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  1. Free agent TE Ladarius Green is hoping to play this season. Green was released with a failed physical designation after dealng with concussion and ankle issues last season. It sounds like he wants to continue his career, but he's not a lock to get medically cleared. There likely won't be more clarity on Green's status until closer to training camp. Source: Jeremy Fowler on Twitter May 19 - 5:31 PM hoping... hoping to play. hope? he's not confident in his own health?
  2. yeah, but his IF was way more likely than most players. That's the point. He's the Jahvad Best of TEs. Also, i was just teasing you
  3. even if JJ got 100% of Ladius's numbers, that's only an extra 18/300/1... putting his ceiling at top 15, not much more than a bye-week/injury fill-in. And that's assuming that they bring in no other TE. Gary Barnidge seems like a Heath Miller type fit?
  4. that didn't take long
  5. I retract that. There's a FF bye-week worthy TE for PIT, he just needs to be signed... Gary Barnidge
  6. and here come the jesse james fans... there's no viable FF TE in PIT... or most teams really. That's why I target the good ones aggressively in dynasty.
  7. he has no choice. if he remains unsigned once training camps open, he can only negotiate with the Patriots through Week 10.
  8. And..it's not either or... It's probable they have no relevant ff te. Many teams don't
  9. please post your roster so we know who to avoid
  10. If healthy, maybe top 10,but if healthy is the key. Does anyone think he'll be healthy? What is y'all's guess on over under games played?
  11. so you're saying that Brady will either get hurt and miss half of the season or make Brandin Cooks look better than Randy Moss?! i'm in!
  12. ladarius green?
  13. this. also, that... ESPN's Josina Anderson reports suspended WR Josh Gordon's agent "terminated their relationship" roughly two weeks ago. lol
  14. this. I was very disappointed that sports talk was saying that Denver should bring in AP, but not other questionable players because of their character. Why is it okay for bad people to get a pass, but not stupid people?
  15. lol... Browns | Josh Gordon's reinstatement denied Thu, 11 May 2017 08:40:33 -0700 Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon's reinstatement petition was denied Thursday, May 11. He can reapply this fall.
  16. and... they tendered Blount! lol
  17. I'm sure they'll take it to civil court and win, but that road is now much more frustrating than otherwise.
  18. are you concerned he'll choke?
  19. so no jail time? what round to draft him in?
  20. 122 carries for 510 yards. 53 catches for 450 yards. 7 tds.
  21. I just heard about this. Apparently, this developmental league starts next week? I can't find a schedule or TV listing for it. Anyone know anything about it?
  22. You have Brock Oswelier -and- Josh Gordon!
  23. and... there's really only 5-10 minutes worth of interest in a Browns game, so that saves a great deal of time.
  24. schedule? is it on tv?