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  1. Think I'd take McCaffery...he'll be in on 3 downs on that offense. Fournette will start but should get pulled out on 3rd down. Titan's WRs disappear from week-to-week, and doubt Davis will consistently produce. JMHO but I'd take Williams over Davis with the way the draft fell...
  2. As a fan of the Texans...thx
  3. Where in the hell is Carl when you need him?
  4. How come when you click on the rookies 'player news' on the home page the articles don't show up? Filters?
  5. Guessing Opie is still calculating what insane amount would equal David Johnson's value... In the meantime, I'm seeing Todd Gurley ranked as either the 3rd or 4th RB on most redraft and dynasty boards...guess I'm not understanding all the love for him as he started facing those 8-9 man fronts after 6-7 games in his first season, and then he killed quite a few fantasy teams this past season. Granted it's early and we won't get much sense of the Ram's offensive line and skill positions until the rookie draft and training camp, but I would be hard pressed to take him over someone like Bell, Gordon, Howard, Freeman, etc...all of those RBs that I would clearly grab in the first round before Gurley. I might even have trouble pulling the trigger on him in the 2nd, depending on who was still on the board. UPDATE: Went out and looked at more redraft and dynasty boards, and it appears that Gurley is currently averaging around the 9-10 spot in redrafts and a little higher in dynasty/keeper formats. In most redrafts he's definitely behind DJ, Zeke, Bell, Freeman, Gordon, Murray, McCoy and Howard in almost anything I saw, and then he went in a grab bag grouped with Miller and Ajayi (even Hyde) mid-to-late 2nd round. Think that's a bit more realistic JMHO.
  6. Free leagues suck...
  7. David Johnson in the first round, and Le'Veon Bell in the second worked pretty well last year...think I'll stick with that!
  8. I think he started out very good once he started playing in 2015, but his stats went downward towards the latter part of that year.
  9. Tell Todd Gurley that...
  10. Well, he did almost beat out Chris Thompson and Alfred Blue depending on how your league scores...but he made the top 20 at least!
  11. What exactly would be #1 RB compensation IYO?
  12. In his defense he's had the crap beaten out of him these last 2 years facing 9 man fronts. He's basically trying to run thru walls 15-20 times a game.
  13. Never...
  14. Tony Romo might open up the passing actually...and McFadden/Morris wouldn't be that bad behind that o-line. Don't think resting their starters would be that much of a downgrade really... How does anyone that made it this far still have Dallas left though? I burned thru them the week they played Cleveland.
  15. If it was any of their other QBs besides RG3, I might be hesitant and think this could be Cleveland's week...but it's RG3.