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  1. Public league forums not used last year (or older) were deleted to free up needed space for the forums. Sorry if this causes any issues, but if a forum isn't being used for over a year it's logical to assume the league no longer exists or no longer needs the forum.
  2. Not sure about this. I've personally experienced that kind of Chrome issue with other sites lately, like facebook. Seems to come and go.
  3. Finally got this addressed by our vendor.
  4. Those forums have been added.
  5. Doesn't appear to be accounted for on mobile. Sorry.
  6. No...my bad. Sorry I missed that request. Done. And if you hover over any post date you can see the timestamp.
  7. Mod set. There's not a mod list that I'm aware of. Even the list of mods in the admin that I use there's no list that shows what forums a mod is on, or visa versa. Wish there was.