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  1. Random draft rumours

    lol, if PIT takes Guice, does Leveon sit out for a new contract eventho he then has no leverage? Maybe he sits out to week 10 so he can still accrue a year's service?
  2. NFL Schedule

    you think they're making the playoffs?
  3. NFL Schedule

    that does look good and I hope Dez signs with WAS... so much t-day fun with that
  4. NFL Schedule

    with the schedule out, what do y'all predict for your teams. I think Denver goes 6-10. I predict that after Houston embarrasses my Broncos in Denver in week 9, the head coach is fired.
  5. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    why not take one QB in the 1st and one in the 2nd (eg. Lauletta or Rudolph)? Like Shanny did in WAS with RG3 and Cousins. (I don't think Lauletta or Rudolph will be there in the 3rd)
  6. Denver shopping the 5th pick

    To insiders also
  7. Giants release WR B Marshall

    Dez would be #2. Shepard is a bust
  8. Denver shopping the 5th pick

    Buffalo just got an erection.
  9. C.J. Anderson released

    he'd have success there, but I'll predict he winds up in Dallas.
  10. C.J. Anderson released

    conditioning, illness and injuries have derailed him. He wasn't worth the money that DEN matched from Miami's offer and Elway screwed up not assigning a 2nd round tender. He was never worth that money, but he is a good overall RB and a good team mate, so if they didn't ask him to take a pay cut, then they screwed up... again.
  11. C.J. Anderson released

    another Elway failure
  12. Dez Bryant cut

    reminds me of that joke the indian told in the first Predator movie.
  13. The first 6 picks will be.......

    i agree. I think we can win with Keenum
  14. Landry to Cleveland

    EDIT: Wait... why?
  15. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    hey man, I'm not on anything
  16. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    ya know, maybe it is brother-out-law... like they hate each other or maybe his brother is married to a guy, so they're "out"?
  17. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    i guess that too, but in!=o
  18. Landry to Cleveland

  19. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    cool read. i'm surprised that Saquon was mentioned zero times.
  20. Cameron Meredith signs offer sheet with the Saints

    good point. It would only have been a mistake if they matched the offer. I like Cameron and hope the best for him, but there is still uncertainty.
  21. Cameron Meredith signs offer sheet with the Saints

    it annoys me when teams go very cheap instead of just cheap. Last year, DEN over-paid for CJ Anderson because they didn't want to cheap out with a 2nd round tender. Instead, your Dolphins offered CJ a very good deal, which DEN matched because they were too dumb to admit their mistake. John Elway needs to be fired. This stuff happens way too much.
  22. The first 6 picks will be.......

    I think Elway does not pick a QB in the first because I believe that he wants to retire from NFL soon. I don't think he is looking long-term. The way his recent contract signing went down with rumors of Elway even running for Governor means Case is his guy.
  23. Bears shopping Jordan Howard?

    while you might be right (probably you are), I think the bigger problem is the lack of clarity at QB. I suspect guys will go to poorly run team if that team has a healthy top 5 QB.
  24. Dez Bryant

    thanks! so I'm not the only one who thinks that Dez is not done, that Dez and Dak didn't necessarily work great together, and that going to NOS isn't a crazy idea. I'm trying to acquire Dez in my dynasty leagues, but my league mates are asking too much. So either their minds are stuck 3-5 years back or they agree that Dez has more to give.
  25. Bears shopping Jordan Howard?

    or Trey Burton TE