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  1. FYI your up in DAF.  You had pre-drafted 1 pick but you had 2 picks back to back.

  2. Looking for 1 owner to take over the team called Sir Cue Itis Knights. Huddle forum link Rules MFL link Rosters page Cost is $125. Contract cap year type league with IDP. If you are interested or have any questions PM me. Looking to fill this spot asap.
  3. This has been filled.
  4. scoop55 needs mod permissions back for DAD http://forums.thehuddle.com/forum/224-dy-another-day/
  5. Need mod permissions back for electricrelish and myself for League for the Ages and DAD http://forums.thehuddle.com/forum/249-league-for-the-ages/ http://forums.thehuddle.com/forum/224-dy-another-day/
  6. Won 10 championships out of 80 possible leagues (not great but solid) Won 2 championships out of 9 possible Dynasty leagues (had 3 barely just misses sat Brees week 15 would won the championship, lost 1 by 1.70 pts, lost another 3 week championship by 5 pts.) Best National finish was 27th overall. Was in the NFFC and this is how razor this this stuff can be. If I had done a couple things different I finish 3rd overall for $15,000 and had I made 4 different moves I finish 1st and win the $100,000. Week 15 I played Minn DF they scored 0 pts I had NE DF on my bench 18 pts that 1 move alone moves me to 11th overall. In weeks 14 and 16 I played a fading Larry Fitzgerald who did very little and sat dynamo Tyreek Hill had I played Hill both weeks that moves me to 3rd overall. If I played Ty Williams week 16 plus the NE D and Hill the other weeks I am the NFFC $100K champ again. That is how razor thin these leagues are. Bell was the main cog to my success that I did have this year was on 6 of my 10 championship teams and my best National finishes 27th, 46th and 51st all had Bell. Better luck next year.
  7. Nope it was not enough lost by 1.7 pts. Damn so close yet so far away they pulled Elliot 1 series too soon McFadden's yardage on that drive would been enough. 1 tackle..........just needed 1 more tackle from 1 of my 7 defensive players damn it or maybe for Hopkins to have not sucked. Worst play of the week is now David Harris sack of Brady being called back because of Revis hold that was 6 pts. Also lost the high stakes league by 5 pts Win 1 lose 2 in brutal fashion. Good bye to this season I wish I never knew ya was way too painful of a year.
  8. Come on Detroit score and keep them in the game now down 10.5 pts after getting 4 TD's from the duo. Not thinking I will win and curse you Hopkins for sucking again.
  9. Let's go Zeke and Dez get me that miracle win down 53.4
  10. Need either 60 yards or a TD from Dez (and for Andre Roberts not to get a return TD or 2 pt conversion) to win my CFL championship down 102-100 non PPR TD heavy format the loser will own the first person to score 100 pts in this league's 20 year history and take a loss. - I put 50/50 odds on this one. Need Dez to score 32.80 pts to win DFWC with ER (I give this about a 3% chance) Need Dez and Elliot to combine for 53.40 pts to win DAF with ER (I give this one about 7% chance) No high stakes chances this year to win a big prize.
  11. Merry Christmas to all.
  12. Was a perfect 13-0 in a new dynasty league in its 1st year and sat Brees for Rivers at 4:02 PM just before kickoff and was the difference in moving on and wondering what could been for the rest of eternity.
  13. Great for my 2 NFFC teams but not great for the 4 teams that I had on a bye.
  14. Apparently it's the NFFC's turn this year for me as my top RTS teams went into the crapper this week and I am done in RTS but in the NFFC I have 2 of the top 25 teams after the 1st week of the championship round. Electric Relish and I have a team together after Brady poured in 36 pts tonight we finished with a cool 199.90 pts this week we moved from 374th place to 5th place overall about 16 points behind 1st place. Our only disappointment was Forte going out after scoring 0.8 pts and seeing Powell run wild if Forte gets half that we are in 1st place. Our team has overcome big time our 1st round pick was Allen Robinson who we did not play this week. Our 4th round pick Josh Gordon and Foster was also in the mix. Big FA pick ups of Rudolph and Tyreek Hill have been huge for us while getting Bell in middle of the 2nd round and Tom Brady in the 9th round have paid off big for us along with Hyde in the 7th. I also have another team that is sitting in 23rd overall right now I thought I was going to have a monster week but Crabtree, Fitzgerald and Dez all laid an egg for me keeping me from moving higher. It's a long shot to have any chance to even be in the running again come week 16 but if there is going to be a chance this year it will have to come from 1 of these 2 teams it looks like.
  15. Not bad for a guy who some thought wasn't very good on here. No names please!
  16. I had 1 RTS team has high as 3rd about a month ago and was sitting in 63rd before last week when I scored a 204 to move me into 19th place going into the championship round but I sure wish that 204 would have been this week the first week of the championship round as that is what you need to have a legit shot and peaked too early. This team also lost Gronk and Reed to injuries which hurt. Started off poorly week 14 with Crabtree on this team. This team is really deep but the Gronk/Reed injuries are probably too much to overcome to have a shot to win it all. I had an NFFC team as high as 23rd before finishing 39th in the regular season after starting Kaepernick last week dropped me down. This team also had Crabtree this week to start in horrific fashion especially with T-Hill sitting on the bench to add to the misery. This team is really solid with Bell/D-Murray/Dez/D-Thomas/Fitzgerald/Crabtree/Eifert but I am guessing that there are some DJ/Bell and Bell/Elliot teams out there that have either McCoy or D-Murray as well that are going to win it all. From my 2012 winnings of $125K I had to pay 32K in taxes and from my 2014 winnings of $110 I paid $25K in taxes. As an added bonus I received a letter in the mail from the IRS last month for an audit.
