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  1. I was afraid we were going to have an 11-way tie for first place. Whew...
  2. Well no one did that well and I even limited it to the top 10 this year. All Hail CowboysDieHard for getting 4 correct and he gets the free ride. No one else had more than 3. Was not a great draft for any prognosticators with all the trades. 4 CowboysDiehard 3 Def. 3 loaf 3 NAUGrad 3 darin3 3 blaw23 3 ABearWithFurniture 3 TitansFan 3 Shorttynaz 3 michaelredd9 3 BeeR 3 Go Canes 2 Trojanmojo 2 Wpob 2 The Next Generation 2 theirish 2 Wolverines Fan 2 Jo 1 Dcat
  3. Short leash means risky to draft but cannot deny just how good he has been when he plays and what he brings to PIT.
  4. Two year deal places him behind one of the best offensive lines in the league on an offense that passes better than he ever had in SEA. Should be interesting if he is fresh and has not lost a step.
  5. I don't think they are seeing him as a gadget guy. He is really more of the "new RB" in the sense he is multi-talented. He can catch, run, return - whatever. Referring to his color is very "third rail" to me but I expect that distinction will be made to his detriment. But he will be taken in the first round by a team expecting to get an everydown back. He will at least get the opportunity to fill that role as a rookie.
  6. Team Grid Weekly Grid Four London games and one in Mexico City. Week 11 final week for byes though six teams are off then. Three different weeks have 6 teams on bye. Byes do not start until Week 5. <this time using actual 2017 schedules>
  7. WOW. Please let his life be a cautionary tale to someone. This is thug life.
  8. Not exactly what Blount might want to see...
  9. He hopes to be John Riggins who scored 49 TDs after he turned 32.
  10. No way that AP gets that TD mark or yardage mark. For TDs, he would need at least 6 more seasons with 11 or so TDs and that is just not feasible even for someone as superior as he has been. If he can put together more than one more 10+ TD year will be good enough.
  11. I'd think he would have to be around round 7 or 8 or so as the first backup RB. But I would be shocked if he lasted that long. No one signs a big in-season contract as a FA. Whatever he can get is going to be the highest before training camps open I would think. But Peterson, Charles and Blount are all still drifting out there with no one really interested enough. Peterson is the best of the trio but apparently not good enough to be considered as a starting RB anymore or I would assume he would have already been taken.
  12. Having known the guys at MFL for 20 years now, I have never heard of them being unresponsive or anything less than passionately involved with their product and customers. It is one of the few places that is not corporate and is run by guys who are long-time devoteees to their business. I have not viewed MFL this year so I'll have to go check it out but most of my leagues are always on MFL and historically I have always preferred it over all others.
  13. That would be a nightmare to project and a risk everytime you relied on either. But if you could start both...
  14. Free Agent RBs article There's a ton of fantasy history on the RB waiver wire right now. And it seems teams are pretty cool about picking up any 30+ year old back no matter what they once did. Should make for an interesting season since these guys will land somewhere but their outlook may be very minimal compared to past years. But any big name tends to go earlier in the draft than maybe they should.
  15. While maybe it is good that he has taken a year off, by the same token he has not had a good season since 2014. And he is 31 years old. Any OAK back is interesting but not sure I would be a fan of his return since it would be harder to forecast him with his age/health issues (at least potentially) plus OAK often opting for RBBC as well.