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  1. Thank you kindly, sir!
  2. You Only Dy Twice I appear to have lost some Moderator rights as I only see the delete option instead of a full menu with choices like pin and unpin. I am the commissioner of this league. Live and Let Dy Appear to have lost moderator rights completely. I assist with this league. Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks, Irish! This was the first time that I've ever won a post season league.
  4. Bell knew he would be a detriment to his team to stay out there. If he could go, he would have.
  5. I think it means that their biggest obstacle is themselves.
  6. Fantasty-aholics Anonymous Playoffs Week 18 (Round 1) Top Ten Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown were obvious starts for most. Three key difference makers were Aaron Rodgers, Doug Baldwin and DeVante Adams with only one team in the top ten hitting all three. Sauced Leprechauns 191.2 - The insight to start Aaron Rodgers and DeVante Adams & Doug Baldwin over more popular choices like ODB and Jordy Nelson paid off in this week's top finisher who leads by 16.05 points irishidiot 175.15 16.05 pts behind - Went with Big Ben instead of ARod; great call on DeVante Adams and Doug Baldwin Craig T 174.20 17 pts behind - Doug Baldwin right; ODB no Wpob 171.20 20 pts behind - Got DeVante Adams right Electricrelish 170.50 20.7 pts behind - Doug Baldwin right; ODB no REZ 169.70 21.5 pts behind WildTurkey 169.40 21.8 pts behind Borge007 168.70 22.5 pts behind Scorcher 166.00 25.2 pts behind Eagle2003 165.40 25.8 pts behind
  7. Fee sent via PP.
  8. Horrible. This is why I stopped playing in free leagues a long time ago as similar crap happened to me as well. I don't understand how anyone gets satisfaction cheating to win in a free league.
  9. Week 17 Championship Game Lineup (Non-PPR + IDP; 1 x RB, 2 x WR, 1 x TE; 2 x Flex) Struggling with offensive lineup decisions QUESTIONS 1. Do I go with one of my two QB's or pick up Landry Jones off the waiver wire? My choices are below. Pick one. Carson Palmer @ LAR - He did terrible the last time Matthew Barkley @ MIN Landry Jones vs. Browns (on the waiver wire) 2. Do I dare start Zeke? RB choices are below. Pick one Zeke vs PHI Run-DMC vs PHI A Morris vs PHI Fitz Toussaint vs CLE (on the waiver wire) Probably will start these two players for sure L McCoy @ NYJ J Howard @ MIN 3. Do I dare start Antonio Brown? A Brown vs CLE K Britt vs ARI R Anderson @ MIN (on waiver wire)
  10. Farrow should not even be a consideration considering how awful he was last week. He cannot be trusted no matter the matchup.
  11. This team has a shot.
  12. Really could use some Marquess Wilson love here. Mcome on man! Need some Lance Kendricks catches. And most of all I need more Michael Thomas.
  13. Dez comes through.
  14. Could go for just Dez.
  15. Normally, I'd go with Phillip Rivers vs the Buccaneers but how can one sit Colin Kaepernick with the way he's racking up fantasy points? Kirk Cousins at the Cardinals looks like the obvious bench play here. I'd go Kaep.
  16. Is Ebron even playing? 0 stats for the first 3 quarters. What gives?
  17. Me as well. I started him everywhere including FFPC leagues where the playoffs have already begun. What a Turkey!
  18. You are missing the stud RB from your roster. No Bell, David Johnson or Zeke. Your RBs are good not great. I know cause i have the dame 2 RBs. ODB and Jordan Reed haven't been as good as last year. Still your team is good and those 2 WRs could go off in the playoffs and win it all for you so hang in there.
  19. That offensive line is horrible; so don't bother.
  20. Crabtree all thee way!
  21. Geezus. Football is a brutal game.
  22. I need huge games from Derek Carr and Michael Crabtree.
  23. Since week 3, Panthers left tackle Michael Oher has been lost to injury which reshuffled players on the offensive line to playing out of position. As a result, the Panthers rushing and passing game were less effective. Center Ryan Kalil missed weeks 9 and 10, but returned in week 11, and then had to leave once more with a shoulder injury. Without their starting center, Jonathan Stewart's ability to run down the middle has vanished. JStew has a nice playoff schedule; so he is worth hanging on to but as the Saints game showed, if Kalil is not playing then the Panthers' rushing attack is severely hampered.
  24. I see no reason to trade. Based on the QB's FF playoff schedules below, I think Winston and Carr have good enough matchups to just stick with them. Devonta Freeman would be great in week 15 vs 49ers but the rest of his schedule isn't ideal. James Winston's FF playoff schedule:Week 14 - Saints Week 15 - @Cowboys Week 16 - @Saints Derek Carr's FF playoff schedule:Week 14 - @Chiefs Week 15 - @Chargers Week 16 - Colts Aaron Rodgers' FF playoff schedule:Week 14 - Seahawks Week 15 - Bears Week 16 - Vikings Cam Newton's FF playoff schedule:Week 14 - Chargers Week 15 - @Redskins Week 16 - Falcons Devonta Freeman's FF playoff schedule:Week 14 - @Rams Week 15 - 49ers Week 16 - @Panthers