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  1. Does the Rooney Rule have anything to do with employing a rapist as your QB? Just asking for a friend.
  2. Very hard to rate anyone in the Pats backfield but I think Gillislee has actual talent. If he doesn't get overvalued because of what Blount did last year he would be an interesting draft/hold in redraft to see where things stand 3-4 weeks into the season.
  3. This is a great point but that would require probably 5+ seasons of almost exclusive work in a backfield to pull off. There is no precedent for someone his age to get anywhere close to that. He may be AP but that's asking a bit too much of the man IMO.
  4. Liking a post no longer displays the username of the "liker." It just says "somebody liked a post..." Is there a way to revert this back to identifying who exactly is liking posts?
  5. I don't see this as such a negative for the Browns IF they can show restraint and not waste any of these draft picks dealing for a mediocre QB. Use the picks to restock at multiple positions and then either draft a QB after Round 1 or get some veteran stand-in for a couple years. DO NOT go after Garoppolo. The problem is that there is no evidence to suggest Cleveland can actually evaluate and develop talent.
  6. And by Cheatriots* you mean GOAT?
  7. Denver > Houston but either would make sense. Denver seems closer to contending than Houston so maybe that would have more appeal to Romo? Just wait for Dak's sophmore slump - the Dallas faithful will lose their minds.
  8. Agree on the talent but...I feel pretty confident that if Jerrah can figure out how to do this, chances are other owners can too.
  9. Was listening to a podcast today where they speculated on Atlanta's chances to miss the playoffs entirely next year. Between this and the DC firing it sounds like the Falcons are on tilt.
  10. Not a Falcon homer but I don't get this at all. Wonder if there was a post-game personal blow-up between coach and DC? Doesn't seem like a step in the right direction. Given the track record of teams coming off a Super Bowl loss you'd think Atlanta would try to minimize turbulence. Tough game no doubt but this seems to address a problem they didn't have.
  11. TD and Warner I'm just not seeing. I like them both as players alot but this isn't a popularity contest. You can definitely make a case for Davis based on playoff performances but his regular season career was basically 4 seasons. Same for Warner - the total body of work isn't there.
  12. I'm not seeing this at all. With their ownership, the odds are this will fail well before 6 years. If York starts singing a new tune then...nah.
  13. Agree that the Steelers defensive plan was not up to snuff and was responsible for the beatdown - WRs were consistently wide open and Brady picked them apart all game. I think Def Coord and ultimately head coach have to own that. Pats will remove Julio Jones from the game plan and Atlanta will need to win without him. Does Atlanta have enough other weapons? We will see. Personally I would love to watch Goodell hand the trophy to Brady, Belichick and Kraft.
  14. +1. My opinion is that there are very few owners invested in the quality of the product on the field. They make money regardless so why bother?
  15. Amazing link. Financially this will end up working out well for no one - and there's no 2 owners more deserving than Spanos and Kroenke. May you both rot.