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    The problem has to be resolved at a young age with youth and high school coaches. I was told over and over again to “get your head in there”. We also had “rewards” for players who had the most stick marks and scrapes on their helmets. This was in HS and later encouraged in college. The fact is that not only do you risk head/neck injuries, it’s not good football. Square up your pads, stay balanced and drive with your legs and shoulders then wrap up with your arms. This needs to be taught now at every level and a very early age. BTW, when I played both sides of the ball I was told many times to “stick your head in there” as an RB. Bad coaching and not fundamentally correct.
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    I was loaded at QB with Wentz and Wilson, so traded Wilson at the trade deadline... Moral of story... sometimes better to be loaded than out of bullets.
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    Outside of fantasy, that's just awful for Wentz and the Eagles. They really had something special going.
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    The only situation where Foles has really done poorly was playing for the Rams under Jeff Fisher. It is hard to hold that against Foles. He is now in an ideal situation playing on a well run team behind a dominant offensive line. It is difficult for a quarterback to do poorly when well protected. He plays the Giants this week who have given up the most points to opposing quarterbacks this season. The Eagles could play it safe and just run the ball a lot and would win easily. Or the Eagles could pass the ball a lot and they will still win easily. They need to get Foles integrated into the offense in preparation for the playoffs. He needs to gain chemistry with his receivers. I think the Eagles will pass the ball a lot.
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    I added the NOS team defense in every league that I could this week (of the ones where I’m still alive that play a TMDST). I even added them in leagues where I own BAL and/or LAC (who have been red hot for a month or so). Not sure I would start them over BAL, but it’s awfully tempting. If nothing else, I prevented my opponent from getting them, and as it stands right now, he’s got NE against Big Ben and company.
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    Playing against a team that's starting Kamara Ingram Thomas My guess is he doesn't have any respect for the Jets defense.
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    There's a lot of talk around the Saints forum that question whether Kamara was ever concussed at all. Apparently one of the players told someone that team doctors had cleared him to come back out after the half and the NFL officials said no and that Kamara was pissed about it. I have no idea if any of that is true, but I do know that he & starting OG Kalemente, who was also diagnosed with a concussion during the Falcons game were both back at practice pretty quickly after sustaining their concussions.
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    your wife good at picking D?
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    Not necessarily. He broke a bone, he didn't tear any ligaments or tendons. He may have pain but that's manageable and usually not a significant issue for athletes of his caliber. I expect he has full range of motion already.
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    We're easily amused. That's what keeps us here.
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    Interesting. The Browns seem to get publicly owned every week!
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    Well, it seems this year that QBs who used to play for Jeff Fisher are having excellent seasons. Still, you gotta have big stones to trot Foles out there with no real data at all to go on. That being said, the Eagles host Oakland on Monday night in Week 16, so if all goes fairly well this week, he might be an excellent start in fantasy championship games.
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    Alfred Morris and Gio Bernard
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    I'm beginning to think that the mantra of "Just one before I die" is about a regular season victory and not a Super Bowl...
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    Fact...........D Law called out the refs today. Not a single holding call on the O line against him in 5 games. He's been tackled, held by his jersey and even hogtied and left to be released by his fellow D linemen before the next play, yet still no call. It's a conspiracy I tell you, and everyone's in on it.
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    this. reminds me of Carr and OAK last year.
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    They need to bring back the 5-yard face mask penalty. Touching the mask doesn’t warrant a personal foul.
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    Head-to-head is fun. It is fun competing against a different person each week even if you aren't interacting with their team in any real sense. It is especially fun when you know the person you are competing against. I also like the idea of a team or two of the remaining teams to get into the playoffs based on most points scored. It seems unfair for someone to score in the top 3 of most points scored and not make it in to the playoffs. I also like the idea of using most points scored to determine tiebreakers. It is the easiest system, and again, the most fair. Some people are arguing that it is hypocritical not to support one or the other system 100%. They are arguing that if you like most points scored then you need to do away with head-to-head entirely. Or if you support head-to-head then you need use head-to-head as the tiebreaker, too. Just because you like something doesn't mean you need to put it into practice in it's 100% pure form. Most things aren't good in their 100% pure form. 100% capitalism isn't good. 100% socialism isn't good. The key is to try to get the best of both systems and not the bad parts. I think playing head-to-head while putting a team or two with most points into the playoffs and using most points for tiebreakers brings the best of both systems together.
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    If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that. I believe the first time was around a decade ago. Maybe more.
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    What one team scored in Week 5 means a whole lot less.
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    DeAndre Hopkins (toe) absent on Thursday http://www.rotoworld.com/headlines/nfl/370668/deandre-hopkins-(toe)-absent-on-thursday?ls=roto:HOU:topheadlines DeAndre Hopkins (toe) didn't practice on Thursday. Hopkins wasn't listed on Wednesday's practice report, so this must be a new injury. It's too early to get a gauge on Hopkins' status, but if he were to sit against the Jaguars, it would make a brutal matchup even worse for fill-in quarterback T.J. Yates. Nuk leads the NFL with 11 touchdowns this year and ranks second in both catches (88) and receiving yards (1,233) behind Antonio Brown. His absence would be a big loss for fantasy owners. Source: Aaron Wilson on Twitter Dec 14 - 3:55 PM
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    The have done a lousy job of building a team around him. However, I would rather him be up front and ask to be moved than to pull this passive aggressive crap to get out of town, if it is true.
