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  1. BUMP, Still on the fence STARKS seems to be a big play this week I Hate messing with a line-up, but in the flex spot, leaning towards sticking with BUSH With HUNTER being a 4P start, he is out of the equation for now(At least this week)
  2. I think it depends on your scoring. A PPR league, I think you have to start RICE and FORTE, as I think this week, Felix will steal some of the catches that MURRAY has been getting the past four weeks. If it is a TD league, I would go woith FORTE and MURRAY, RICE is a GREAT performance league RB and it is hard to sit him, but they play the BENGALS this week, who surprisingly enough, have a really good Rushing Defense Good Luck Mine is on the board if your wish to answer Good Luck
  3. I have been riding Reggie BUSH for the past four weeks in the flex spot. Here is my situation, I have had Kendall HUNTER on my bench as well as J. STARKS. This week everyone says because of the match-up play STARKS, but if GORE sits, HUNTER gets ALL the touches. I know its a flex spot, but I am competing for my division and points race. SCORING: 3pts per TD, .1 per yard carried and recieved with bonuses at 100yds for both. .5pts per reception In a nutshell, STARKS, R. BUSH, or K, HUNTER(if GORE sits) Thanks in advance
  4. Looking to pick a starting QB C NEWTON v. Jacksonville M STAFFORD v. Minnesota R FITZPATRICK v. New England Performance scoring 3pts per TD, 1 pt for every 25yards, bonus for 20, 40, 60, and 80 yards PATD's, .25 for pass first downs I tried trading one of them for a TIMMONS or a good WR, no takers So I am stuck making this decision every week I have it narrowed to STAFFORD and NEWTON but FITZPATRICK makes for a good argument every week Thanks in ADVANCE!!!
  5. I agree I watched that entire game and saw McClain fall off tackles and he just didn't look aggressive around the ball For a MLB in a 4-3 system, I am giving him one more week VERY fustrating!!!!
  6. Any word on the calf injury I am assuming that he is practicing?
  7. I have Reggie BUSH as a starter in a Flex Spot and it is also PPR. A guy grabbed Daniel THOMAS ahead of me in the draft who had FOSTER, so I grabbed TATE. Should I pull the trigger now and trade the TATE for THOMAS straight up or wait for week 1? I have a feeling that TATE is slated for a huge week, and THOMAS "tweeked" his hammy. What do you guys think? Thanks in Advance!
  8. Crabtree with a bigshow last week and Jennings was still his invisible self Is it time to bench him for CRABTREE Thanks in Advance
  9. Need HOLMES to get 11 points in a PPR League 1 point per reception 6 Points per TD 1 point per every 10 yards Looks simple but HOLDING my breath
  10. I drafted Jerome HARRISON and antother team picked up PEYTON HILLIS as a handcuff I will try anything at this point
  11. I have Jerome HARRISON and another team picked up Peyton HILLIS I will try anything at this point
  12. We play in an IDP league and my defense has been carrying me so far. Here is my dilemma: Jamal Charles is my #1 RB (WOW) Choose from: James DAVIS v. Ravens Donald BROWN v. Broncos Marshan LYNCH v. Patriots Lawrence MARONY v. Colts I am in a bad way with my RB's and just trying to get though until HALEY loses a couple games and starts CHARLES Scoring: .5 per reception .1 per yard rushed and received .2 for first downs 2 points for recieving/rushes over 20yards 3 points per TD Thinking of going with BROWN cause ADDAI is dinged up, but MARONY looks a least salvagable Thanks in Advance
  13. Sorry.. I left out that I picked up Z. DILES last week for a filler until CUSHING coomes back
  14. I drafted him as a late round sleeper. He posted 10 solo last game. Is he going to be a good every week FLEX player My other LB's are: S. BRADLEY (Injured) P. WILLIS T. SUGGS J. MAYO SUGGS is listed as a LB even though he is really a DE. We Start 3LB's, 2 DB's, 2 DL, and 1 Flex (LB, DB, or DL) POINT SYSTEM: 1 Point Solo Tackle .5 Point Assist Tackle 1.5 Points for a Sack 1.5 Points Pass Defended 1 Points FF 1 Point Fumble REcovery Should I start him every week? Thanks in Advance
  15. is the best of any site I've seen GREAT Jobs guys especially with the addition to the Injury Report