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  1. Meh.... There is not a "correct" answer. Whether it be scoring format, PPR, IDP, or whatever else, t's not a matter of right or wrong, but rather one of PREFERENCE. Personally, I like variety. I do IDP dynasty leagues, keeper leagues, redrafts with PPR, redrafts with no PPR, etc. If I limited myself to just one format, it would quite frankly be BORING.
  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. This may have been asked already, but can thread titles no longer be edited from a mobile device (phone)? If so, I can't seem to figure out how. Otherwise, can a user go "full site" mode (rather than mobile mode) like we could pre-upgrade?
  4. Their non-divisional road games are @ OAK, DEN, PIT, NO, and TB. Sure, they could win any/all of them. But, they're not exactly cupcakes.
  5. I just feel bad for his 4YO daughter. She's definitely one of the victims in all of this. What a waste.
  6. I need Moderator powers for Dynasty Warz III: DW3 One other question.... What's the easiest way to see a list of who moderates each league forum? There used to be a pretty user-friendly list. Now, all I can see/find is the list of "staff" which I'm assuming includes moderators (since I'm listed there), but doesn't identify which leagues someone has the abilities for, if that makes sense.
  7. Looks like that did the trick. Thanks.
  8. I'm having issues simply viewing the forums. It's like the formatting is screwed up, with the recent changes. All I see is text in a column on the left side of the page. I wouldn't even be able to post this from my laptop if I wanted to (this is being done from my phone). Anybody have similar issues or have any idea what would cause this?
  9. I can't even view the forums from my laptop. The problem seems related to the upgrade or whatever, based on the timing, but I don't know for sure. Anybody else have this issue? I'm on my phone now.....
  10. This is crazy. Nine winners this year (nobody in the top 5 won a single-week high score). But, that's not the crazy part. The winner, who was down by about 25 points going into yesterday (he picked White), won by a whopping .05 points. That equates to a half-yard rushing/receiving. In other words, James White's final yard pushed him from 2nd place into 1st. Another way of looking at it.... If White scores from the 1-yard-line, he finishes second (by .05) and gets $250. But, since White's TD came from the 2-yard-line, he wins (by .05) and gets $500. Talk about close.
  11. The argument shouldn't be whether Morten Anderson stole T.O.'s spot or whatever. If you want to debate whether or not kickers deserve to be in HOF at all, fair enough. But, if they DO, Anderson gets a spot, without question. He is arguably the greatest kicker in NFL history, at least in the regular season. That said, yeah, T.O. should be in. He was more dominant at his position than Taylor ever was, and I'm not even sure that's debatable. Of course, we would be kidding ourselves if we pretended that character didn't play a part in who gets in, and let's face it.... T.O. didn't do himself any favors in that regard.
  12. Llchile can win if his 4 (Gabriel, Bryant, Lewis, Mitchell) outscore RR26's 3 (Sanu, Blount, NE ST) by 19 and change. I'm sure there are others that technically have a shot, but those seem to be the most likely.
  13. Actually, RR26 is looking pretty good as well..... He's got 8 more guys left than me, including Ryan, Julio, Freeman, and Edelman (and he's only 62 pts behind). Pretty good chance that he'll pass us all.