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  1. Signed with the Vikings today.
  2. 1 yer, 3.75M contract.
  4. Will he have a puncher's chance to make the team?
  5. Under "Browse" there is a chat button.
  6. For pick 75, the Bills select Ryan Anderson OLB Ala. @ajh2 is up for the Saints
  7. Kamara doesn't need to be a bell cow in GB, but is versatile as a pass-catching RB.
  8. Packers select RB Alvin Kamara from Tennessee
  9. @heehawks is up for the heehawks
  10. Eagles have a pressing need at CB and just saw Conley sniped from them, so they went with the backup plan of Wilson. Bills have a need at WR so went with an intriguing prospect of Kupp.
  11. Bills select WR Cooper Kupp E. Wash.
  12. Eagles select CB Quincy Wilson Fla