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  1. You had to know and weigh the risk you were taking. If you drafted him in a spot that you were depending on him coming back and putting up numbers that's your fault not his. I have sympathy for Keenan Allen and Adrian Peterson owners, not Josh Gordon owners.
  2. Primary local went WR early and shotgunned the RB'S through the middle. Rawls Langford R. Mathews Abdullah Oh, did I mention one of the early wr was K. Allen?
  3. Need to find the team stacked at WR and hurting for a RB and make a fair deal. Everyone else is going to look at your WR and think they can get one of the RB for an average WR. Put the word out and field offers... don't be scared to move one of CJ, Miller, or Bell if the price is right (top 3-7 WR in my mind)
  4. Drop Coleman. You could trade one of those receivers for a RB better than him.
  5. About a combined 300 yards and 4-5 tds from Langford and Alshon. Yuck.
  6. Reason for optomism via Mat Harrison on Twitter: In Josh McCowns 8 starts last season Gary Barnidge recorded 46-641-6. With all other QBs in 8 games he tallied 33-402-2.
  7. Lost K. Allen, so I'm looking at Fuller maybe... be interesting to see responses here. Always interesting to see guys who are/are not available in same size leagues.
  8. I don't think that qualifies as buying low... I picked up Ware off waivers in both of my main leagues. I can't decide if I want to hope for him to go off and try to sell him to Charles owners for something of value, or get Charles from them cheap. I will say that if I didn't have Ware I'd have no interest in trying to get Charles, unless I was really deep and could stash him almost like a lotto ticket. I honestly believe at this point Ware has a better chance than Charles of putting up stud type numbers this year.
  9. I think it's pretty even, I'd lean towards yes, as Reed > Miller is the biggest gap if you match each pair individually. I'll still never understand why people want to trade half their team before the season even starts though.
  10. Landry and Woodhead.
  11. Standard I'm inclined to go with both rb, ppr Cooks would be in.
  12. Is it the team in your sig, or what does the rest of the team look like? For me Langford is way too much to give to insure Bell, unless you're RB rich.
  13. Henry and Snead.
  14. All have good matchups so I'd probably sit the "unknown" in Ware... but I wouldn't have been afraid to play him if any of the others had a tougher matchup.