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  1. The Chargers definitely needed a WR. Keenan Allen is regularly hurt and the rest were serviceable only because of Rivers. Rivers is getting up there and needs playmakers around him. I like what Tyrell Williams brought but even he was an UDFA.
  2. anyone see the drop by Benjamin on the bomb? i heard it on the radio that was my playoffs had both Rivers and Benjamin would've put me in my own fault for being bad enough to have to use Benjamin i guess lol
  3. i agree and said it after week #1. Freeman is quicker with cuts and to find the hole IMO. Atlanta knows this I think but don't want Freeman to get burnt out over the course of the year. Sucks for fantasy though. I have both of them btw.
  4. if it were MRSA i don't think he'd be bouncing back to playing this quickly. that can be a life-threatening situation.
  5. just eyeballing it, Freeman looks more fluid to me. Coleman looks stiff although i know hehas the nice straightline speed. i saw just bits of this game but the run-blocking was not up to the task on the few carries i saw Freeman get. anyone see a lot of this game?
  6. with Yeldon my concern is he hasn't seen game action yet and Denard Robinson did nicely last year for quite a while before he got hurt
  7. how would you guys rank the top 6 or 7 rookies with weighting toward TDs receiving & rushing for the WRs and RBs this year and going forward in a keeper league? i'm looking at it like this: Cooper Gordon Gurley Abdullah Yeldon Agoholor Parker i'm thin as hell at RB and have two high picks but its hard to pass up on Cooper
  8. here's the reason Blackmon won't be reinstated but Gordon will. seems yet again the NFL just does what they want to who they want (not to say Blackmon deserves sympathy).... The NFL and NFLPA have agreed to introduce a new drug testing policywhich could overturn some of the current suspensions in the NFL. One suspension that will not be overturned however is that of Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon. Why not? Because Blackmon's suspension occurred during the 2013 NFL league year, and the new policy is retroactive to March 11, 2014. In some cases like that of Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon, who tested positive during the 2013 league year but was not suspended until the 2014 league year, his suspension is likely to be reduced rather than completely overturned. Blackmon served a four game suspension to start the 2013 NFL season and then after just four games being back, was again suspended indefinitely for a violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy. Since that suspension Blackmon has been in minimal contact with the organization and teammates; he was also arrested for Josh Gordon possession in July of this year. Blackmon can still request reinstatement to the NFL during the 2014 season.
  9. all this talk about Josh Gordon. What about Justin Blackmon? he was given an indefinite suspension for the 2nd half of last year. he is eligible to apply for reinstatement after week 9 this year under the existing league drug policy. will that change with the new policy? no one is talking about him. he's a big talent for Jax.
  10. where is the interest in Knowshon Moreno? i see he'll visit Miami now but the guy is a vet coming off a solid year. he can pass protect and is a very good pass-catching RB. he's not more than an average runner but in a passing scheme, which many teams use, i'd think he'd be a great option. i just don't get the NFL sometimes. he would have been a great fit in San Diego to split time with one other back.
  11. Fitzgerald for sure IMO. Much much safer play
  12. Tate did great against the Pats but every RB does since Wolfork went out. And Tate was a train-wreck two weeks ago against these same Jags. Reggie isn't quite the same player on the road. Only has one TD on the road all year and my league is weighted to TDs. Plus Joique Bell vultures short-yardage from him often. I'm leaning to Tate. But I've gone with Bush all year. Who would you start?
  13. i can't see it. i like his intensity and he's been solid for quite a while, but he's not in that category IMO. his situation has probably held him back too. him in a number of other cities would have boosted his numbers and status. nothing against Carolina.
  14. Moreno was back at practice yesterday. Limited apparently. Let's hope! I need the win this week
  15. i get the reasoning for rule changes. i don't wish pain and suffering in later life to any athlete. but these changes to protect the QB and defenseless receivers has effected my enjoyment of the game. maybe its coincidental, but my interest is waning. you take the physical play from football and its not football. i used to love football. to see a great defence take on a great offence. but defences aren't allowed to play anymore. times change. i guess i'll maybe watch more NHL going forward. the NHL has rules to protect players but it hasn't impacted the game the way the NFL's has.