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  1. West will see more snaps than Ware and has chances to scamper for 20+ yard gains against a bad run DEF. I like his upside better and am playing West over McFadden and Ivory tomorrow.
  2. Looks like the lineup I'd use. Good luck!
  3. Rankings for these players are all over the map. I'm currently leaning West with my only obvious start Rawls. Simple. Just pick one of these three: Chris Ivory, Darren McFadden, Charcandrick West. Thanks! (Standard scoring rules and team in signature.)
  4. I need 11 from AJ Green.
  5. And while he was getting his mini shot, the announcers kept calling him McFadden.
  6. Thanks to you Cowboyz1 and your fine advice, I have stashed DMC on my bench all year. It's time to get him rolling! It was always apparent to me that his skills are just superior to Randle's.
  7. I have Cobb and Abdullah and I would not take that trade. I think Cobb will finish year as a top 3 WR. Mega will be 6th at best. Abdullah is good upside that you can wait and see how he does.
  8. This just stopped me from picking up Dunbar about two minutes ago. Hmm.
  9. I would not do it because I have the most confidence in Cobb ending the year top 1 or 2. I don't have much confidence in Lynch or Mega this year.
  10. We have to pay for all adds over six. It creates a pretty nice pool of money that we compete for in other ways. And, it means that adding and dropping a player has great meaning and consequence for us. Most don't share my belief in McFadden, but when he does get the ball, he looks very good. Going to stash him a while longer and still can't decide if I'll dump Morris, or possibly Doug Martin for Dunbar. Hmm...
  11. Do it. Pretty fair value.
  12. I have 5 mediocre RBs. No studs. Might start Ivory and Dunbar this week. Alfred Morris, Chris Ivory, Ameer Abdullah, Doug Martin, Darren McFadden Drop Morris to get Dunbar? I like Dunbar while Romo is out. Weeden leans on him. Drop Martin? I prefer to keep McFadden on the hopes he turns into the lead back.
  13. Man, I know. Hilarious! All of them have tremendous upside and that's why I chose them. So far, none have really impressed me. That's what I get for having the strongest trio of WRs in my league. Antonio Brown, Randall Cobb, AJ Green.
  14. I hear you and see your point, but I think I'll go with Colin Kaepernick because the coach is taking off the restraints and going to let him play. They have simplified their playbook to optimize Colin's game. Plus, even though he can suck, he always has that occasional 30+ point game in him. Upside! Meanwhile, thanks guys. Dropping Blount. Can't trust the New England running game even if he did get hot.