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  1. If we taske a QB with that high pick I will pull my hair out. we do not need a QB right now. Jason Smith would be the guy for us to grab and then we can take a QB in the 2nd round and go with the guys we have and sign someone. we won't be going from 0-16 to a winning record despite what the Dolphins did a few years back. the Dolphins 1-15 team had quite a bit more talent than us.This being said...I already know in my heart they will take is what my Lions do. And might I add.... .
  2. Team 1 - Marshawn Lynch and Deshaun Foster Team 2 - Marshawn Lynch and Deangelo Williams
  3. TD
  4. All I know is Sabathia,Burnett,Wang,Pettite is gonna make 1 heck of a starting rotation.Yanks are gonna be tough this year and IMO have just passed up the Red Sox as the best team in the A.L. Matter of fact both New York teams upgraded big time. the Mets add Francisco Rodriguez AND J.J. Putz for their bullpen. they add another starter and we could see a all New York WS next year.
  5. I was not dogging the kid Seahawk..just noticing.
  6. Barry was more quick than fast. he got ran down many many times on my Lions. it was his side to side movement that made him so special. if the kid has half the footwork his dad had we will be seeing him in the pros. 1 thing I noticed brother Menudo is he celebrated more on that run than Barry did in his whole career.interested in watching him get older and seeing how he pans out as that was a fine run.
  7. vs. KC - W @ CAR - L vs. BUF - W @ SD - L Total points for Denver: 82
  8. I benched him beause of the hammy and hoped I was not making a mistake.
  9. I know he came into the game with a hammy.
  10. Wayne had us a Manning TD if he would of held on.
  11. If you expect them to be right everytime than there is no site for you.
  12. TEN @ DET Chris Johnson SEA @ DAL Tony Romo ARI @ PHI Donavon McNabb McNabb 310 yards
  13. Speaking of Steve Young he is a great example of how a system can make or break a guy. Young went from a 8 TD-13 INT season in 1986 to a 10 touchdown 0 interception season coming in for Montana in 1987. matter of fact the 9'ers started Deberg,Montana,Young and then Garcia with all having record breaking seasons of some sort. football is the ultimate system game which is what makes it so fun to me. noone can do what they do without the coaches and teammates.
  14. This is why I do not like going with efficiency rating also. the best teams will get penalized for having such a good bench.