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  1. Mixon and Cook will both be excellent on the field. Lets see if their off-the-field problems continue into the NFL. If not, then they should be good picks.
  2. Between Decker, Davis, Matthews, Sharpe and Douglas... not to mention TE Walker..., I wouldn't expect any of them to dominate fantasy scoring. I still think Matthews will be the most productive of the WRs this season with Davis doing that in 2018. Decker could wind up stealing a significant # of red zone receptions from the others this year, if he is healthy enough to get on the field, which is always doubtful with him.
  3. I expect Kelley to be the starter and get the lion's share of carries.
  4. another reason to despise the justice system. Especially in a state like Massachusetts. There's a reason they are called Mass-holes there.
  5. With 2 years left on Alex Smith's contract its time to start the grooming. With the 91st pick of the 2017 draft, the Kansas City Chef's select Nathan Peterman, QB, Pitt @irish Dallas Cowboys OTC
  6. Seahawks OL is a mess. Going to draft a real big boy that needs some development but could be an eventual mainstay most likely on the inside on the OL. He's got the size and a huge upside. Seahawks use pick #90 to select David Sharpe, OT, Florida
  7. @Wpob sent me his Houston pick last night: with the 89th pick of the draft, the Houston Texans select Davlin Tomlinson, DT, Alabama Seattle Seahawks are OTC, @heehawks
  8. with the 86th pick of the draft, the Vikings select D'Onta Foreman, RB, Texas New York Giants are OTC, @Wpob
  9. OK, def. informs me he is out. So we will finish his 3rd round for his 2 teams. Withthe 85th pick of the draft, the Detroit Lions select ArDarius Stewart, WR, Alabama
  10. We'll continue this right up to the beginning of the real draft Thursday evening. At that point we'll shut it down. Let's try to get as much of the 3rd round completed as possible. Would be nice to get to 100 picks. If there is a team OTC before you that has the word "orphan" in the GM name, then anyone is free to go ahead and make that pick. That will help get more picks done today and tomorrow up to the draft. And lets try to check in to make those picks sooner (ahem... Irish, you have like a million picks coming up ).... A great big thanks to those who have stuck around for round 3. I'm greatly impressed by what a good job everyone is doing with making intelligent picks for their teams. Let's do this again next year and start a little earlier to recruit more GMs willing to go the 3 rounds. Thanks for letting me administer this. It was good practice. edit: p.s. if you are only a few picks away from being OTC and you know you won't be available to make that pick quickly, PLEASE PM me a list of picks, in priority, so I can enter it for you. If you all do that we can get to that 100 pick milestone or maybe even finish round 3 (107 picks).
  11. @CowboysDiehard DeMarcus Walker is one of the most undervalued gems of the 2017 draft. Wherever he winds up, there will be one very happy defensive coordinator. He is going to wreak havoc on the NFL. Watch his videos. Great pick. This is who I was going to pick for New England at pick #72 (was one click away but @heehawks actually made the Basham pick as I was typing). Walker is 1st round talent IMO. One of the better values of the draft. Bonafide beast. Nicely done.