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  1. Available replacements: Kevin Burnett Relondo McClain James Anderson Which LB should I pick up for the rest of the season. Thanks.
  2. I have James now, but Hawthorne is available.
  3. Tough call indeed... I think the safer bet is Moss; however, I too think Branch is gonna light SD Chargers up.
  4. The Huddle has M. Lynch ranked high; however, all others seem to have Woodhead higher.
  5. Thank Goodness I took Landry! He scored 22.50 point for me. Chung had a great game too. Do you think it is worth dropping Weddle for Chung?
  6. Should I trade Welker and Benson for D. Jackson and Thomas?
  7. I need an reserve WR... Collie and Gaffney are available. Which is the better pick (PPR League)
  8. Our league starts two DBs ... my other DB is Weddle.
  9. If healthy, for sure.
  10. Simple question... should I trade LT for Mendenhall?
  11. I'm leaning towards Sproles
  12. Who to start PPR League at my remaining WR spot (Jennings filling the other) BOWE, Moore, or Marshall? I have flip/flopped on this ever day. Any suggestions?
  13. I like Rodgers... Baltimore is going to run, run, run.
  14. PPR league: who should i start at flex: Dwayne Bowe Brandon Marshall Thomas Jones