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  1. Interesting angle - hopefully we get the story at some point.
  2. Someone in this backfield is going to run, but hell if anyone can figure this out until we get to September. In standard leagues Prosise and Rawls are total bench fodder that you'll have to wait a few months to accurately gauge value. I voted Lacy because he's the only one of the three you'd consider starting during the first 4 weeks of the season. Doesn't excite me at all, granted, but if you make me pick one for a standard league I'm going Lacy. Having said that, Lacy in the 6th-7th round doesn't sound like value to me.
  3. Clearing cap space for Eric Decker.....
  4. Great landing spot. Might have to reconsider his potential for this year - in a good way.
  5. Sad but true. Also true of the Browns, 49ers, Chargers, and Rams at a minimum.
  6. Gotta tell 'ya this made my day - laughing out loud in the office and people think I've lost my mind.
  7. Not sure how much Maclin was going to contribute this year but seems like the Chiefs are trying to improve their financial position for the Mahomes era. Maclin should find work. Hell Philly should take him back.
  8. This is exactly right. In the future you MAY have to pay more in a redraft but there are a wide range of opinions out there from the "experts" and getting Cooks in the 2nd - 4th round is completely possible
  9. I draw the line at the firing of John Clayton. ESPN - you are dead to me.
  10. I agree that this should be a bonanza for Cooks and I also agree that he will disappear for games. If you can accept the higher variance from game to game it should be well worth it. I would wait to make sure the chemistry develops during training camp and pre-season but Cooks historically hasn't dropped many balls and his route running is a strength. He doesn't have competition on the roster for the role he's best at and the Pats schedule against the pass to start the season is amazing. Top 15 WR seems totally reasonable but by August draft dates many other people will have figured this out.
  11. I know The Huddle puts out an article every summer about how backfields break down - before that comes out I'd say my impression was that Philly ran the ball last year but you could never figure out who the heck was going to be doing the running. Having one more name in the mix isn't going to make anything clearer. Players tend not to do so well once they leave the Patriots and Blount is a pretty notorious knucklehead.
  12. +1 and well said. There's risk all the way around here, no doubt. I'd put Charles #3 for his extensive recent injury history, Peterson #2, and then Lynch. I think the ceiling for these guys is RB2. Lynch retired for a reason - did he come back because he has an axe to grind/something to prove (not likely) or is bored and wants some more money? That doesn't give me warm fuzzies but if he falls I'll bite.
  13. Does the Rooney Rule have anything to do with employing a rapist as your QB? Just asking for a friend.
  14. Very hard to rate anyone in the Pats backfield but I think Gillislee has actual talent. If he doesn't get overvalued because of what Blount did last year he would be an interesting draft/hold in redraft to see where things stand 3-4 weeks into the season.