  17. In 1 of them I finished tied for best record but missed winning the #1 seed and the $2,500 that came with it by 0.55 pts so that was brutal but that team bounced back to win the league championship but injuries took it's toll on that team with AP in the 2nd round being the worst of it and Martin most of the year yet somehow that team won the league title but odds of doing anything in the championship bracket are slim and none as this team ranked 709 in the regular season. My other team actually did better in the regular season ranked 351 despite taking Gronk in the early 2nd round, Lacy in the 4th round, Foster in the 6th round. This team made the playoffs but as the 4 seed and lost in the first round of the playoffs. Even took Bell in the 1st round but wasn't enough to overcome the other bad picks though making the playoffs and finishing 351 in the regular season with 3 blown picks in the top 6 rounds was pretty good accomplishment.
  18. This is so brutal. In an NFFC cutline contest I needed to finish in the top 10 out of 497 teams to advance I had Luck and Hilton tonight I was in about 250th place going in......I am currently in 11th place 0.03 out of 10th.....that last Hilton drop would got me in and now Luck is out of the game about as bad beat finish as you can get here for a playoff game at least it isn't for 200K like last year but my chance to win $80K going down the drain by 0.03 is brutal. This year is officially the worst year in the past 5 years but that was to be expected I can't keep winning forever.
  19. Interestingly despite how poor I feel I am doing I have yet to have a losing week. 78 of my 81 leagues are H2H and my worst record so far has been 42-36. I had my best week last week 55-23 which included 3 losses by 1 point or less. My best RTS team has surged to 9th place overall was in 500th a few weeks ago but this team is very deep as the draft fell the right way. Loaded up on TE's which is not something you don't normally do in RTS with the 1 PPR for all positions but got Gronk in the 2nd, Reed in the 4th and Olsen in the 6th. Need Reed to come back at some point to keep that 3 headed monster going. Still long ways to go.
  20. That certainly would make things easier for me if I didn't do it. Every week after the Sunday night game is over I enter in all the scores and print them out on Monday before the game. Then I write what I am up or down below each game to know what I need or what I am rooting against on Monday night to know if I can win or lose. Then when the 4th quarter comes I can see what I am rooting for exactly otherwise I would be clueless to know what I need to happen. Even doing this sometimes after Monday night I find out in some leagues I just barely won or lost and didn't know it when I have multiple games sometimes coming down to the final minutes. Just something I like to do to know what is going on in all my leagues on Monday nights.
  21. Actually the more teams you have the quality of your teams as a total go down. Less time to focus on each team for waiver moves is the main issue but also less time to spend on each teams starting lineup especially when news hits at Sunday when the inactive comes out so if you need to adjust lineups you don't have to just worry about a few and take your time getting in new players and moving out other players you have to rush around and make sure you get all the lineups changed. I also track every one of my lineups and my opponents lineups on a spreadsheet so that takes a good 6 hours every Saturday night putting all them in and double checking to make sure I didn't put in a wrong player. So yes having more teams gives you more shots to win a big prize but the more teams you have the more mistakes you make and it hurts your chances as well as many weeks I run out of time for waivers for some teams or rush around and miss players that are out there I would have wanted to pick up.
  22. This is just a hobby for me. I have a job I work 40 hours a week I get up at 5:45 AM and get home at 4:30 PM Mon-Fri which makes it rough during football season especially Wednesday's I spend approx 7 hours every Wed on waivers and some of my teammates help me with moves since I do about half my teams with teammates.
  23. I just happened to notice this thread as I was passing by. I am very active here as I am in 3 dyno BoTH leagues including 1 I created myself this year but I don't check the main boards much anymore just don't have a lot of time on my hands. I run 5 leagues myself and I am in a total of 81 leagues this year up from 77 last year. I have to say I didn't draft very well this year and it shows as most of my teams are not doing very well but I was in the same situation last year and it only takes 1 team to make a season. Now while it's always a very very long shot to even have a team in the running for the big money come week 16 or especially that final Monday night game you just have to keep plugging away and let the chips fall where they may and hope you get lucky. My big problem this year was once again my blind love for Dez Bryant who wrecked me last year on 33 teams and I once again went back to the well of the guy who helped me win the 200K title in 2014. I happened to have taken Dez once again on 33 teams this year with about half of them coming in the mid to late 1st round before Romo got hurt then the other half coming in the early to mid 2nd round after Romo got hurt. Obviously that pick is killing me. What is also killing me is my blind faith in Josh Gordon I took him 26 times mostly in rounds 5 or 6. Another killer is my breakout player I was taking Moncrief in the 4th in every draft he fell to me there and a few in the 3rd got him 22 times. Watkins another mistake this one was on me. I was irresponsible not seeing the big picture with this guy for this year knowing what Dez went through and Edelman went through with the same kind of injury last year those players had to have a 2nd surgery and I should have known better in taking Watkins got him on like 15 teams. So there ya have it in a nutshell things are not going well but again it only takes 1 team in the end to make a season so we will see how it shakes out come playoff time. Thanks to those who was wondering about how I was doing much appreciated.
  24. Sucks for the guy in my league that heard the news and dropped him.
  25. Another Pro - sometimes you save money in FA. You may have bid more in blind bidding only to find out no one was interested in that guy. Maybe you would have blind bid $15 and you win him for $3. I have seen with $1,000 BB budgets teams win players for $400+ and the next high bid is under $100. Another Con - someone just may bid you up because they think they know they can. They may not want the player but know you want him so they bid it up.