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  1. Hey y'all. Got myself a paid account on the huddle this year so haven't been using the forums much. But I'm stuck this week. Huge playoff game where I'm guaranteed some good money if I win. Need to start 2. Gurley vs Tampa Deangelo vs Denver McCoy vs Washington Standard scoring. Thanks in advance. And good luck to all in the playoffs! -Geo
  2. The KC backup to Charles. Knile Davis in the mix so it's risky...
  3. Rbs are Lynch Freeman Martin Miller and I might use my 1 waiver on West. Wrs are Edelman Landry T Williams Cruz Standard scoring
  4. Seems like a good time to potentially sell high. Or is he gonna be the primary/goal line back? Open discussion about him and Coleman.
  5. Need to start 2 rbs. I know "always start your studs" but CJ has a tough matchup, leaning the other two. What do you guys think?
  6. I mean yeah I got my beers next to me but they can only help so much
  7. Hey guys. Got a draft in about an hour and was wondering what you guys would reccomend to have on hand while I draft? I'm a huddle subscriber. Definitely the tier list right? Anything else? I've been slacking with my research this year but usually I'm on top of everything Thanks, George
  8. Hey fellow huddlers- Got a subscription this season so pretty pumped about that. Unfortunately with starting a new job I haven't had time to do much research and I have a few drafts coming up. what would you guys reccomend as some of the best content to check out? Also, I was looking to start the annual debate of draft strategy. Meaning have you guys been going rb rb this year? I know it depends on where you draft but just wanted to know what people think on the topic. Any other quick tips for this years upcoming season would be great. Thanks, Geo
  9. Yeah I'm sold. Going to sign up today. I mean I spend hundreds on joining leagues anyway so what's an extra $30? Thanks all.
  10. Hey guys, I've been a member (on the forums) for a few seasons now and now I'm considering become a real member on the USA Today site. Pre-draft it looks like their cheat sheets will help immensely. The perks mid-season look good too. I've read all the benefits of becoming a member and the weekly info they provide, but I wanted to hear from someone who's already a member. So if you wish, give me your best pitch. I'd like to hear it.
  11. Started him over Miller. Night = ruined
  12. Is anyone watching? I see him and Cunningham are both getting carries. Hoping for at least a few points in the second half
  13. I'm sticking with you dude. Let's go Tre