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  1. I'll bet you being a dumbass and a wannabe thug will be
  2. Hung himself with a bed sheet in prison. GOOD!! From USA TODAY
  3. Lol. You get around more than Trumps finger!
  4. You may want to take that # off here. Just sayin...
  5. Personally I would love to see the Colts make a play for Johnathan Hankins, but his asking price is more than what Poe received. He reportedly wants a multiyear deal worth $10M+ per year
  6. Kinda bummed he didn't sign with Indy, but he got paid a lot of scratch (1yr/8M with incentives taking it up to 10M) on a 1 year deal. Would have loved to see the Colts make a bigger splash (no pun intended) but glad they didn't overpay for someone who hasn't put up the numbers he did a few years ago. Sounds kinda silly saying that seeing as how he's only 26.
  7. Are you going on record as saying “The regular season is just a formality?”
  8. Funny he left a system that worked for for him (Denver) for more money. In the long run he would have to likely made more $$ in Denver. Dumbass
  9. Well, it was nice knowing you all... ?
  10. Way to go out on a limb there!
  11. ?? Atlanta was surely the team to beat. Superbowl is gonna be a helluva game and Atlanta could very well win. Certainly a more complete team, just lacking the experience.
  12. Worked fine here in Phoenix all game. Trump probably knocked it out while moving all his equipment down there to build his wall
  13. Rumored to be safe for 2017 unless they target a "specific GM" who will only take the job if he picks his own HC. SO - maybe safe for now but still on the bubble..
  14. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I was referring to the Cardinals