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  1. Faced Brees, Odell, and Cooks this week - they accounted for 103.8 points alone. Needless to say, I need Marshall and Fitzgerald to have 36 points each.
  2. A falling starter and his promising backup for two change of pace guys who rely on catching the ball? I'm actually not even sure how to rank this trade. Powell doesn't get the ball enough to make a difference but that could change and he has shown a good skill set rushing, receiving, and pass blocking n the past. Forte is maybe just slumping on a team that is playing terrible? If Fitzpatrick can prove that he can throw the ball again forte may find some more space. Or powell could be handed the rains and given room to prove he can handle the job. On the other hand, Coleman is supposed to be the back up to Freeman but has outscored him? both coleman and freeman are ranked 7th and 8th respectively in my league. Even with Freeman breaking out the last two weeks, coleman hasn't slowed down. Though he will through in the bad game every when he's not utilized in the passing game. Gio is just okay and relies heavily on receiving TDs. I'd take the ups and downs and go Coleman and Gio
  3. I would lean Ingram as well, he is a clear work horse
  4. you filled a gap at WR without losing anything at RB Luck and Brees are pretty even, slight edge to Brees maybe? I like the trade
  5. I get DJ and Floyd, he Gets Marshall and Doug Martin - this is what is being discussed right now. My team 2-3 QB: Stafford, Winston RB: Martin, Gio, D Washinton, Dixon, Artis-Paine WR: Marshall, Fitzgerald, Baldwin, Fuller, Meredith TE: Olsen, Miller His Team 0-5 QB:Tyrod Taylor RB: DJ, Miller, Derrick Henry, McKinnon WR: Cobb Enunwa, Maclin, Diggs, Floyd, Aghalor, Humphries TE: Walker Eifert Other discussons include: Olsen and Martin for DJ and Floyd Gio and Fuller for Miller and floyd - his counter was martin and fuller for miller and floyd I have high hopes for Martin and not as much for Miller Any suggestions?
  6. I like Stewart because he should see the ball more than White who is reliant upon the passing game. Though, Stewart has some competition creeping up behind him in CAP.
  7. I would start Hilton only because every time I sit a guy like that based on match up he explodes. In your shoes it might work out, but i'd start him
  8. I would do the trade and hope the Forte picks up his game - he should. You need the help at WR and James white will be serviceable for bye weeks if needed
  9. Thanks guys - I was thinking the same - Is it too lopsided in my favor? WIll it get vetoed? also another trade option from another owner is Olsen for Jordan Howard straight up.
  10. Sorry about that, I had a brain fart when I typed my line up. Marshall, Fitz, Baldwin, Fuller, Meredith are my other WR's I updated my original post
  11. 1 - My Olsen and Fuller for his David Johnson 2 - My Gio Bernard and Fuller for his Lamar Miller Also in trade talks with another owner Olsen for Jordan Howard straight up. I'm 2-3, he is 0-5 I lost AP and Abdullah for the season and Martin has been out since week 2 My Roster: QB: Stafford, Winston RB: Bernard, D Washington, Doug MArtin, Artis-Payne, Dixon WR: Marshall, Fitz, Baldwin, Fuller, Meredith TE: Olsen, Zach Miller picked him up this week in lieu of Olsen's Bye His Roster: QB: Tyrod Taylor RB: DAvid Johnson, Lamar Miller, Derrick Henry, Jerick McKinnon WR: Diggs, Maclin, Cobb, Enunwa, Floyd, Agholor, Humphries TE: Walker, Eifert I would love to land David Johnson but I love me my Olsen
  12. uh...keep your head up? I guess. is your APA an anomaly or is that the norm points scored by all? My team went from having great depth to terrible from week 1 to week 2. I lost AP, Martin, and Abdullah. Last week I started Kenyan Drake and Marshall and Baldwin both game time decisions, both rode pine and Baldwin on the bench cost me a win. 1-2
  13. Without seeing your team I'd probably take the trade.
  14. Don't over think it. Start Jones, even with ATL rushing a lot, especially in the red zone, Jones still saw 6 targets last week. He should be more effective this week. Id role Jones, OBJ, Fitz, McCoy, Miller. I just don't see jackson being as reliable as any of your other WRs to warrant a start even against CLE.
  15. FA: White, Chris Thompson, ARtis-Payne (intriguing) jacquizz, starks, dwayne washington (also intriguing) and all the rest are guys that haven't moved up the depth charts and have under 10 points on the season thus far