers to pony up. We said no. So now he's hightailing it to LA where he is not welcomed. Competing with the Rams, MLB, MLH, NBA, MLS and women professional teams, along with national power college sports, he is now looking for a fan base. He is also a tenant now with zero income from stadium earnings. Hold that thought.....let's take a look at the monetary difference again so that it will be CRYSTAL CLEAR that Dean Spanos had no intent of staying in SD. The difference of what the NFL was offering and the cost of a new stadium was $650M.....with me so far? Here it comes....the relocation fee Spanos will be paying the NFL for moving to LA? $650M Yep Good riddance Spanos you are a piece of