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  1. Would you shut up!!
  2. All likely true. CLE learning how to draft? Let's not get crazy here.
  3. What def said. I liked Colts getting Hooker, incredible value in fact, but he is kinda risky not unlike Bob Sanders was. Day 2 could be interesting too. Wonder who gets Kizer? AZ might get the guy some people (idiotically) said they should draft in Rd 1.
  4. OJ was the play there, they need playmakers on O so so bad, but a stud safety is good too.
  5. CLE did the logical move. whew. However lol @ CHI.
  6. No wonder they're such a joke year after year; their owner is a pig-headed retard (old news, I guess). I pity any HC or GM for that team. Someone needs to get him to talk to Mike Brown who learned the hard way (and after many years of similar stupidity): let the people with a clue about football run the draft.
  7. Because? Honest question. I only saw bits n pieces but he looked promising when I saw him (on that crapass team no less) and while stats can be misleading, those are pretty good too. I don't think anyone knows whether he can be the answer yet or not, but why draft him if you're not going to give him a shot?
  8. Diff topic, rumours still flying about Trubisky to CLE with the first pick. Even if they go with him or a QB somewhat later, anyone else wondering why seemingly no one thinks Kessler deserves a shot and CLE "has" to get a QB?
  9. Y'all are right. We'll probably never know the truth. But he is likely to slide either way. Speaking of movers, I'm getting the impression Mahones could go anywhere from Top 15 to late 2d ish. People are all over the map on this guy.
  10. Ah those classy NFL playahs And from an OSU guy? Shocking! He was a strong candidate for the Colts in Rd 1 also. Hopefully not any more.
  11. Some general draft reading/speculation FWIW (no idea if worth anything though, it's ESPN after all):
  12. It's not a question of being a big need exactly, just that there's a good chance he is the BPA there and they still need play-makers...a 2 TE set with him and Barnidge (and Coleman hopefully developing and taking defenders downfield in a hurry) could do wonders. But yeah they need D badly too. I just read that some "expert" thinks 2 QBs will be drafted in the top 10. If that happens I will laugh at both teams. You never know, several from this draft might end up studs, but as it looks right now there is none worthy of a top 10, or even top 20 pick.
  13. No QB is worthy of more than a late 1st rounder if that. If CLE goes QB at 1.12 they have IMO effed up (again). If they can get him I say nab TE Howard. If 'ski is there at 2.01, then maybe take a shot. I still don't get why everyone thinks they have to a draft a QB high though. Kessler looked promising and overlooking him is IMO stupid.
  14. One week to go... Here's probably the best mock I've seen, not simply for the picks necessarily but the rationales etc: What/who do you hope for from your team? I'm cautiously optimistic about Ballard for the Colts; unlikely he'll pull a Grigson with some bonehead moves (I think/hope). He's already stated CB, DE, and OL are the priorities, as they should be. He might nab a LB too, although they made several FA moves there already, so unless a great LB value falls, I say go the best of the other 3 positions (no one guy comes to mind). If a stud safety falls he best look at that also, we're mighty thin there.
  15. Pardon the disappearance. Had serious medical situation pop up. No not STD. Afraid I'm out