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  1. Jets D line is tough vs the run and with Tannehill out, they can focus more on stopping the phins run game. I'm not crazy about Miller either but I'd play him over Ajayi this week. Obviously this is just my opinion- all 3 rbs are pretty good options and any one of them could go off this week. Go with your gut!
  2. I think I'll switch my answer to Tate and Lee. Didnt realize Nelson was questionable. The Giants D has been playing well lately but i don't think they're in must avoid territory like Denver D.
  3. Taylor
  4. I agree w DJax and Tyrod
  5. Forbath should be a good start. I'd go with him over Crosby.
  6. Tevin and Miller
  7. I'd go with Lutz
  8. I'd go Farrow.
  9. Pryor, Gillislee Farrow. Tough call at WR. I keep missing on Lafell. He's on my bench this week so he'll probably go for 100/1. But I think you have to go with the better WR on the season who is Pryor.
  10. It's tempting. I think I would roll the dice w AP. its definitely a big risk but it's not like Sims and White are very safe plays themselves.
  11. Thanks. A few weeks ago, i planned on starting Parker this week vs Jets. But his back injury slowing down his momentum, Moore at QB and rain predicted in NY have me second guessing him. But I think you're right about him still being the better choice vs the Jets compared to ARob vs Houston.
  12. Nelson and Lee.
  13. I've got Kelley, ARob and Green penciled in as of now. Well, definitely Green at TE. I'm still not certain about the rb and WR spot. Any more thought? Thanks.