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  1. Shady before both Murray and Blount. Henry is going to eat into Murray's touches even more next year. If I get a top 2 pick, I'm taking Johnson or Bell (leaning Johnson at #1).
  2. I switched to NFL Network and it's fine. NBC is having issues here.
  3. Anyone else having sound issues with the game? It keeps going in and out here. Checked the other channels and they're fine.
  4. These Monday games need to stop!
  5. Yeah, about time.
  6. Julio - 0 TDs today I hope he's not hurt.
  7. lol...Bortles is awful.
  8. Don't drop anyone just yet. It sounds like Decker may have a serious injury. Wait to hear the news about that and your decision may be made for you.
  9. DT if he's playing, Hyde if not.
  10. Which of these 3 WRs do you think will have the most value the rest of the season? Tajae Sharpe Stefon Diggs Travis Benjamin
  11. They don't want them to celebrate, but the NFL Network runs a special about the best TD celebrations ever.
  12. I guess they missed Mariota's first game just a year ago.
  13. Hey, Irish! I'm looking to fill my RB2 slot (1/2 PPR). Here are my options: Rawls Gore Abdullah Forsett/T.West I'm thinking Gore is the safest option. What say you? Also, would you hold onto both Forsett and West until after the game today or drop West now to pick up Tevin Coleman? Thanks in advance and good luck this year!
  14. I blame the loss on Olsen. He took Cam's lucky tank.