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    perhaps I set myself up for that one.
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    Here is something similar put out by CBS that shows the win percentages of the fantasy owner of players. It is two years old. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/fantasy-football-and-the-winner-is/ And from last year: https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/fantasy-football-2016-winning-players-david-johnson-leveon-bell-ezekiel-elliott-top-the-list/
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    None of your RBs are that inspiring, so it's not crazy to start Murray and Henry to ensure you get whatever San Fran gives to running backs. If you'd rather not do that, start Murray and Perine. For flex, I'd lean Dede Westbrook, though if you are okay trotting out all your Titans, the matchup can't get much better for Delanie Walker. For what it's worth, I'm starting both Murray and Walker and benching Henry.
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    Rivers for sure. WR - Landry (check the weather prior. If it's like last week do not play Jarvis), Westbrook, Hill (tough matchup, but they move him around so much). I'd rather play Collins over Miller Carolina D. Stafford at home 1 Wr and 2 Flex spots? M.Jones, Juju, and Kupp
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    i saw the ticker for the first TD and said attaboy (i had JS on my roster for the past last three years)... i saw the ticker for the second TD and kinda wished i still had him... i saw the ticker for the third TD and thought Taz is gonna be incorrigible ...
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    It would be nice if they got a strong-armed quarterback since both Coleman and Gordon are great deep threats. Hue promotes a deep passing game, too. It's going to be interesting to see what they do. And I don't think quarterbacks will be hesitant to sign with them. Gordon, Coleman, and Njoku are enticing players for a quarterback and the Browns have enough money to pay whatever it'll take.
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    I always have a hard time believing conspiracy theories, especially with referees. I think that more times than not it's just bad officiating that fuels that thought or just people looking for a reason their team lost other than poor play. I know that often refs will favor a player and give them calls where other players wouldn't get the same call, but to say there's some coordinated conspiracy is just really too far-fetched to me. I will say though, the disparity in calls (none on the Falcons D, 9 against the Saints for first downs), several obvious non-calls & a couple questionable ones along with things like the Falcon ref being subbed in, the league sure doesn't do themselves any favors in quieting this kind of talk.
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    Today there's a lot of criticalness against the NFL including penalties being called. Here's my thoughts. When you make a tackle you just do it normally. You don't go out of your way to try to hurt that player and if he gets hurt than he gets hurt. There's no way of getting around that, happens every year. 1 thing I don't like seeing are face masks being touched and running the risk of a helmet coming off. Think players who do that should be ejected from the game. Any thoughts.
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    Ya that’s too bad, I liked watching him play. Hopefully it’s not an ACL
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    You live your playoff life 1 week at a time
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    Well, the real punishment was that I started Garrapolo over Prescott. I did get a token TD from Adams, however.
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    Bumping this one so that it stays above the Barber thread...... (Pad)
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    Baltimore's not giving up much to opposing QB's, I'd roll with Keenum even in a hard match up. And I think I'd go Ajayi, Gore, Anderson cause I think the Bucs' coach is insisting on staying with Doug Martin.
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    Do not start Barber, they're starting Doug Martin at RB and no guarantee they have goal line carries for Barber
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    You remember anyone getting cleared on gameday?
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    My biggest issue with HTH is that fantasy football and real football are very different. HTH makes sense in the NFL because two teams actually played each other on a football field, and the better team won the game. In FF, though, that doesn’t happen. It’s played on paper, and head-to-head doesn’t mean the same thing. You could be playing Team A, but the reality is that you’re not playing them in the same way as in the NFL. You’re not on the same field with Team A any more than you are B, C, or D.
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    Actually, that brings me to another observation. The Refs know the Cowboys need the Falcons, Seahawks or the Panthers to lose so we can make the playoffs. That call to spare 3 points on the defense gave Atlanta 3 points. So the conspiracy is still in tacked. Helping the Falcons get by the Saints knowing they are in the playoffs already by giving them a helping hand for 3 points which was the winning margin by the way. See, everyone's against us. I'm all for protecting our star QB's from unnecessary punishment but NO way was that call fair to the defense. Horrible call. They have gone way too far with the ruffing call especially on QBs.
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    They need to draft a QB that isn't a reach. I never got the fascination with DeShone Kizer. He was mediocre in college and worse in the NFL. Since Cleveland came back to the NFL, I can't recall one right QB pick they have made.
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    I like total points because it is the easiest. Even when the rules explain the head-to-head criteria explicitly, people will be confused or will complain when it is a 3-way or 4-way tie. I also think total points is the fairest since it is the best indicator of the best team.