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  1. Under "Browse" there is a chat button.
  2. For pick 75, the Bills select Ryan Anderson OLB Ala. @ajh2 is up for the Saints
  3. Kamara doesn't need to be a bell cow in GB, but is versatile as a pass-catching RB.
  4. Packers select RB Alvin Kamara from Tennessee
  5. @heehawks is up for the heehawks
  6. Eagles have a pressing need at CB and just saw Conley sniped from them, so they went with the backup plan of Wilson. Bills have a need at WR so went with an intriguing prospect of Kupp.
  7. Bills select WR Cooper Kupp E. Wash.
  8. Eagles select CB Quincy Wilson Fla
  9. Do we need to wait for fitzkek? He last visited when he volunteered for the Eagles on Apr 10.
  10. Per PM from darin3, the Chargers select Brad Kaaya - QB (Miami)
  11. @Trojanmojo is on the clock
  12. @theirish has SFO and JAX next