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  1. No. This feels like an LA move for the Chargers...adding entertainment/offense to make more of a splash. Should have taken the safety. And the Bengals? They have much more dire needs elsewhere.
  2. Seems a bit early but I can see the argument for it also.
  3. Two words. Trade. Rape.
  4. The 49ers are looking friggin' brilliant here.
  5. LOL! God ...still as a Rams fan we win with Goof at #1 overall last year. They gave up a good chunk to move up one spot for a guy they probably would have gotten anyways.
  6. Arizona Cardinals select Raekwon McMillan ILB Ohio State
  7. The Los Angeles Rams select WR Dede Westbrook out of Oklahoma.
  8. Atlanta selects Free Safety Marcus Williams out of Utah.
  9. It's like the movie Draft Day.
  10. Whatever. I'll take the Eagles. I really care not.
  11. I'll take the Falcons since we just got the pick in for Indy and you took who I would have taken anyways LOL.
  12. Happy to draft for any of these teams also.
  13. The Cards select CB Teez Tabor FLA
  14. Just antsy to pick for Rams lol
  15. OK. We really should try and get more than 1 pick in per day though.