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  1. I'd go with Ben. Too many weapons
  2. Qb fitz RB McCoy Johnson WR Landry decker Te reed Flex Robinson I can't sit decker who has been so consistent and Landry who just got almost 20 targets
  3. I'd go Williams and Jeffery.
  4. I'd go Palmer and Baldwin. But if u absolutely feel like you need to stack I'd go Wilson and baldwin. Who your opponent starts doesn't matter, just start whoever you think will score the most.
  5. It'll probably be hard to get him now that he got that big run on Thursday/ had a decent game. Not sure who your roster is, so it's kind of hard to tell
  6. Thompkins
  7. Yeah, I hope you have accepted that by now
  8. I'm liking Cook, because of the matchup. (Also because I have him)
  9. I like Newton coming off a bye. Dallas could also do the opposite of that and try to use as much clock as they can to keep Peyton off the field.
  10. I like Smith/Blackmon this week but I'd probably go Smith