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  1. No matter the RB, Haley loves to air it out and with Pitt D not controlling games, Mendy & Dwyer will just offset each others value while recieving less touches than previous years. Trade for Jonathen Stewart.
  2. After seeing guys like Allen, Wheeler, Ellerbe and such produce, Conner w/$ incentives #orioles a must grab in 4 LB start leagues.
  3. 1st, @JasonLaCanfora: Steelers RB Rashard Mendenhall will not play this weekend, but is on schedule to return in Week 9. Could be another big week for Dwyer This takes Dwyer out bc he's not the full time starter. Davis has been staying into block more the past 2 games which is taking away his targets. Maclin has the upside, scheme and highest value in my eyes.
  4. Mathews has a top 5 SoS while @Redskins have bottom 10. Mathews has game-breaking speed while Morris gets his in reps. Rivers isn't running anywhere while RGIII is culturing TDs a well as Yoing, so Mathews who's already had his bye (Morris week 11).
  5. That is his value if Mendy stays out. Redmond might come in for some 3rd downs, but with that offense compensating for a week D, there should be plenty of redzone carries for "The Bus" wanna-be. Johnathen Stewart was just named #1 by Carolina, is he a buy-low and what's his value to Dwyer?
  6. LBs

    Have to watch and read matchup posts these days with specified game plans. Too much info out there to get stuck on one guy...
  7. I thought I read Bishops career is in jeopardy...anyone?
  8. Bridgeport Bulldogs will give up: McCarthy, Colin TEN LB $.25 MaineSkin will give up: Carter, Bruce DAL LB $.50 Year 2013 Round 3 Draft Pick from MaineSkin $1 $120 cap 25 starters with full D, DT, LBx4, DEx2, etc...
  9. Team "Nice Bomb Rack" is open as of 10/22/12 (team name might switch to "Open", but link will work) ... =0017&O=01 Rules: This league is setup to be closer to the real deal. Salary cap, only 2 drops a week, 8 TS spots, but once promoted TS spot is lost for year, start a punter, etc... We really do not want anyone who will drop out becasue of difficulty, team competitiveness or just a damn cry baby. The team will need attention, so please make a commintment so our league can stop the turnover. This is a result from guys not preparing beofre the year then walking away. There's a commissioner and 2 co-commissioners (me), so whener there is an issue/sugestion/concern whatver, it's immediately dealt with and/or recorded. PLEASE READ THE RULES! This is setup to allow any team to compete following a terrible injury plagued year, just like in real life. I took over a team with 26 players on a 40 man roster and this year I'm right in the middle with a shot to win.
  10. GB seems to play better when the odds are stacked against them, so this is probably just more fuel. Anyone see GB going after S-Jax in a trade since he's on the market?
  11. Yes, I figured so, but I also know from watching Riley, that kid has 3-down elite skills. He's starting to defend the TEs and doing a great, so the INTs will be there in the future. Fletch had Gonzo all game which just exploited the old man. Made the deal...thanks
  12. LBs

    Burfect was an absolute superstar prospect like Monte Te'o 2yrs ago. He got tired of playing down to the college level and became lazy. Now, he's playing for a big contract as well as that starting MLB job over Mauluaga! Houston also has big play capability on a team that has its D on the field a lot while McLain is the highest floor, especially with Ray-Ray out. Anyone think Ellerbe could go straight bananas while starting pertaining to a sack a game and a couple TFL a game?
  13. BIG TRADE! $120 salary #cap dynasty league starting 25, 2 DE, 4 LBs, 2 CBs, 2 S... Riley LB at 0.25c for Sheard DE at 0.50c? I get Sheard who has a tough DE eligibility while they're both youngsters. Riley I even great now in coverage and behind Flethbhes really progressed, but it seems more LBs spring up every yet at a productive level than DEs. 40 player roster with 8 TS...Have Burfect, so I'm thinking Burfect + Sheard is more than just Riley.
  14. New team link... We have a Huddle forum and the league has been here since the beginning...