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  1. Hoping Booker and the Broncos offense get untracked. I had him in three leagues as a RB bench gamble (along with Paul Perkins and Kenneth Dixon) and I almost manure my pants when CJ Anderson went on the IR: it was like winning the RB1 lottery (no offense, CJ: get well and all that). Then last week happened. So I am still all-in on Booker based on talent and snap count. Hoping my faith is rewarded.
  2. Sweet. Time to stream the Rams defense and clean up on the rookie. Should be at least some picks and sacks in this, perhaps even above what Pickmaster Fitz has been coughing up of late. Of course, this strategy assumes that the anemic Rams offense can sustain a few drives and give the Rams D a breather now and then.
  3. I have an 0-3 team in among my FF squads. Two games I lost by weird combinations of players going berserk for my opponents, while last week I started Gronkowski (0 points) instead of my backup TE Zach Miller (19.8 points), so I get Bonehead of the Week for that move. If it makes you feel better, I have had teams start as bad as 0-4 in 10- and 12-team formats and still make the playoffs. Just keep plugging away and working the waiver wire for all it is worth.
  4. Curious as to what Huddlers think of the Texans defense now that J.J. Watt is on injured reserve. I have the Texans D in a couple of leagues, and they have been respectable (#6 in one league and #7 in another). Both are 12-team leagues, though, and the pickings are slim for getting another D off the waiver wire. What say ye?
  5. Dixon is most definitely worth a roster stash. In that ho-hum Ravens RB corps, someone with his talent should emerge as the lead back, if not exactly a bell cow back. He also showed in college that he could pass-protect, showing skills in picking up blitzes before the snap.
  6. Yeppers - down for me all day, both on phone app and via laptop. The site is laden with bloatware and ads already, and some days it is a really slow load even to go to the front page. The only reason I even visit the crappy site is because I am in two leagues that use the fantasy platform. Otherwise I go elsewhere for sports news and stats.
  7. That is the sound of one million Andrew Luck owners in the fantasy playoffs screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"
  8. Gone are: Mike Munchak - will be seen as part of the old ways under Bud Adams. Wade Phillips - Houston has no patience - this was supposed to be a banner year. Jim Schwartz - a team loaded with talent should not lose so many close games. Leslie Frazier - supposed to be a defensive expert, but the Vikings D has been woeful. Mike Shanahan - $7 million owed for 2014, but this is chump change to Dan Snyder. Finds a way to stay: Rex Ryan - team was expected to implode after the injury to Sanchez, yet the Jets toughed it out. Greg Schiano - after horrendous start, the Bucs actually played some football second half with a patched-together roster. Gets one more year. Jason Garret: injury to Romo takes the heat off Garret; if the Cowboys actually find a way to win with Orton, even better.
  9. Clicked like I had OCD.
  10. Related to the Cowboys QB situation; milk shot out of my nose when I saw this: Dallas QB depth chart
  11. 64 leagues - My God, I thought I was a FF addict. Kudos, BTW: a 30 percent championship rate is indeed impressive, especially considering the fact that you play in a lot of high-stakes leagues with knowledgeable owners, Henry.
  12. Made the playoffs in four-of-four leagues. Two of my teams (both first-place, talent-loaded gems) choked in Week Fifteen. I won a non-money work league against mostly inexperienced owners (not much joy there) but an underwhelming 8-6 team won another championship in a money league, so at least I cover my FF expenses this year and have a few nickels to show for my FF obsession.
  13. Poll is flawed - "Puddy" is not an answer option.
  14. I am quite pleased with the quality of information I get as a paying member of The Huddle. I made the playoffs in all four leagues, had no season record less than 8-6, and in my four leagues I am a combined 38-18 this year. With any luck I will be playing for two titles, and I have an outside chance of playing for three titles.
  15. Jamaal is killing me in one league, but my opponent's team is playing insanely well today, so this is just icing on his cake. I can take solace that there was absolutely nothing I could have done against an onslaught of Jamaal Charles, Dez Bryant, Seahawks defense, Dan Bailey, and Rashad Jennings. Hell, even Andrew Quarless is showing up big for this owner I am facing - I could lose by 100 points.