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  1. thanks, I made the championship game by a last minute TD from Ingram last week., GOOD LUCK to all.
  2. Anyone need him or 1.2 points to win the championship?
  3. give him some F-en Skittles quit fooling around.
  4. helmet on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I checked on the internet about an hour ago said he was good to go.
  6. I need 2 yards from him to win championship $1900 had Ingram on the bench too.
  7. I need 2 yards from Lynch to win the championship?
  8. it sounds like you want to take the studs just like always(early) but instead of late deep picks of WR and RBs that might be low scorers, better to get a few QBs to cover byes as well as if they have big point games here and there.
  9. AXE thanks I did a search, will read up on your wisdom
  10. there is 'optimal lineup' would you tend to pick more of one position such as D or K where you can get wide variances in points from week to week but no way of knowing when or just the minimum number of 2 Defense and K since they can never/rarely miss except for bye weeks. Also since no WW pickups have to guard against injury so what would you advise in drafting handcuffs and in the numbers of each positions? Or to pick more steady eddie guys who don't tend to get unjured such as Flacco over high risk reward guys like Vick thanks.
  11. I have never played in a draft only league, but I always say that I draft really well, but pick the wrong combo to start each week. This is a draft only, PPR league, draft 20 players no WW pickup no weekly roster it takes your highest players at each position each week. http://myfantasyleague.com/fantasy-football-purchase/fantasy-football-purchase-mfltens.php The Draft Only Setup 12 Teams per League 20 Players per Roster Best Ball/Optimal Lineup Scoring Draft-Only: No free agents or lineup submissions 8-Hour Draft Clock limit per pick 16-week season with total points scoring These are point-per-reception (PPR) leagues and have a starting lineup requirement featuring: 1 Quarterback 2 Running Backs 3 Wide Receivers 1 Tight End 1 Flex (RB, WR or TE) 1 Team Defense 1 Kicker
  12. Thanks elf, could have used that insight seven hours ago. Your reply, talking about one guy while implying another guy really does not help, some people come here for serious advice not to get lectured and put down. I picked AP, not a clear number one to me which is why I asked in the first place. AP had 40 receptions last year.
  13. Thanks Chris and goopster. Axe you're a peach.
  14. CJ