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  1. Could Chip Kelly be the next Steve Spurrier, or is that an unfair comparison?
  2. worse I know.
  3. You gotta think if Kelly does go to Cleveland they'll at least make an attempt to get a Vince Young Michael Vick type
  4. isn't Lovie Smith in contention too.
  5. I don't get the appeal that teams show for Mike Tice.
  6. I find this rather funny considering your huddle name.
  7. I'm interested in what people think about this question if were talking purely rookie rbs which would you say was the better rookie rb this year Alfred Morris or Doug Martin?
  8. The Redskins were a 5-11 team with John Beck and Rex Grossman let me repeat that, they were a 5-11 team with John Beck and Rex Grossman. Comparing team stats to team stats Seattle here and Redskins here You'll notice Seattle had less third downs and allow more third downs. They had less yards and allowed almost as many yards. The Redskins had more sacks (41) and allowed less sacks (41) to Seattle's (33) sacks and (50) sacks allowed (50). Redskins had more total passing yards offensively with (3773) to Seattle (3105) and were just shy of less passing yards allowed with (3553) yards to Seattle's (3518). We had (1756) rushing yards which was better then the Redskins by (142) yards (1614). Seattle allowed just (87) rushing yards less. etc etc etc there defenses were very comparable in terms of last years defenses so saying he had more to work with is a misconception. It's the play of the defense this year which has been better but going into this year they were very much on an even playing field. The Colts were a 10-6 team the previous year. Before making their stake in the lose for luck sweepstakes. I disagree with you saying that he doesn't carry the team. Need only look here at his leadership the guy is for real. Look at the receiving core he has to work with honestly. I love Rice Tate and Baldwin but none of them scream number one receiver. Rice you might make an argument for but injuries have slowed him down. He guided Seattle to it's third best record in it's History. I agree they all deserve it. My problem is people discrediting him or saying he has it (way) better. Seattle did have a better record the previous year at (7-9) and that he does have Lynch. Morris ran for (1613) and had more yards then Lynch (1590) this year. Luck and RGIII are getting heaps of credit and so they should but Wilson deserves just as much that's my only argument. He shouldn't be considered lessor of a candidate or a distant 3rd as you say.
  9. I like Deangelo and Tolbert combo more then Stewart and Tolbert. I think Stewart has talent but he seems to get nicked up a lot nothing major just small injuries.
  10. Morris is legit.
  11. Vince has to compete with the rest of the names on that list. He could improve a team willing to take a chance on him and his so called "bad Attitude". The Problem I think is he's not worth carrying as a back up and no one wants him as a starter. Case in point Buffalo not good enough to beat out Fitzpatrick and not worth keeping over T-Jack money wise and possibly attitude wise. Hasselback play behind a bad line and won 2-4 games for a terrible Titans team he will find work.
  12. QB's that might be or are going to be available to get next year. Vick Hasselbeck Kolb Sanchez Tebow Cousins? Moore Flynn? Palmer Romo Fitzpatrick? Flacco Smith
  13. Um no it's not harder, but they lost to the Jets, Bears, Jags Oh my!, NE and Hou. They did however beat Miami and Detroit which Seattle lost to on the road. Wilson beat the Jets, Bears and NE and 49ers The Colts played TENN and Jags Twice plus KC and Cleveland. 3 of the 4 might be the worst teams going right now in the NFL as I think the Browns are moving in the right direction. You make it sound as if that GB game will determine weather or not he will get ROY and it won't. Asterisk are you serious ? After RGIII game last night i'm guessing he's a lock, but all three are deserving. Luck's 18 interception might not help his cause but considering Newton threw 17 interceptions last year it really shouldn't hurt him either. Luck was given the reins right away and was asked to perform behind a weak o-line and pass a ton and ton he did. Who ever wins there all deserving and I think each fan base is insanely happy to have who they have under center. For the future looks bright for all three teams.
  14. Colts are 22 in rushing with 1,590 that's 108 yards from being 14 overall. The running game hasn't been anemic, not great, but not horrid. The O-line on the other hand is pretty lackluster. I still think Luck deserves to be in the running and as stated before his team has had the biggest turnaround.
  15. what if they fired smith but kept turner or the other way around. basically which if you could only choose one would you want to see go.