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    Shelton to Patriots for Conditional 2019 pick. I was unaware that Dorsey gets paid per transaction.
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    Think the Taylor trade was a boneheaded move, he doesn't offer them much of an upgrade at QB (imo), and won't make this offense sing. They could have gotten a better bridge QB.
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    Irsay obviously wasn’t involved in this deal...
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    Marqise Lee reportedly resigned with JAC. rumor is that Julius Thomas and Tyler Eifert both tripped on a McDonald's bag that Eddie Lacy threw on the ground, so... injured, injured, fat.
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    i'm reading some of that nonsense, just wow... he talks like championships are won or lost by one guy on the team. Even Michael Jordan had a quality group of guys around him. Should Dan Marino be removed from the HoF? Also, as someone who has master's level classes in statistics, econometrics, modeling... I know just enough to say that guy couldn't crunch data to get a straight line between two points.
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    Taylor has been a great game manager. I believe he has one of the best TD to INT ratios in the NFL. With Dorsey as a GM you have to expect something like this. He brought Alex Smith in to KC because he liked Smiths ability to manage the game and not turn the ball over. That’s exactly what they got in Taylor. For a 3rd rd pick, who would turn the ball over less Taylor, a rookie QB, Kizer, or what ever FA QB decided to play in Cleveland
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    Barkley with the #1 pick followed by one of Mayfield/Allen/ Rosen with the #4 pick (Tyrod Taylor to start in 2018 as the hold the fort guy). Browns in the driver's seat for sure. Nice work by Dorsey if this comes to fruition.
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    slightly shocked doesn't begin to qualify my feelings. at least he doesn't turn the ball over, something the Browns' QBs were not adept at last season
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    ecstatic doesn't begin to qualify my feelings
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    Coleman and Gordon on the outside, Landry in the slot. That could be a top 5 WR trio in the league. Pick up Barkley, a rookie QB to groom in the first round of this years draft. Hopefully they can land one of the big QB's in FA. Already a solid O-line and defense. They could make an immediate impact next year.
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    ramping up for a pass happy league and to combat the NFC- Minn, Philly, NOS, Atl, and up and coming 49ers
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    Especially if Denver or Buffalo trades to 1.02. Arizona even?
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    I like how this deal rearranges people’s draft boards. Cle may be forced to go QB at 1 so what happens to Barkley...Maybe Cle was smart to get Hyde as a fall back just in case. Cle should just trade #1 and do their usual with the picks.
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    He was a free agent due to end of contract, not released.
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    Mercedes Lewis went 24-318-5 last year fwiw. You know, that guy you thought retired until he pops up out of nowhere with a 3 td game. I can't see how ASJ doesn't at least double those numbers. The fact the Jags keep bringing in marquee TE's tells me they've been dying to get one for Bortles. Julius Thomas was infamous for his lack of work ethic, and Mychal Rivera was Mychal Rivera. ASJ I still think can turn the corner. Mercedes Lewis still being the only other TE you'd recognize on their roster tells you all you need to know about his opportunities. He'll cost you nothing this year, and likely you won't have to draft him. I think finishing 12th is his floor.
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    Hurns and Lee aren't exactly Rice and Taylor. How does he not get a lot of looks? Yeah this is predicated on his having beat the alcy thing. If so, I like his upside.
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    Brown will put in another 8 game season averaging 2 receptions a game for 40. I foresee a 16-320 2 TD season.
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    They've been wreaking havoc on their own QBs for so long...that should be a nice change for them.
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    I think there's a cream for that...
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    Yes I've noticed that, makes discussions with him useless in general football discussions, which is really what most fans are doing now.
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    Bernie Bernie,,,,Ohhhhh Super Bowl (we were right, he made it to one and got a ring, but it was as a "diminishing skills" backup for the Cowboys)
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    Man...I've spent the last 20 years trying to forget the 90's.
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    Kirk Cousins to Minnesota Sammy Watkins to KC A-Rob to Chicago Andrew Norwell to Jacksonville Case Keenum to Denver Danny Amendola to Miami Bradford to Arizona Star Lotulelei to Buffalo Trey Burton to Chicago Paul Richardson to Washington
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    So that the Browns could wreak havoc on opposing QB's for years to come
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    Wasted, on the consensus first overall pick, because he missed some time and wasn't a lights out DE? Or wasted as in "didn't draft the QB they needed". Just tired of all the constant negative commentary about Browns, hear enough of it from the local fans.
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    Way to pick the low hanging fruit.
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    Browns own the offseason, its the regular season we cant seem to figure out
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    Not exactly a high bar to get over.......
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    Per ESPN. Yeah g/l with that. lol
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    At least some demonstration of a coherent plan. Already failed on that front.
