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  1. + one wiegie
  2. I have little doubt that the fact that the game has no playoff implications made it easier for the NFL to just say they are going to play the game as scheduled. In fact, they are probably relieved to be able to get the game over with as scheduled so as not to the draw extra publicity and additional bad PR that could have resulted if there were more of an individual focus on the game (as would have happened if the game had been postponed and played in isolation).
  3. Without elaborating, the answer is because Taz sometimes makes bad choices that negatively impact his life.
  4. L.H., you have my condolences. (Without trying to offend you, I think it may help you to to consider going to through some sort of counseling to help you with your grieving process.)
  5. no comment
  6. basically, yes
  7. stay safe
  8. Tim just basically explained my entire life story in 2.5 lines.
  9. Is the "The Rent is Too Damn High" guy participating? If so, I might watch.
  10. If you've made it this far into this thread, then this is probably worth reading:
  11. congrats
  12. bp, this is gut-wrenching you and your wife have my deepest condolences
  13. of course
  14. I wrote that wrong--I meant that in that (record for big-four sports) streak of reaching the playoffs, they never made it to the finals. As for them making the finals in their first two seasons, I wasn't alive for it but the image of Bobby Orr flying across the goal crease is still burned in my mind. (I'll note that there is something a little bit tarnished about those finals appearances since I'm pretty sure the NHL set it up so that one of the expansion teams HAD to make it to the finals.)
  15. When they went down 4-0, I thought they had no chance of winning. When they went down 6-0, I knew they had no chance of winning. I still thought they would lose when they tied it up 7-7. I was still somewhat concerned when they went to the bottom of the 9th up by two.