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  1. The Eagles have rushed in 14 to 15 touchdowns in each of the last four years. If Blount can get a big chunk of that he might be a fantasy starter. But he'll have nothing as a receiver and will share some rushing load.
  2. I would think for sure - and maybe not that much else. He almost never catches the ball. He looks like the short yardage/goal line guy along with Darren Sproles and Wendell Smallwood and even Donnell Pumphrey all being involved in varying measures.
  3. In other news, Ryan Mathews was heard to say "yeah, yeah, I'm packing already." Not liking that backfield at ALL.
  4. Yes but given recent history, you can expect almost all of them to be on IR by mid-season
  5. Great schedule but man - what a headache for a backfield
  6. This is the most muddled I have seen for which rookie RB has the best outlook. That means they will all be valued like starters in fantasy drafts and four guys are a really, really high number compared to previous years.
  7. Gio is coming off a ACL injury and Hill is not in favor after the last 2 years and is in final contract season anyway. There is an opportunity to step in and take the primary load for Mixon to be sure.
  8. I'll punch Mixon in.
  9. Seems like a definite three-man race. Which one would you rather have?
  10. Short leash means risky to draft but cannot deny just how good he has been when he plays and what he brings to PIT.
  11. Two year deal places him behind one of the best offensive lines in the league on an offense that passes better than he ever had in SEA. Should be interesting if he is fresh and has not lost a step.
  12. I don't think they are seeing him as a gadget guy. He is really more of the "new RB" in the sense he is multi-talented. He can catch, run, return - whatever. Referring to his color is very "third rail" to me but I expect that distinction will be made to his detriment. But he will be taken in the first round by a team expecting to get an everydown back. He will at least get the opportunity to fill that role as a rookie.
  13. Team Grid Weekly Grid Four London games and one in Mexico City. Week 11 final week for byes though six teams are off then. Three different weeks have 6 teams on bye. Byes do not start until Week 5. <this time using actual 2017 schedules>
  14. WOW. Please let his life be a cautionary tale to someone. This is thug life.
  15. Not exactly what Blount might want to see...