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  1. For sunday games, the stats corrections usually come in Wednesday night/Thurs morning. Anyone know when they're done for Thursday games?
  2. Unless there's a camera angle I haven't seen yet, then I'm pretty much in agreement with you.
  3. To this original question, I thought it was very close. I replayed it several times and thought it might be a lateral - especially when you consider that Dak's hand (so his release point) would have been slightly ahead of where his feet were. It was really really close - but couldn't see anything definitive either way. (full disclosure - I have Dak in a couple of leagues)
  4. I think they can often determine there is very high likelihood of ligament damage without an MRI. The MRI would just reveal the extent of it.
  5. Sure looks like a knee to me: Doesn't look good to me
  6. finally into the game
  7. Looks like he's about to come in
  8. He had 30 touches. Can't really complain.
  9. If you throw enough honda at a wall, eventually some of it will stick
  10. If there were ever a debate about why there's no such thing as an 'unbeatable lineup', Peyton's 2014 Week 14 might become Exhibit A
  11. Is Graham injured? He was standing on the sidelines during a few posessions
  12. I'm still not sure why anyone is complaining about 19 carries and 10 targets. If you set unrealistic expectations, you're bound to be disappointed.
  13. Jennings had 19 carries and 10 targets. Can't really complain about that.
  14. Pretty sure that on that final carry he could have taken it to the house if he'd really had to. Definitely gave himself up. He looked really solid today. Impressed.
  15. Every year guys like this become important parts of championship fantasy teams