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  1. that's assuming that nobody else in the contest has any other players going tonight- you can bet Bell is rostered at least on 50% of the teams.
  2. gonna be a whiteout game according to the weather channel.
  3. Leshoure In- Alfred Morris OUT- I'm rolling the dice
  4. just looked, I'm sitting at #86 for post totals don't know if that's a good or a bad thing
  5. post padders r ghey!
  6. 2 OUTTA 4 AIN'T BAD
  7. Here's a BOLD prediction.... NE is the only 1/2 seed to advance to the Championship Hou beats Baltimore NYG shock Green Bay Saints beat 49ers and Pats crush Denver
  8. besides that the Saints & 49ers play at the same time- so NO has to make sure they win in case the Rams can pull an upset and knock SF out of that #2 seed......Saints are going to play to win until the game is well in hand.
  9. Fitzpatrick vs. Pats- the Patriots are an opposing fantasy QB's wet dream and have been all year....
  10. check the Vegas lines for an indication.... Detroit is favored by 3.5 over Green Bay (in Green Bay) Tennessee is favored by 3 over Houston (in Houston) These suggest starters sitting for sure. Saints are favored by 9 at home vs. Carolina Atlanta -12 vs. Tampa SF- 10.5 vs. Rams These suggest business as usual Everything else looks as it should....
  11. Troy Polamalu (IDP league obviously) outscores Mendenhall by 15- long shot of all long shots- I need a strip sack FF, a pick 6, and a bunch of tackles....
  12. not only is McGahee saying he will play, but Fox said he was actually medically cleared to come back in last week vs. KC so I'm thinking he's a full go tonight :fingerscrossed:
  13. Best was AT practice--wasn't there a report just a few days ago saying he still had symptoms? don't think he's playing anytime soon...
  14. f'n insane- I'm stubbornly sticking with Helu
  15. I won by less than 2 points, BUT my Birds taco the bed burrito