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  1. PPR My RB's suck due to many IR's. I have the foklowing, who would you start? Hightower Dion Lewis Charles Sims Giles illegal
  2. PPR Can be a WR or TE. my choices are Ladirus Green or Davante Adams. I have Ben as my QB along with AB.
  3. PPR League.... Thanks all for the information on picking up Ladarius Green and I got him this morning with Ben as my QB and AB as my top receiver. That should help me this round of the playoff's. But what about Macom Mitchell, is he worth the pickup with the receivers I already have and worth a start. I can only start 3 WR's/TE's and in our league, TE is optional start so I can start 3 WR's but of course, love having Green. AB Jordan Matthews Davante Adams Kenny Britt Sterling Shepherd Thoughts?
  4. I don't have one. option in our league.
  5. PPR I gave Ben as my QB. my wide outs are Antonio Brown, Jordan Mattires, Sterling Shepherd, Kenny Britt. I have room for adding Green. Want to shake up the guy I'm playing in playoffs. Green is available. Would you pick him up and start against Buffalo or just keep who I have?
  6. PPR....made playoff's and need some RB depth. is he worth a pick up for fantasy playoffs?
  7. PPR... have every other position good to go but going back and forth with Need England with White or Lewis. Does anything think Lewis will start to get more carries or should I start White to play safe?
  8. I disagree. this is a must win for Steelers and cold does ot bother Ben. Ben and Brown will have a huge game against this terrible D
  9. I need a back and he is available. But does anyone think he will get more work?
  10. as always, thanks all!
  11. PPR League. It's between Sterling Shepherd or Jordan Matthews. Who would you start?
  12. PPR league. I'm set with Qb, and Wr's, but dying with RB' and nobody wants to do trades. my tops all are IR that I drafted and now have Hightower, Dion Lewis, James White, C-Mike. Told you I'm hurting. on the wire, I have Langford, Paul Perkins available. They worth a look?
  13. Help? I thought I was out this week and then the crazy Steelers Cowboys Gane and have Roth and Brown and now I'm up 20. He has Grone which hurts so my option is c-Mike or white? thoughts?