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  1. Water is wet, grass is green.
  2. I'm just hanging onto him for next year.
  3. What if I drafted him as the number 5, what do I do?
  4. Well we send an email to everyone asking if they're back in before we start setting a date for the draft but it's not like we mail out a pretty little card or something asking people to RSVP by a certain date.
  5. I saw it blocked but the announcers said it was pulled. The Elias Sports Bureau have the official NFL stats and when reviewed they called it a block so it's a block.
  6. She was part of the Fox broadcast last week for the Pats-Bucs game.
  7. Started him in one league and benched him for Rudolph in another...won't be doing that again this year.
  8. Back in.
  9. TD
  10. Lamar Miller and Kyle Rudolph.
  11. I just posted a very similar question and didn't see this one. Hopefully someone has an answer soon.
  12. What scoring is used in thehuddle auction 12 team cheatsheet on the home page? Is it ppr or standard?
  13. Handicap it.
  14. Fixed. I'm worried.
  15. Exactly. You just add the reception points, everything else stays the same. It is your league though of course so you could eliminate the bonuses for length of td if you want to bring WR scoring down some.