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  1. My QB scored me 5 points Thursday and I'm confident I'll win. Just can't have anymore clusters like that.
  2. This week I'm going with Williams, sitting Moncrief.
  3. Started Carr, sat Hill for Ty Williams, Gabriel and Mitchell. Moncrief, Lockett and Inman are my other options.
  4. That sucks. One of the reason I gave up my work league - too much petty BS. My on-line leagues are so much easier to manage.
  5. I won, now I need someone else to win for the tie breaker. Down 15 pts. with Luck vs Forte. Figure I need three TDs or 2 and lots of yards and Forte not to go off.
  6. Isn't that twice he's been stopped @ the 1?
  7. I would play Ty Hill.
  8. No manure. I was hoping to plug Inman in but now Williams is active. Or Hightower but now Ingram practiced today. It'll be a coin flip between those two and Moncrief, M. Mitchell.
  9. I'm holding off on starting Mitchell just yet. Moncrief or Inman seem like safer bets this week.
  10. I agree. I would start him over Williams but sitting both for Moncrief.
  11. Gates
  12. Same here.
  13. Yes but I need a win this week and I can't trust him. Need more film.
  14. What a throw.