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  1. Definitely take the trade.
  2. Could always just go to an All Play format - so, if a 12 team league, top scoring team for the week goes 11-0, second scoring team goes 10-1 and so on. Rewards high scoring and consistent teams but essentially takes the head to head component out of the equation, though in a sense everyone is your head to head opponent each week.
  3. There is nothing in this universe powerful enough to groom Whomper
  4. Does this mean I need to go put my pitchfork down?
  5. League I was in did something similar to this when expanding from 10 to 12 teams. Each of the initial 10 teams got to protect 2 players. Expansion teams picked as describer above - Team A, then B for two, etc. As an original team, if one of your players was taken by the expansion teams, you got to protect another player from your roster. If a second player was taken, you protected 2 more. That league also did a lottery for the bottom 3 teams to determine the draft order for the top 3 picks (picks 4-10 were based on finish the previous season, top 3 picks were lottery for the bottom 3 teams). I don't recall what we as a league ended up doing off the top of my head, but the two proposals on the table were either to slot the expansion teams into the 4th and 5th picks (whomever picked first in expansion picked 5th in regular draft) and still did the lottery for the top 3, then the other teams were slotted in 6-12 based on finish, or if we added the expansion teams to the lottery with the same odds as the 3rd to last team (i.e, we put the last place teams name in the hat 5 times, the 2nd to last in 3 times, and the other 3 teams in one time and drew for draft order) Going from 8 to 10, you may be able to get away with having the original teams protect 3 players each (theoretically top 24 players) but then I would give the top 2 picks in the draft to the expansion teams to help even it out a bit. No matter what there is no true "fair" way to do it.
  6. If you drafted RB early and hit i.e David Johnson, or drafted WR early and hit i.e Julio or Odell, you will use that to validate your preconceived notion or RB or WR early is better. If you drafted Gurley early or a Robinson or even a Deandre Hopkins early, you will use that to invalidate your previous notion and change your mind because clearly RB first sucks or WR first sucks because it didn't work. No matter what position it is you take early, it comes down to hitting on the individual player that performs close to expectation and escapes injury while also finding a couple players later on in the draft that perform above expectation.
  7. I like the way that the FFPC and several other of the large "big money" leagues do their playoff seedings First seed is best record (total points scored is first tiebreaker) The second seed goes to the highest scoring team remaining 3rd seed goes to the best record of the teams not the 1st or 2nd seed 4th seed is highest scoring team of those not the 1 to 3 seed. Can work it down from there if you have more than 4 playoff spots, but what this does is keeps the fun of a weekly head to head format and rewards those teams that do well in that, but also does not punish those teams that scored more throughout the season, but had bad luck in the scheduling. As a matter of personal preference I generally do not like having divisions.
  8. Only problem with this is that a lot of other teams have already had the benefit of playing him with an incomplete lineup - to now go in and start filling in his lineup is not fair to his remaining opponents. While it sucks, it is actually more fair to the league to leave it be, let everyone get their shot as was scheduled, and as others have noted, not invite him back for next season.
  9. Have you tried contacting ESPN customer support?
  10. Have you checked your spam folder?
  11. [Grits] 22.576893027846 [Grits]
  12. Almost always I go with what my gut tells me is the right pick, and end up with a lot of the same players in the middle rounds, and occasionally early rounds where I had picks close to each other. This year, in my redrafts, I seem to have a lot of Doug Martin, Allen Hurns and Kirk Cousins off the top of my head. Full disclosure, last night I did tweak from my gut a little and took Leveon Bell over Martin in one league, however, in that one which is a 2-player keeper, I already had David Johnson as a keeper for my 10th round pick, so was willing to take the 3 game hit.
  13. I'm glad Zooty, Grits and keggerz have taken the torch and run with it on this topic........ Regarding Newton last year - his value and the reason he was such a game changer was that he was not the top QB selected nor was he an early pick. His ADP (from MFL ADP tool) last year was QB11, taken at pick 84 or the end of the 7th round in a 12 team league. He had great value because you could get him so late, meaning you could load up on less risky RBs and WRs early and get a better team out of it. Regarding 6 Point vs. 4 Point Passing TDs - I know I;ve done exhaustive posts before, but here goes again in a nut shell. The difference is 2 points per Passing TD over the course of the season. Last year, the number one passing QB was Brady with 36 TDs (4 others had 35), the #12 guy was Cousins/Rivers with 29 passing TDs, a difference of 7, or 14 points over the course of the season, or less than 1 PPG. In the past posts we laid out the numbers for additional years, but they all showed the same thing - other than the few historical years (Manning and Brady), it always came out to about a 1 PPG difference between the #1 and #12 guy if you moved from 4 point to 6 point passing TDs, and generally was about another 1 PPG difference for the next 10 guys. In other words, it was not a statistically significant change in and of itself. Changing the required number of starters (ie going 2 QB or allowing QBs as a flex) were much more significant in changing QB value, or making other changes to scoring, such as completions or boosting yardage scoring, but those changes generally put QB scoring so high in relation to the other positions, that as others noted above, you basically were resorting to playing fantasy QBs, not fantasy football,.
  14. You put them where your projections put them. If your projections have them with similar production to a White/Parker/Benjamin type, you put them there, if your projections are in the Crabtree/Fitz/Sanders area, you put them there. Take position out of it - basically for your league there is no such thing as a TE - they are all WRs. Think of it like you would a flex decision - start (or in this case pick) the one you project to score the most points, the position they play is irrelevant.