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  1. so you're saying it's irrelevant?
  2. plus, odb got a large shoe contract, so I'd downgrade him y'all.
  3. yes, 10 days, five for each trevor and five for paxton. chad kelly is rehabbing and will be ready in a few weeks. kelly is an early round talent with off-field issues.
  4. if we dont' make the playoffs, then I want it to happen early in the year so we can find out what we have in lynch or kelly.
  5. i like mahomes as your #1. I agree about chad kelly, he's going to be a starter. Nathan Peterman will take the job in BUF.
  6. but do they have his rights? I know you don't know. I don't know. Has this ever happened before? I bet if he took it to court, the legal system would say that paying back part of his bonus releases him from the contract. I bet he's way more interested in playing than you think.
  7. goodbye
  8. my question is less about the emotions and more about the logistics... can he simply sign with OAK (if he wanted to)? does giving back some money, regardless of amount, terminate the contract?
  9. so you've probably heard that calvin has been coaching in OAK. You probably know that he's still relatively young (32 yo). Marshawn Lynch. since calvin paid back part of his signing bonus, doesn't that void/terminate the contract with DET making him a free agent? Calvin could probably be a top 20 WR, so with him, amari, crabtree, lynch, et al. -- this would be of great concern to me as a Broncos fan.
  10. Free agent TE Ladarius Green is hoping to play this season. Green was released with a failed physical designation after dealng with concussion and ankle issues last season. It sounds like he wants to continue his career, but he's not a lock to get medically cleared. There likely won't be more clarity on Green's status until closer to training camp. Source: Jeremy Fowler on Twitter May 19 - 5:31 PM hoping... hoping to play. hope? he's not confident in his own health?
  11. yeah, but his IF was way more likely than most players. That's the point. He's the Jahvad Best of TEs. Also, i was just teasing you
  12. even if JJ got 100% of Ladius's numbers, that's only an extra 18/300/1... putting his ceiling at top 15, not much more than a bye-week/injury fill-in. And that's assuming that they bring in no other TE. Gary Barnidge seems like a Heath Miller type fit?
  13. that didn't take long
  14. I retract that. There's a FF bye-week worthy TE for PIT, he just needs to be signed... Gary Barnidge