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  1. 2018 LLD Rookie Draft

    Didn’t want to hold up draft.
  2. 1.02 OTB

    Last chance for someone to jump up. Let me know.
  3. 1.02 OTB

    Here’s your chance to come up and get your guy. Send offers or an email and we can chat about it.
  4. 2018 LLD Rookie Draft

    He’s taking Mayfield. Just draft him for him.
  5. Trade: Sir Hugo & Fabergé Legg Warmers

    Wow. Drinking a lot?
  6. changing the franchise tag system

    Couldn’t you have waited just a couple more hours to return so I could have gotten a TE?? It’s not always just about you!
  7. changing the franchise tag system

    True but beyond that, I owe it to my family to leave my phone alone at times. If I worry about trying to be the first owner here, I’d be neglecting what matters. If I ignored being the first owner here, my teams would suffer and I’d have to just give it up anyway. Love be the new options for FT so long as it’s done right. I just don’t see FCFS as part of the right way to do it.
  8. changing the franchise tag system

    FCFS isn’t right. Our lives outside of here matter much more. It’s never a good idea to penalize someone because he had a life to live.
  9. Real estate question

    Just in case there are any realtors or guys who sell a lot of houses here... I am getting ready to put my house on the market and have gotten conflicting advice. The realtor wants me to put the house on the market right away, but I don't think its really ready. Is it a problem to put it on the market before I have everything in tip top shape?
  10. Virginia residents can't join MFL10s leagues anymore

    That is the age of liberal views. You only do what they want. Why are you confused?
  11. Commissioner Making League Fun

    So always your own then huh?
  12. It's as though the Cowboys keep getting burnt by signing these guys with questionable character...hmmmmm!
  13. Ex-Colt Zurlon Tipton killed in gun accident

    My guess is they were ready for his next criminal act.
  14. RIP Buddy Ryan

    Never said they were good coaches. My guess is they will be coaching "for their Dad" this year though. Besides, I'll wish almost anyone who lost a parent a good year. No need to keep piling on.
  15. RIP Buddy Ryan

    Now I will be rooting for the Ryan brothers this year. RIP Buddy. Have to love guys willing to be themselves.
  16. Ex-Colt Zurlon Tipton killed in gun accident

    In no way was it the guns fault. It was his fault.
  17. Ex-Colt Zurlon Tipton killed in gun accident

    Ex-Colts RB Zurlon Tipton was killed in an accidental shooting on Tuesday. Horrifying. Tipton was only 26. According to FOX Detroit, Tipton was having his car serviced when he "went to take a duffel bag out of the trunk of his vehicle, and one of the two guns inside the bag reportedly went off." Tipton was shot in the stomach, later dying at the hospital. A 2014 UDFA, Tipton made 16 appearances for the Colts over the past two seasons, getting the ball 26 times. He was waived last December, shortly after which he was arrested for criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon. Jun 28 - 3:54 PM Looks like he didn't learn his lesson.
  18. Aqib Talib reported to be shot

    That's a pipe dream. Talib isn't the type that isn't in the middle of the chaos.
  19. Aqib Talib reported to be shot

    I guess it was just a matter of time before his off field stuff kicked in again. Hopefully this isn't too bad. Let the league do what it must to punish him if he's guilty. Good thing the Broncos invested in Roby behind him!
  20. Can Baldwin Repeat last years production?

    What about Lockett? His rookie season was impressive. I could see him taking on more targets.
  21. Real estate question

    Thanks I will. We are going to sit down and talk to her. She was great last time we used her but she seems far less interested this time. I don't know if it was because last time the market was down and now its booming or what, but she seems to be missing things she shouldn't have. We just lost a house that she had told us nobody else made an offer on, only for her to text us saying that "that other offer did come in". She completely conflicted herself and we may have offered a different amount with the info of a second offer. We shall see. The biggest issue now is my wife loved the house we just lost out on. Every other house will now be compared to that one. I think I will be in for a long search!
  22. Real estate question

    Doesn't matter. We didn't get the house we wanted. Now I have to decide if I still want to list without there being a house out there for me that I know of right now. This whole house game business sucks.
  23. Assigning Teams to Divisions

    I think you leave divisions alone to allow for year over year rivals. But I'm boring sometimes!
  24. 1.02 Pick in rookie draft

    In order...Coleman, Treadwell, Doctson
  25. Well they did it - Browns trade #2 to Philly

    Everyone got up in arms because a QB is supposed to lead his team. A team of men. What men want to follow a boy that picked up his ball and went home? He's lost credibility and respect. He's probably shown at least partly why he hasn't been successful. He isn't a warrior. He's a wimp.