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  1. If only they'd fired the GM and kept Harbaugh back when instead of the other way around.
  2. I thought Taz got snubbed as the Pro Bowl Forum Attention Whore. Yeah, I know ITWT was voted in unanimously but no one streaks naked through a forum better than Taz.
  3. I always include one really hot girl in all my leagues. There still might be drama but the leagues will never fold from lack of owners.
  4. Finally, a Thursday Night game not only worth watching but worth talking about. One out of thirteen so far, lol.
  5. Turrible, turrible, turrible... Don't play no defense, that team is a knucklehead.
  6. Kaep had been on a hugh roll and you couldn't really know the weather was going to be that bad. Riding the hot hand is completely understandable. It's not like you decided to start Kaep without supporting evidence.
  7. Meant to say you could have ditched him for one of those guys earlier, not streaming.
  8. Longstanding Redraft Office League - already secured 3rd seed to I play seed #6 next week. Longstanding Redraft Church League - already secured top seed. Rotating Redraft League (usually an ESPN Champions or Insiders league used as an annual warmup draft for my other leagues) - need Hilton to score less than 14 in a non-ppr league.
  9. When you hit you can claim your gut feeling was right and when you miss you kick yourself for not paying attention to all the info/stats out there that said to sit that player (and the player you benched likely went off - Murphy's law). Vegas wins by playing the odds. You win your fantasy league the same way, not by playing hunches and gut feelings. I see two exceptions to this. One, when the odds are really tilted in your opponent's favor so maybe you start a high upside player or two, targeting certain players during your draft as the most current info/stats you have there are a season old.
  10. Average points per game is irrelevant when all his point have been scored in two games. Too many flat-out non-productive games to not have dropped him in favor of a Brate/Feido/Vernon Davis type of stream. At this point there was little reason to keep rolling him out there hoping for that one big game because at the end of the season that's all you got out of him, one big game. I think Bennett has fallen into this category this season. He had his one 3 TD game and one other with 100 yards and a TD and absolute squat the rest of the time.
  11. What'd you call me?!!
  12. Are the Patriots still the AFC favorite for the Super Bowl now?
  13. He's trying to take over Stafford's title of garbage time points king. Look like crap the first three quarters then throw for 200 yards and 2 TD's while behind by 20+ points in the 4th quarter.
  14. Only one league that tonight has any bearing on and I need 26 from Jordy Nelson, non-PPR.