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    He'd fit white in in NE .........
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    Today is moving day for all Vikings Qb’s. Good luck to all past, present and future Qb’s.
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    Nelson looks like he has lost a step, and he'll turn 33 in May.
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    Colts have decided to just play the fuckit game. What is the fuckit game you ask? "Thanks for playing, better luck next year". Seriously - they have money to spend and they're just watching the talent go elsewhere. I guess if I were a FA, I wouldn't want to go to Indy either unless I was overpaid to do so.
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    This guy needs to buy a freakin lottery ticket. He can't stay healthy - yet he keeps getting these massive paydays. One lucky mo fo
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    Between the two they should come close to the amount of catches they lost losing landry
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    I can't speak for the rest of the Vikings fans (or for the team, obviously), but my gut tells me Keenum somewhat reached his ceiling this season. Not necessarily a one-year wonder (I don't think he'll be garbage going forward, by any means), but I'm not really sure he can do much better than he did last year. And, while the NFC Championship game was certainly not solely on him, I do think he showed some signs of cracking under pressure in that game.... Something we hadn't seen much of, prior to that. I thought there were a number of instances throughout the season where the end result looked much better than the means of getting there, in terms of how he played. Throwing up desperation passes off of his back foot, only to see Thielen or somebody else bail him out by making a great catch. Balls that are intercepted at a very high rate were turned into completions, or worst case, incompletions. Some of that can be attributed to Case having a knack for getting out of pressure situations, but some of it was also pure dumb luck. I could see that luck running out next year, and his performance bouncing back towards a much more average/mediocre result. Bottom line.... I think most would agree that Cousins is an upgrade from Keenum. How much is the question. So, the real question becomes at what point is the upgrade worth more than the price difference. Is Cousins worth double what Keenum is worth, if Keenum is 90% of what Cousins brings, in terms of performance? Probably not. On the other hand, I think MIN would gladly pay a lot more for Cousins if they feel the upgrade is significant enough for them to improve from where they were last year. You can't put a price tag on the potential of reaching/winning a SB, and the reality is that they were pretty close. Close enough that a home loss to Detroit likely cost them home field advantage in a season in which they could have played in a SB at home. I think sticking with Keenum would have been the conservative move. Signing Cousins may or may not turn out to bring the results they're looking for, but at least it shows me that they're aggressively looking to improve. And, whether it be trading for Bradford two years ago, or signing Cousins now, I would rather see them making moves towards improvement than just sitting back and hoping things turn out better next year.
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    All the pressure on now. If they do anything less than make the SB, Vike fans will grumble. "We got farther with Keenum!"
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    Correct, and my point was that any QB drafted in the first round has had a heck of a stone wall to break through, regardless of where TB, etc., were drafted.
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    So basically great players don't often help teams win Super Bowls so don't draft them? So if he falls to 11-20 or later, somebody should draft him there, since a higher percentage of RBs drafted there helped their teams win a SB? Sorry, that seems like cherry picking stats to support a hypothesis. PS For those saying "that guy doesn't know what he's talking about", keggerz is that guy (Steve Gallo who sent the tweets), a long respected member of the huddle, but I have to say off base on this analysis.
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    Agree with Opie on this. That's a cherry picked point. You can make that case for damn near every position for top 4 picks.
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    Having Tyrod at quarterback is not optimal for Landry's and Gordon's fantasy value.
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    No, but Haley might be able to
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    wrong. Barkley is unique. There is no one else like him in this draft. One of Rosen, Mayfield, Allen or Darnold will be there at pick #4. Cleveland comes away with the best RB in the draft and its future QB (most likely Mayfield or Allen) drafted at slot 4. Plus they can compete quickly with Tyrod Taylor as their 'hold-the-fort' QB until the rookie is ready. Adding Landry to the slot with Gordon and Coleman at wideout was genius too. Not to mention the TWO good rookie TEs they drafted last year in Njoku and DeValve.
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    Assumption: Cousins lands in Minnesota. It will be Barkley at pick #1 and either Allen or Mayfield at 4. Taylor is a hold the fort guy for them. Giants will take Darnold or Rosen at #2. Eli will play his final season for the giants this year Colts would take Barkley if he were there, but he's going to Browns at #1 so Colts will trade back, hopefully to #6 with the Jets (that way the Colts can still get Chubb or Fitzpatrick). I doubt they trade as far back as the Dolphins #11 or the Bills pair of later 1st rounders. Cleveland will take Mayfield or Allen at 4. Denver will take Allen or Mayfield at #5 Jets, if they don't trade up, will once again be left standing around, with Macagnan and Todd Bowels both holding their d*cks in front of the world to see.
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    shattering the record of illustrious legends such as Fred Lane !